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ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat




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We would like to extend our sincere condolences to all those affected by the recent earthquakes in Lombok. Our thoughts are with all the victims and their families and friends at this difficult time. Also on a sombre note, it is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to one of Indonesia’s best known expats and film-makers Gary Hayes, who passed away on July 11. Gary was a very popular figure on the expat scene and in his nearly 30 years in Indonesia he made many close friends in his personal and professional life. His passing is a sad loss to the Indonesian film industry and he will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues. You will find an article about his life and work on page 11. The Asian Games are upon us and we hope you will find the time to enjoy some of the amazing sports that will be on display. In the centre of this issue you will find your personal pull-out guide to the games, including schedules etc and where to buy tickets. We wish all the athletes competing the very best of luck and we look forward to an excellent display of sportsmanship and fair play in the time-honoured tradition of the games. Of course we hope that Indonesia’s athletes will perform to the very best of their ability in front of the home crowd, and we look forward to seeing them on the podium collecting their fair share of the medals – or maybe more! As usual this issue contains a wide selection of articles from our writers designed to give you more insights and ideas while entertaining you. To coincide with the Asian Games and as a follow up to his article on Indonesia’s leading female athletes in Issue 218, Kenneth Yeung tells us all about the top male athletes Indonesia has produced over the years. You may be surprised to find out exactly how many world champions Indonesia has produced!

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IMMIGRATION Which Visa to Use for Business Travels? The Differences between Different Visas for Business Travellers Explained


Your Guide to the Asian Games 2018


OBITUARY Gary L. Hayes: Father, Friend, Film-maker


TOP 10 Top 10 Indonesian Sportsmen


SCAMS IN THE CITY Setting the Crooked Record Straight


EXPAT LIFE Hiring a Nanny in Indonesia

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Indonesia expat ISSUE 219








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ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat


Which Visa for Business Travels? The Differences between Different Visas for Business Travellers Explained.

Foreigners travelling to Indonesia for business meetings or for attending seminars or training or other business (non-working) activities have a variety of visas to choose from. In this article we will discuss the business activities allowed under a Visa Exemption, Visa on Arrival (VOA), Single Entry Business Visa (SEBV) and Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV). It is important to note that foreigners are not allowed to undertake any work activities in Indonesia without a work permit. This means that foreign business travellers are not allowed to work at desk outside a meeting room. Moreover, to avoid being categorised as working, the foreign traveller should not visit the same company more than three days a week, for more than four hours a day. Violation of the allowed activities may result in deportation, a re-entry ban into Indonesia and penalties. Visa Exemption Residents of 169 countries can enter Indonesia without needing an entry visa (so-called visa exemption). Foreigners entering Indonesia under a visa exemption can stay in Indonesia for a non-extendable period of up to 30 days. The allowed business activities under a visa exemption are: · Performing government duties · Attending seminars · Following an international exhibition · Attending a meeting held in headquarters or with representatives in Indonesia In practice however, local immigration officers are not acting in line with regulation and require business travellers to at least obtain a VOA (depending on the type of business activity). We therefore always advise business travellers to obtain a VOA or SEBV/MEBV, depending on the exact business activities. Visa on Arrival (VOA) A VOA is available for residents of 67 countries. A foreigner business traveller can apply for a VOA directly at the airport when entering Indonesia before passing through immigration. The VOA is valid for up to 30 days and can be extended once for a maximum period of 30 days. The extension of the VOA requires an interview


Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

and a biometric session at the local immigration office. The following business activities are allowed under a VOA: · Performing government duties · Attending business meetings · Buying goods · Giving a speech or attending seminars · Following an international exhibition · Attending a meeting held in headquarters or with representatives in Indonesia · Being crew members of vessels located in Indonesian waters The VOA is a perfect solution for business travellers who are not frequently visiting indonesia. For frequent business visitors we recommend using an MEBV, to avoid questions from immigration officers. Single Entry Business Visa (SEBV) Residents of all countries can apply for an SEBV. An SEBV is valid for 60 days and can be extended up to four times for a maximum of 30 days for each extension. Similar to the VOA, the business traveller will need to attend a biometric session and interview at the local immigration office for each extension. The SEBV is valid for one entry only and will be automatically cancelled once the foreign business traveller leaves Indonesia. Under an SEBV the following activities are allowed: · Performing government duties · Attending business meetings · Buying goods · Attending seminars · Following an international exhibition · Attending a meeting held in headquarters or with representatives in Indonesia · Participating in comparative studies, short courses and short training. · Giving a presentation · Being a crew member of a vessel located in Indonesian waters · Providing guidance, counselling and training in the application and innovation of industrial technology for improving the quality and design of industrial products and marketing cooperation overseas for Indonesia

· Conducting an audit or quality control assessment or inspecting of a company branch in Indonesia, for a maximum period of one month · Completing an internship/traineeship · Conducting journalism activities (requires a recommendation) · Making a non-commercial film (requires a recommendation) The SEBV provides the most comprehensive list of allowed activities and moreover allows foreign business travellers up to 180 days in Indonesia. We usually advise clients to obtain an SEBV in case their activities are not covered by the other visa types, when they need to stay for a longer period continuously in Indonesia, and/ or when they are unable to obtain a VOA due to their nationality. Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV) The MEBV is available for residents of all countries. Based on the regulations the MEBV is valid for one to five years, however in practice it is always issued for a period of one year only. Under an MEBV foreign travellers can stay for a maximum continuous period of 60 days in Indonesia and this period is not extendable. After the foreigner leaves Indonesia, he or she can re-enter for another 60 continuous days. This process can be repeated by the foreign traveller until the MEBV expires. The allowed business activities under an MEBV include: · Performing government duties · Having business meetings · Buying goods · Attending seminars · Following an international exhibition · Attending a meeting held in headquarters or with representatives in Indonesia In case of frequent business travels to Indonesia, we advise clients to obtain an MEBV rather than obtain a VOA for each visit.

For more information, contact PNB Immigration Law Firm at +62 21-22792254, or email us at Visit our website at

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



Indonesia expat ISSUE 219


Father, Friend, Film-maker



hen I arrived in Jakarta in September of 1991 my first job was Editor-in-Chief of What’s On Jakarta Program magazine. This position brought me into contact with a group of professional writers, editors, photographers and other creative people loosely and humourously known as “The Writers’ Block”. Among them was an enigmatic professional film-maker called Gary Hayes. He was a quiet and unassuming man, always dressed conservatively in an Indonesian batik, but he had a great sense of humour and he always showed his appreciation of a good joke with a husky laugh, which almost always transitioned to a chesty cough due to his enthusiastic appreciation of kretek cigarettes. Because Gary was a film-maker and I was in publishing our paths didn’t cross professionally in those early days, but we did become good friends over the years, and I always looked forward to seeing him at the monthly meetings of The Writers’ Block because I found his work extremely interesting and exciting. I always asked him what he was working on and I enjoyed picking up tidbits of movie jargon as he understated his most recent achievements while stroking his bushy silver moustache. Ten years later I started organising live shows in Jakarta and I asked Gary if he could record them professionally for me at “mate’s rates” because I couldn’t really afford anything else. He agreed and recorded my shows every month for almost two years. Every time I saw him I asked him to tell me what I owed him for his professional services, but he never told me and he never accepted a penny from me. I knew he had to pay overtime for his camera crews and his sound and light people, but he wouldn’t accept anything, not even for his overhead costs. He just came and enjoyed the shows like everybody else while making sure his crews did a good job – which they always did. Many years later, when the world moved to digital and I only had copies of the shows on the original tape, I asked Gary if he could help me convert the recordings. He digitised every show for me but again, he never responded to my request for a bill. Luckily many years later I found myself in a position to repay some of his kindness and generosity, but I had to ignore his constant requests for an invoice. Gary was an accomplished film-maker with many impressive awards and credits to his name. From his early days in his native Boston, USA, working with several major production companies, through to establishing his first company Katena Films in Indonesia in 1989, he went on to direct and produce hundreds of TV shows, documentaries, advertisements and movies, and became a legend as a


director in the Indonesian advertising industry. He was also a treasured friend and mentor to countless people trying to make it in the film industry, to whom he happily gave generously of his time and wisdom. On many occasions he was commissioned to work with Hollywood superstars, among them Julia Roberts (while filming Eat, Pray, Love), Mickey Rourke (while filming Java Heat) and Tyler Perry (while filming Alex Cross). Every time I met him I would ask him what he was working on and as he told me fascinating stories about being on set with famous names I noticed one thing – he never had a bad word to say about anyone. Not that there was nothing bad to say – just that he preferred to focus on the good things rather than bring people down. Definitely a sign of good person and a shrewd businessman. Gary loved Indonesia and was particularly proud of any work he did connected to this country. He did a lot of work with the Ministry of Tourism and helped to present Indonesia to the world in its best possible light. His favourite projects were Merah Putih (parts one, two and three known as Trilogi Merdeka – The Freedom Trilogy), and Hungry is the Tiger, a critically acclaimed documentary which he directed and which highlighted the plight of the poorest people in Indonesia and offered solutions to alleviate their poverty. Gary was a well-known, much-loved and much-respected figure in the Indonesian TV, movie and advertising industries and he will be greatly missed by the many close friends he made professionally and personally during his life in this country. He passed away surrounded by family and friends after a short illness on July 11, 2018, aged 70 years. He is survived by his wife Herlina and his four children, Anysa Insyira (28), Toufan Lee (25), Garren Jehan (21) and Anya Amanna Leilani (18).

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat


TOP 10

Top 10 Indonesian Sportsmen BY KENNETH YEUNG



Born: September 14, 1979 From: Banjarnegara, Central Java Height: 169 cm

Born: July 24, 1989 From: Lampung Height: 154 cm

Yohannes Christian John started boxing at the age of five, coached by his father, a former amateur boxer. After turning professional in 1997, Chris was the World Boxing Association (WBA) super featherweight titleholder from 2004 to 2013. This almost ten-year reign is the second longest in the division's history. He had 18 successful title defences and retired after his only career defeat. His professional record was 48 wins (22 by knockout), one loss and three draws. He also represented Indonesia in wushu, winning a gold medal at the 1997 Southeast Asia (SEA) Games in Jakarta. In February 2018, he joined the Democrat Party, receiving his membership card from former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. However, he felt the party was ignoring his aspirations, so in July he jumped ship to media tycoon Surya Paloh’s NasDem Party and will stand for parliament in 2019.

A medallist in three consecutive Olympic Games, Eko is Indonesia’s most successful male weightlifter. At age 16, he won the silver medal in the 56kg category at the 2006 Junior World Championships. In 2007, he again won gold at the Junior World Championships and also won a bronze at the open World Championships. He won bronze in the 56kg category at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, then bronze in the 62kg category at the 2012 London Olympics, followed by silver in the 62kg category at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Eko has won gold at four SEA Games but only managed to win bronze at the Asian Games in 2010 and 2014. He is aiming to win gold at the 2018 Asian Games and also at the 2020 Olympics. Now 29, he would like to start coaching but laments Indonesia does not yet have a young generation of lifters to replace him.



BADMINTON PLAYER Born: August 18, 1949 From: Surabaya, East Java Height: 182 cm Sports buffs know that Indonesia’s first Olympic gold medallists were shuttlers Susi Susanti and Alan Budikusuma in Barcelona in 1992. And before them, Indonesia’s first ever Olympic medal was a silver in women’s archery in Seoul in 1988. But let’s recheck the history books. Badminton was a demonstration sport at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Indonesia dominated and no one was more dominant than Rudy Hartono Kurniawan, who won Indonesia’s first Olympic gold medal by thrashing his Scandinavian opponents in the finals of the men’s singles. Unfortunately, medals for demonstration sports are never included in the official count. Rudy won the men's singles at the All-England Championship eight times, seven times consecutively (196874). He also won the World Championship in 1980 in his only attempt at the title. One of the greatest players in the history of the game, Rudy later served as an administrator in national and international badminton federations. He was also a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Indonesia.


Born: March 24, 1960 From: Saparua Island, Maluku Height: 165 cm Indonesia’s first international boxing champion. He was three times the International Boxing Federation (IBF) 14

Indonesia expat ISSUE 219





Born: August 8, 1926 Died: October 10, 2016 From: Makassar, South Sulawesi Height: 169 cm Maulwi was a guerrilla fighter in Sulawesi and Java during Indonesia’s independence war. He later became a personal aide to founding president Sukarno. But he was best known as the goalkeeper and sometimes captain of Indonesia’s national football squad from 1951-58, when the team enjoyed international success. His greatest match was at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, where his acrobatic skills held the Soviet Union to a 0-0 draw. The Soviets, at that time one of the world’s top teams, won a rematch and went on to win the gold medal. After Sukarno was ousted by Suharto in the mid-1960s, Maulwi was imprisoned for five years and eight months without trial. Upon release at age 45, he was cleared of any involvement in the Indonesian Communist Party. He later opened a school and set up an education foundation. He was an avid reader and a gifted raconteur with memorable tales of football and of Sukarno’s foibles.


Born: July 1, 2000 From: Lombok Height: 170 cm

super flyweight champion (1985-89). As a child, he was a pearl diver, diving without equipment. He became a professional boxer in 1982 and three years later knocked out China’s Ju Do Chun to win Indonesia’s first international title. He was nicknamed the Exocet – a French-made missile – as his lefthand punch produced knock-out blows. Elly successfully defended his title, but then lost in a split decision to Cesar Polaco in 1986. He regained the title in a rematch. He lost the title again, before regaining it in 1988. He made three successful defences before a loss in 1989. His professional record was 20 wins (11 by knockout), five losses and one draw. In 2005, he was arrested at Milles nightclub in Jakarta for selling ecstasy to an undercover policeman and spent seven months in jail. In 2016, he made a minor comeback at age 55, competing in a tworound exhibition bout.

It was ten seconds that changed the way the athletics world looks at Indonesia. On July 11, 2018, Lalu Muhammad Zohri (18) won the men’s 100m at the World Under-20 Championships at Tampere in Finland. Starting in lane eight, he took gold in a time of 10.18 seconds, finishing ahead of American rivals Anthony Schwartz and Eric Harrison. It was the first time an Indonesian had won any medal in the 32year history of the championships. Zohri lost both of his parents while still in elementary school and was raised by his siblings. His athletic talent was spotted only in early 2017 and he had to borrow Rp400,000 from his sister to buy a pair of shoes before moving to Jakarta. Following Zohri’s victory, President Joko Widodo ordered the family’s simple house of timber and woven bamboo be rebuilt, but Zohri requested it remain as a reminder of his tough childhood. Following two recent deadly earthquakes in Lombok, Zohri donated much of his newfound money for the repair of water supplies. At the 2018 Asian Games, Zohri can expect tough competition from Chinese athletes in the 100m and the 4 x 100m relay.


Born: June 10, 1980 From: Semarang, Central Java Height: 170 cm Still playing in the Indonesian Super League in 2018 at age 38, Bambang has enjoyed one of the most enduring and successful careers in Indonesian football. He made a record 86 international appearances for Indonesia and scored a record 38 goals for his country. Nicknamed Bepe, the striker joined local club Persija Jakarta in 1999 and then transferred to Dutch third division club EHC Norad, before returning to Jakarta in 2000. He was the top scorer in the 2002 South East Asian Championship with eight goals. From 2005 to 2007, he played for Malaysian team Selangor FA. In 2008, he resisted overtures from Derby County and returned to Persija Jakarta. An outstanding header of the ball, he has hinted he may retire this year.

Kenneth Yeung is a Jakarta-based editor



Born: April 15, 1977 From: Sidoarjo, East Java Indonesia's best ever karate practitioner, Umar won ten gold medals at the SEA Games from 1997 to 2013 and a silver medal at the 2010 Asian Games. In 2005, he moved to Europe with the aim of furthering his skills and participating in regular competitions. He ended up opening a dojo (martial arts school) in St. Gallen,


Switzerland, where he now lives with his wife and children. In recent years, he has been urged to return to Indonesia to help develop the country’s talent in martial arts. He has provided some training but is reluctant to get involved in the politics of sport in Indonesia. On a recent visit to Bali, he criticized police for failing to stop pickpockets and suggested karate practitioners would be more effective. Umar retired from competitive karate after competing for East Java in Indonesia’s National Games in 2016. He now coaches karate and zumba at his Swiss dojo.


Born: December 19, 1971 From: Jakarta Height: 183 cm Despite being the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia does not have the world’s greatest swimmers. The nation’s most successful swimmer of all-time is Richard Sam Bera, who bagged an impressive 23 gold medals at the SEA Games from 1989 to 2005. Studying in the US, he was a college champion and US junior record holder. When just 16, he qualified for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, competing in five freestyle and medley events. At age 17, he won his first gold



medal, victorious in the 100 m freestyle at the 1989 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur. He went on to represent Indonesia at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Eighteen years after his debut, he made his final SEA Games appearance in 2005 at age 34 and managed to win two golds, two silvers and a bronze. After retiring, he became a triathlete and a sports commentator. His nearest successor in the pool is Bali’s Siman Sudartawa.

Born: May 6, 1970 From: Jakarta Height: 183 cm One of Indonesia’s most recognisable athletes, not least because of his endorsements of various health products, supplements and his chain of gyms. As a ten-year-old, Ade was a scrawny 25kg. As lanky teenager, he weighed only 55kg and was a competitive badminton player. A knee injury prompted him to turn to

bodybuilding. By 1994, his weight was up to 80kg and he won the title of Indonesia’s Best Bodybuilder. His numerous titles in the International Federation of Body Building & Fitness include: Mr Asia (1995 and 1998), Mr ASEAN (1995) and Musclemania World Professional Overall Winner (2000). He also won a gold medal at the 1997 SEA Games. Known for his humble and friendly disposition, his advice to Indonesia’s aspiring bodybuilders is: cut out the sugared drinks and rice, and don’t sleep straight after eating. Now retired from competitive bodybuilding, he has often spoken out against steroid use.

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



Kenneth Yeung is a Jakarta-based editor

Setting the Crooked Record Straight Some foreigners are involved in hypnotism scams in Indonesia, but the media should not be too hasty to blame Singaporeans. BY KENNETH YEUNG


wo weeks ago, this column reported on the case of a scammer who posed as a Singaporean philanthropist and tricked older Indonesian women into handing over their money and valuables in return for expired Singapore currency. First, a correction: he wasn’t handing over old series S$500 notes from Singapore. He did show such notes to his victims, but he then gave them expired 500 Belarusian rouble banknotes, claiming they were Singapore dollars. One of the frustrating things about the news in Indonesia is that reporters do not always follow up a story. For example, a provincial government official might be arrested on suspicion of corruption, or a local teacher might be detained for allegedly assaulting a student. What happens next? Sometimes the media just stops reporting, especially if the suspect is able to avoid being charged. Fortunately, in the case of the phony philanthropist, Indonesian media on August 2 reported the fraudster and his gang had been busted. “Singaporean Detained Over Scamming Indonesians,” declared the headlines. Oops. Just because a scammer claims to be a particular nationality, it doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth. The “Singaporean” scammer had posed as a generous executive of Shell oil company and called himself Salim Anan Brother. He claimed to have a suitcase full of Singapore dollars that he wanted to exchange for rupiah to donate to charities supporting orphans or needy widows. Assisted by two accomplices in an elaborate street hustle, he duped women into believing that his worthless Belarusian roubles were high-denomination Singapore dollars. According to police, the “oil businessman” is Dodi Dana, a 64-year-old Indonesian citizen. His above-average height and pale complexion do not make him look typically Indonesian. He was arrested on August 1 at the arrivals terminal at Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung, West Java. His accomplices, Rudi Melalo (50) and Teddy Setiawan (27), were arrested the same day at their respective residences in Cibinong, West Java, and Cililitan, East Jakarta. Dodi confessed to scamming at least 11 people. He said he bought bundles of one-hundred expired 500 Belarusian rouble banknotes from antique money dealers in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. Each bundle cost him Rp300,000 (US$21). He could later dupe his victims into giving him Rp40 million (US$2,770) for 13 of the banknotes. For the record, 500 Belarusian roubles is worth about US$250, while the expired banknotes are practically worthless. The gang also used fake rupiah that were clearly stamped as children’s play money. Jakarta Police said Dodi was caught with a Bank Permata cheque for Rp1.3 billion and a stack of property certificates. Other evidence seized from the gang included Singapore dollars, Belarusian roubles, rupiah play money, donation letters and jewellery. Also seized were a silver Daihatsu Xenia and a phony Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) employee identification card. Teddy had posed as a BRI employee and driven victims to banks


Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

“Police later said Azimi had previously used hypnotism to rob a minimart at Cimanggis in Depok. The cashier said Azimi had bought candy and a milk drink, which he paid for entirely in coins. ” to withdraw their money in exchange for roubles. Rudi’s job was to pose as a passerby and convince victims to exchange their money or valuables. Police said he used his share of the proceeds to buy a house in his hometown of Tomohon, near the North Sulawesi capital of Manado. Dodi, who lived in a rented house in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, said many crime syndicates operate with a similar modus operandi, having one person pose as a philanthropist seeking to make donations to Islamic charities. In August 2017, Jakarta Police busted a gang whose boss posed as a Bruneian businessman seeking to donate money for the construction of mosques. In such cases, victims invariably claim they were hypnotised. “FOREIGNERS” FLEECE DUCK RESTAURANT A more brazen exhibition of hypnotism involving apparent foreigners took place on July 18 at a recently opened duck restaurant on Jalan Fatmawati in South Jakarta. At about 9.50pm, one man and two women of Middle Eastern appearance entered Bebek BKB restaurant. The man asked the cashier to change a Rp50,000 note so he could pay for a taxi, while the two women initially distracted the other staff.

The man quickly moved behind the counter and helped himself to the day’s takings, which amounted to Rp2.8 million, while the cashier simply watched. One of the women spoke to the cashier and the second woman later opened a menu at the counter. The trio exited swiftly, before the cashier, Maysaroh, realised she had been robbed. The theft was recorded on a closed circuit TV camera and later uploaded to social media. Police said they were working with Immigration authorities in an effort to identify the crooks. PET STORE PILFERING Footage uploaded to YouTube in April shows a Caucasian man swindling a cashier in a pet shop in Muara Angke, North Jakarta. The man asks for change but then tricks the woman into handing over more money. IRANIANS In March, police arrested two Iranians after they crashed their Toyota Avanza into four motorbikes in three different locations in Depok, south of Jakarta. Among those injured during the hit-and-run spree was a four-year-old girl. The Iranians, who were apprehended after crashing into a road separator, were identified as Azimi Jafar (36) and Husen (15). Police later said Azimi had previously used hypnotism to rob a minimart at Cimanggis in Depok. The cashier said Azimi had bought candy and a milk drink, which he paid for entirely in coins. He said the Iranian then asked to exchange a US$100 note for new series Rp100,000 notes. The cashier said he could not exchange any money, but the Iranian managed to hypnotise him and stole Rp1.4 million. What happened to the two Iranians? Media reports simply said they offered to compensate their victims, and police handled the case in coordination with the Iranian Embassy. Out of sight, out of mind.


Rinka Perez is “The Expat Housewife of Jakarta”, sharing her experiences of living in “The Big Durian” as an expat mother of three.

Hiring a Nanny in Indonesia



ne of the advantages of living in Indonesia is being able to hire a nanny for your children. Expats, however, sometimes imagine nannies to be a cheery “Mary Poppins” lady with tactical child-minding powers and a skillset to cure all childhood issues. The reality of a nanny in Indonesia may be far from this foreign perception. Skills like first aid, child discipline, and childhood play are not always a part of the package. Becoming a nanny in Indonesia requires no specific vocational training or work experience. WHAT IS A NANNY? Nannies are usually young girls (around 15 years onwards) from a village outside of Jakarta who are withdrawn from schooling by their parents in order to earn extra income. These girls may be from large families and have grown up surrounded by babies, but their child caring skills rarely go beyond this. Even the nannies from agencies are not given formal training other than a basic course of how to change a diaper. There are of course the highly sought after “expat nannies” who have spent years working with expat families, but most of their experience is gained on the job or by attending courses funded by their employers. With this information at hand, the first thing you need to determine before you begin your nanny search is what tasks she will perform and what her role will be in your family. It is important to be clear about this. Will she be expected to discipline your child? If so, how and to what extent? What are her hours and core duties? How much one-on-one time do you want her to have with your child? Should she encourage independent play or is she expected to be a constant shadow? What boundaries will you set for her? When I had my third child, I searched for a nanny to help me with the basic tasks of feeding a newborn baby and putting him to sleep. I interviewed a fantastic nanny who was very interactive with my two older children, reading books and having fun conversations with them. However, her skillset didn’t match my requirements.

Being a hands-on parent, I felt that having her around would interfere with my parenting style. What I needed at that time was an extra pair of hands to help with the logistics of a newborn baby and nothing more. SO WHERE DO YOU FIND A NANNY IN INDONESIA? It is usually through networking and referrals. Facebook expat pages such as Jakarta Mom’s Support Group and the Upper Crust Catering mailing distribution list are popular places to search for available nannies. Associations such as BWA and ANZA also list nannies. However the most common place to find a nanny is by simply asking around. I found my nanny by approaching another nanny in my condominium block. She had a friend who needed a job because her employer was about to leave. Agencies are also great for instant finds however the contact details of these agencies are generally gained by networking. It is difficult to find an official website for nanny agencies and they usually don’t cater for families that don’t speak Indonesian.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER DURING THE FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW • Research and discuss with friends and acquaintances what to expect from a nanny arrangement before you interview. • Do not be vague or brief. Go into detail. • Ask the nanny to repeat what you said in her own words so that you know you both understand. • Ask her what she did for her previous employers with specific examples. • Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to detail exactly what you want, even if it’s more than what she did in the past. Some expats are new to this process and feel guilty for being direct. You are not being bossy or demanding. • Don’t say things like “I’m an easy employer.” “You can do whatever you want” or “whatever you did with your last family is fine.” Or “You can start and finish any time you want.” This level of vagueness can confuse the nanny. It will most likely scare her into giving you an answer that she thinks you want to hear, rather than the truth. • Bear in mind that she may be extremely nervous. Indonesians culturally don’t like to boast about their own skills and can be very modest and shy about what they are good at.

• The nanny may say yes to everything you ask, nod and giggle. Therefore interviews work better if they’re interactive. I suggest you ask her to hold your crying baby while you go to the bathroom. Or play Lego with your two year old. In one interview, I asked a nanny to help make bread with me. This tested if she was able to follow instructions, read measurements and whether she washed her hands. • Request a trial period where either party can cancel the contract with no repercussions. • Note down vaccination history, health checks, previous training courses attended and if she is willing to do more courses in the future. Finally, when I am hiring a nanny, the most crucial characteristic for me is that she actually likes children. This skill cannot be faked and is easy to identify through body language and behaviour. If this box is ticked, everything else seems to fall directly into place for us.

For more practical tips on household help, visit

THE INTERVIEW PROCESS Once you’ve lined up some potential candidates, it’s best to do the reference checks first. Ask the candidate’s previous employer for her salary; working hours, responsibilities, ages of children, work attitude, and any negative occurrences whilst under their employment. Then, conduct telephone interviews with your shortlisted candidates. Be very clear on the phone that you do not want to meet her for an interview unless she agrees to the terms of her new employment. This will cut back on a lot of wasted time interviewing candidates, only to find out that they can’t work for you (for whatever reason). Detail the specific working hours, living arrangements, salary range, start date and how long you want them to work with you. Tell each candidate the ages of your children, what she will be doing and how things operate in your house. Ask her if she is comfortable with these key points before you arrange to meet up.

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AND WIN TWO FREE COMEDY TICKETS! There are 18 MOVIE STARS hidden in the word puzzle. Can you find them all? If you can, SEND A PICTURE of your completed puzzle to Mad About Comedy at 0821 1194 3084 and you could win TWO FREE TICKETS to our next international comedy show. TEN winners of two tickets each will be selected at random from all entries received before August 30th, 2018 and notified via WhatsApp. FIND THESE MOVIE STARS ALEC BALDWIN, DANIEL CRAIG, MARK RUFFALO, AMY ADAMS, DWAYNE JOHNSON, SAMUEL L JACKSON, ANNE HATHAWAY, EDDIE MURPHY, TOM CRUISE, BILL MURRAY, GEORGE CLOONEY, TOM HANKS, BRAD PITT, HALLE BERRY, TOM HARDY, BRUCE WILLIS, HUGH JACKMAN, WHOOPI GOLDBERG

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



If you want your event to be posted here, please contact +622129657821 or email:

JAKARTA Networking


to upgrade their tea set with cock tails for Rp5 9 6,0 0 0++ fo r t wo p e r s o n . F o r m o re information and reservation, pleasa call +62 21 5068 000 or email at lounge.keratontheplaza@ or visit www.keratonattheplazajakarta. com Marathon

Jakarta Business Networkers Every Thursday Make the right connections and grow your business over lunch. At Jakar ta Business Networkers (JBN) all attendees are encouraged to help others by exchanging referrals and introducing each other to target audiences. JBN is all about helping you grow. Promote your business, personal brand or portfolio each week to the rest of the attendees and explain to the group the type of referrals you would like to receive. JBN professional networking sessions are every Thursday lunchtime at Central, South and West of Jakarta. RSVP: info@

Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2018 28 October 2018 The Mandiri Jakarta Marathon 2018 is the largest running event in Indonesia.The Jakarta Marathon usually has several categories including the full marathon, half marathon and the c hil d ren’s spr int. T his year, the event will be held on 28 October 2018. For more information, please visit: www. Art

The Jakarta Bridge Club Every Tuesday and Friday The Jakarta Bridge Club invites expat communities throughout Jakarta to join a networking session on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am to 12pm. Participants meet for pleasant and convivial moments where they can share and exchange information among expats at three to five tables. The networking event takes place at Die Stube Restaurant on Jalan Kemang Raya. Visitors and partners are welcome to join. For more information, please contact Ernah at +62818686999. Food

Keraton at The Plaza Presents French High Tea 19 July – 31 August 2018 The French afternoon tea set consists of more than 10 ranging from; Blue lobster Vol-au-vent, Beef pastrami Croque-monsieur, and all time favourite; scones. Dessert lovers have a choice of sweets from original MIllefeuille, traditional lemon French madeleines, pistachio financier with toffee sauce, mango eclair, the contemporary Twitter Bird cookie and lots more. French High Tea at Keraton Lounge is available daily from 2.00pm to 7.0 0 pm and is priced at Rp398,000++ for two person inclusive TWG tea or a selection of mocktails. Guest can choose


Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

will have his concert in Indonesia. Get ready to witness Charlie Puth’s Voicenotes Concert with latest hits such as “What You Have Done For Me” and “How Long” sure to be performed live. The concert will be held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD. Concert tickets will be available for purchase through or www.

Clean Bandit Live in Jakarta 20 August 2018 Electronic Band group from Britain Clean Bandit returns to jakarta for their upcoming concer t on 20 August. The concert is part of "I Miss You Tour 2018". They will perform their latest single from the album including Rockabye and Symphony. Previously, the group has performed in Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City Jakarta back in 2015. This year, the concert will be held at The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka. Ticket prices range from Rp800,000 to Rp1,000,000. Tickets can be purchased at id.bookmyshow. com.

Enigma by Talitha Maranila x Urban Quarter 6 August – 1 October 2018 ENIGMA by Talitha Maranila is an art exhibition located inside the Urban Quar ter Store at Plaza Indonesia. It is a show of her latest artwork and an integration or merge between how contemporary art can deliver timeless style and mood with the products of Urban Quarter. This exhibition is where they pair modern furnishing and contemporary art to live amongst one another in an interior space. In this exhibition, Talitha will be displaying 10 artwork of her latest collection ranging from paintings (canvas and her widely known painting on acrylic), sculptures, to architecture. The exhibition will be held for two months. Music Charlie Puth Voicenotes Tour, Live in Indonesia 16 November 2018 The singer with the extraordinary success of five multi-platinum hits, “One Call Away”, “Marvine Gaye”, “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, “See You Again” and “Attention”

Mamma Mia! Musical 28 August – 9 September 2018 Over 60 million people all around the globe have fallen in love with the story and the music that makes MAMMA MIA! the ultimate feel - good musical. And now, in a stunning new production, we invite you to fall in love all over again! Voulez Vous, S.O.S, Take a Chance On Me, Dancing Queen and so many more hits you know and love make this worldwide phenomenon a fabulous night out for audiences of all ages. Set on a Greek island paradise and inspired by the story-telling magic of ABBA’s timeless songs, writer Catherine Johnson’s heartwarming tale centres around Sophie, a young bride-to-be. On the eve of her wedding, Sophie’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago. A celebration of love, laughter, family and friendship, MAMMA MIA! is exactly what the world needs right now. For more information visit www. mammamiajk ( Venue: Taman Ismail Marzuki) Sports

September. Te Olympic Council of Asia initially announced that the Games would feature 462 events in 40 disciplines as the second-largest programme in Asian Games history. For the first time in Asian Games history, eSports, with Canoe Polo, will be contested as a demonstration spor t in the Games. All 4 5 members of the Olympic Council of Asia are scheduled to participate in the games.

BALI Festivals

Soundrenaline 2018 8 – 9 September 2018 After 15 consecutive successful events, Soundrenaline is ready to rock the island once again, with Soul of E xpression as this year’s theme. The grand event will feature dedicated areas for creators of music, art, photography, and cinema. Soundrenaline 2018 will also proudly present renowned local and international musicians. More than a decade since its premiere, Soundrenaline 2017 successfully presented 4 world-famous artist; Dashboard Confessional, Mew, Jet dan Cults, and more than 70 local artist such as Naif, Sheila On 7, Andien, Tulus, Dipha Barus, Maliq & D’Essentials, Isyana Sarasvati and even Andra & The Backbone. Get the tickets to Soundrenaline 2018 : The Soul of Expression at soundrenaline. &

experience the local wisdom at Matahari Terbit Beach, Sanur Bali.

BALINALE Bali International Film Festival 2018 24 – 30 September 2018 Bali International Film Festival (aka Balinale) is the largest and oldest annual international film event in Indonesia. Held on the paradise island of Bali, Balinale attracts a diverse audience of filmgoers with its outstanding selection of independent local and international movies, many with filmmakers in attendance. B alin a l e is c e l e b r at in g i t s 12 th anniversary from 24 - 30 September 2018 at the stateof-the-art Cinemaxx Theaters in Lippo Mall Kuta & Plaza Renon. The theme for this year’s edition is ‘Timeless’ in selecting films that have an extraordinary ability to communicate the largest of human stories as well as the briefest moments of world changing emotion.

World Ironman Bali 16 – 19 August 2018 Finns Beach Club is excited to host the first World Ironman Bali! 16 of the world’s best Ironman athletes will go head to head on Berawa Beach. Watch all the action from the comfort of the club while enjoying a cold beverage and their delicious menu! This is a FREE ENTRY event but make sure you book your daybed or booth. You don’t want to miss this one!

The Color Run Hero Tour 2018 16 September 2018

BTOB Concert in Jakarta 21 September 2018 Korean boyband BTOB is expected to hold a concert in Jakarta on 21 September 2018. The boy bands members Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub, Im Hyunsik, Peniel Shin, Jung Ilhoon, and Yook Sungjae will entertain their fans in Jakarta after promoter M y M u si cTa s te a nn o u n c e d the news that the boyband is scheduled to perform at the Hall, Mall Kota Kasablanka. Tickets can be purchased at price ranging from Rp850,000 to Rp2.5 million. Please visit nhwA or mmtglobal for ticket purchasing and more information about the concert.

The Happiest 5k on the planet is back this year with our brand new superhero-themed tour! Get your powers super-charged as you crash through double the colour in our new colour zones, and then take off and fly through skies of dreamy foam clouds! Here, anything is possible and you are unstoppable!http://register.

18 th Asian Games 2018 Jakarta – Palembang 18 August – 2 September 2018 Look forward to the biggest sporting event in Asia. Support your national team to compete in t h e 2 018 A si a n G a m e s which will be held in Jakarta Palembang from 18 August to 2

Fergie at Rapture Summer Party by Mulia Bali 1 September 2018

Sanur Village Festival 22 – 26 August 2018 Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is a community event founded by Sanur Development Foundation (YPS) which is a combination of several large-scale activities involving food festival, creative economy exhibition, various contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions, music as well as various types of environmentally-friendly activities. This year’s theme called “Mandala Giri” is translated into English as a circle and mountain. For the Balinese, mountains are the center of their spiritual and cultural activity. Join many fun activities and

Renowned for years of experience with out of this world events for its numerous VIP clients as well as hotel guests, Mulia Bali presents RAPTURE with a whole new sophisticated enter tainment; from world renowned singers to acclaimed international DJs, enlivened with extravagant dancers and Mulia’s ever-exceptional decor and adornment. Hail or shine, this vivacious party will be started by 12:00 noon until 8:00 pm. This event’s special guest is Fergie. The event is strictly for guests aged 18 and above. For more infor m ation and b o ok ings, please visit www.muliarapture. com, follow social media @ muliarapture, email to info@ or call +62 3613017777.

ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



Personal classifieds = FREE Property and other commercial classifieds = PAID (50 words = Rp.100,000 | 50 words + image = Rp.250,000)

JAKARTA AUTOMOTIVE For sale: Toyota Fortuner 2.7G ( b l a c k ) 2 0 0 8 , 117, 0 0 0 k m . Automatic transmission. Asking price: Rp170,000,000. New tires. Perfect service record (maintained by Toyota Dealership). No dents or scratches. Feel free to contact me at for more info and/or pictures. Cash only. We are selling our custom full tax paid: 2014 – Toyota Kijang Innova 2.0 V luxury, white color. An excellent condition, all services are done by Toyota. Got brand new battery, accident free, 7 seat, middle row is pilot seat. Automatic, Petrol 24,500km. IDR 220,000,000 (negotiable). For more information and for photos please via WhatsApp +62812 8757 2393/0.

Bahasa Indonesia classes at the American Women Association (AWA) Center Jakarta. The AWA Center will open Bahasa Indonesia classes in Mid August 2018: Beginner and Intermediate Levels. Beginner Levels: Mondays and Fridays, Tuesdays and Thursdays Intermediate.Levels: Tuesdays and Thursdays. For information and registration, contact Ibu Restiany immediately. Email: restiany2012@ HP: +6285286601466 Non - members are welcome. Special price for AWA Members.


Find us on / Tokopedia / Shopee:

@adidas Combat Sports

USD 59 0/month (negotiable), incl.: service charge, internet & cable TV, free 1 car parking, free cleaning up to 3x/month. Minimum 1 month rent. Please contact 082325410295 or ns.melinda@

JOBS AVAILABLE English To d ay is lo oking for someone to run our operations in Surabaya. We require a highly qualified local and native Business English trainer. This position provides a massive opportunity with potential profit share for the right people. Please send your cv to contact@english-today-indonesia. com

Learn Spanish (IB, IGCSE, DELE) at your place with a DELE- certified examiner from Spain. Most of my students come from International Schools (JIS and BSJ). Please call me (Raúl) +6282110502786.

Bahasa Indonesia lessons for expats living in South Jakarta, Kuningan, Country Wood, BSD, given by instructor with 20 years experience. Flexible schedule. Please call Pak Chairuman +628121037466 or email chairuman1942@

Bahasa Indonesia private tutor available for foreign beginners. Learn the language to ease your day-to-day life in Indonesia. Free text book. Info & appointment:


Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

Available for rent: Kusuma Candra Apartment SCBD and Setiabudi Residence, 2 bedrooms, Furnished. Contact via WA: Agnes (+628151611196).

Cheap apartment rental by direct owner - USD1,200/month (include service charge & 1 parking lot, min 1 year rental) - Hampton’s Park Pondok Indah, South Jakarta size: 97 sqm, 2 bedrooms + study room + maid room. Brand new fully furnished - full facilities - walking distance to Starbucks, Hero, Bless Almond Milk Store, health food stores, Krispy Kreme, JIS near by Pondok Indah hospital, Jakarta outer ring road toll, Kemang and Pondok Indah. Contact WA +628999112502 or check www. / www.


Brand new luxury studio apartment in Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Cozy, clean, fully furnished with WiFi, cable T V, water heater, kitchen, water purifier, microwave, refrigerator, gym, rooftop pool, 24/7 receptionist, 24/7 security, etc. Beautiful Jakarta view. Direct owner. Below market price. Only

95% in Good condition. Asking Rp5,000,000. Elegant stylish craft in the finest tradition in 4' x 8' and 3,6' x 7' sizes . Includes: 6 cues , 1 cues rack, 1 set belgium ball, 1 table crush, 1 brigestick and bridgehead , 1 dz billiard chalk , 1 scoreboard , 1 table cover. Contact:


Beautiful new full renovated house for rent. 2 storey + basement. 750m 2 + 1000m 2 land with join pool. Located 10 minutes from Cilandak Commercial Estate. USD 3,000/ month nett excluding tax (negotiate). If interested please call / wa owner at +62811180605.



Furniture and Items for SALE (Kids High Wood Bed with Mattress, Dinner Table, Open Closet, etc) WA: +628111498049. Pick up in North Cipete or East Cilandak. Pool table Thunderbird - Eagle 7' for sale. Private collection

I would like to find this man who was living in Cambodia in 1993 Can you please help me? I have only his photo and i remember his name was like “EMONTO” I really want meet him since he helped my family a lot. I was just a little kid that time. Please contact me if you have any information: lordju6666@

BANDUNG PROPERTY Taman Sari Panoramic Apartment 19 t h fl o o r. T he a p ar tment is combination of 2 units put together Hoek position, one unit is 37,20 m2 , total is 74,4 + m2. 1 master bedroom. 2 regular bedrooms. Price: Rp590 million. Please contact WA only: +6281290070037.

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ISSUE 219 Indonesia expat



Indonesia expat ISSUE 219

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Indonesia Expat - issue 219  

Indonesia's largest expatriate readership