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Dear Sir, We thank you for sparing some moments to read this mail. Thru this mail we are introducing BirdScare速, the ultimate way to keep away birds from conductors, pylons and isolators. Once given an opportunity, we will be pleased to provide more details on this product. In the meanwhile, we are attaching a presentation on BirdScare速.

Everyone likes birds. But with all the good they do, there are those moments when their natural co-existence with humans has its drawbacks. Unhygieneic condition caused due to Bird spitting not only increases the house keeping load but is also the cause of many diseases. Electrical short circuits caused due to nesting of birds or tripping of lines due to birds is very common. How are the overhead circuit lines damaged by birds? (1) Various bird species use power line structures as perching or roosting place during the day and at night as they are often higher and more suitable than the surrounding natural vegetation Some birds like to build nest on circuit

lines by branches which will not cause trouble in dry day. In the rainy day, the branches will meet the lead wire and cause earthing accident. (2) In the windy day, if the bird’s nest is blown from the circuit lines, it may leave its branches or little wires on the lead wire and cause earthing or tripping operation. (3) If the birds sit directly above the live conductors there is a chance that their excreta will fall directly onto the conductors and insulators. This excreta can build up over time and compromise the insulation, leading to electrical faults. Some species have a watery excreta which is ejected in long conductive streams called streamers. Streamers can bridge the air gap between the earthed and live components which may cause a fault. The bird’s dung can cause flashover of the isolator on the circuit line. First: the dung can pollute the beeline isolator bunch and cause flashover. Second, bird’s dung is conducting liquid and it will result short circuit and single-phase earthing. (4) Some birds like to cross circuit lines or fly over circuit lines with branches or short wires. They may cause earthing or inter-phase short circuit. SOLUTION: The best way to solve this problem is to prevent the birds from perching in the critical areas on the pylon or tower structure. This is known as "Perch management" and is done with the use of BIRDSCARE® which are plastic spikes that block birds from perching. The aim is not to prevent the birds from using the particular tower altogether, as this may just shift the birds to the next tower and displace the problem. Sufficient perching space should be left for the birds. Picture of installation at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

We hereby introduce you to a world class product to tackle the menace of birds. The birds, which look nice and pretty, look equally terrible due to the menace

caused by them. And the biggest problem is perching of birds in the critical areas on the pylon or tower structure. BIRDSCARE 速 is a devise that is designed to keep birds and pigeons from perching on the electrical towers, transformers, ledges of building structures etc. etc. This products besides being effective, deters the birds, without harming them in a most humane way. All the efforts to maintain your property clean and tidy go haywire when you find that the bird (spitting) has again soiled the area. This problem increases manifold, when the stains of bird spitting refuse to go. Besides being a proven product and being used by the most advanced countries worldwide, it saves a lot of time and effort in maintaining the areas clean. In addition to other numerous benefits, it helps you get a peaceful and sound sleep. Please remember your early hours, when you are in your cozy bed and the noise due to fluttering of bird on your air-conditioner and cooler wakes you up. You have no choice except for pulling your blanket up to your ears. The investment in BIRDSCARE 速 breaks even within few months whereas this product keeps on giving results for years together, without any additional recurring cost. We are sure that once you install this you will find this worthy in many ways, such as: 1. SAFETY FROM SHORT CIRCUITS: BIRDSCARE 速 restricts perching and nesting of birds on transformers, electrical towers etc. hence avoid short circuits and tripping. 2. HEALTH & HYGINE: Pigeons and other birds carry a number of different diseases ranging from salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis. Pigeon spitting is considered to be one of the cause of transmitting these diseases. 3. COST SAVING: The cost incurred due to interruption is negligible as compared to the solution offered by us. The investment on BIRDSCARE 速 breaks even in the first instance it helps in evading tripping 4. EASY INSTALLATION: required.

Very easy installation process. No special training

5. MAINTENANCE FREE: Virtually no maintenance is required. Being translucent, limits visibility, hence does not affect the looks of your property. 6. EXCELLENT CONSTRUCTION: Made of special grade engineering plastic, same material which is used for making bullet proof screens/ sports car etc. U.V. Protected, Sun and Weather proof. Can withstand extreme temperature variations (+100o C to -100 o C)

7. FLAME RETARDANT: The composition of ingredients to manufacture BIRDSCARE ®, are chosen very meticulously considering the usage. These spikes are made of Flame Retardant material and confirm to “V=0” specifications. 8. SAFE: Non-Conductive! communication transmission.







Organizations like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Airport Authority, Calcutta State Electricity Board, City Square Mall, Handa Stone Clinic and many other hotels, hospitals etc. are amongst the satisfied users of this product. For more details kindly Ctrl+click on the link Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any further query/ clarification etc. For INDOLITE DEVICES,

(M.S.Sethi) General Manager Sales +91 9911 9191 99, +91 98 11 77 90 90

……. peace from birds and monkeys. …. we offer Bird Proofing & Monkey Proofing solutions

Freedom from bird drooping, bird proofing solution india  

Everyone likes birds. But with all the good they do, there are those moments when their natural co-existence with humans has its drawbacks....

Freedom from bird drooping, bird proofing solution india  

Everyone likes birds. But with all the good they do, there are those moments when their natural co-existence with humans has its drawbacks....