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CONCEPT OF PRINCIPAL CHARACTER Name: Pygo Because it’s the abbreviation of pygoscelis antarticus, that is the etymological term of the penguin. Sex: Male Age: 3 years old Nationality: Victoria Land It´s a region of the Antartica, part of the South Pole. Although Pygo was born in that place he grows up at a zoo of Canada.  

CONCEPT OF SECONDARY CHARACTER Name: Nanuk Nanuk is the way that the inuit culture (eskimos) found in its languaje to refer to the polar bear. Sex: Male Age: 2 years old Because we want a cub, not an adult polar bear. Nationality: Alaska (State of the United States of America)  

SYNOPSIS Pygo is a baby penguin who escaped from a Canadian Zoo. He learned everything about Global Warming by listening to people working there and now he has make his mission to inform every animal living in the pols that their lives are in danger. He arrives to Alaska and meets Nanuk (a baby polar bear) and became friends instantly. Now they go around the planet warning animals about climate change but as they travel, they notice it may be too late, the ice is melting. Are they going to be able to return home?...

PYGO •  Loves nature •  Always wearing his RECYCLE hat •  Always caring his little bag (no one knows what’s in it until the climax of the movie) •  He thinks he knows EVERYTHING about global warming. •  Ecologist, ambientalist, impulsive, sensitive, determined. •  He does not want to be a cannibal.


TYPES OF EXPRESSION Some of the expressions of the characters are:








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