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First Private Distance Education Institute Approved by AICTE, UGC & DEC



ABOUT INDIRA GROUP OF INSTITUTES The Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES) was established in February 1994, under the visionary leadership of Ms. Tarita Shankar, with the aim of providing top quality post-graduate education in the fields of Business Management, International Business and Information Technology. At a time when India was struggling to put its economy back on its feet, after the nation having pawned the “family jewels” just to keep afloat, Ms. Tarita Shankar sensed that education too would have to become more broad based and more vocational in nature if India was to stand up to the world competition in quality and price for its products, as indeed the then Finance Minister had prescribed for the economy. And so, in 1994, began a saga of growth and quality in education; a story that is just reaching its zenith

with 17 full fledged Institutes registering a strong presence on Pune's educational horizon. Since inception, the Institutes managed by SCES, have maintained high academic standards and have successfully provided trained manpower to the industrial and services sector of the country. With a modest strength of 60 students pursuing a single course, SCES has grown steadily and today boasts of 17 Institutes, having more than 8000 students from all over the world pursuing multidisciplinary, graduate & post-graduate programmes. Our objective of providing 'Management education in a corporate environment' , has been possible due to the sincere and dedicated efforts of the members of SCES, who have invaluable experience in varied areas like academics, industry, service and socialwork.


Ranked 29th all India by the Economic Times-IMRB national survey based on feedback from n top 500 corporate recruiters across the country Outstanding B-School(west) STAR NEWS National B-School Awards 11 - Indira Group of n Institutes Ranked amongst the top 2 B-schools in Pune, by the prestigious AIMA - IMJ. n The same journal gave us a top 30, all India ranking on the parameters of Industry interface. n Innovation in Building Academic and Industry Interface. DNA Innovative B-School Awards n The achievements of our students have enabled them to attract some of the best corporate n recruiters. Indira Group of Institutes and our goodwill has enabled us to establish campus agreement with n Microsoft for using different software. Business India has also ranked us amongst the top 2 in Pune. n We also have our audiovisual centers supported by Harvard Business School, Stanford, Pyramid n Media and Tom Peters Company and we have vast collection of titles. We are proud to announce that, Tarita Shankar, Chairperson, IGI, received the n “Talent Excellence in Education and Training Award” at the Global Talent Management Award Ceremony Nov. 2010 held at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, and London.



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Indira International Distance Education Academy

The First Private Distance Education Institute in India to offer Distance Education PGDM Approved by AICTE, UGC & DEC

The real campus of I IDEA is based in "Cyberia” that uses the model of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) to unite Learners of different nationalities, regions, occupations, age groups and gender at its vibrant "Campus Cyberia". The strong superstructure of I IDEA gets its strength not just from the Bricks and Mortar building, but from the state of the art internet based infrastructure which houses a complete Learning Management System (LMS) and is backed by a cohesive team of skilled and dedicated professionals. This helps students to imbibe knowledge, to empower them to achieve and fulfill their dreams. I IDEA plans to reach out to students not just in India, but globally. At I.I.D.E.A, facilities like video conference, Training Labs, class rooms, audio visual halls, conference rooms, libraries, communication center, Placement Cell, and Cafeteria are provided with a view to facilitate learning. I IDEA is not restricted by a fixed curriculum. In a world where change is the only constant, a continuously evolving curriculum stands at par with the full-time educational programs. The idea behind I IDEA is simple- we need to be responsive to the educational needs of a fast growing economy and a progressive society, continuous innovation, regular updation and introduction of new programs is a way of life at I IDEA. All these programs are aimed towards the further development of a dynamic society and empower the student to face the challenges that society continuously throws at them. I IDEA is made up of various functional departments viz. Enrollment, Programs, Cyber understanding, Data Support, Learner Care, Academics and Research, Evaluations, Faculty Development, Systems and Web Support, Corporate Affairs, Central Department, (Mail, Stores, Finance & Purchases). Continuous seamless integrations of all these departments ensure quality education and support services. Needless to say, all this translates into learning (as opposed to only education) at I IDEA.

About Us

I IDEA received an award as “Most Preferred Destination for Distance Education” in the 3rd Global Youth Marketing Awards.



VISION Through constant endeavour, to create an enriching learning ethos, open in respect of time, space & learner's background.

MISSION Reach out to the various segments of learners from all corners of the world for dissemination of the pool of knowledge through the use of appropriate mix of contemporary technology, methodology and the value system As a responsible education provider, we offer flexible and vibrant modules to suit the learning community



Dr. ADEL S. ALDOSARY Professor of Planning Chairman, City and Regional Planning Department Chairman (A), Architecture Department Supervisor, Atlas of Saudi Arabia- KFUPM Office Member, Eastern Province Tourism Board King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Mr. Rajan R. Navani Managing Director Jetline Group of Companies, India

Mr. Anupam Arun Country Manager- Ventura (India) Pvt Ltd India

Mr. Zafar Aziz Osmani Sr. EVP & Chief Executive HR & OD, MEMC Habib Bank Ltd, Pakistan

Dr. R. L. Bhatia, CEO – Fun & Joy At Work, Mumbai, India

Ms Lila Poonawalla Lila Consulting Services India

Mr. M. N. Chaini, President – Corporate Affairs, Reliance Industries Ltd India

Dr. K.B. Powar Ex-Vice Chancellor, Shivaji University Kolhapur & Ex-Secretary General AIU

Mr. Farooq Hassan Executive Director Management Association of Pakistan Pakistan Dr. Mahmoud Khan HR & OD Consultant Saudi Arabia Ms. Renuka Krishna Asso. VP – Talent Search & Deployment KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd India Mr. Ranjeewa Kulatunga Managing Director, Olak Group

Mr. Saugata Mitra Chief People Officer & Group – HR Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetables Pvt. Ltd., India

Mr. Nandadeep Pandharkar Group Vice President - Solutions Delivery EBS Worldwide Services Pvt. Ltd India Mr. Sundar Ramaswamy Asso. Director, Advisory Services KPMG India Ms. Nina E. Woodard Executive Director Strategic Human Resource Management India Pvt. Ltd USA

Advisory Board


FROM THE CHAIRPERSON'S DESK Over the last few years, companies across almost all industries in India have been challenged by the downturn in the economic conditions both within the country and outside. India is no longer isolated from the economic mainstream. The patterns that are emerging in business worldwide are bound to be repeated here. These have been challenging times for Indian business. Our markets have experienced the heat of the crisis and the mood has been somber. Our efforts will have to double up, particularly when there exists an increasing determination to win against these odds. For Indian business, this involves a change of strategy, structure, culture, compensation and everything from sparking innovation to streamlining internal processes. The solution to this conundrum of organisational complexities will have to be provided by our future managers. In order to win in today's fiercely competitive business environment, they will have to excel at shortterm execution of their business objectives, while pursuing long-term visions that create new paradigms. At the Indira Group of Institutes, we have picked up the gauntlet thrown by the demands of the existing business environment. Our motto at Indira is the pursuit of excellence, a fact that is evident from our infrastructure and the quality of individual candidates - the Indiraites. At the core of our philosophy lies the conviction that we must become ambidextrous, and this dynamism is transferred into the knowledge provided to our students. We look forward to a constant search for excellence to strengthen our efforts and make this country a place to reckon with, in the world community.

Ms. Tarita Shankar Chairperson- Indira Group of Institutes


GROUP DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE The last decade has been a period of transition, continuous learning and adaptation for most companies across all industries in India, as there has been fierce competition from both within the country and outside. Global Economy and Business Environment is going through an unprecedented turmoil, the impact of which is also being felt by the Indian Economy and Corporate Sector. Gearing up to face such an environment will require visionary leadership skills, innovative ideas, swift implementation and a Darwinian survival instinct. I feel, we Indians have some of the best talent to meet the requirements of today's corporate world and we at Indira would like to take the lead in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge essential to excel in this environment. Our well planned programs offer each candidate an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and focus on their holistic development, through a judicious blend of co-curricular and extra curricular activities. This is facilitated by our faculty, which is amongst the best in the country. The teaching pedagogy followed is interactive in nature with emphasis on practical knowledge and pro-active self learning. I look forward to welcoming you at Indira.

Prof. Chetan S. Wakalkar Group Director - Indira Group of Institutes

Group Director's Message


DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE Education is a continuous human endevour to achieve perfection. However, formal education imparted in school, colleges and universities comes to a halt in everybody's life, albeit at different stages. What if one wants to pick up the threads at a later stage of life and is not able to enroll for full time courses? The answer today, thankfully, is very simple- Distance Education. Our world is shrinking very fast and becoming more and more competitive day by day. Each of us has two choices, upgrade our knowledge and skills or stagnate. And one can not afford to stagnate in the face of global challenges, making it imperative to sharpen our sword to remain competitive and survive. Also, most of us are so busy with our careers and other priorities that it becomes difficult to spare time for on-campus courses.This is where 'Distance Education' creates an opportunity to give people a much needed helping hand. The real success of distance education lies in the fact that we have the liberty to plan our own courses, study at leisure time, proceed at our own pace & convenience, avoid note-taking, manage careers and households along with education, and make the most of the time to scale-up our professional graph. This is the reason why Distance Education is being accepted widely. Indira Group of Institutes through Indira International Distance Education Academy (I IDEA) has embarked upon the distance education to make quality education available to all people irrespective of their age or backgrounds. We, at I IDEA will provide learner friendly material and the most practically designed syllabi to suit the needs of these unconventional learners. The delivery mechanism will integrate the latest Computer and Internet aided technologies such as Learning Management System, Online Study Material & Assessments, Virtual Classrooms, Pod Casting and many more which will provide stimulating learning experience. I invite the knowledge seekers to join us in this very modern and learner-oriented mode of study at I IDEA and wish them a great success.

Happy learning!

Manjoo Phadke Director



INFRASTRUCTURE WIRED! Our growing population and campus size notwithstanding, Indira is now a fully wired campus, using server-based technology, the latest Pentium computers and on optical fiber. LEARNING RESOURCES INDIRA learners can now log into more than 50,000 e-books, journals and periodicals. Our fast-growing interdisciplinary library also houses an excellent collection of reference and recommended books, journals, as well as a vast collection of videocassettes, video CDs and DVDs. Our reading rooms offer the space and ambience to learners to study individually or in groups. OTHER FACILITIES The campus has its own auditorium, an open-air amphitheatre, a conference centre, and a poolside conference hall. You may also choose to play basketball, table tennis, pool and cricket. 4,00,000 sq. ft. built-up space > Modern classrooms, syndicate rooms and conference center > 14 ultra modern Computer Labs with more than 1000 P IV computers > 8 MBPS 1:1 lease line internet, Wi-fi enabled campus > 500 capacity air-conditioned auditorium, Open-air amphitheater > Jogging-track, Fully-equipped gym, Basketball court, Swimming pool > 150 seating capacity AC Convention Center > 8 knowledge centers with excellent collection of Reference & Text Books, International Journals > One of the finest Video - Audio Centers Apart from all the above‌ Many of our learners vouch that the best part of INDIRA is the atmosphere an unusual mix of hectic activity and entertainment, of a no-nonsense commitment from faculty and staff that infectiously rubs onto learners, of stringent but opendoor policy, of a systematic but personalized approach: a true blend of learning through hard work and fun. Besides, there are plenty of opportunities to display your cultural and sporting talents.


Self Learning Material - Printed + Online. Prepared by experienced faculty members, n experts in their respective subjects. Study Skills Orientation - On how to efficiently read textbooks, how to take useful n notes, how to manage time, how to take tests, how to use LMS optimally. E Books, E Journals, Audio Books, Pod Casting- For Instant access to reference and text n material. Induction Program -Orientation to Distance Learning ,Introduction to SLM, n Interaction with Industry Experts, Hands on with Learning Management Software. Contact Sessions & Academic Counseling -Pre announced contact sessions & n Academic Counseling sessions will be conducted to explain relatively complex concepts and overcome difficulties faced by learners CD, VCD's, Online Library- Content can always be accessible, regardless of time or n place to be read on PCs. Self Assessment Tools, Assignments - Built-in into SLM at the end of each unit for n continuous Self Evaluation Computer Labs with Hi-speed internet connectivity & Wi-Fi campuses n Mentors from Industry for each Learner to share the professional skills and n experiences with the mentee and support in assignments & project work Seminars, Webinars, Workshops -Many Seminars & Workshops organized by Indira n Group will be open for all I IDEA learners. Webinars will be especially organized for I IDEA learners



Study Center 1 Indira College of Business Management 4 Ganeshkhind Road, Behind Kubera Chambers, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411 005 Tel No: +91-20-25532242 Study Center 2 Indira Institute of Career Studies S.No.111/2, Off Pune - Mumbai Highway Pune-411033 Tel No: +91-20-66739869 Study Centre 3 Western College of Commerce & Business Management, Sector No. 9, Pl. No. 2, Opp. Millenium Sanpada, Navi Mumbai - 400 703 Tel No: +91-22-32447583 Study Centre 4 Indira College of Engineering & Management Sr. No. 64, 65, Gat No. 276, at Parandwadi, Tal.- Maval, Dist. Pune Tel No: +91-211-4661666

Expert Faculty members with industry experience - For n teaching & academic counseling.

Study Skills Orientation - On how to efficiently read n textbooks, how to take useful notes, how to manage time, how to take tests, how to use LMS optimally.

LMS - Learning Management System n

Library & Audio-Video resource center, Online Library n

Computer Labs with Hi-speed internet connectivity & n Wi-Fi campuses- 14 ultra modern Computer Labs with more than 1000 P IV computers 8 MBPS 1:1 lease line internet, Wi-fi enabled campus , all made available to I IDEA learners.

E Books, E Journals, Audio Books, Pod Casting- For n Instant access to reference and text material.

Toll free number 1800 209 I IDEA (4332) n

Tele-Conferencing & Video-Conferencing n

Placement Support - INDIRA has a placement cell n which aims to provide suitable career and training opportunities to learners according to their interests and capability.


Study Centers at:

Support Services



A Learning Management System (LMS) is software for delivering, tracking and managing n training.

LMS can cater to different educational, administrative, and deployment requirements. n

Key features of Learning Management Software Learner registration n Setup of Courses and their duration for Learners n Provisioning of Learning material with online self assessment tests n Learners receive email with username and password n I IDEA Administration can run various MIS reports for internal use & quality checks n Observation gallery to track Learners study pattern & progress n Conditional navigation for Learners to complete one course before moving to exam or n another course. Collaboration tools and resources: n Chat room Bulletin Board Lesson Book-marking Learners can take own notes that are stored on server n Search feature to search in Notes, FAQs, Glossary n Mailbox feature to help Learners email to each other and I IDEA n Support emails for Learners n

Hardware for Learning Management Software ProLiant DL380G5 / (1) Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor E5430 (2.66 GHz, 80 Watts, 1333 FSB) / 12MB (2 x 6MB) Level 2 cache / 2 GB (2x 1 GB) HP




SEMESTER-II Business Operations Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Marketing Management Business Law Management Information Systems Research Methodology SEMESTER-III Personnel Administration Training And Development Current Trends in HRM Labor welfare and Industrial Hygiene Labor law-I Field Study SEMESTER - IV Organizational Development Performance Management System Labor Costing and Compensation Management Strategic Human Resource Management and Total Quality Management Labor Law-II Business Strategy & Corporate Planning


SEMESTER - I Essence of Management & Organizational Behavior Management Accounting Managerial Economics Business Communication Statistics and Quantitative Techniques Basics of Marketing Computer Fundamentals


POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT SEMESTER-III Sales and Distribution Management Marketing Research Integrated Marketing Communication Consumer Behaviour Field Study SEMESTER - IV Services Marketing Product and Brand Management International Marketing Retail Marketing Marketing B2B Business Strategy & Corporate Planning

SEMESTER-III Corporate Tax Management Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Strategic Finance Management Financial Laws and Legislations Field Study SEMESTER - IV Insurance and Risk Management Derivatives and Derivative Products Forex Management Banking and Financial Institutes Business Strategy & Corporate Planning


SEMESTER - III Computer Fundamentals and Network C Programming Web Support Technologies Software Engineering Field Study SEMESTER - IV Software Project Management E-Business Real Time Project Current Trends in Information Technology Business Strategy & Corporate Planning

SEMESTER-III Operations Research Project Management Supply Chain Management-I Quality Management Field Study SEMESTER - IV Operations, Planning & Control Operations Information System Supply Chain Management-II Practices in Operations Management Business Strategy & Corporate Planning



POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT SEMESTER-III Principals of Insurance Fundamentals of Life Insurance Insurance Business Environment Legal Aspects of Insurance Practice of Life Insurance Project / Field Study SEMESTER - IV Individual Financial Need Analysis Retirement Planning Basics of Underwriting Risk Management Reinsurance Claims Management

Eligibility: Eligibility Criteria for 2 years Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Graduate or post graduate of recognized university or its equivalent with minimum 45% total marks. Scores of any national level entrance test may be considered for admission. Selection : The selection will be based on candidate’s past academic records with preference given to the candidates who have appeared for and passed any national level entrance exam.

ADVANCE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (1 year - 2 semesters program)



Advance Diploma in Business Management (ADBM - General Management)

SEMESTER-II Business Operations Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Marketing Management Business Law Management Information Systems Research Methodology

Advance Diploma in Business Management Marketing (ADBM - Marketing)

Advance Diploma in Business Management Operations (ADBM - Operations)

SEMESTER - I Basics of Marketing Managerial Economics Essence of Management & Organizational Behavior Business Law Management Information System

SEMESTER - I Essence of Management & Organizational Behavior Managerial Economics Statistics and Quantitative Techniques Basics of Marketing Business Operations Management Business Law

SEMESTER - II Marketing Management & Market Research Sales and Distribution Management Services Marketing Retail Marketing Marketing B2B Business Strategy & Corporate Planning Advance Diploma in Business Management Finance (ADBM - Finance) SEMESTER - I Managerial Economics Essence of Management Management Accounting Statistics and Quantitative Techniques Basics of Marketing Management Information System SEMESTER - II Financial Management Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Strategic Finance Management Financial Laws and Legislations Banking and Financial Institutes Corporate Tax Management

SEMESTER - II Management Information System Operations Research Supply Chain Management Project Management Quality Management Business Strategy & Corporate Planning Advance Diploma in Business Management Insurance and Risk Management (ADBM - IRM) SEMESTER - I Essence of Management & Organizational Behavior Managerial Economics Management Information System Statistics and Quantitative Techniques Basics of Marketing Business Law SEMESTER-II Principles of Insurance Individual Financial Need Analysis Risk Management Claims Management Legal Aspects of Insurance

Admission Procedure

SEMESTER - I Essence of Management & Organizational Behavior Management Accounting Managerial Economics Business Communication Statistics and Quantitative Techniques Basics of Marketing Computer Fundamentals

Advance Diploma in Business Management Human Resource Management (ADBM - HRM) SEMESTER - I

Advance Diploma in Business Management Systems (ADBM - Systems)

Essence of Management & Organizational Behavior Business Communication Labor Welfare & Industrial Hygiene Labor Laws-I Labor Costing & Compensation Management

SEMESTER – I Essence of Management Managerial Economics Statistics and Quantitative Techniques Computer Fundamentals E-Business

SEMESTER-II Human Resource Management Organization Development & Quality Management System Training And Development Performance Management Strategic Human Resource Management Labor Laws-II

SEMESTER – II C Programming Software Project Management Real Time Project Current Trends in Information Technology Web Support Technologies

Eligibility Criteria for ADBM Graduation from Recognized University or Diploma from Recognized University / Institute + 3 years of work experience or Diploma in Management from I IDEA + 1 year of work experience

Diploma in Management Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM) Basics of Marketing Marketing Management Sales and Distribution Management Consumer Behavior Services Marketing Diploma in Finance Management (DFM) Management Accounting Financial Management Financial Laws and Legislations Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Banking and Financial Institutes Corporate Tax Management Diploma in Operations Management (DOM) Business Operations Management Operations Research Supply Chain Management Quality Management Management Information System Project Management

(6 months program) Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management (DIRM) Principles of Insurance Legal Aspects of Insurance Individual Financial Need Analysis Risk Management Claims Management Insurance Business Environment Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) Essence of Management & Organizational Behavior Human Resource Management Labor Laws Training and Development Compensation Management Current Trends in HRM Diploma in Systems Management (DISM) Computer Fundamentals E-Business C Programming Web Support Technologies Current Trends in Information Technology Software Project Management

Eligibility Criteria for DIM Graduation from Recognized University or Diploma from Recognized University / Institute + 1 year of work experience

ADMISSION PROCEDURE Admissions are taken twice in one calendar year for January & July Batch. Students shall be admitted in all programmes as per the following rules:

selection, the mail confirming his/her admission at I IDEA will be sent to him / her along with the log-in and password for accessing the Learning Management Software (LMS) of I IDEA.

The prospectus will be available at I IDEA HQ & all Study Centers at Rs 1000.

I IDEA reserves the right for cancellation of the admission in case the student fails to send the required documents (as per the list given in the documents required) by post or in case the documents thus sent/ submitted by the student are found to be fraudulent or incomplete at any later stage.

Payment for purchase of prospectus can be made either by Demand Draft* or paying Cash at the Headquarter or study centers. Demand Drafts should be made in favour of: 'Indira International Distance Education Academy' and payable at Pune. Application form can be submitted either in person OR by post (preferably through a premium courier service provider). Application Form should be submitted along with all the necessary documents in hard copy. The hard copies of all documents to be submitted at the time of application need to be attested by the Class I Gazetted Officer or Notary. Tuition fees and other fees can be paid at any of the study centers or Headquarter while submitting the application form. At Headquarter, both cash and Demand Draft will be accepted, whereas at Study center only Demand Draft will be accepted. On receiving total payment from the student and verification of his documents, eligibility clearance and

I IDEA reserves the right for cancellation of the admission in case of any non-compliance by the students as regards to the rules and regulations of I IDEA as may be prevalent at that time.




The following documents are to be attached with the completed Application Form. Two passport size photographs (same photo will be used for I-Card, Exam Hall ticket and for all other related n purposes.)

Photocopy of the Degree or the final year mark sheet or Diploma Certificate whichever applicable n n Photocopy of the High School Certificate (10+2 HSC Exam) n Photocopy of the Secondary School Certificate (10th Std. SSC Exam) n Experience Certificate wherever applicable (this has to be in original) For the verification of the date of birth, learner's and father's name, any of the following: n Municipal Corporation Birth Certificate n School Leaving Certificate n Passport / Nationality Certificate For verification of the permanent address, any one of the following: n Ration Card n Passport n Domicile Certificate n Photo Identification like driving license, PAN Card, Passport, Voter’s Card etc. A learner has to send 1 set of Xerox copies of all the above documents along with the Application form. Please Note that all the Xerox copies of all documents should be duly attested by Class I Gazetted Officer / Notary Officer as true copy.


n Rs. 27500/- per year for PGDM n Rs. 27500/- for ADBM

n Rs 14000/- for DIM The admission to the programme shall be effected only when the candidate pays entire amount of fees and deposits. The fees shall not be refunded for any reason. Exceptions based on management discretion will be made in case of cancellation applications received within 30 days of payment of fees .

Exams & Evaluation


Examination: n Internal Assessment- 30% consisting of home assignments n External Assessment- 70% consisting of MCQs and an application based Case study. n Every semester, a Term End Examination (TEE) will be conducted consisting of Multiple Choice Questions & Pen & Paper exam A learner is given a flexibility to progress his / her program according to his / her time availability. A n learner can opt for appearing for only few subjects in a particular TEE and carry forward the remaining subjects to the next semester. This will be treated as backlog, though it does not affect your mark-sheet. Maximum period allowed to complete the 2 years PGDM program is 4 years provided learner n follows the following rules. A learner has to clear all the subjects of 1st semester latest by end of 5th semester & so on & so forth, thus completing the 4th semester subjects at the end of 8th semester i.e. 4 years. If a learner does not complete / clear / pass all subjects of a particular semester within the time line as stated above, Year Not Granted (YNG) will be applied and the learner has to pay the fees prevalent at that time for the entire year. n Time period available to complete a 1 year ADBM is 2 ½ years and for a 6 months DiM is 1 ½ year Exam Fees: Exam fees to be paid per subject at the time of taking the examination – Rs. 350 per subject for taking that subject in the same semester where it is assigned Rs. 500 per subject in case of backlog either due to failing to pass or due to failing to appear or not clearing the subject for any other reason in the semester where it is assigned. IIDEA shall conduct the Term End Examination at all it's exam centers which are equipped with all necessary infrastructure to conduct (MCQs) and pen & paper exam. Learners have to adhere to all the rules & regulation of I IDEA regarding conduct of TEE as may be prevalent at that time.





Mrs. Manjoo Phadke


MPM, B.Com

15 Years

Ms. Neelu Brar


3 Years

PGDBA -Finance M.Com, CAIIB - I MBA,BE

25 Years

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Dy. Director Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Program Co- ordinator Assistant Professor Program Co- ordinator Visiting Faculty

Prof. Bijoy Guha

Visiting Faculty

Mrs. Harshali Murudkar

Visiting Faculty

Mr Dhan Madan

Visiting Faculty

PGDBM (XLRI), B.Sc.(Statistics)


Mr. Shrikant Bhojkar

Visiting Faculty

BE. (Mech), BE.(Elect), PGDIM

28 Yrs

Mr Ashok Kumar

Visiting Faculty

MBA, B.Sc (Tech)

20 Yrs

Mr. S.C. Achtani

Visiting Faculty

MBA, M.Sc, B.Sc, MIE( India), PGDFT

30 Yrs

Mr. S.M Kankaria

Visiting Faculty

FIE, FICWA, B.E.(Mech)

40 Yrs

Mr. M.K Gandhi

Visiting Faculty

MBA, B.Tech

17 Yrs

Mr Rajiv Taneja

Visiting Faculty


30 Yrs

Mr. Atul Atre

Visiting Faculty

MMM, DBM, B.E (Elect)

30 Yrs

Ms. Gauri Apte

Visiting Faculty

M.A. (Eco) , pursuing PhD

7 Yrs

Mr. Vivek Date

Visiting Faculty


29 Yrs

Mr. JP Singh

Visiting Faculty


25 Yrs

Mr. RD Mudholkar

Visiting Faculty


28 Yrs

Mr. Vivek Marathe

Visiting Faculty

MMS( Finance), MCM, PGDBM (Mktg), BCS,

15 Yrs

Mr. Vijairaghavan Mr. Avinash Bagul

PGDBA -Systems MPIT, B. Com, MCSE, CCNA, Red Hat PGDBA -Operations BE, Post Graduate Certificate course in Gen & Quality Mgmt. At IIM Calcutta PGDBA -HRD MPM, B.A. (French)

12 years 7 Years

39 Years

10 Years

CORPORATE OUTREACH PROGRAM The Corporate Outreach Program (COP) of I IDEA seeks to make suitable quality education available to Corporate India irrespective of the learner's age or background, especially to those who have graduated from being just a student to being a knowledge seeker.

need for Corporate India to gear up to the competition and stay put in the market. In this scenario, the foremost concerns for the corporate world are talent retention and providing career development opportunities for its employees. At IGI, we believe in passing on a world class At present, I IDEA caters to the Talent business learning process. We are certainly wellEnhancement needs of: equipped to take up this challenge and play a leadership role in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge essential for excelling in this Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company n environment and help business houses not only n Kalpataru in Talent Retention but Talent Enhancement as well. I IDEA offers customized modules and special commercial terms & conditions to Corporate An excellent track record of placements for our India depending upon the need analysis and students is proof enough. Its surely an honour inputs offered. that we are one of the most preferred business schools by recruiters and even rank many The Indira Group of Institutes is a prominent notches above some self-acclaimed Ivy educational group in the Western region and Leaguers! The Economic Times has ranked ranks amongst the top fifty business knowledge organizations of the country. A constant Indira Group 29th in India and Ernst & Young interface with the industry and a great academic confirms this. milieu gives our students an edge over others. Thanks to a great foresight, Indira has always The Indira International Distance Education shared a very close connect with Corporate Academy offers customized modules to the India and feels that the same should be taken a corporate world serving its major aim of few steps forward. Thus the idea of Corporate ensuring that the I IDEA corporate learners get Outreach Program (COP) came into being. exactly what is desired by their employer. The Indian economy is indeed booming and the Needless to add that we offer special corporate markets are emerging at an amazing pace. The packages with customized financials based on constant turmoil and the challenges thrown by specific needs of the clients and the inputs globalization are multitude. It is an imminent offered.



PLACEMENT SUPPORT INDIRA has a placement cell which aims to provide suitable career and training opportunities to students according to their interests and capability. Towards this end, the cell arranges campus interviews for final placements and project work with corporates. The central placement facility is made available to our distance learners to enable them to upgrade their careers on completion of their program with I IDEA.

TOP 100 RECRUITERS LISTABN Amro Bank N.V. Adani Enterprises Ltd. Aditya Birla Group Aircel - Dishnet Wireless Ltd. Asian Paints Ltd. Avalon Global Research Axis Bank Ltd. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Bharti Teletech Ltd. Blue Star Ltd. Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. Bose Corporation Ltd. Boston Analytics CafĂŠ Coffee Day Centurion Bank of Punjab Colgate Palmolive Dabur India Ltd. Darashaw & Co. Ltd. Dawnay Day AV India Advisors Ltd. DBS Cholamandalam Finance Ltd. Deutsche Bank AG DHL Express (India) Ltd. Emerson Design Engineering Center

Emerson Network Power (India) Ltd. Freight Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. Geometric Software Ltd. Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. Greaves Cotton Ltd. GSK Conumer Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. GTC Industries Ltd. HDFC Group Hindustan Pencils Ltd. Honeywell Automation India Ltd. Hypercity Retail (India) Pvt. Ltd. ICICI Group IDBI Bank Ltd. India Bulls Securities Ltd. Infomedia India Ltd. InterGlobe Enterprises Ltd. Kansai Nerolac Paints Pvt. Ltd. Keane India Ltd. Kotak Mahindra Bank Kotak Securities Ltd. Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd. Maersk India Pvt. Ltd. Matrix Cellular Pvt. Ltd. Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. Mudra Communications Nestle India Ltd. Nihilent Technologies Ltd. Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. Osram India Pvt. Ltd. Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. Philips Electronics India Ltd. Reckitt & Benckiser Reliance Group SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. SN Mercantile (India) Pvt. Ltd. Spencer's Retail Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank Syntel Tata Group Tech Mahindra Ltd. The Leela Palaces & Resorts Transparent Value Pvt. Ltd T-Systems India Pvt. Ltd. UTI Securities Ltd. Vodafone Essar Cellular Ltd. Yes Bank Ltd. Zim Integrated Shipping Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.




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