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Not just  a  Clothing  Line    

by: P-­‐WA  Cele  

  Draccir    (Dra-­‐Seer)  is  Ricard  spelled  backwards,  the  extra  'C'  added  for   character.  Crew  represents  both  the  nautical  theme  his  brand  embodies  and  a  message   of  togetherness.  The  seed  for  Draccir  &  Crew  was  planted  in  2009  but  the  official   launch  came  about  recently  at  Philly's  Aurora  lounge.  A  night  well  worth  the  wait.   Having  already  done  Atlantic  City  Fashion  Week  Josh  and  his  'crew'  were  ready  to  put   on  a  show  of  their  own.  Before  an  audience  of  buyers,  supporters,  investors  and  the   media  alike,  models  like  'Nick  Moore'  casually  walked  the  runway  embodying  the   collegiate  style.  They  knew  this  was  the  'make-­‐it'  or  'break-­‐it'  moment  for  Draccir  &   Crew.  Although  brand  creator,  Joshua  Ricard,  sported  a  suit  and  tie  to  the  show,  it  was   all  sweatshirts,  crew-­‐necks  and  tees  on  the  runway.       If  you  are  like  Joshua  Ricard  then  you  know  lifestyle  clothing  doesn't   necessarily  have  to  represent  your  personal  lifestyle.  Like  rocking  a  throwback  but  you   don't  play  ball,  Supreme  snap  back  and  you  don't  skate,  Ralph  Lauren  polos  and  you   weren't  even  aware  that  Polo  is  a  sport  (that  is  until  reading  this).  But  we  all  do  it   because  fashion  should  be  fun  and  doesn't  have  to  be  taken  so  literally.  This  is  the   concept  Josh  had  when  he  created  his  nautical  line,  Draccir  &  Crew.  Although  Josh   himself  is  not  a  sailor  he  feels  a  close  connection  to  aquatic  life.  Perhaps  this  is  because   he  is  a  Pisces  or  maybe  because  his  family  extends  back  to  New  Orleans,  a  major  U.S.   port  known  for  its  unique  Creole  culture.  Either  way  it  came  to  be  the  brand  allows  him   to  express  his  style.  Having  always  been  an  artist  Joshua  went  to  college  and  obtained  a   degree  in  Graphic  Designs.  This  allowed  him  to  take  his  creations  from  pen  and  paper   and  onto  the  computer.  Growing  up  Josh  would  wonder,  "How  do  they  get  those   designs  on  shirts?”  His  computer  skills  allowed  him  to  not  only  answer  this  question   but  to  begin  silk-­‐screening  his  own  shirts.  This  became  something  he  enjoyed  and  soon   decided  to  create  his  own  brand.     However  art  isn't  the  only  thing  Josh  Ricard  is  passionate  about.  With  over  783  million  people  in  the  world  who  do   not  have  access  to  clean  water  he  felt  compelled  to  take  action  in  changing  this.  'Food  to  Live  Water  to  Breath'  is  an  eco-­‐ friendly  sub  line  of  Draccir  &  Crew  geared  towards  combating  hunger  across  the  globe.  The  line  currently  displays   crewnecks  and  T-­‐Shirts  with  the  water  drop  logo  to  symbolize  their  clean  water  campaign.  Graphic  T-­‐Shirts  can  be  seen   sporting  the  FLWB  logo  across  the  African  continent.  Eventually  Josh  plans  to  have  all  seven  continents  represented  since  to   remind  us  all  that  this  is  a  global  issue.  Although  we  may  drink  bottled  water  clean  water  is  still  essential,  as  recently   experienced  on  the  East  Coast  when  Hurricane  Sandy  hit  and  sewage  was  released  into  waterways.  It  was  highly  cautioned   to  not  even  touch  the  floodwater  with  bare  skin.  Although  this  was  just  a  brief  interruption  for  some  in  many  parts  of  the   world  they  are  dependent  on  their  rivers  and  lakes  as  a  primary  drinking  source.  Being  a  designer  Josh  understands  the   importance  of  making  product  customers  can  feel  good  about,  so  although  this  will  be  a  costlier  line  he  wants  to  guarantee  it   is  worth  every  dime  spent.  The  message  of  this  line  is  not  only  can  you  get  high  quality  garments  that  fit  your  style,  but  you   can  also  help  save  a  life  through  fashion.  As  a  man  who  believes  in  crafting  his  brand,  Josh  is  taking  small  strides  in  building   a  company  he  can  be  proud  of.  He  believes  in  his  art  and  hopes  others  naturally  gravitate  towards  that.  Joshua  Ricard   envisions  eventually  expanding  his  line  to  include  swimwear,  watches,  cologne,  shoes,  and  even  something  for  the  kiddies.  

‘Americano Collection’ Dez Noland-­of  DYI  (Design  your  Identity)     By  P-­‐Wa  Cele     This  spring  Indie  Flava  was   invited  to  Philly’s  annual  ‘INcrowd   Industry  Night’  Fashion  event  by   custom  clothing  designer  Dez   Noland  of  DYI  (Design  Your   Identity).  I  added  him  on  facebook,   several  months  prior  and  really   enjoyed  his  posts  of  custom  shoes   and  studded  shades.  After   exchanging  emails  Dez  invited  me   to  see  the  unveiling  of  his  fall   collection  “Americano”.  This  may   sound  strange  coming  from  a  New   Yorker  but  as  soon  as  I  stepped  off   the  bus  in  Philadelphia  I  was   inspired  by  the  fashion.    When  you   think  individuality,  style  and   glamour  NY  comes  into  mind  but   Philly  goes  a  step  further  by  being   DARING.  The  head  to  toe  style  just   on  the  street  gave  me  high   expectations  for  the  showcase  I   was  about  to  attend  and  it  did  not   disappoint.     This  fall’s  Design  Your   Identity  collection  is  very   patriotic,  with  the  end  of  the  war   they  wanted  to  do  something  that   honors  our  troops  and  what  is   more  American  than  denim?  The   collection  featured  men  and   women’s  clothing  with  a  more   edgy  take  on  the  star  spangled   banner  as  well  as  a  bit  of   camouflage.  I  enjoyed  every  bit  of   the  show  and  how  he  was  still  able   to  keep  his  signature  ‘handmade’   look  with  this  much  cleaner  line.   What  attracted  me  to  Dez  was   how  boldly  he  approaches  his   designs,  as  if  too  much  is  not   enough  yet  the  finished  product   still  has  an  essence  of  

sophistication. Just  as  the  name   suggests  his  work  is  tailored  to   individual  style  each  order  comes   with  a  questionnaire  based  on   what  the  customer  is  looking  for.   So  to  see  his  fall  collection,  more   thought  out  cohesive  pieces,   revealed  a  different  side  of  him  as   a  brand.     Dez  Noland  has  evolved   over  the  past  5yrs  from  a   ‘miskeen’  (also  Philly  based)   inspired  t-­‐shirt  designer  into  an  all   around  clothing  brand.  When  I   asked  how  did  he  make  the   transition  into  women’s  clothing?   He  replied  “A  friend  asked  me  to   make  a  shoe,  I  didn’t  do  shoes,  but   I  was  close  to  her  so  I  did  them   and  the  outcome  was  crazy.  It  was   a  hit.  So  I  decided  let  me  make  a   shoe  where  I’m  focused  and  not   just  playing  around.  With  that   shoe  people  just  started  flocking   from  everywhere;  different  states   and  even  different  countries”.   What’s  next  for  DYI?  “I  am  doing   men’s  shoes  but  simpler,  a  lot  of   guys  are  scared  to  go  above’   undeterred  he  proclaimed  it  will   ‘Still  be  fun,  futuristic,  couture,   fashionable”.  (The  pair  he  wore   featured  studs  on  the  laces).  When   Dez  isn’t  building  his  empire  he   enjoys  spending  time  with  his   daughter  who  is  a  bit  of  a   ‘fashionista’  herself,  so  daddy  time   easily  turns  into  designing  time.   Find  dez  noland  at   Pg.  3

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Music is Life

“There was a day in science class and the teacher brought up a keyboard, some of the kids went up to play just messing around, and then I played…. It was the first time the popular kids noticed me, it was interesting. Piano was my way to get attention”. Dorian Wallace By: P-wa Cele Dorian Wallace has been playing piano since he was a child and by 7 he went to see an orchestra and decided that is what he wanted to do. He was raised in the small town of Canton, Ohio, home of the Football hall of fame and Hoover Vacuums. Both of his parents were musicians his mom a professional pianist, his dad a barbershop singer in a band called the ‘Rapscallions’. Dorian has networked his way into the New York music scene. This coupled with his professional music background has made him successful and able to come across opportunities for work. He has worked on dance accompaniments and enjoys writing classical music, he often finds himself working on multiple projects at a time. One of such projects is an opera Dorian is getting ready to perform with composer Robert Ashley and music theorist David Coma David Coma wanted to write the music to Ashley’s piece, which is spoken word, electronic, piano infusion, so the three of them have begun to build on it, adding a dancer and videographer along with bass and drums to the music. As a classical musician he isn’t as experienced as a writer so he was excited when he got the chance to collaborate with Christopher Rudy on an Opera based on a serial killer. This will be an original piece that he gets to help create the story line and the music for. Not everything Dorian does is for him, he plans to volunteer over seas building homes and he is passionate about other ‘people being people’. Because of this he hosts a web series called ‘Impulse Control’ where they interview various people and follow them as they work. One person they interviewed is a biologist who makes music using brain waves; another is a comedian Kurt Metzger whose work we may all know (Chapelle Show, Ugly Americans, and Last Comic Standing) but face not so much. The idea is to get everyone exposure so if you originally visit the site to see contemporary classical percussionists, ‘So Percussion’ you might just continue to browse and come across Martha Graham Dance Company. Another project he is currently working on is a ballet with choreographer Kathryn Alter, of the Jose Limon Dance Company where they met. This ensemble includes several dancers and although it is a ballet there will be an electric bass and a drum set. Coincidentally tied into the timing of his grandmother’s passing the piece goes through the 5 stages of death. She herself had been a music enthusiast who played both piano and harmonica in her lifetime. As she approached the last decade of her 90yrs Dorian's grandmother lost her memory and it became difficult for her to communicate. With a heart full of love and determination to stay connected to his wife his grandfather would play harmonica for her and as if time had never been tested she'd recognize all of her favorite songs and that brought joy to them. Like a true love story it certainly belongs in a ballet so the last set of the show features a harmonica solo accompanied by a solo dancer as a tribute to his late grandmother and the unbreakable bond she had with music. The bond that she and her husband shared and have now passed on to their children and grandchildren, Dorian included. As much as Dorian does have a serious side and his life’s work is classical music he does also enjoys comic books. He has a sense of humor and a sense of self that certainly came through in our interview. Being an outsider on one side and a recognized genius on the other has a left him with a great philosophy on life. He embraces the opportunities that he comes across and isn’t easily swayed but knows how to ‘go with the flow’. This flexibility gives way to creativity, which I can certainly say is one way to sum up Dorian Wallace as a whole. See Dorian’s music at

We at Indie Flava had the chance to catch up with a talented individual by the name of Lindsey Compton and she had this to say… “Well if you ask any one that is close to me the first thing they would say would be that I am crazy. Yes I am, and I am proud to be spontaneous, adventurous, hard working, annoying at times and not willing to take no for an answer, EVER. I get what I want, and since this is true I have a lot of struggles with myself. I am a true artist at heart, and music and singing is what I was put on this earth to do. I know I have to reach people through art to help them even if all I am doing is telling them that they are not alone. I do not know how to relax, and breathing takes practice. I love my family, and I love people. I love hearing their stories and ambitions. I believe truly with all my heart anyone can be and do what they want. I am persistent, a Gemini, and a lover of life and old fashioned movies.” We asked her about her work and what it means to her. “It is like therapy, I am releasing an energy and sending it back into the universe to connect with other people. It is such an amazing feeling sharing my struggles and being so honest and helping other people to let them know they have support. Dolly Parton, the first tape I ever had. Mariah Carey, I would sing her songs until the tape broke. Country music, to Karaoke, to Broadway to Classical, to pop music. It has been a long road, and music is the one constant thing in my life. “ Ms. Compton has many goals in her career and ambition driven by who she is as a person “I have inspirations to inspire others. I would like to perform at NYC in Times Square, and at the MTV VMA awards, I will have a record on Billboard charts and I will tour with my music. I want to grow my business, and in my jewelry and clothing line. I also want to be a spokes person for girls and body image and eating disorders. I look up to my grandmother, my aunt sis who was a Vaudeville performer (theatrical genre  of  variety  entertainment  in  the  United  States,  Canada  and  parts  of  Europe   from  the  early  1880s  until  the  early  1930s.), Beyonce, Audra McDonald and Jennifer Hudson. Lindsey plows through with her work believing that there is no going back, its all or nothing “you can't have a back up plan you have to go full force.” And so she calls out for support in her dream listen to Lindsey Compton at

The .COM Professor By P-WA Cele A new social media site has emerged. While anyone with an email is welcome to open up an account it is primarily geared towards artists on the rise. You can upload your music, videos or just network amongst the growing members. I set out to see just how simple it was to join this ".COM community". Just as any other site I signed up with my email address, set up a password, filled out some personal information and uploaded a photo. Just like that I was a .COM member and even had a friend request. After uploading 3 Indie Flava Magazine videos I came across a screen informing me that I'd be on a waiting list but with the purchase of a flashpass my videos would be placed at the front of the line. Although affordable I opted to remain in line. YOUNGMIC-KEYTV.COM is more than just a site for uploading videos and making cyber buddies, it is also a news hub similar to 'World Star Hip Hop'. You'll find pop culture headlines as well as interviews conducted by the .COM bloggers. Still curious as to who this 'hip hop' Mark Zuckerburg was, I contacted YOUNGMIKEY.COM himself and got the opportunity to do an interview. The man behind the .COM sat down with Indie Flava Magazine to discuss music, coding and his personal life. began his website as a means of promoting his music. He taught himself the ".COM" language so he can host his music without incurring the charges associated with other music hosting sites. As he began promoting his music he realized that he too possessed the capability to create a video hosting website. Allowing other artists to share their work on his website for free would in turn increase awareness about him and his music. Being a full time student and a parent doesn’t quite run his business on his own. His team is composed of Lei de Vinci, Silent and a lawyer as a legal advisor all under the BabyBillionaire Ent. As the website moderators they screen each video before it gets posted on the site. In addition to the website BBE also oversees the artistic side of Having learned to engineer and produce his own music he also sells it himself through what he calls 'The Pill'. He now plans to further his education from criminal justice into 'coding' to further legitimize his online empire. As a Haitian American from Brooklyn is a prime example of how you can start with almost nothing but an idea and still make your vision a reality. "Started from the bottom headed to the top....I gotta dream big"- 'Dream Big:


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