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Internet Safety


P1 Internet Safety P1 Crime & safety information; P2 WEL6 Notice Board

Crime and Safety Information 1. Always lock you car, even

when it’s in your own locked garage!

2. Kids or animals left alone in

a car is a disaster waiting to happen. Cars heat up incredibly quickly, especially during our summer. Never leave your children or animals alone in a car!

3. When walking or driving

around your neighbourhood, keep your eyes open. If it doesn’t look right, it generally isn’t!

At time of publication, no

WEL6 crime report was available, however we are able to give you an overall crime report for the “entire City of Sale” over the preceding 12 months.

Crime Report Sale (all areas included) % Type


Oct08-Sep09 - Change

Burglary: 7 Assault: 786.8 Property dam: 1261.3 Burglary, Res: 472.1 Burglary, Other: 448.6 Theft from MV: 547.3 Theft of MV: 162.1

-1.2 8.9 40.0 36.1 20.2 11.8 42.1

Traffic Statistics Fatalities: 18.8 Serious Injuries: 209

31.8 -12

The Internet can be an

3. Use a firewall and make sure it is turned on. Firewalls help prevent unauthorised access to, & communications from, your computer.

It contains dangers and pitfalls we need to be aware of!

4. Delete suspect emails immediately. Don’t open these emails. If you don’t know its origin and haven’t invited or asked for information from this sender, don’t open it, always delete it. But if you do open an email & it is any way suspect, delete it immediately.

incredibly useful and helpful resource in or daily lives, but .......


he increasing level of economic transactions makes the Internet a focus for criminal activities. It is important that we, as internet users, protect ourselves. The following tips can minimise becoming a victim of online criminals. 1. Install anti-virus & security software, such as anti-spyware & anti-spam software. Use & update this software regularly. Use an auto-update facility if available. You can set most virus software to scan computer at a set time. 2

Regularly download and install the latest security patches for your computer software, including your web-browser. Use automatic software security updates where possible.

5. Only open an attachment to an email where the sender and the contents of the attachment are known to you. Suspect emails should be deleted immediately. If an attachment needs to be opened, it should be checked by anti-virus software before opening. 6. Don’t click on links in suspect emails. Visiting websites through clicking on links in suspect emails may result in malware (malicious software), such as a ‘trojan’, being downloaded to your computer. This is a commonly used and effective means of compromising your computer, it can also hand control of your computer to someone else; someone who has criminal intentions!

7. Don’t download files or applications from suspect websites. The file or application could be malware. Sometimes the malware may even be falsely represented as e-security software designed to protect you.

of the home. Areas like the living room are ideal, rather than a child’s bedroom. Talk to your children about their experiences online – the good & bad. Get to know which chat rooms they are visiting and who they are chatting with. Let them know it’s OK to tell you if they come across something that worries them. If your child wants to meet someone they have met online you should check the person out to see that they are who GOOD GUY’S DISCOUNT they say they are. Talk to them and their WARE HOUSES Supporting parents by phone first. And you should NHW accompany your child to the meeting.

8. Use long and random passwords for any application that provides access to your personal identity information, including logging onto your computer. Don’t use dictionary words as a password. Ideally, the password should be eight or more characters in length & known only to you. Change passwords regularly. Chat safely! 9. Use a limited permission account for browsing the web, creating documents, reading email, and playing games. If your operating system allows you to create a limited permission account, this can prevent malicious code from being installed onto your computer. Be Cyber Smart Spend time online with your kids Check out good sites with your kids & compile a favourites list, which you can visit regularly. Help your kids use the internet as a research tool, learn about handy homework tips for kids & also good searching ideas. Teach children that internet information is not always reliable. Encourage your kids to treat others online in the same way as in real life. Be Involved Put the internet computer in a public area

Look - Lock & Leave


Chatting on the net is very popular among young people & can be a way to meet & talk with people abroad, from different time zones & backgrounds. Most people online are friendly and polite, but some can be unfriendly and rude. A small number are exploitative & predatory, & there have been instances of paedophiles contacting children in chat rooms & by email.

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Make sure your children know what information they can give out and where they can go on the net. Limit time in chat rooms, particularly for younger children. Encourage the use of chat rooms that are moderated (that is, where messages are screened by an adult before they are made public).

WELL6 Notice Board The Next WEL6 Meeting

will be held on Tuesday 2nd February, in St.Pauls Cathedral Meeting Room at, 7.30 pm. We wish all a happy and prosperous new year. A police presence is always a feature of our meetings and police are always happy to answer your questions. WEL6 needs volunteers to distribute newsletters on a bi-monthly basis. If you are able to help please ring: Area Manager: Madeline Thornhill 51 44 4470

NHW Feb Newsletter Mr. Peter Ryan MLA has once again gener-

ously funded the supply of paper and printing for our February newsletter. Peter is now generously printing our newsletters in colour. Many thanks Peter. It gives our newsletters much more impact. Peter can be phoned on: 5144 1987; or emailed via:

Absolutely Everything Leave Nothing for Thieves Disclaimer: Information in this newsletter, including security and safety advice is provided for NHW WEL6 residents. The providers of the information make no representation nor give any warranty or guarantee concerning the information provided herein.

February 2010  

WEL6 crime report was avail- able, however we are able to give you an overall crime report for the “entire City of Sale” over the preceding...