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Young Minds Issue No.: 06.

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November - March, 2012

FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK Dear Readers, Welcome to the last edition of ‘Young Minds’ for the academic year 2011-12. Indira National School continues to pave the way in unparalleled endeavors and ‘Young Minds’ continues to reach out to you, dear readers, by briefing you on the happenings at school. We hope that the articles, poems, artistic creations prove to be a source of good, rich content to all our readers. Each and every section of ‘Young Minds’ contains creativity, sincerity and is an expression of their genuineness. It gives profound happiness to inform our readers that the first batch of Std X of INS is appearing for the CBSE board exams this year. Being the first batch to pass out from Indira National School, Std. X holds a special place in our heart. We are sure that every student will emerge from INS as a considerate and accomplished global citizen and find the inspiration that will set his/her own lamps aflame from which many others will draw light. This issue talks about them and their feelings on the time they have spent in INS. Vince Lombardi says: The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. The INS editorial team working for the special edition of the Times of India [student edition], which is commonly known as NIE proved the same. Indira National School was given the privilege to edit the first edition in this series. Our editorial team did a creditable job. The articles were published on 3rd and 6th February 2012 in the NIE Times edition. In this issue of ‘Young Minds’, we present to you the article written by our Chief Executive Principal on modern challenges of parenting along with the other articles written by the editorial team of INS. The student – editor for this edition is Miss Rituja Ravikiran. Brimming over with enthusiasm, writing is one of her favorite pastimes as it helps her channelize her

feelings and thoughts. She rightly fits this role as she had represented INS for the summer workshop on Journalism conducted by NIE Times of India. She was also awarded the NIE Star Correspondent title for the month of December 2011. She has indeed performed her role very efficiently. With the sixth edition of ‘Young Minds’ being released – we’ve successfully completed the second academic year. To one and all at INS who have worked tirelessly to bring out this newsletter to where it is today, a big thank you for your passion and dedication. We highly appreciate the efforts of all the budding talents whose contributions have added charm to the making of ‘Young Minds’. Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true. -Honore de Balzac And as an editor, I have always striven to be true. For myself, it has indeed been an incredible journey of learning, understanding fuelled by hard work, commitment and patience. I will always be grateful to Mrs. Vijaya Joshi and Mrs. Geeta Pillai for giving me this opportunity to build ‘Young Minds’ Relationships are very important to humans. Without relationships, life is empty, boring and lonely. Relationships however change and develop over time. A relationship is a human being’s feeling or sense of emotional bonding with another. Our relationships are also a fundamental source of learning. Thus, it is important to take a good deep look at the relationships in our life and pay a little more attention to nurture them. We, at INS, value our relationships. Majority of articles, poems, drawings in this sixth issue unfolds the expression of our students on their relationships with family, friends, school, country and society at large. We aspire to open doors to innovation for our budding writers, artists and our readers. We believe in the principle of competing against ourselves. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before. The issues to come will rightly reflect our sincerity and quest for excellence. Hope you experience a truly remarkable change and enjoy reading this edition.

- Mrs. Archana Hulawale

MODERN CHALLENGES OF PARENTING Dear Parents, Being a parent is one of the toughest but most rewarding jobs in the world. Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood and beyond.Today there is a lot of change in our lifestyle with joint families replacing nuclear ones. Both mother and father working adds to the challenge as it is difficult to balance both career with effective parenting and at the same time cope up with the overwhelming demands of running a home. Moresoever, this generation being tech savvy is exposed to many things. Everyday, they face multifold challenges.They easily get bored and anxious. Effective parenting requires patience. It is necessary for the parents to bridge this gap between themselves and their children with proper understanding. In an era where “Time” has become a valued and scared commodity, parents don’t have to do anything special. Parents should spend Quality time with their children. ‘Quality Time’ is nothing but being an active participant in your child’s everyday trials and tribulations. Your child needs you. Give your child the gift of time by talking, laughing, sharing things or just being around, listening to and enjoying with them so they know they are worthy of your time and attention. Parents should take care of their actions as children learn through watching their behavior.

Setting a good example at home is basic to teaching good manners. Encourage your child to express themselves with clarity and confidence. The parent - child positive relationship also becomes important when the child is in school. A happy experience of the child with a positive environmental influence helps the child to blossom. If the learning synchronizes with their inherent talents and aptitude; it becomes easy and enjoyable for the child. Parents who are consistent and fair with their discipline, who openly interact and offer explanations to their children, who do not neglect the needs of their children in some way often find they have fewer problems with their children as they mature. Parents should raise their voice more in joy at what their child is, than grudge at what their child is not.They should teach their child to accept challenges head on; that failures breed success and determination is the key to success. What I have written, perhaps is nothing new, yet the truth of the reality can’t be denied that in this race for perfection parents overlook a vital factor that no two indivuals are alike and cannot be moulded as per their specifications. The deterioting values, impatience in today’s generation and increase in Juvenile delinquents are an alarming call for the parents. Parents should realize that joint families are now the need of hour. It’s important that parents complement with school to provide the foundation that will inevitably lead the children towards learning and achievement. So dear parents, may you raise your children in the best possible way and may your children experience the joys they so truly deserve! Mrs. Vijaya Joshi, Chief Executive Principal, Indira National School

kaleidoscope FIRST BATCH OF CLASS X 2012

Basketball Winners Interschool Basketball Tournament was organized by Kamal Nayan Bajaj High School for U-14 boys & girls. Both the boys & girls team of Indira National School made it to the semis and bagged the Best Disciplined team award. The winning team with our Chief Executive Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Joshi (left), our Principal Mrs. Geeta Pillai (centre), our basketball coach Ms. Mithila Gujar (right).

INTER HOUSE SPORTS COMPETITION Like every year this year too, Inter House Sports Events were organized in INS. An Oath was administered by the sports captian, Master Aditya Padmakumar from X Alpha after which the meet was declared open. Various individual and team events like Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, modified Rugby, Tug-of-war, Basketball Shooting competition, Swimming, Karate, Table Tennis, Chess were organized for secondary section whereas for primary section Langdi, Dodge ball, Running race, Sack race, Book balancing and Basketball shooting competitions were organized.



Rujuta Deo (VIII B)

Raj Mulchandi (VIII A)

Mahua Sial (VIII B)

Harshmeet Kochhar (VIII A)

Shreya Agarwal (VIII A)

Harjas Singh Dadiyal (VIII B)

Hulasi Khinvasara (VIII A)

Atul Poddar (VIII B)

Grisma Zagade (VIII A)

Siddhant Osani (VIII B)

Uma Parsuram (VIII A)

Viraj Bhandari (VIII A)

Nishita Baronia (VII B)

Rohan Kharwadkar (VII A)

Lakshmi Nair (VII A)

Kshitij Dhake (VII B)

Nidhi Nair (VII A)

Atharva Bhosale (VII A)

Aarohi Mudholkar (VII A)

Naman Vijayvargiya (VII B)

Arpita Mallick (VII A)

Nadish Sambyal (VII B)

Ruchya Karthik (VII A)

Vineet Agarwal (VI B)

INS WINNING TEAM The events were held in the month of December, 2011 and January, 2012. Classes were divided into IV groups. Group 1 comprised of classes I, II, III, Group 2 of class IV and V. Group 3 – Classes VI, VII and VIII while Group 4 consisted Class IX and X. Prizes were given on four different occasions. The winners of the first group – std. I to III were felicitated by our Chief Executive Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Joshi on 23rd December, 2011 while the National level Basketball player, Ms. Sajida Bagwan who is currently running a basketball academy gave the certificates and medals to the winners of class IX and X. The winners of classes VI,VII and VIII, were awarded with medals and certificates by Shiv Chhratrapati awardee and a renowned basketball player, Ms. Kajal Ambedkar. Gopika Kachare, a fitness trainer and currently working with the Basketball Federation of India gave the prizes to the winners of class IV and V.


The winning team of Indira National School pose with the Chief Executive Principal Mrs. Vijaya Joshi (left), Principal Mrs. Geeta Pillai (centre) and Headmistress Mrs. Aarti Garampalli (right) and Music teachers- Manoj Chavan (left) and Nitin Sangme (right). INS had participated in group singing competition organized by Aakashwani Pune and bagged the first prize. They have qualified for the regional level. The names of the participants are as follows: Indian classical and semi classical solo l singing competition for classes IV a and nd d V was held on 6th February, 2012. The judges for the competition were Mrs. Anjali Kalkar, Vice-Principal of Indira College of Commerce and Science and Dr. Chitrarekha Deshmukh, Rtd. Head of Music department, Government College, Aurangabad. The audience applauded the performance of the singers. The eminent judges were wonderst wonderstruck by the soothing voices of the children.


Prateek Shridhar (III B), Sanika Pimple (IV B), Madhwraj Kulkarni (IV B), Manomay Kongwad (IV O), Gaurav Thakur (IIIA), Avishkar Borkar (IV G), Sahil Kaushik (V A), Agraj Khare (VI B), Samdeva Gundimeda (VID), Nupur Kuttan(VID), Shaunak Date (VI D), Aniket Vaishampayan (IV O), Arya Pathak (IV O), Saamyukta Nair (IV A), Iravati Thete (IV B), Vaidehi Deshmukh (IV G), Harsh Garg (VI D), Ananya Someshwar (III B), Neha Sonawane (V B), Vedashree Deshpande (V G), Ninad Chaoji (IX A)



Republic Day is indeed a day of great pride and honour for Indians everywhere. We celebrated the 63rd Republic Day in our school with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervour.

‘Prevention is better than cure.’ With the objective of making the children aware about how to handle the various fire disasters, Fire drill demonstration was held on 9th December, 2011. The team from Pune Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Vallabh Nagar, Pimpri, Pune enlightened the students and teachers by showing s. them various search and rescue demos.

Dr. Tarita Shankar, our Founder Secretary and Chief Managing Trustee – SCES, Smt. Sarita Wakalkar and Dr. Rupa Hiremath, Director – MCA. honoured us with their presence on the occasion. We began the function with Dr. Tarita Shankar hoisting the National Flag followed by the National Anthem. Then, there was a patriotic song, “Maa Tujhe Salam” sung by the students of class IV. They sang the song with utmost passion and love for their motherland. It was indeed a commendable performance by our little ones. Next, Master Gaurav Kumawat from IX Alpha spoke on the significance of Republic Day and the changing scenario of present day India. Subsequently, we had a group dance by the girls of grade VIIIth and IXth on the patriotic song, “Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera”. The dance was beautifully choreographed and executed. It showed all the beautiful aspects of our country and made us feel proud to be an Indian. The function was hosted by Miss Prakriti Kayastha from X Alpha Lastly, Dr. Tarita Shankar delivered a speech on how all of us in our own way could contribute to bring positive changes in our country to help our motherland scale even greater heights. She also emphasised that it is every individual’s duty to work towards the upliftment of the society. The function concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Mrs. Aditi Vaidya.

CELEBRATING SPORTSMANSHIP The Prize Distribution of the Annual Sports day 2011-2012 was held in our school on 27th January, 2012. The chief guest was Mr. Nikhil Kanetkar, an International level Badminton player. He has represented India in the 2004 Olympics.

This was followed by the Prize Distribution for the wide array of sports events held during the month of December and January. Students were awarded medals for their outstanding performance on the sports field. BEST SPORTSPERSON 2011-12

The day started with zeal and enthusiasm with all students, teachers and guests present for the event. A parade marked the beginning of the sports meet. It was a spectacular march past which went all around the ground with the flags of respective houses held high. Yoga was executed by some students on the stage. The asanas done by the students astounded the audience and made them go Wow! Karate too was demonstrated. The dare devil acts performed by the students thrilled the audience.




CCA TROPHY 2011-12



The budding sportspersons of INS who brought laurels to Indira National School were recognized and presented with trophies for their unmatched performance in various fields of sports. Miss Akshaya V. Khedkar (IV Gamma) was awarded ‘The Best Sportsperson of the year 2011-2012’ for the primary section while Miss Falguni Pandit (VI Alpha) was declared as ‘The Best Sportsperson for the year 2011-2012’ for the secondary section. Our Sports teacher, Miss Mithila Gujar made the audience sing along with her a song which stimulated the atmosphere making it more energetic and competitive. Then came the much awaited moment – declaration of the Trophies for the year 2011-12. Konark House grabbed the Sports Championship Trophy for the year 2011-12. Ajanta House bagged the CCA Trophy for the various CCA competition held in 2011-2012. Yash Kurkure (VI Alpha) came up with a mascot named ‘Gigen’ for INS. It will lead the Annual Sports Tournament for the next academic year 2012-13. Ajanta House will be hosting the event next year. Finally on a happy note, Mr. Nikhil Kanetkar enlightened us with his words of wisdom and stressed on how important sports is in one’s life. He shared his experience at Olympics with the students advising them to master a sport to be physically fit. Mrs. Vijaya Joshi, our Chief Executive Principal too encouraged INS to grow and shine in the field of sports. All in all, the Prize Distribution of the sports day was a fantastic event and will be cherished forever. The credit for the successful conduct of the Sports events goes to the entire Sports department: Ravindra Kamble, Gurunath Kale, Sandeep Bhise, Kisan Kalokhe, Mithila Gujar and Aruna Tikone.


NIE EXPERIENCE 15 years old and editing a newspaper. Wake me up from my dreams, will you?? That’s probably the best opportunity a school going kid can get. Editing a daily newspaper you read everyday! At first it was like someone was trying to trick you or a teacher’s incentive to get you to work. Once we started working, it was a whole new learning experience. Thinking of new topics and penning them down; participating in group discussions, interviewing people was a mind blowing experience. Editing seems to be child’s play but when you actually do it you find it’s not an easy task and it requires a lot of focus and concentration. Even the smallest error like a misplaced comma, may change a lot of what you actually mean. Things heat up when everyone wants to include their ideas all in one article, but that’s when teamwork and coordination come into play. Strengths and weaknesses are well recognized when we are working in a team. Through this endeavor we surely had a chance to experience this.

The Editorial Team of NIE along with Mrs. Vijaya Joshi, our Chief Executive Principal & Mrs. Farzana Chibber, NIE Coordinator: (left to right) Aditi Shastry, Vaishwi Sinha, Anisha Alluru, Shivam Utreja, Sumedh Badve, Aditya Padmakumar, Prakriti Kayastha, Siddhant Pillai, Saurabh Rajguru, Shubham Parashar, Rituja Ravikiran, Siddharth Mittal, Shreya Nair, Tejal Magnani, Pooja Koya, Shaivangi Dalal

Enjoying the moment we decided to put all our efforts in this one edition of the news paper. The major hurdle was to select a topic which not only could be comprehended by everyone but also could arouse everyone’s interest. Once the topic was selected, getting over arguments and petty issues to conclude on something that everyone agreed to was really breath taking but an unique experience. This venture has surely tested our abilities of filling a blank sheet of paper with thoughts from scratch. Thus we would like to extend our gratitude to the NIE team for giving us this opening; we would also like to thank our Chief Executive Principal Mrs. Vijaya Joshi, our Principal Geeta Pillai and NIE Coordinator Farzana Chibber for all their support and guidance. - Aditya Padmakumar, Sumedh Badve.

YOUTH ARE AGENTS OF CHANGE Located to the north-west of Pune are the two industrial towns of Pimpri and Chinchwad. Students from Indira National School’s editorial team spoke to the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Commissioner Asheesh Sharma on a number of topics ranging from his student days to the government sector; to issues he faces as a municipal commissioner.

Asheesh Sharma: Back then, the private sector was just developing, so, the government was also lucrative. The positive aspect of the government services is that it offers maximum diversity. It is the only job with which you can make an impact. On the contrary, if you join the private sector, you’re just part of the crowd. INS: Was there any pressure from your father to take up the medical field? Asheesh Sharma: No, he never pressurised me to take up medicine. In fact I was bad in biology. My subjects were math and physics so I always knew where I wanted to go. Even in the IAS, I chose math and physics as my subjects. INS: Does being an IITian give you an edge over your contemporaries? Asheesh Sharma: One advantage of graduating from IIT is that it gives you a lot of confidence, which lasts a lifetime. INS: What is it like to be in the government sector? Asheesh Sharma: Everyday is a new experience. You must always look forward to the next day. Being part of the government sector is like soccer game. In the beginning you feel like you are the centre forward; then you realize that the system is not supportive, they score against you. You fall back to the center half, then the defender and finally become the keeper. The system doesn’t work according to your expectations.You have to adapt to it. INS: We know that you are interested in sustainable development. So how are you going about it?

A few excerpts: INS student: Could you tell us something about your school life? Asheesh Sharma: I am from Chandigarh and did my schooling and junior college from Yadvindra Public School, Mohali. It was a day-boarding school which began at 7am ended by 5:30pm. My school emphasised more on activities beyond studies. It was mandatory for us to devote at least one-and a half hours to sports every day. I did not get books back home till 8th standard. All my studies took place at school. Till the eighth grade, I was an average student. From ninth grade onwards I became serious about my studies. INS: Do you see a change in today’s schooling system as compared to the system in your days? Asheesh Sharma: Now, an intuitive system of learning has come to India which was earlier seen in the western schooling. Children today have a more well-rounded personality. So they do well in fields other than medical and engineering courses, which were the only options available to us back then. INS: What were your interests as a child? Asheesh Sharma: Adventurous sports like mountaineering and trekking interested me. INS: Who is your role model? Asheesh Sharma: I’ve always had a deep regard for my father, who was a doctor. He worked in the government sector. INS: After passing out from IIT, what was the driving factor for you to choose civil services?

Asheesh Sharma: In the PCMC we focus on rainwater harvesting, water recycling and the introduction of green building system. Green building system has more energy efficient buildings which give tax debates to the tenants and incentives to the builders. Water recycling should be done in buildings and every building should have a double plumbing system. INS: What are the latest updates on the Pune metro? Asheesh Sharma: Metro is indeed the need of the hour in Pune. There is a plan but we are looking at funds, as the construction of metro is 200 times more expensive than building a road of 1 kilometer. There is no money from the government in Corporation, all the money is from within the Corporation for the development of the city. Two routes have been planned; one from Aundh to HInjewadi and from PCMC to Khadki. INS: What plans do you have for the future development of PCMC? Asheesh Sharma: PCMC started out as an industrial city. But we are planning to make PCMC more residential and industries are going to be kept out of the city area. INS: What is your daily routine? Asheesh Sharma: The first two-three hours in the morning are spent in the discussion with officers on investment plans, constructive thinking and strategic planning. During the rest of the day, I have discussions with the councilors. INS: Would you advise today’s youth to get into the government sector? Asheesh Sharma: I’m very happy that I took up civil services. I have no regrets. You must weigh your choices. In tenth grade you are swayed by emotions. Now-a -days, parents don’t force their children to go into a particular field. The call is yours and don’t take decisions in haste. INS: Your message to the youth? Asheesh Sharma: The youth are agents of change.We can spread awareness and inform people—schools and kids are the best messengers.


INS Swimmers wimmerss ggrab rab the overall Championship Champpionsshipp Trophy Tr


The PCMC District level Swimming Championship, 2011 was held on 11th December, 2011. We take immense pride to announce that Indira National School won the Overall Runners – up Championship with 33 medals credited to its name. The following swimmers bagged the Individual Championship Trophy: Miss Falguni Pandit (VI A)

4 Gold and 3 Silver medals

Master Suyog Shinde (VI D)

3 Gold and a Silver medal

Miss Shriya Mahajan ( IV B)

2 Gold and a Silver medal

Here’s a look at achievements of our other swimmers: Miss Sakshi Deewan (VI A)

3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals

Miss Anisha Kulkarni (VI D)

5 Silver medals

Miss Avantika Biswas (III G)

1 Gold, Silver and Bronze medal each

Miss Janhavi Deshpande (III S)

1 Silver medal, 1 Bronze medal

Miss Aditi Chaudhary ( X A)

1 Bronze medal

Master Sahil Kaushik (V A )

1 Silver medal

Miss Riya Thopte (VI A)

2 Bronze medals

We highly appreciate the efforts put in by our rising stars under the able guidance of Sandeep Bhise, our swimming coach. We congratulate him and his team for this magnificent success. We are pleased to inform that Miss Falguni Pandit (VI A), Miss Sakshi Deewan (VI A) and Miss Anisha Kulkarni (VI D) will be representing the school for the ‘43rd Singapore National Age Group Championship’ to be held from 10th to 17th March, 2012 in Singapore. We wish them the very best.

On 18th October, INS looked nothing less than an Einstein’s Laboratory. The 2nd Annual Science Exhibition was held which caused hustle and bustle in Indira National School. A pioneering wide range of experiments, projects and models from the world of science were exhibited by the students of 7th, 8th and 9th grade. Our Chief Executive Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Joshi and our Principal, Mrs. Geeta Pillai were the guest of honour who judged and viewed the projects displayed. Every student was happy to explain his/her project. It was a kaleidoscope of the era of science. The Bubble Dome (Aayushi Ghosh, IX Beta), Magnetic Train (Shivam Utreja, IX Beta), Rocket Launcher (Prachi Goyal, VII Beta) and Hydraulic Crane (Rishabh Nambhair, VIII Beta & Harsh Dhruva, VIII Beta) and the Hot Ice (Siddhant Osani & Rishabh Gupta, VIII Beta) were the show stealers. We value the efforts of the following science teachers for the success of the Science Exhibition: Mrs. Anjana Wadhwa, Mrs.Savita Sonawane and Mrs. Indrani Das. It was indeed a wonderful effort by the students and the event was a huge success.

FAREWELL FUNCTION Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean we’ll miss you Until we meet again! The ‘Farewell Function’ was organized for the first std X batch of Indira National School on 10th February, 2012 by the IX graders. Our honorable Chairperson and Founder Secretary SCES - Dr. Tarita Shankar, Mr. Sandeep Gaekwad (DirectorAdmin.), Mr. Adesh Gaikwad (Director- Projects), Mr. Vivek Karhadkar (DirectorFinance), Mr. Anil Joshi (Finance Controller, IGI) graced the occasion. The power point presentation made by class IX gave a glimpse of the knowledge and fun the class X boys and girls had in Indira National School. Each student of class X was presented memento and a card by Dr. Tarita Shankar and Mrs. Vijaya Joshi. The card made by Std. IX described the individuality of the student and a title apt for their persona. Hindi Skit ‘A day in class X’ was presented by class IX. Mrs. Vinaya Nagaraj, the class teacher of Std. X shared her experiences, thoughts and emotions regarding class X followed by a hip-hop performance by the girls of class IX. Our Chief Executive Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Joshi and our principal, Mrs. Geeta Pillai showered their blessings on Std. X through their words of wisdom. Emotions or feelings are incomplete without the touch of music. The band of Std. IX gave a rocking performance. The teachers sang the emotional number “Yaadein” and, the motivational song ‘Hum Mein hai Hero,’ adding charm to the function. Speaking on the occasion, our Chairperson appreciated the efforts put in by the students of class IX. Wishing the Xth graders for their new life, she advised them to stay focused, always be grounded whatever they become. To quote her words “Take care of your parents till the last day of your life. Give to the world the best and the best will came back to you. Shine in life but not at anyone’s cost.” The Farewell concluded with the Xth graders passing the baton to the IXth, who will assume greater responsibility. The function had all that was required to provide entertainment and make it a memorable one.





Master Omkar Satpute ( IX B) had participated in the Zonal Judo competition held on 15th October, 2011 in Wagholi, Pune. In the Open Weight under 17 age category, Omkar grabbed the silver medal. In Inter-School Zilla Parishad Basket-ball competition held in the month of September, the U - 17 Girls team bagged Second position. The team comprised of the following participants - Divya Jeganathan (Captain - X Alpha), Priyanka Deshmukh (X Alpha), Dhwani Shah (X Alpha), Nishta Varshney (X Alpha), Akshita Singh (Alpha), Suruchi Tayshette (X Alpha), T Pavithra (X Alpha), Damini Kolhe (IX Beta), Rituja Ravikiran (IX Beta), Vaishwi Sinha (IX Alpha), Tejal Magnani (IX Alpha), Saranga Patil (IX Alpha). Divya Jeganathan and Damini Kolhe represented the school for the Zonals. In U-14 Inter-School Zilla Parishad Gymnastic Competition, Sagarika Chadawar (VI Alpha) bagged a position in the top 5 and will be representing the school for the Zonals. U-14 Boys team won the Inter-School Zilla Parishad Table-Tennis Competition and had qualified for the Zonal consecutively for the second time. The participants of the U – 14 boys team were as follows: Rohan Khinvasara (VI Beta), Pranav Nivarthi (VII Beta), Shantanu Rastogi (VI Beta), Suyog Shinde (VI Delta) and Nikhil Sharma (VII Alpha) Master Ninad Chaoji from Class IX Alpha won the silver medal in under 17 age group category in the Taekwondo Interschool District Level Championship. The Zilla Parishad Inter School Yoga Competition was held on 17th and 18th September, 2011. In the U/14 boys category, Master Harsh Lad (V Gamma) and Master Atharv Vyas (V Delta) secured second and sixth position respectively and are selected for the Zonal. In the Open Yoga Championship organized in the month of September by Yog Sadhana, Miss Sharvari Pisal (IV Gamma) won the consolation prize in the U/10 girls category. Bhrun Maharashtra Yog Parishad, Amravati had organized the 30th State level Yoga Championship from 19th August to 21st August, 2011. In the U/14 boys’ category, Master Harsh Lad (V Gamma) secured sixth position and has been selected for the Nationals. th

The 4 Mini (Under 11) State Roll Ball Championship 2011 was held at Yawatmal from 2nd to 4th December, 2011. It was organized by Yawatmal District Roll Ball Association affiliated to the Roll Ball Federation of India recognized by the Maharashtra Olympic Association. Miss Akshaya Khedkar of our school bagged a Gold medal in the tournament. 14th State Level Karate Championship 2011 was held at P.C.M.C. School, Pimple Nilakh, Pune on 24th and 25th December, 2011. Master Soham Madane (VI Delta) secured a Gold Medal in the event - Kumitee in the 31 to 35 Weight Category.

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION RATION ON Christmas was celebrated with a lott of enthusiasm ent and zeal on 23rd December, 2011. The whole atmosphere was exuberant. To add to the fun, there was an Inter class competition held for classes I to X .The competition was divided into various groups. The crib and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree added to the festive atmospher. The students of class IX and X enacted a play and sang carols explaining the significance of the festival. The students, especially the little ones were fascinated to see the Santa Claus dancing to the tune of Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell. The end of the celebration saw the students enjoying and dancing to famous numbers.

Every year we celebrate Childrens’ Day to commemorate the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This year we celebrated the childrens’ day with lot of pomp and show. The surprise dance programme put up by the teachers was the highlight of the function. It was very entertaining. It was wonderful to see them dance to the tune. The teachers had also set up game stalls for us to play. There were games like: Light the candles. Bucket the ball,. Naughty coin and many more exciting games. All of us played and enjoyed to the fullest. The show was a huge success ending in a crescendo of applause and appreciation by all. Shreya Nair (IX Beta)

SAHODAYA CHILDRENSÊ DAY CELEBRATION The childrens’ day celebration organized by Sahodaya Pune Complex on 14th November at 12:30 p.m was an event to be cherished forever. It had a huge participation from about 30 schools from Pune.The auditorium was completely filled with students and teachers of various schools. The program consisted of magnificent performances. Plays, dances and musicals were just amazing. The Mayor of PCMC and the President of Sahodaya complex, Pune, enlightened the audience with their golden words. The performances were about the common social issues, presented in a very inspirational way. Every school in attendance had put in great efforts and put a flawless performance. Our school performed the Hindi play ‘Jab Roothe Ganesh Ji’ which threw light on the problem of pollution and the adverse effects of the same. Students of std VIII enacted the play effortlessly. Our school was also responsible for the seating arrangement for the entire event. The students and teachers involved in helping executed these responsibilities in a wonderful way and were appreciated for their unblemished implementation. It was an event filled with fun and frolic. The Sahodaya childrens’ day celebration made the childrens’ day memorable for many and gave an opportunity to the teachers as well as students to interact with the other schools. Rituja Ravikiran (IX Beta)

Women'ss Car Rally

Left to Right: Farzana Chibber, Mitali Kulkarni, Mrunalini Chavan, Namita Kitchlu and Puja Modi

Teachers from our school participated in the Lavasa Women’s Drive which was a car rally from Balewadi to Lavasa organized by Bombay Times on the occasion of Women’s Day. This event held on 26th February, 2012 also highlighted the message about awareness on Cervical Cancer in women. In India cervical cancer is the most common women related cancer. Through the car rally women spread the message and urged other women to take safety precautions, have regular check-ups, be aware of the symptoms, fight this deadly disease and adopt a healthy life style.


Wordpower MOM AND DAD'S CORNER FROM A DAD TO HIS DAUGHTER…. I still can remember….when we first knew about your imminent arrival. We were excited! No, we were super excited!! After two false starts, you finally chose to enter this world and change our lives…. I still can remember…when I first held you in my arms. My heart missed a beat, forgetting its duty and kept on looking at you!! And then I held you in my arms!! I still can remember…when I didn’t sleep a wink. Cause you didn’t sleep a wink. Cause you were down with fever. Did it matter if that day the two towers crashed? I still can remember….your first step and your first words. How we taught you to talk, but you taught us to listen!! I still can remember…what you wore to school on your first day. The joy of seeing you go in the class, the pain of sharing you with the school... I still can remember…your first win and your first loss. How you and I accepted both, grew stronger, and ready for more challenges. Bring it on… But most important, my precious, is for you to remember…what you mean to me! My world is only you and you are my only world!! You can grow up as much, but you will never be a hug away from me….and that is a promise!! I love you my sweetheart!! Mr. Pinak Mengle, Parent of Miss Nimisha Mengle, (VII Alpha)

“GIVE ME FIVE…!” “Give me FIVE…!” …this statement, which we all often use, is very close to my heart and in a way quite personal to me. This takes me to the days when we (my wife and I) were expecting a child in our life. While our future was still in the womb, I used to speak to the child while caressing the womb. I somehow, started to say “Give me FIVE”….while gently caressing the womb and to my surprise, after few days of attempt, I used to get the kick back as the response on 8 out of 10 times I asked for “Give me FIVE”. The same child is now 8 years old. She is turning out to be a beautiful child and needless to add simply an adorable daughter. I too have been equally responsive to her kind love and have earned my title as best daddy by ensuring that I live to her expectations and am always there with her in this journey called life. While maintaining the balance between personal and professional life at this age (they say it is a sandwich age), I continue to strive for excellence – excellence in life by keeping it simple and easy. While engaging with my daughter last week, we as friends did “Give me FIVE”. While doing that, it triggered a thought. It is this thought that I intent to share with you today. While managing job, business, family, society at large, we all basically interact with individuals. This is something we do day in day out and perhaps without even realizing it that often. In fact, I continue to do the same – each day! Few striking things came ve me FIVE”. common in doing so and were in a way getting associated with “Give

5. Effective Communication: We as human beings, perhaps the most frequent thing that we do is ‘communicate’. Today the entire World is revolving around this basic backbone, i.e. Communication. Real success in life comes to those who ‘Effectively Communicate’, as they bridge relationships, have the best teams to work for them for the larger cause, have everlasting relationships and last but not the least are the only ones who are remembered the most even when they are not around. All of these could be easily understood by visualizing our hand. Look at your hand and spread the fingers and now try and relate these 5 skills with each of your fingers starting from the ‘thumb’ and ending at the ‘smallest finger’. Thumb as your Knowledge followed by Commonsense as the index finger, then Presence of mind as the middle finger, then Passion and at last Effective Communication as the smallest finger. Individually, just like any finger of the hand, any of these 5 skills too may look less important. However, by imagining writing with any one of the finger missing, one would realize how important each finger is to be able to write smoothly and successfully. Similarly, while Knowledge would be the basic (given) skill required (most of us emphasis only on this – remember the school, college days when everyone emphasized only on the marks in the subjects in any stream), without the other 4 skills, that Knowledge is of insignificant use - like we would struggle to write effectively with just a thumb, or even with any single finger goes missing.

1. Knowledge: We all go through schooling, university, training programs, etc right from childhood to today, even while working in respectable positions. This is a given skill and thus no brainer that it is essential for leading a meaningful and successful life.

Interestingly, the sequence of these skills is related to the placement of the fingers on our hand – both in terms of the size and the support that they provide while writing. The smallest finger at the end might look insignificant; however, the finest of handwriting comes only with its support and it being there and used. Similarly, Effective Communication, though people may find it insignificant in daily life, plays that fine line in everything that we do and differentiates the real successful individuals than the ones who have to struggle hard to achieve goals.

2. Commonsense: Something that we need but necessarily learn in formal institutes like, schools, universities, trainings programs. This is something that few individuals have in them naturally, while others struggle – as it is commonly said, “commonsense is very uncommon”. One should strive to develop this habit to acquire the natural instinct for Commonsense and use it without hesitation.

In addition to these 5 skills, there is one more attribute that differentiates the achievers from strugglers. That is Hard Work. There are no short cuts to success – take any example of a successful individual in life. Now, there is no 6th finger in our hand, but the ‘grip’ that holds that pencil, is the reflection of consistent (every time) Hard Work that goes in the background while using the 5 fingers, or say the 5 skills for real success!

3. Presence of mind: Yet another skill that perhaps one needs to be positively cautious about, imbibe and use on daily basis. There are many stories which suggest that while people did not have the best of Knowledge, their Presence of mind actually made them the differentiators – and helped them either in their survival or even growth in life.

Suddenly, for me, “Give me FIVE” had an altogether new meaning in life. Now, when I do “Give me FIVE”, I actually relate and reinforce the importance of each of these 5 skills sets to the 5 fingers. With every “Give me FIVE” I do, I promise to myself to actually ‘give my best’ through those 5 skills sets and ‘celebrate’ the real success by actually “Giving 5” – every time!

4. Passion: All of the above – Knowledge, Commonsense and Presence of mind can be better utilised if one has ‘Passion’ for anything one intends to accomplish in life. Look around and see the examples of successful individuals in any field. They all had one thing

Now come on…. “Give me FIVE”……!!!

Corresponding to 5 fingers on the hand there are 5 skills that every individual must have to lead a meaningful and successful life without much need to stress out. These are:

“Give me FIVE”

– Conceptualized & Written By: Aseem Wadhwa – Devoted to: My beloved daughter, Vrinda Wadhwa, (III Omega)

in common (over and above the first 3 skills above) and that is ‘Passion’! Without Passion no one has ever reached the pinnacle.


An Unforgettable Experience p en

FROM THE COUNSELLOR'S DESK Today I write not just about some problems that some students, parents and teachers are facing but an issue that concerns all of us. Discipline is generally perceived as a harsh word where someone is expected to behave the way the authority wants. We need to relook at this definition and understand the changing meaning of the concept. The definition of discipline has changed through the years. The older traditional schools had stricter, less democratic forms of discipline. If the teacher said so, it was so. But now the definition of discipline is changing. We don’t expect the same things from our students that our teachers expected from us. We don’t want the children to fear the teachers anymore. But at the same time we still expect them to respect the teachers, peers, other students, parents and above all themselves. Discipline is not about being quiet at all times. We encourage constructive discussion. We encourage democratic procedures of working in a classroom. Activities are becoming essential tools of learning. So these methodologies are bound to increase the decibel levels in the school. But schooling is no more a oneway process. As the students experience more freedom, they are also expected to give some things in return. The children also need to be mindful of the amount of freedom they get and the responsibility that comes with that. Some of the things we expect from the students are: 1. Regularity in school attendance

My trip to Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA, one of my dream destination was indeed an experience to cherish. I visited KSC on 18th March, 2011 and the experience was mesmerizing. It was a dream come true to meet the Astronaut John Blaha, who had been to space seven times. Mr John Blaha explained about his experience of journey to the Moon and living in space for a month. He explained his daily routine in space and how they accomplished their Mission. I had the privilege to get my T-shirt signed by him. I was fortunate enough to click a photograph and have a short talk with him.It was my best tour till today and I will never ever forget it. I take this opportunity to thank my father without whom it would not have been possible for me to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. Thank you DAD….!!!!!

2. Punctuality in classroom attendance Aryan Sanghvi, (III Omega)

3. Regularity in completion of school work 4. Neat and clean full uniform These things can be achieved only if the students are self-motivated as well as have support from parents to aspire to be more disciplined in their every day behavior. The parents can be more closely involved in their child’s school work and general behavior. Discipline involves not just classroom behaviour but also what a child does outside the classroom, how he manages his work and play, and how he behaves with others. The values that a child grows up with stay with him all his life. If he disrespects others, is not punctual, or is not particular about his work, then these are values he will grow up with. These are values he will transfer to his personal relationships and working life. The aim of schooling is to prepare children for life and not just for board exams. This can be achieved only if we all realize the value of discipline. As parents, peers and teachers, if we all realize the importance of discipline and work towards it, the children will go a long way and be successful in work, careers, and life. Ms. Puja Modi, School Counsellor

TO MY STUDENTS OF CLASS X I am not going to say good bye to the two years I have spent with you, for in every facet of school life you all have left your own unique indelible mark, which I can access anytime.

Texting is a prevalent trend developed by teenagers themselves to communicate as quickly as possible. I still remember when “LOL,” short for “laugh out loud,” was one of the few slang acronyms used. Now, if you search the Internet for texting abbreviations, you can find numerous pages on your Web browser. Continuous use of abbreviations for actual words leads to several grammar and speaking errors. Poor punctuation and bad grammar are common negative aspects of texting. Many times students don’t even realize they are using text lingo in their academic writing. Teenagers have become addicted to texting to such an extent that they are chiefly aloof from potentially intimate relationships in their close proximity - family and friends who are in the same room. This puts them into somewhat superficial relationships with people who are not physically present. When teenagers experience anxiety or have a problem with a friend or fellow classmate, it is all too easy to convey harsh feelings via text messaging without stopping to consider the possible consequences. However, texting does have positive traits. zYour recipient can receive your message instantly so you don’t need to go and visit your friend. It is also cheaper than phone calls. Multiple messages can be sent in at, one go which is very convenient. The biggest advantage is that it’s portable instant messaging with no need of the Internet. Thus, Texting has its shades of black and white and like every other thing it depends on how we as individuals use it effectively. Shreya Nair (IX Beta)

Forever True

As teachers, we are suppose to be the ones that teach, but in reality you all have taught me just as much.

“It is better to be in chains with friends, than to be in a garden with strangers.”

• You taught me that every single person in the class can be a leader.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations of all.

• You have taught me to be willing to take risks.

We also say at times, ‘This world is so mean’, but in saying so we forget about the people who are ready to take all our sorrows and are always there for you when you need them. I can confidently say this because I have been bestowed with such a set of beautiful people called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” in my life.

• You taught me to be yourself: by sharing your passion for talking and teaching other kids Tourette syndrome. You were always you. This reminds me of a saying ‘Be yourself, everyone is taken.’ You have shown me this over and over again. This is a moment of both sadness and excitement for all of us. Sad as you’ll be stepping out of the portals of our school, and excited of things to come. Life will now open new doors for you. You’ll meet new friends and learn to get along with people, to give and to tale. You’ll belong to various disciplines, learn acceptance of victory and defeat. Scholastically more demands will be made of you. You’ll learn to take responsibility. Don’t be discouraged by failure or disappointment. Consider success as inspirational and failure as educational. If I have fulfilled my purpose, then I have said or done something that will merit some attention in your book of life.

Friendship is a blessing, and a friend is the channel through whom great emotional and spiritual, blessings flow. Friends can cheer us when we’re sorrowful or depressed. Friends can challenge us when we allow ourselves to get beyond our reasonable boundaries. Friends can motivate us when we’re ready to give in, and they can provide for us when life falls apart. They are there when all is well, and we want someone with who to share life’s pleasant and memorable moments.

Mrs. Vinaya Nagaraj,

We often want them around to have a good time, to laugh, to act silly; to enjoy some mutually liked activity. Their presence brightens our day.In how many ways have friends enriched our lives and made us feel loved, accepted, respected and cared for? Probably, too many to list, and the list grows daily. Life with friends becomes an easy going journey that you would never like to get over with. Each day spent with them is to be cherished in a different way even if some days bring lot of misunderstandings or fights. But whatever it is, friendship is an old book, while turning its pages you go through a lot of mixed feelings realizing that even after sharing the best and the worst you are still together.

Class Teacher -(Class X)

Damini Kolhe (IX Beta)

I’ll bid you farewell with these words of a poem: Sad you are leaving We’re sad to see you go, When you feel home sick, We’re always there you know. Don’t forget to keep in touch, By post, e-mail or phone, But of course we’d love to see you There’s no place like school!




To My Dear Parents

School years are said to be golden years. Every moment, every smile, every laugh, every fight is treasured. We usually collide with most of our experiences in our life in these years. We learn to be together and fight together. I am not able to pen down my feelings because they can only be felt. All I can say is that no matter what we are and who we will be, we’ll never ever forget our teachers and our school who have made us what we are. My journey from grade 7th to grade 10th in INS has been a growing graph .I have never turned back and never will because that’s what I have learnt in INS : ‘NEVER GIVE UP ‘. Departing from school is difficult. But, I will be carrying with me all the splendid moments of my life as my treasure that will stay with me for my entire life. I just wanted to pass this message to all the students: ‘Study and listen to your teachers as they always think about your well being. Enjoy your school days with your friends as this is what you will remember and laugh over when you will pass out from the school and go ahead in future. ‘Make the best out of everything. Smile and make others smile’. Shaivangi Dalal (X Alpha) The journey in INS has been a wonderful experience. I remember when I had come to this school to get admission for 7th grade and we started our first academic year with 24 children. We were all strangers and 4 years down the lane these strangers have become an integral part of my life. Throughout our journey till date, our class has always acted as one. Well, all I would like to say is that the years that I have spent here in INS with everyone has made me learn a lot and each day was like a whole new learning experience. Four years in this school have gone by, without I realizing the same…As one never wants great journeys to come to an end, so do I. INS has given me great opportunities which have helped me a lot in building up my confidence. Indeed, this time that I have spent with all my teachers and friends has been the most amazing experience that I could ever ask for . Pooja Koya (X Alpha) I don’t remember where I was. I realized life was a game. The more seriously I took things the harder the rules became. I had no idea what it caused. My life passed before my eyes. I found out, how little I accomplished. So as you read this. Know my friends. I’d love to stay with you all. Please smile. Smile when you think about me. A tout le monde. ( to all the world) A tout mes amis. ( to all my friends) Je vous aime. ( I love you all) Je dois partir. ( I have to leave) These are the last words I’ll ever speak. They’ll set me free. And my memories left with you, there’s nothing more to say. Moving on is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard. We can’t be caged.. We have to spread our wings and fly.. Touch the sky. Yes… Tenth Alpha… One large family… In the end, we learnt to put our differences aside. And indeed we had a beautiful time.A beautiful experience… I wish I could relive it one more time… I’d give everything to relive tenth again. I would like to thank all my teachers for being there with us… Our second mothers… well… for me… I had my first mother as well… School is our second home… We were taken care off, made better human beings and we were loved… We won some… We lost some… But in the end, we all emerged winners. For all that’s been said and done. It’s been real. And it’s been fun. Siddhant Pillai (X Alpha) I can still remember my first day in 10th. One could see smiles on everyone’s faces. The BOARD class! Excitement 50%+ Nervousness 50% = 10th grade student. The whole year has been a roller coaster ride. Great things happened to all of us, we learnt how to be good people, how to make new friends, we discovered new sides of ourselves, we learnt that when life offers you something not likeable, it’s not good for you to grieve about it, when there’s a trivial situation how to handle it. Our teachers have always been our helping hands. They’ve been with us all through this journey. 10th has indeed been a memorable year . Something that I just realised may sound really funny is... .. Previously, it was like. “Oh no, we have school tomorrow.” In the past few months it was like, “ oh wow, we have school tomorrow”. The words were the same, the expression changed. We were living a dream which was completely out of the world. We laughed, we cried, we shared our thoughts, friendship and fun. That’s what Xth has been all about. Oh and of course studies. Well, actually, Xth has been amazing. The class coming together on various occasions, little drops of bliss. From the bottom of my heart, I truly wish I could never come out of that dream or maybe, just make the clock tick slower or may be just relive those moments together once again in INS. Now we look at each other, we don’t share our grief, we share the happiness of our togetherness. And to the students of the lower grades who are reading this, I wish you the best of luck and enjoy your school days !!!! Prakriti Kayastha (X Alpha)

The phenomenal power of human mind I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid! Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and the lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh, and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt. Aditi Shastri (IX Alpha)

My Loving ing Mom

I Love My Dad

You are re the sunlight in my day, You are the moon I see far away. You ou are the tree I lean upon, You are the one that makes troubles be gone. You are the one who taught me life, How not to fight, and what is right. You are the words inside my song, You are my love, life, my mom. You are the one who cares for me, You are the eyes that help me see. You ou are the one who knows me best, When hen it’s time to have fun and time to rest. You are the one who has helped me to dream, I’m blessed sed from God who has sent you from above. You are my friend, my heart, and my so soul You are the greatestt ffriend i d I kknow. You are the words inside my song, You are my love, my life, my Mom.

He never looks for praises He’s never the one to boast He just goes on quietly working For those he loves the most. His dreams are seldom spoken His wants are few. And most of the time his worries Will go unspoken too. He’s there......A firm foundation Through all our storms of life A sturdy hand to hold to In times of stress and strife. A true friend we can turn to When times are good or bad One of our greatest blessings The gift from God The one that we call Dad.

Contributed by - Kanchan Dubey (VII BETA)

2011: A Houseful Year 2011 proved to be a fantastic and prosperous year for the entire country. With India achieving numerous milestones this year, 2011 has undeniably made its way down in history. Accomplishments reached their utmost pinnacles. Talking about the grandiose top three out of the huge assortment of achievements, here are the showstoppers:WORLD CUP COMES HOME Dhoni and his splendid team made India proud on 2nd of April, 2011 bringing the world cup home, 28 years later on than the previous homecoming. India with its genuine efforts won the anticipated event with honour. This surely was an icing on cake for the entire country and for year 2011. Cricket - a religion in India, met its ultimate destination with the cup being inherited. This got the entire country on its feet. INDIA SPEEDS UP The inaugural Indian Grand Prix launched in Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida this year was a tremendous hit with Sebestian Vettel being the first conqueror of this top-notch tournament. With the tournament being a sensational hit, irrefutably shot up the country’s brand equity, making it yet another highlight of 2011. This tournament gave India an ostentatious entry into the global sports industry. THE REVOLUTION 2011 Anna Hazare and his team shook the nook and corner of the corrupt system. Each Indian this year had the ‘Anna Fever’. This effectual stroke brought up a query in minds of millions ‘Is India really democratic ? Is it actually by the people, for the people, of the people? Or is it by the high command, of the high command, for the high command?’ This movement continues to bring awareness for the common cause and unite India as one. This surely holds the prevalent significance of 2011. This movement has left a mark in million hearts for a ray of hope about a better tomorrow. The winning article of the Times NIE Star Correspondent, published on 23rd December, 2011.

Written by - Rituja Ravikiran (IX Beta)




Say to yourself every morning

Always liked by the teacher. Greets every one with smile. On time to school Obedient to teachers & parents Dressed neat & correct. Studies with interest Treats everyone with respect. Understands every one Does daily home work Eager to know new things Never misbehaves. Talks less in the class room.

so, my dear friends always try to be a good student and make your parents, teachers and school proud of you.

-Today is going to be a great day! -I can handle more than I think I can! -Things don’t get better by worrying about them! -I can be satisfied if I try to do my best! -There is always something to be happy about! -I’m going to make someone happy today! -It’s not good to be down! -Life is great, make the most of it! BE AN OPTIMIST!!!!! Ira Bhasin (VI Delta)

Irawati Thete (IV Beta)


rhythmic expressions





Colours! Colours! All around, Colours float from sky to ground, Colours land on people’s heads, Colours on sheets of beds, Colours on birds and flowers, Colours on building towers. Colours are shiny, Colours are bright. Each colour represents a different shade Of life… colours speak where the language fade. We are lucky to have colours From black to white, Life is incomplete without happy and sad moments, So, what would our colours be without black and white?

Thank you God, for the nice new day. Thank you God, for the fun and play. Thank you God, for the life you gave. Help us God. to live all the way.

I used to need somebody

Nupur A. Kuttan & Ira Bhasin (VI Delta)

KINDNESS TO ANIMALS Little children, never give Pain to things that feel and live;; Let the gentle robin come me; For the crumbs you save at home; As his meat you throw along He’ll repay you with a song. Never hurt the timid hare Peeping from her green grass lair, Let her come and sport and play On the lawn at close of day. The little lark goes soaring high To the bright windows of the sky, Singing as if it was always spring, And fluttering on an untried wing – Oh! Let him sing his happy song, Nor do these gentle creatures wrong. Shreeja Ravikiran (III A lpha)

LET ME LIVE Once I was a tiny seed, Mother Nature cared my need, I grew up as a shady tree, Now my age is twenty three, I have branches so many, For children to play in company, I feed worms with tiny bugs. I make homes with tiny twigs. I am for the nesting birds, Also for the poor shepherds, People breath the air I give, Why do people not let me live? Reva Kumar (IV Beta)

TO BE IN INDIRA NATIONAL SCHOOL Reach the school on time, Sing your prayer in rhyme. Remain disciplined all the time Walk to class always in a line. Do not uselessly roam around Do not throw anything on the ground Come to school neat and clean With others do not be very mean. Wish the teachers whenever you meet Always clean your seat. Do your homework every day In the classroom you must not play. Always in English have your say. And do not come in any one’s way. Follow each and every rule If you want to be in Indira National School.

Gayatri Nair (I Gamma)

TWINKLING STARS Stars, stars oh, shiny stars How beautiful you are! You hide in the afternoon Appear only at night with the moon You twinkle at night And make the world bright. We want to touch you, We want to pluck you, You look so small from far, We stand waiting for one to fall. Oh, my sweet little twinkling stars. You are so very far.

to sit and read for me. I’d look at every page they read and listen carefully. But now that I am in the third grade, I’m filling up myself. With stories, poems and other books That I can read myself. Divyanjay Sinha (III Omega)

Teachers are wonderful, They teach us to be respectful. Sometimes teachers say we are sweet, But when they are annoyed they heat! They teach us about golden words, Also about colourful birds. They give us mind maps, So we become shinning lamps. Teachers are the best and above the rest! Drishya Warrier (IV Alpha)

colours of life

Tejas Kukreja (II Alpha)

C‹S>mZ _oao gnZm| H$mo Mm{hE, EH$ ZB© C‹S>mZ Mmho Ohm± hmo _§{µOb, nmZm ^bo hmo _wpíH$b nWarbr Cg S>Ja _|, añVm hmo AZOmZ _oao gnZm| H$mo Mm{hE, EH$ ZB© C‹S>mZ H$m±Q>m| ^ar hm| amh|, ¶m CR>Vr hm| {ZJmh| nmH$a hr ahÿ±Jr, AnZr ZB© nhMmZ _oao gnZm| H$mo Mm{hE, EH$ ZB© C‹S>mZ Mmho H$Va Xmo n§Im| H$mo, ¶m OH$‹S> Xmo ~o‹S>r _| _wPH$mo Vmo ~ZmZm h¡, AnZm AbJ Amg_mZ _oao gnZm| H$mo Mm{hE, EH$ ZB© C‹S>mZ h¡ IwX _wPo ^amogm, Am¡a br h¡ H$g_ IwX hr H$s BH$ {XZ ~Zm hr by±Jr, AnZm Z¶m OhmZ _oao gnZm| H$mo Mm{hE, EH$ ZB© C‹S>mZ

Nandini Thakkar ((II II Sigma))

Sanjana Venkat ((IV IV Alpha))

Diksha Rao (VIII (VIII Alpha))

Ishita Gupta ((VI VI Beta))

Anushka Karmakar (VIII Alpha)

Neerav Sreekumar (II Gamma)

Divyansh Kumawat (I Gamma)

Riya Chaudhary ((VIII Alpha))

Namita Kitchlu (Hindi Teacher)

A LITTLE DROP OF RAIN I am a little drop of rain Bringing u out of vain Making u forget all your pain Always helping you to gain. I fall on flowers like pearls I am loved by all ,be it boys or girls. I flood the shopwith rain coats And the puddles with paper boats. I come from the sky To irrigate the fields which are dry. I make the rivers flow And the plants grow. I spread happiness but not cry You can anytime give it a try. I bring you a smile Even if I am away a mile. Rishita Bansal (IX Beta)

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