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September 2018


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It’s September – still hot, but lots of reminders that summer is coming to a close. College football, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween and even Christmas merchandise – the hot, lazy days of summer are winding down. I’m going to touch on two topics this month – a brief look back and a glimpse to the future. Looking back, in 2014 (a fine year), Indoff billed $130,001,830. In 2018, we will bill $170 million – a 31% increase! The fact that we have been able to achieve this is a testament to the talents and dedication of everyone involved – from our Sales Partners to our office staff. As we rush through everyday life, take a moment to reflect on this progress and your part in making it possible. Our growth in this time frame has been fueled by our appliance group and commercial interiors. In 2014, appliances accounted for 9% of our total volume; in 2018, after an additional acquisition, appliances make up over 15% of our volume. In the same time frame, our commercial interiors volume has grown from $36 million annually to over $50,000,000 in 2017 and is on pace for the same in 2018. Part of our strength is our diversity – in products, in markets, in talents and personnel. Looking forward, we have our sales meeting next month, and our theme this year is “Switch It Up”. Take that any number of ways – add products or expertise, attack new vertical markets, work together with a fellow Partner, add more marketing efforts to your plan. The point is that our world is changing, and to succeed, you need to do some things differently. We will share information and presentations from the NSM with everyone, but as you begin thinking about 2018, I challenge you to add one new product to your mix. I have been at Indoff for over 30 years; how we do our jobs today bears no resemblance to 1988. Some other time, I’ll take that trip down memory lane. Today, I challenge you again to take what you are great at – customer service, process improvements, sourcing – and decide how you’re going to do it even better next year. Thank you all for all you do for Indoff! For those I will see in a month, I look forward to it; for those not coming this year to the meeting, I will look forward to our future visit. Have a great autumn season!



Human Resources

by Robin Migdal, Indoff VP of Human Resources This year, September means I am busy working on our upcoming National Sales Meeting and Vendor Expo. We are all excited to welcome 200 Partners and over 100 Vendors to St. Louis for our gathering; please take a minute to say “hi” to me when you are here.

Robin Migdal Indoff VP of Human Resources

Elsewhere you will see various exhortations to be involved in this year’s meeting; I’m going to take a moment to remind you of next year’s Champions’ Circle Sales Partner Meeting. 2019 is our every third-year rewards trip, and we are going to the Sand Pearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida. This meeting is for top Indoff Sales Partners, so step it up and join us. An invitation is yours with $110,000 in billed gross profits for the year; a private room and inclusion in the Chairman’s outing is earned with $220,000 in billed gross profits for the year. This is our 6th Champions’ Circle meeting, and each one has been memorable (lazy river, anyone…). You still have time to make it to Clearwater with us next May! In other news, it’s always a good time to update your beneficiaries – on your life insurance, all of your financial assets, certainly on your 401k. Take a moment and ensure that your assets correctly identify your beneficiary in the event you are no longer with us. I know it’s not pleasant to deal with, but I see the effects of what happens when this is ignored all the time – make certain your wishes are accurately reflected. Enjoy the fall weather and I hope to see you next month and next May! Thank you for all you do for Indoff!


Happy Anniversary! 20 Years

Tom Groves September 30

LeAnn Pashina October 7

15 Years

Darrell Reed October 1

Susan Roldan October 1

10 Years

Bill Abate September 2

Ron Morgan October 6




by Angela Suntrup, Indoff VP of Recruiting Preparations are underway for the October 2018 National Sales Meeting. The National Sales Meeting is the perfect time to see old friends, corporate staff, vendors and meet new Partners that have joined Indoff since the last sales meeting. We put on the National Sales Meeting for you, the Sales Partner at Indoff! It is supposed to inspire, re-energize and educate you! We look forward to seeing those of you who will be attending! Through August we have hired 34 Partners and they have sold over $3.9 million in sales! Please welcome some of our newest Partners.

Angela Suntrup VP of Recruiting

Bruce Tomberlin Mark Green Wayne Weathers Joe Saldana Alton Lopez Paul Dunn Juanita Tackett Eric Garner


The Recruiting Department continues to seek out qualified individuals to add to our Partner group. Adding quality Partners to our group benefits us all. If you know of an experienced and QUALIFIED* sales professional in any of our divisions who you think would make an excellent Indoff Partner, please call or email me! We offer a $1000 referral bonus if you refer a sales rep or owner that becomes a Partner! A qualified referral is someone who has at least 3-5 years experience in one of our divisions, has a transferable customer base and yearly sales of at least $350K ($200K in Promotional Products). If you are thinking about winding down your career consider becoming a mentor. Hire and train a replacement new to the industry and share commissions on your customer base after you retire. Indoff will pay 60% commission on the new hires sales for year 1; we suggest a split of 40% to the new hire and 20% to the mentoring Partner. Several Partners have brought on board a family member or friend to train and turn accounts over to them. I look forward to seeing you all in October!


Welcome! Meet the New Additions to Indoff

Leslie Walker Accounting Specialist

Alton Lopez CI

Paul Dunn CI

Wayne Weathers MH

Craig Perez MH

Eric Garner ES

Juanita Tackett ES

Joe Saldana BP



Finance & Accounting by Julie Frank, Indoff Executive VP & CFO Fall is just around the corner and although it’s still extremely warm and humid in St. Louis, we know change is coming soon. I’m excited about this fall for many reasons. On a personal note we will be traveling to watch two different college football teams this year, my oldest is still at Mizzou so “Go Tigers”. My youngest is playing with the marching band at Missouri State so we will also be making a few trips to watch the Pride Band and to cheer on the Bears. These trips will help us ease into this whole “empty nest” thing we are now experiencing.

Julie Frank Indoff Executive VP & CFO

Another reason to get excited about fall is our upcoming National Sales Meeting in October. I am looking forward to seeing all of you and to celebrate the terrific year we are having. So many of you have already qualified to attend the reward trip next May and we still have 4 months to go! Some of you are looking for new marketing strategies and ways to expand your sales; this meeting will be a great opportunity for you to learn from others who are having great success. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Switch It Up”, meaning for some of you it’s a good time to look into new product lines or explore other opportunities within Indoff. We are seeing many Partners have successes crossing over into lighting, appliances and janitorial sales or just working with Partners in other divisions to provide a complete solution to their customers. Once again, my department managers will lead our traditional Indoff 101 class bright and early on Saturday morning. For those of you who are fairly new to Indoff or just want to get to know us better, we will talk about how work flows in Credit, Accounting, Collections and Finance. We will also answer any burning questions you have about how things get done here in the Corporate office. We hope to see many of you there! Don’t forget, there is still time to bill gross profits in 2018 to qualify for the 2019 reward trip to Clearwater, Florida. While at the meeting in October, you will be able to rub elbows with the Partners who have secured their spots and gain insight into what makes them successful. Good luck and we hope to see you all there!



Vendor Relations

by Adam Heck, Vendor Relations Manager Hello Partners,

As I write this, we are a little more than a month out from the 2018 National Sales Meeting. We had a bit of a slow start in getting vendors to sign up to attend, but it has really picked up in the last few months and we have over 100 total vendors scheduled to attend. As in the past, we tried to invite a mix of our top dollar volume vendors and also some that are newer and lower volume, but offer an innovative product line. The process is certainly not perfect and there are always some vendors we would like to attend that do not opt to come, but we think you’ll find the event a good way to learn about new products while catching up with old friends.

Adam Heck Vendor Relations Manager

We also have almost 40 total vendors interested in presenting at Indoff University. We will be making a few cuts on the MH and CI side so that we can keep it to 3 vendors presenting at each time slot in those divisions. We give each vendor that signs up for a booth at the vendor expo the ability to apply to present at Indoff U. The goal is to give you a wide variety of classes to attend but there will always be class conflicts. If you can’t attend a class because there is another one at that time slot that you prefer, please make it a point to stop by the vendor during the trade show. They would love to meet with you. That leads me to a larger point about the NSM. The vendors make it possible for us to have the sales meeting, and the whole reason they are there is to interact with our Partners. Please take the time to attend classes and visit the vendors during the vendor expo. The only negatives I ever hear from the vendors about the NSM is they wish they were able to talk to more Partners. Many of them come every year and they deserve our thanks and attention. We will have the list of vendor booths and those presenting at Indoff University out to you several weeks before the show. Please take some time to research the manufacturers, including the ones from other industries as there could be some that cross over into multiple divisions. Great examples of that are a BP/CI vendor that also sells industrial matting, and a HVLS fan company that could be listed as MH or ES. We are excited to see everyone and hope this is the best NSM yet. Thank you!



National Sales Meeting 2018 Indoff ’s National Sales meeting is just a few weeks away, so we wanted to reach out to all of you and see what you were excited to see at the NSM this year! While we received many responses and could not include them all, reading them all certainly got us excited for the event! Here are a few that we feel really encompass what the meeting is all about.

Susan Sivils This will be my 2nd NSM! I’m excited about all of it! I love the training classes with the different manufacturers. I love seeing the products shown in the Vendor Expo. It is fun to meet the other Indoff partners and learn how they run their business compared to what I do.

Sheila Hoffman NSM is a rejuvenation! Seeing old partners(friends) and making new ones. New products & ideas to sell from the vendors.

Kim Gregory It’s the people of Indoff that I most look forward to. Connecting with corporate and our peers is inspirational. I have always left with fresh new ideas for the future.


INSIDE Indoff Jim Gerlach

I am looking forward to meeting some of the people that have helped me via the message board. I am proud to be part of a “family” that really seems to care about the well being of their fellow partners. In my past life, I never received such support.

Lori Beck I’m excited to see EVERYTHING! I enjoy the entire meeting. It’s great seeing everyone from the corporate office, new products, hearing the vendors speak about their programs and products, participating in round table discussions and hearing ‘words of wisdom” from other partners in both the sessions and the social times. You learn a lot and get a lot of suggestions to improve business or how to handle a problem.

Bob Berry This will be my 25th NSM. I look forward to meeting with all the partners each year for the exchange of ideas and the renewed friendships with the other partners and the corporate staff.

We absolutely cannot wait to celebrate together as one big Indoff family. See you all this October! 9



by Pam Hake, Indoff VP of Operations Sales Meeting time will be here before you know it! Normally I am recapping the meeting in a newsletter article, but this year, you get the treat of my thoughts before the big get-together!

Pam Hake VP of Operations

The sales meeting can have countless benefits, but it’s up to you to participate to realize them fully. Here are my thoughts • This is a chance to meet and get acquainted with new Partners and reconnect with Partners you have met at previous sales meetings – but it’s up to you to make this happen! • Learn about new products (or new to you products) at IndoffU or the trade show – but it’s up to you to plan ahead and then attend the sessions! • Connect with multiple suppliers at the Friday afternoon vendor show. That includes vendors you already know, vendors you may think have nothing of interest for you, vendors from other divisions even – find one new tool for your sales kit. Of course, it’s up to you to take the time to maybe learn something new. • Attend Partner and Corporate led breakout sessions. These can be on a multitude of topics - round table discussions, industry get togethers, IT tips, trends and techniques, marketing tools and ideas, and yes, the world famous Indoff 101 – but you will learn something of benefit to your selling efforts…if you attend. • Shameless additional plug for Indoff 101…led by several Indoff Managers, this is not only for new Partners, but also a refresher for Partners that have been with Indoff for a while. It covers Confluence tools, tricks and common questions and reminds you of resources that are at your fingertips. • It is a great chance to put faces to the names of people that you communicate with and share information with all year long, but you have to speak up. Like much of Indoff, you’re not required to do any of the above. We try to make tools available to you to do your jobs better and more efficiently, but we don’t force anything on you (except for that pesky credit policy). You’re coming to the meeting, you’re giving up a few days of selling time (and time with your family) – put together a plan, some goals and make it as valuable as you possibly can.


The Managers will be there to enhance your experience, from directing traffic to just pointing you in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance or guidance. Everyone who truly engages in the event comes away with a renewed spirit and new ideas for future sales. Trust me the weekend is what you make of the opportunities in front of you. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Until then!

Partner Features

Alton Lopez Commercial Interiors/Business Products What excites you about joining the Indoff team? The opportunity to grow my own business.

Why did you decide to join Indoff?

My wife and I were in the process of putting us in a position so that I could go into a 100% commission job already when I ran into and spoke with Bruce Lang. Almost like it was meant to be!

What markets do you sell in?

Up until now predominantly small business and educational.

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

The harder I work today the easier it will be for me tomorrow.

Craig Perez Material Handling What excites you about joining the Indoff team? The ability to work with a nationwide company that helps grow my business and treats me as a partner, not a contractor or just an employee. The depth and power of purchasing that Indoff has. This will allow me to price more effectively and be a more effective to my customers.

How long have you been in the Material Handling industry? 3 Years

How do you enjoy spending a day off? With my wife of 28 years and my family. Playing music with my 14 year old daughter. Racing 1/32 scale slot cars with my 11 year old son.


FREESTANDING AL SYSTEM JIB CRANES New AL Systems™ Aluminum Rail Jib Cranes (250 lb. & 500 lb.) are lightweight, in-stock and immediately available with spans up to 15 feet. AL  Systems  Jib Cranes are ideal for numerous applications, including underneath bridge cranes, in areas serving multiple workstations, for outdoor loading docks, or in machining and assembly areas where several Jib Cranes might overlap, providing even more extensive coverage. Ask us about the benefits of our exclusive EMH AL System T-Slot design.

Proudly Made In USA Call (330) 220-8600 • Ask About Our Custom System Capability




l T-S


s De

IN STOCK. IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE. Indoff Sales Partners of the Month Congratulations to our top Partners from each division!



Material Handling

Material Handling

Ana Gallegos - $583,000

Duane Young - $716,964

Commercial Interiors

Commercial Interiors

Steve Brandt - $356,113

Phil Schmidt - $917,911

Harold Baskin - $126,153

Deanna Lies - $124,135

Business Products

Promotional Products

Promotional Products

John Hollern - $53,484

John Hollern - $61,939

Chris Koeneman - $375,653

Lee Key - $310,238

Allied Appliance


Business Products

Allied Appliance

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Chris Drowne - $57,180

John Vasquez - $103,004



by Morgan Powers and Elizabeth Roe, Marketing Coordinators Hello everyone!

This hot summer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner. With a new season, comes many new opportunities to market yourself to your customers. The theme of the National Sales Meeting this year is “Switch it Up” and we encourage you to do just that and try some new tactics! One great neglected resource the Marketing Department can offer you are websites. Websites are a great way to get what you can offer out to the public. Currently, we can create two kinds of sites: Partner Marketing Sites and Company Store Sites.

Elizabeth Roe E-Marketing Coordinator

Partner Marketing Sites Partner Marketing Sites can be a great way to feature products you offer and increase your overall web presence. In order to get more noticed, blogging on these sites is the best way to help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more frequently you update your website by posting new information, the higher your site climbs in the search engines. Company Store Sites Company Store Sites work well for customers who have standard items or frequent repeat orders. All company store sites have customizable online catalogs tailored to each customer’s specific needs. These sites also allow the Partner to rack up orders and sales without having to field calls each time the customer wants to re-order any of these products.

Morgan Powers Marketing Coordinator

Instead of waiting for New Year’s resolutions to come around, why not try to Switch it Up now! Contact either on of us in the Marketing Department if you would like to attempt to do something different and create your own website this fall. Can’t wait to see you all in October!


Can’t Wait to see you all at

Clearwater Beach 2019

Follow Us! Stay connected with Indoff by following us on social media! You can find us on several social media platforms via the usernames provided below:




Indoff, Inc


Techie Talk

by Shawn Faulkingham, Chief Information Officer Here comes Fall and the 2018 Indoff National Sales Meeting and Vendor Expo! I really enjoy seeing everyone and reconnecting with all of you - always a great time with lots to share and lots to learn! For this year’s NSM, we are bringing back the extremely popular Tech Depot! You can drop off your laptop, tablet or other electronic device so we can make sure it’s up to date and fix any issues you are having with it. We know it’s important that the devices you use to do business as an Indoff Sales Partner function at 100%! Look for the signs, or grab Courtney, David or myself to drop your device off. We will also be doing the IT Tips and Tricks class on Saturday updated with the most current information. If there is anything you want to see us cover, please send suggestions. We are always open to new ideas!

Shawn Faulkingham Chief Information Officer

Besides getting ready for the NSM, we are working diligently on our ERP (accounting system) upgrade! We update our systems regularly to be able to communicate with the rest of the world – EDI with our wholesalers, daily communication with our bank and credit card processors, system-to-system integration with customers, etc., etc. Colin is coding furiously, and Julie is testing and breaking it as fast as he fixes it! We will make sure that when we “Go Live” with the upgrade in October, there is very little disruption to folks here at Corporate or to you. There will be some downtime on the weekend we go live, but we will alert you before, during and after that weekend so that there are no surprises. We are beginning our heavy testing phase and plan to go live in early to mid-October! Thank you for all that you do! If you ever have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me. I can’t wait to see everyone at the NSM!

Colin Faulkingham Chief Information Officer

Shawn, Colin, Courtney and David







$240.00 (P) MOQ: 1 PIECE




No connection required. Connectivity is a delicate chain — each link in the chain has to work or nothing works. Anything from a natural disaster to a simple cut wire can affect connectivity for cloud services, service providers and businesses. Complementing cloud storage with a Phoenix file or safe means data is always easily accessible — no matter what. Do your customers have a permanent connection to their data?

Keep your reputation safe. Phoenix Safe.




Inside Indoff: September 2018  
Inside Indoff: September 2018