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10 YEARS INDIGO-WERELD .. 1st of January 2016 brings me back to 1st of January 2006: my first day being a totally independent social entrepreneur! A whole decade Indigo-Wereld .. what has happened in those years? My first commission was a tiny training job for only one evening in Helmond .. how thrilled I was .. over the moon .. first offer on Indigo pape with Indigo logo, Indigo flyer, Indigo training material and an Indigo bizznizz card .. smile-emoticon! Never forget that boost .. that feeling of freedom .. even if it was only a mini-mini job .. Soon followed by bigger projects in the fields of education, social welfare, health care .. development jobs, project leader jobs .. 10 YEARS FROM A SCRATCH .. Had to find my way in the unknown corporate world, deal with the business side of things, shape my own social entrepreneurship Many stories to tell about the ups & downs, the struggles & successes and also loads of beautiful and heartwarming surprises throughout all those years I was offered to coordinate, advise, develop, execute projects and programs on various themes around cultural diversity and how to benefit from multicultural society on all levels 10 YEARS OF INNOVATION .. Alongside these commissioned projects & plans, I couldn't stop starting initiatives of my own as well, such as .. * INDINET, for 6-7 years the multicultural women network of Indigo-Wereld, supported by our patroness Hanja Maij-Weggen, the Royal Commissioner of Brabant in that period

* WOMEN EVENTS IN TOWN .. 6 local colorful events in 5 years on a row .. first in Parktheater and last in Oude Rechtbank .. 500 visitors each .. cross-cultural abundance of mixed and mingled cultures, generations and backgrounds .. Dutch included (!) * TAMTAM, my own multicultural dvd production for young kids .. during 5-6 years beneficially used in various ways for kids in nursery and primary schools and child care centers * STILLE KRACHT (INNER POWER) .. since some years my group coaching for PABO students to regain their inner power and refind their focus .. still on offer .. * GET IN TOUCH .. already 5 years .. Indigo-Wereld social support program for international spouses of the TU/e and other companies .. see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V9r_tfBbug&feature=youtu.be and http://getintoucheindhoven.wordpress.com/ or : https://www.facebook.com/getintouchiw 10 YEARS .. NO REGRETS .. No regrets at all .. not for one single moment .. Feel blessed and acknowledged over the years by various awards, articles and other valuable personal and public appreciatons for my different programs, projects and personal achievements .. A powerful recognition of the Indigo-Wereld DNA .. in essence: energizing, socializing and empowering worlds of difference! 10 YEARS AND NOW .. I've learned .. the hard way and flowingly as well I've gained .. a lot of worthwhile experiences, expertise’s and skills I've celebrated .. loads of beautiful, intimate and grand results I've shared .. successes & losses .. stories & lessons .. sadness’s & gladness’s .. And most of all .. I've loved and lived .. the moments and many many dear and beloved people who have been around during the whole journey.. with heartfelt support, refreshing contributions and sincere sharing .. Hope to continue on this path .. preferably with you all .. THANKS TO ALL!

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010116 looking back 10 years indigo  

010116 looking back 10 years indigo