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Becoming a Part of Film Editors Community

In the world of entertainment today, there is much more scope for people who are starting. Sometime back, finding jobs in entertainment industry was more about how much you can influence people and the extent to which you have contacts in the industry. Over the years, the same remained true, until a platform like Indies Profile changed things in more ways than one. If you are an editor who has just passed out of the film school, you don’t need to look for people who can help you in getting the first job, but you have to just get online. Making careers in film industry is more about how you can start on the right platform, and for the same, you have to consider making a strong resume and work profile. The resume helps the hirers and employers to know the basics, whereas the work profile tells them about your work done. If you are new, you may have to show the projects or things that you have done during the course. On the platform, you are much surer about getting the first chance. There are more than a few openings that you can apply for, and if there are chances where the specific skill set as yours is needed, you would get lucky. Thankfully, the number and types of film industry jobs is updated regularly, which means there are new things that you can check and apply for on a daily basis. At the same time, when you are looking for internships or want to assist someone on a project, you can be considered for the same. From the studios to agents and executives, there are all kinds of potential industry contacts that you can find, and each of them can prove to be worthy at different times. Can you make a career without being recommended? Yes, you can when you start right. Creating a profile online on the platform is as easy as it can get, and when you start off, you don’t need to be a part of business social networks in any manner. All you must concentrate on is making the right resume. What is even more interesting is the kind of competition you would face. For the same kind of editing job, you would be pitched against fresh faces along with the competitive ones. There is no denying that

this does create a pressure, but rather than running around someone, this kind of work platform will only give you more confidence in your work.

If you are already an established editor and want to explore more of the options and chances, the platform works for that, as well. Of course, experience counts, and that can take you to places and give the chance of being chosen over hundreds of others. With a platform that doesn’t let you rely on contacts and connections of your own but helps you in staying connected in new ways, there is no reason to doubt. At the end of the day, it’s your editing skills and experience that would take you to places.

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Becoming a part of film editors community  
Becoming a part of film editors community  

If you are an editor who has just passed out of the film school, you don’t need to look for people who can help you in getting the first job...