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Cleanse your body from inside out

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Best fibre product More than 10 years of proven testimonials

High Fibre Formulation

Are you suffering from any or a combination of these symptoms? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Abdominal bloating and/or indigestion Exertion or straining when expelling stool Flatulence Irregular and/or painful bowel movements Sluggish, low energy level

Your colon could be in dire need of cleansing and detoxification

Unhealthy colon leads to

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Premature aging



any of the diseases in our bodies today are due to improper functioning of the colon. Nutrients are absorbed into our body through the walls of our colon and these nutrients ensure that we have a healthy immune system, healthy organs and energy. When your colon becomes encrusted with toxic waste that has not been purged out of the body, your ability to absorb essential nutrients becomes greatly impaired.

Toxins from an unhealthy colon can • • • • • • • •

Weaken and stress the heart Cause skin blemishes, paleness, psoriasis, and liver spots Irritate the lungs and cause foul breath Effect the brain, disturb mental functions, and cause senility Cause pain and stiffness in the joints and arthritis Cause muscle weakness and fatigue Weaken immune system and creates possibility of developing chronic diseases Cause premature aging


Wholesome, efficient high fibre formulation that detoxifies, cleanses and balances all in one action.

Fibre Plus™ Formula is the ONLY natural, high quality fibre supplement with

Indigold® formula that safely and gently removes toxic impurities while energising the colon. The ultimate cleansing system, Fibre Plus™ Formula effectively rids accumulated toxins off your body, while boosts the body's overall vitality. Bursting with the natural goodness and flavour of vegetable and fruit fibre, one sachet each night before bedtime is all it takes.


• • • • • • •

Encourages healthy bowel movements Cleanses while energising the colon Helps build a more balanced digestive system Reduces carbohydrates, sugar & fats intake Tasty and easy to consume Fast, effective, safe Suitable for Vegans & Halal

Ingredient List Chlorella Sorokiniana, Indigold® *, Chlorophyll Powder, Citric Acid, Frutose, Guar Gum, Cassia Powder, Carrot Powder, Lemon Powder, Tomato Powder, Malto Dextrin, Psyllium Husk Page 4

*Include Chlorella Extract, Spirulina Extract and Crythecodinium Cohnii.

快速有效的高纤维配方 排毒,净化,平衡 一举三得 Fibre Plus™ Formula

是唯一含有 Indigold® 的全天然高品质纤维食品,能 够安全温和的去除毒素与杂质,增进大肠活力。 Fibre Plus™ 配方是终极净化系统,有 效去除体内毒素,全面提高身体活力。Fibre Plus™ 配方富含天然的蔬菜水果纤维与风 味,只需每晚睡前服用一小包就可达到非常好的效果。

Fibre Plus™ 配方的好处 ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ··

促进大肠健康蠕动 清除毒素,活化大肠 平衡消化系统 减少碳水化合物、糖类与脂肪的摄入 可口易服 快速、有效、安全 适合素食者及回教徒食用

成分 小球藻 Sorokiniana, Indigold® *,叶绿素粉,柠檬酸,果糖, 桂粉, 瓜尔豆胶,胡萝卜粉, 柠檬 粉,蕃茄粉,麦芽糊精,车前子壳 * 包括小球藻 Sorokiniana 萃取物, Crythecodinium Cohnii, 螺旋藻萃取物

您是否遭受以下症状的困扰? 1. 腹胀/消化不良 2. 排便困难 3. 肠胃涨气 4. 不定时排便/排便疼痛 5. 反应迟钝,没有精神


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许多疾病都是由大肠功能失调引起的。大肠壁吸收某些 养分,而这些养分让我们拥有良好的免疫系统,健康的 五脏和良好的能量。当我们的大肠被无法排出的有毒废 物所覆盖时,我们吸收基本营养的能力将大受影响。


毒素 可能会

·· 减弱你的心脏功能 ·· 引起皮肤瑕疵,脸色苍白,牛皮癣与肝斑 ·· 影响大脑,扰乱心智功能 ·· 导致关节疼痛,僵硬与关节炎 ·· 导致肌肉无力和疲劳 ·· 减弱免疫能力及增加产生慢性病的机率 ·· 导致提早衰老的可能


Direction 1 sachet before bedtime and 1 sachet in the morning if necessary. Pour contents into a shaker with room temperature water, shake well and consume immediately. 食用方法

Indigo Lifestyle Pte Ltd

睡前一包,若有需要,可在早上服用多一包。将 Fibre Plus™ 倒入 有盖容器,加入室内温度的饮用水,摇匀并马上饮用

10 Ubi Crescent #07-43 U b i Te c h p a r k L o b b y C Singapore 408564

Nutritional Facts


t (65)-66347796 f (65)-67493382

Per 100g


Indigo Lifestyle Sdn Bhd

Energy Protein Fat Saturated Fat Carbohydrate Total Dietary Fibre Sodium Potassium Calcium Iron Total sugar Vitamin A Vitamin C

38 Kcal 0.5 g 0.1 g 0.02 g 8.8 g 4.3 g 3mg 63 mg 14 mg 1.3 g 4.2 g 418 IU 0.3 mg

能量 蛋白质 脂肪 饱和脂肪 碳水化合物 总膳食纤维 钠 钾 钙 铁 糖 维生素 A 维生素 C

38 千卡 0.5 克 0.1 克 0.02克 8.8 克 4.3 克 3 毫克 63 毫克 14 毫克 1.3 克 4.2 克 418 IU 0.3 毫克

Unit A-3-20, Level 3, Block A Centrio Pantai Hillpark No.1, Jalan Pantai Murni 59200 Kuala Lumpur t (03)-22419633 f (03)-22419634

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Fibre Plus™ Booklet  

Fibre Plus™ Formula is the ONLY natural, high quality fibre supplement with Indigold® that safely and gently removes toxic impurities while...