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PPA 403 Week 4 Quiz

1.Question : Criminal penalties as an administrative sanction result only from proceedings in the regular courts, not directly from an administrative order. 2.Question : Enforcement is the last step for an agency to achieve its policy goals. 3.Question : No options other than formal adjudication exist for administrative enforcement. 4.Question : An agency’s goal through enforcement and threats of enforcement is to gain voluntary compliance. 5.Question : Agencies whose programs involve financial decisions can use economic sanctions to achieve policy aims. 6.Question : Compliance occurs when actions are consistent with legal commands. 7.Question : A central question regarding the scope of judicial review is how much deference courts should give to an agency’s interpretation of its own statutory authority.

8.Question : Administrative fines may only be implemented through court order so are a rarely used administrative sanction. 9.Question : The scope of judicial review includes the premise that courts, like legislatures, make laws and public policy. 10.Question : Judges often seek out controversies to rule upon which have yet been formally entered as a lawsuit.

Ashford ppa 403 week 4 quiz  
Ashford ppa 403 week 4 quiz