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Capsize By Henry Moulding

The wind howled at us. Are you sure you want to go kayaking mum? We might Capsize! She looked at me, “of course we won’t Capsize”. I looked at the waves from our balcony and I started to worry. They were very choppy now. After I had my breakfast. We scurried down to Newport bay and I couldn’t stop thinking of falling into the water. When I put my feet in the water it was freezing. I didn’t want to capsize into that water. It was the deep dark ocean and last week I heard there was a shark attack!. So I quickly got into the kayak and we left the bay. Once we left the shore our boat started to wiggle. I looked over to my dad’s kayak. He took the stable kayak with my little sister. I was so jealous he was not going to get wet. My mum started shouting at me, “stop wiggling the kayak” but I wasn’t. I heard a speed boat coming. When it came near us it caused a massive wake. I looked at my sister and we both knew that we were going to fall into the water. When the waves hit us. The world just stopped at a stand still our boat flipped over! I was in the air about to be frozen by the cold water. Splash!. I was in the water it was ice cold. I opened my eyes but all I could see was the dark ocean below me. At first I’d thought that my body had been frozen by the cold water. And then I started to think about sharks. So I pulled my self together and I swam up to the kayaks. Once I came up to the surface all I could hear was my dad laughing his head off. My mum, sister and I were trying to flip the boat over again. Once we did I got back onto the boat. I was shivering and my teeth were chattering. “I told you so mum” I said” can we go home now”. Since that day I’m extra careful of speedboats!


This story is about the feeling of capsizing. Falling out of a boat into the water.