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Anthology of independent be aut y LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA JANUARY 24–25, 2018 V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1

Our sincere thank you to all who attended IBE LOS ANGELES 2018. We would especially like to thank the amazing entrepreneurs whose passion, creativity and vision are fueling the independent beauty movement. #WEAREINDIEBEAUTY | #IBELA2018


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

We are indie beauty. Indie brands are capturing more market share than ever. They are grabbing consumer attention, influencing and creating trends and have become an integral part of retailers' collections. The Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) was founded to foster the growth and success of independent beauty brands and the entrepreneurs behind them. Anthology serves as a visual summary of each IBE. It highlights a collection of today’s best beauty brands, and celebrates the passion and spirit that drives our community. We are honored to contribute to these brands’ success.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


IBE Los Angeles


Indie Beauty Expo’s return to the California Market Center saw substantial growth across all channels: exhibitors, buyers, press and attendees.

will cover a key area in the business landscape (Los Angeles: Media and Influencers - Dallas: Retail - New York: Capital and Investment - London: TBD). Read more about our first summit on page 6.

IBE LA 2018 also launched the BeautyX Summit, a two-day event preceding the expo focused on education and networking. Each BeautyX Summit

Another addition to the expo was having the team of Beauty Independent on the show floor capturing upcoming trends and brand innovations. Highlights on page 14.

We can’t wait to see how the indie beauty community continues to evolve, develop and challenge conventional standards. Stay tuned, next stop – Dallas!

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

The Indie Beauty Expo is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to gameINSERT QUOTE changing formulations, technology, — AMERICAN SPA and yes, lust-worthy products. ­— Erin Jahns BYRDIE

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018




Together with Beauty Independent, Indie Beauty Expo launched its inaugural BeautyX Summit during the two days preceding IBE LA 2018. The BeautyX Media & Influencer Summit in LA marked the first of four summits that will take place throughout the year—all with the goal of providing beauty entrepreneurs with the knowledge, insight and networking opportunities they need to succeed and grow their businesses. This summit brought together media experts, editors from top publications, and a cross section of digital influencers to give brand founders actionable insights on today’s turbulent media environment. It also featured a first-ofits-kind competition, Deskside Domination, where three IBE LA exhibitors, coached by three PR professionals, pitched their brands to three top beauty editors live onstage in a mock deskside meeting.


BeautyX heads to Dallas, Texas for its Retail Summit in May to take place during the two days preceding IBE DALLAS 2018. Click here to learn more or to attend the upcoming summit.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018



Opening Remarks by Indie Beauty Media Group Co-Founder Jillian Wright


The Media & Influencer Landscape



An overview of the entire media universe: How it’s segmented and who the major players are. Core Concept: Digital Influencer Campaigns

From selection to execution, how to successfully design and execute an influencer campaign. Case Study: Indie Brand/Influencer Partnership

Hear from both brand founder and influencer for a 360-degree view of a successful partnership.

MODERATOR: Jillian Wright, Co-Founder, Indie Beauty Media Group

PARTICIPANTS: Amanda Jo, Influencer, Organic Bunny | Greg Starkman, Founder & CEO, Innersense


Networking Lunch Break


Niche Influencer Panel

Day 2


Welcome by Indie Beauty Media Group Co-Founder Jillian Wright


Reinventing Media: A Brave New World What are the key drivers of the massive transformative changes happening in media today? How are beauty companies affected?

MODERATOR: Rachel Brown, Editor In Chief, Beauty Independent

PARTICIPANTS: Corey Weiss, Head of Business Development, ipsyStudios | Mehdi Medhi, VP of Digital, NYX Professional Makeup/L'Oreal


Case Study: Winning the Media Game

A deep dive into two established brands’ press and media journeys.

MODERATOR: Claire McCormack, General Manager, Beauty Independent

PANELISTS Walter Faulstroh, Co-Founder & CEO, HUM Nutrition | Jaime


Trade Publication Panel

Schmidt, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Schmidt’s Naturals

Top beauty trade writers weigh in on the biggest industry business trends.

MODERATOR: Alice Mroczkowski, Editor, Beauty Independent and Content

Niche beauty influencers on working with brands, engaging with followers and creating posts for a targeted and devoted audience.

MODERATOR: Sophie Uliano, NYT Best-Selling Author & Green Beauty Expert

Producer, iHeartMedia PANELISTS: Rachel Brown, Editor In Chief, Beauty Independent | Julie Keller Callaghan, Editor In Chief, American Spa Mag | Deanna Utroske, Editor, Cosmetics Design | Kim Henderson, Executive Editor, Beauty Store Business

PANELISTS: Rachel Anise, Digital Influencer, Beauty Professor | Jackie Johnson, Digital Influencer, Natch Beaut | Susan Yara, Digital Influencer, Mixed Makeup | Serein Wu, Digital Influencer, Serein Wu


Networking Lunch Break


Influencer Panel


Consumer Print Media Panel

Top beauty influencers on working with brands, engaging with followers and creating posts that go viral.

MODERATOR: Mae Karwowski, Founder & CEO, Obviously


PANELISTS: Kimi Ellie, Digital Influencer, Kimi Ellie | Madelynn De La Rosa,

Digital Influencer, Madewin


MODERATOR: Brandie Gilliam, Founder & Creative Director, Thoughtfully

Hear from a cross-section of beauty-focused PR companies. PANELISTS: Diane Bates, Co-Owner, Blue Sky PR | Suzanne Droese,

Founder, Droese PR | Erin Kelly, Founder, Erin Kelly PR

SHOPTHAT Networking Cocktail Reception


PANELISTS: Jessica Chia, Senior Beauty Editor, Allure | Celia Ellenberg, Beauty Director, Vogue | Jennifer Goldstein, Executive Beauty & Health Editor, Marie Claire | Simone Kitchens, Associate Beauty Director, Glamour


Consumer Digital Media Panel

PR Panel

MODERATOR: Nader Naeymi-Rad, Co-Founder, Indie Beauty Media Group

How to get the attention of beauty editors at consumer print publications.

How to get the attention of beauty editors at digital publications.

MODERATOR: Rachel Brown, Editor In Chief, Beauty Independent

PANELISTS: Suzanne Hall, Editor In Chief, The Chalkboard Mag | Kirbie Johnson, Host & Producer, PopSugar | Rachel Marlowe, Freelance Writer, Editor, Vogue.com | Sara Tan, West Coast Beauty Editor, Bustle | Cheryl Wischhover, Senior Beauty Reporter, Racked


Deskside Domination: Part I & II Three brands pitch top beauty editors live on stage in mock deskside meetings.

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


BeautyX Media & Influencer Summit featured publications:


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

Deskside Domination contestants, Manmade 18.21, Biomilk Probiotic Skincare and the triumphant Crave Skincare, were coached on their press pitches by three beauty-focused public relations firms: Drouse PR, Blue Sky Communications and Erin Kelly PR, respectively. The three founders pitched their brands to Glamour beauty director Simone Kitchens, Allure senior beauty editor Jessica Chia and Fat Mascara podcast co-host Jennifer Goldstein on stage at BeautyX in a mock office setting. Three prizes were up for grabs: Mentions in upcoming issues of Allure and Glamour, a mention on the Fat Mascara podcast and a shoutout in a Fat Mascara “Raise The Wand” Instagram post.

Coached by Erin Kelly PR, Crave Skincare founder Janet Schriever took home all three prizes in a clean sweep. She reflected, “It was such a great experience. I think the most important thing is that I was myself.”

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


Show Report


Standout Trends FROM IBE LA 2018

INDIE BEAUTY: NOT JUST A TREND 2018 is off to an auspicious start for indie beauty. The number of exhibiting brands at IBE LA 2018 climbed nearly 33% from last year to 150. Attendance soared 47%, to almost 1,500 people, including 389 buyers (up 59% from 2017) from a diverse set of retailers, including Nordstrom, Costco, Goop, The Detox Market and Cult Beauty, as well as 156 members of the press (up 46%) from outlets such as Racked, Fat Mascara, PopSugar, Byrdie, Well+Good, Vogue, Glamour and Allure. Now that we’ve established that indie beauty has transcended trend and moved on to a movement, here are 10 actual trends—spotted at IBE—being incubated by rising indie stars and watched by big beauty players.


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

Show Report


Brands are incorporating myriad rituals (from smudging palo santo to playing singing bowls) during production to garner goods that proffer positive energy to consumers. Aim HI Every Day, Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy, Little Moon Essentials


Beauty’s merger with wellness is bringing products to the fore previously reserved for the medical and nutrition sectors. With CBD and aromatherapy on the upswing, beauty companies are perfectly situated to push into pain management. Laki Naturals, Way Of Will, EiR NYC


As the beauty segment embraces ingestibles, collagen has arisen, in several forms, as a key ingredient. Emerging brands are proliferating with new takes on the protein to differentiate themselves and attract customers who might not be keen on bovine sources. La Sirène, Te Mana Skincare


These indie brands went out of their way to source special water for their product formulations. Eleni & Chris, Ola Tropical Apothecary


These brands have turned the swift and practical shower into a luxurious ritual—or a stealthy method for slathering on SPF. Level Naturals, KLĒNSKIN

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


Show Report


With worries over climate change growing, nascent beauty brands are crafting formulas that respond to shifting weather. Ogee, Pour Moi, Uliv Skincare, BRYT Skincare


Brand founders have moved beyond turmeric to formulate beauty solutions that integrate a bevy of spices and herbs we’re accustomed to eating. Joon, Honey Belle, SVATI Organics


The beauty industry has a habit of making staid products and modalities sexy and sophisticated. It’s done so for supplements and water bottles; acupuncture may be the next subject of an upscale makeover. Vie Healing



Independent beauty brands are increasingly joining forces to create products that leverage their diverse strengths and celebrate their shared indie credentials. The Vanity Project


Natural makeup is associated with natural looks. While a subtle dab of nude lip color and an understated swipe of beige eyeshadow will always be en vogue, many women seek to ramp up their glamour games, and clean cosmetics brands are delivering improved color payoff for extra fierce faces. NUDE & NOIR COSMETICS, The Organic Skin Co

Read full report on BeautyIndependent.com >

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018



T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

Exhibitor Press BOND EN AVANT



The Hottest New Brands & Trends At Indie Beauty Expo LA 2018



Crave Skincare, DOPE NATURALLY, FROWNIES The Original Wrinkle Patch, Klenskin, La Sirene, YUNI beauty

Eleni & Chris

Girl Undiscovered, Laki Naturals, Marie Nati, Pangea Organics, Ranavat, Real Her, Woodlot

Click to read


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Luxury of Time | Ep. 93

BYRDIE The 15 Products From L.A.'s Indie Beauty Expo We'll Be Stocking Up On Basd Body Care, DNA Renewal, Eleni & Chris, Fillerina, Girl Undiscovered, Hum Nutrition, Joon, Meant, Ogee, Ranavat Botanics, SEPAI, Snow Fox Skincare, The Organic Skin Co., Nutrition, Vital Proteins, Woodlot Click to read


Beneath Your Mask, DERMAFLASH, Ellie Bianca, Joon, Le Prunier, Source Vitál Apothecary Click to read

HELLO GIGGLES Beauty Experts Gave Us the Scoop On All the 2018 Trends You Need to Know About Cannabliss, Crave Skincare, MARY'S NUTRITIONALS Click to read

Indie Beuaty Expo L.A. 2018 Show Event and Trend Report


18.21 Manmade, Bitchstix, Bio Boutique Beauty Lab, CLEAN TAN USA, COLLOSAL EAU DE LAIT, Crave Skincare, Eleni & Chris, FATCO SKINSCARE, Frownies The Original Wrinkle Patch, HUE NOIR, Pour Moi Beauty, Snow Fox Skincare, Unsun Cosmetics, Inc Click to read


Natalie Portman and Amber Heard's Makeup Artist on the Best Indie Beauty Products Ænon's, CLOVE + HALLOW, DERMAFLASH, MARY'S NUTRITIONALS, Organic to Green, SEASIDE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES

BORGHESE, BRYT Skincare, Dirty Lamb, Dr. Roebuck's, Joon, Laki Naturals, LANIMA, Level Naturals, Meant, My Magic Mud, Ola Tropical Apothecary, Pistaché Skincare, PURE NUT, SAHARA ROSE, SÉLIA & Co, Take My Face Off

LA STORY An Innovative Beauty + Skincare Line for Teens + Tweens: C’est Moi Beauty! C'est Moi Click to read

LUCIRE A Declaration of Independents APoEM, BRYT Skincare, CLOVE + HALLOW, CyberDerm, DNA Renewal, Dirty Lamb, Eau de Lait, Eleni + Chris, Evolution Man, FATCO Skincare, Jordan & Petersen Skincare, Klēnskin, Laki Naturals, Le Prunier, Maapilim, Malie, Moonlit, NATURATIV, No B.S, Ola Tropical Apothecary, Pili Ani, Pistaché Skincare, PURE NUT, Schique, SEPAIi, Source Vitál Apothecary, Te Mana, The Organic Skin Co, Vitruvian Man Click to read

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The SASS LIVE at Indie Beauty Expo in LA

10 Indie Beauty Brands to Put on Your Radar Now

4 Indie Beauty Ingredient Trends to Watch in 2018

Click to read

Dermaflash, NUDE & NOIR COSMETICS, SVATI Organics

DERMAFLASH, Girl Undiscovered, NUDE & NOIR COSMETICS, Pili Ani, Pinch of Colour, Pistaché Skincare Click to watch

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T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018




Our Favorite Brands (owned/operated by moms) at the Indie Beauty Expo

These Are the Best New Beauty Products We Bet You Don't Know About Yet

'The Whole Shower' from Meant Simplifies One's Cleansing Routine

C'est Moi, DERMAFLASH, DOPE NATURALLY, Joon, Kailo, New Heights Naturals, Sage Lifestyle, Schique, Sphynx, Take My Face Off, Wine Wipes

C'est Moi, DERMAFLASH, DOPE NATURALLY, From Molly With Love, IYOU MASK, KAILO Organic Chakra Therapy, Pour Moi Beauty, Schique, SÉLIA & Co, SPHYNX, STARE Cosmetics

Meant Click to read

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Shop Over 150 Emerging Skincare and Makeup Brands at Indie Beauty Expo in DTLA Next Week

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Indie Beauty Expo LA 2018 BITCHSTIX, Dr. Nadia, INIKA Organic, Lust V Cosmetics2, Marie Natie, Prana SpaCeuticals, SAHARA ROSE, Uliv Skincare Click to watch

Galentine's Day Gift Guide


Sage Lifestyle

Clove + Hallow, Ojai Wild, Take My Face Off, Saint Cosmetics, Dope Naturally, Moonlit

Click to read

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THE ORGANIC BUNNY Neiman Marcus Hits Indie Beauty Expo LA! Antonym Cosmetics, Le Prunier, Ranavat, Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics Click to read

POPBUFF Indie Beauty Expo Hits DTLA CLEANTAN USA, The Organic Skin Co Click to read

POP SUGAR 17 Must-Know Brands From the Indie Beauty Expo Adsorb, Big Boy, C'est Moi, Cannabliss Organic, CyberDerm, Eleni & Chris, Fillerina, Girl Undiscovered, Joon, Le Prunier, Meant, Moonlit, SEPAI, Skinesque, Snow Fox Skincare, The Organic Skin Co., YUNI beauty

It's like unearthing diamonds in the rough; many brands featured at the trade show go on to dominate the beauty world. ­— Kirbie Johnson POPSUGAR

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T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


Congratulations After IBE LA, attendees were surveyed about their favorite finds. Here are the brands that landed in the top three favorites of buyers and consumers.

Antonym Cosmetics

Ojai Wild




SAINT Cosmetics

Da lish Cosmetics



Crave Skincare HUM nutrition

KAILO Organic Chakra Therapy Lük Beautifood Makana


OSEA Malibu


Vital Proteins WOODLOT


Girl Undiscovered HUM nutrition Le Prunier Ogee

Piggy Paint

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

Ranavat Botanics Rouge Bunny Rouge SPARITUAL

SVATI Organics Vital Proteins WOODLOT

YUNI beauty

Brand List *2017 Best In Show Winner

18.21 Man Made


Honestly pHresh

Advanced Mineral Makeup

Coco Ensoleille

Honey Belle


CoLabs Intl. Corp


Aim HI Every Day Organic Skincare


HUM nutrition

Crave Skincare

INIKA Organic

Antonym Cosmetics

CURA Skincare



Da lish Cosmetics


B'Livinn Collection


Jordan & Petersen Skincare


Dirty Lamb

KAILO Organic Chakra Therapy




Berlin Skin



Big Boy

Dr. Roebuck's

La Sirène, Marine Collagen

Bio Boutique Beauty Lab


Laguna Herbals

BIOMILK Probiotic Skincare


Laki Naturals

BioRepublic Skincare

Ellie Bianca




*Le Prunier


FATCO Skincare

Broome Products


BRYT Skincare (From the London Skincare Company Ltd.)


LUA Skincare

From Molly With Love


FROWNIES The Original Wrinkle Patch

Lük Beautifood

Fytt Beauty



LUST V Cosmetics™

*American Wave

Butter Babes Organics Inc. C'est Moi Cannabliss Organic Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics Inc ClarityRx Clinical Skin Care CLEANTAN USA

*Girl Undiscovered GLAMCOR LLC

Level Naturals *Little Moon Essentials

Maapilim Madison and White

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


Brand List *2017 Best In Show Winner


Piggy Paint

Snow Fox Skincare

MakeUp Eraser Group LLC

Pili Ani

Source Vitál Apothecary




MarieNatie Cosmetics

Pistaché Skincare


Marin Bee

Pour Moi Beauty

STARE Cosmetics


Prana SpaCeuticals

Suzi's Lavender


SVATI Organics

PURE NUT - Australian Macadamia Skin Care

Synergie Skincare & Mineral Makeup

*Max and Me Meant Mia del Mar MOA Magic Organic Apothecary Moonlit Skincare My Magic Mud NATURATIV New Heights Naturals LLC No B.S. NUDE & NOIR COSMETICS Nude Envie Ogee *Ojai Wild Ola Tropical Apothecary by Hawaiian Body Products


Purlisse Beauty Ranavat Botanics REALHER Rouge Bunny Rouge SAHARA ROSE

SAINT Cosmetics Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics Sara Elizabeth Skincare Schique Schmidt's Naturals SEASIDE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Secret Service Beauty



Organic to Green


OSEA Malibu

Shunly Skin Care LLC

Pangea Organics


Petite Amie Skincare


Take My Face Off Te Mana Skincare The Divine Company

The Organic Skin Co THE SAGE LIFESTYLE The Sunscreen Company The Vanity Project

TRUE WILD BOTANICS Uliv Skincare Unsun Cosmetics, Inc VIE HEALING

Vital Proteins Vitruvian Man Way of Will


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


Anthology of independent be aut y



T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

B I O B O U T I Q U E BE A U T Y L A B Adsorb Beauty was founded in Osaka, Japan in 2011 by entrepreneur Osamu Maeda. Osamu learned about a compelling medical study on natural antibodies by the University of Osaka. It was discovered that the yolk of an unfertilized ostrich egg contains the highest concentration of natural antibodies in the animal kingdom. This is because the ostrich has the strongest immune system of any living animal. Antibodies neutralize skin-damaging antigens that form on the skin’s surface due to lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation issues and dry, rough skin. These antibodies are collected in a humane, sustainable process where the Ostrich is never harmed. Adsorb Beauty introduces the first natural antibody skin care to guard against environmental skin aging and help ensure smoother and healthier looking skin. adsorbbeauty.com

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


GA BRIEL With a deeply rooted belief of better-for-you products, Gabriel De Santino created a green beauty empire to enable women to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. What started as a botanical skincare company as Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. in 1992, quickly became a destination for cleaner skincare, makeup and personal care products. His hallmark brand, Gabriel was born by drawing on his personal influences and childhood experiences of homeopathic skincare practices and the basic need for better beauty. Gabriel’s classic colors and easy-to-wear products are the key principles to his mistake-proof philosophy. By infusing naturally sourced ingredients from both land and sea, Gabriel provides innovative natural beauty solutions, gorgeous color palettes and the confidence to wear vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free makeup. gabrielcosmeticsinc.com


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

K ARITÉ Karité is the brainchild of three sisters from Ghana who grew up using raw shea butter as a daily moisturizer. Karité's natural, antioxidant-rich, dermatologist-created products feature high concentrations of raw, unrefined shea butter and palm oil sourced directly from Ghana, as well as organic coconut oil. Formulated without harsh chemicals and solvents that can irritate skin, Karité products are hypoallergenic and free of synthetic dyes, silicones and parabens. mykarite.com

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


K U D A R AT Kudarat is a solutions-based natural, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free skincare company. Kudarat was born out of a major need. Beauty is profoundly connected to health and wellness and that is where Kudarat comes in. Kudarat offers beautiful gluten– and grain-free formulations that work in harmony with the body, providing results, without compromise. Kudarat is changing the face of the beauty industry, redefining what beauty itself means. Kudarat is a Hindi word that literally means “nature”. Kudarat’s ingredients have all been personally hand-selected by the founder for their safety, efficacy, and functionality. The trio of face products have been developed with powerful plant-actives highly prized for their skin-loving benefits that leave the skin visibly rejuvenated and with a healthy glow. Wendi Sudhakar, Kudarat’s Founder, is on a mission to educate women on the absolute importance of gluten- and grain-free beauty as well as provide support to the industry. Kudarat. Nature. Soul. Spirit. kudaratskincare.com


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

L A S IR Ăˆ NE , M A R INE C O L L A G E N La Sirène Beauty Collagen is a dietary beauty supplement that is safe and beneficial for women and men. It is made in Japan from Marine Collagen that is sustainably sourced from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Collagen itself is derived from the scales of Wild Caught Tilapia and converted into an easily ingestible powdered form that's perfectly measured at 5 grams and conveniently packaged for onthe-go use. La Sirène's Beauty Collagen formulations work to replenish the natural collagen in your body. As the Japanese have known for centuries, by supplementing with Marine Collagen the aging process can be significantly slowed down and the youthful look of the skin, hair, and nails can be improved and maintained for a lifetime. Choose from 100% Natural Marine Collagen, Blueberry with Acai Extract and Co Q10, Orange with Vitamins C, E and Co Q10 or indulge in the Treasure Collection to experience all three. lasirenebeauty.com

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


L A G U N A HE R B A L S Laguna Herbals is a developer of herbal products for face, bath and body using certified organic, wildcrafted, mineral and non-gmo ingredients. Their products are inspired by age-old traditions using ingredients touted in herbal skincare for more than a century. Many of their products are crafted with plant-based ingredients and are infused with herbal extracts that boast skin cell regeneration, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that will beautify the skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. All ingredients are sourced from local farms in Southern California and the West coast. Their highly effective formulas are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals and synthetic dyes and fragrances. lagunaherbals.com


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

L A NIM A LANIMA is a sanctuary of high-performance skincare that touches all the notes—potent, principled, and pure. Mindfullycreated, this ritual-worthy collection curates a nomadic journey of ethically-sourced, active ingredients long coveted for their powerful healing and regenerative properties. Each bottle weaves a tale of wanderlusty formulas rooted in ancient discovery, indigenous ingredients and time-honored beauty rituals that transport you to natural habitats across the globe. Luxurious micropowders, exquisitely-scented botanicals, mineral-rich clays and nourishing roots conspire for spa-like results at home. Embodying a ‘kindred souled’ philosophy, LANIMA is deeply committed to fostering a connection to Earth's sacred bounty and the cultures that protect it. LANIMA consciously sources from sustainable farmers and supports female artisans around the world, including a partnership with a cooperative in Rwanda which empowers women with sustainable skills to thrive. All products are made from organic and wild-harvested ingredients, 100% Vegan and free from water, fillers or synthetic preservatives. lanimaskin.com

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


M A A P IL IM Maapilim are the makers of grooming essentials from the Great Sea, which is the historical name of the Mediterranean. Maapilim is offering a wide range of products for men, which created with the region’s iconic natural oils and extracts, that are known for their benefits to the skin and hair. These ingredients have been used in the area for thousands of years as it was part of the spice route connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe. Maapilim aims to bring this historical knowledge into the products using innovative technologies that combine the best of the past and the present. Maapilim laid its roots in 2015 in Tel Aviv, on the balmy coast of the Great Sea. Inspired by the city’s electric energy, Maapilim set out to create products that reflect life here: vibrant, lush, and defined by the tide. maapilim.com


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

MY MAGIC MUD My Magic MudÂŽ is the industry leader in activated charcoal oral care. My Magic Mud's Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder and Toothpastes polish and deeply clean your teeth and gums. My Magic MudÂŽ has undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety and effectiveness and is endorsed by many dentists and natural health professionals. My Magic Mud's products are made with high quality ingredients that serve a purpose, including: activated coconut shell charcoal, bentonite clay, certified organic coconut oil, nonGMO xylitol, and certified organic essential oils. My Magic Mud's Activated Charcoal Oral Rinse is gentle, effective, alcohol -free, and promotes optimal oral hygiene. Available in two flavors, Classic Mint and Cinnamon, are formulated for fresh, kissable breath. mymagicmud.com

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N O B. S . The beauty industry has exploited insecurities and masked synthetic ingredients for far too long. With all of the bullshi*t floating around, from the impossibly perfect media portrayals to the unsustainable products people buy and that’s why No B.S. was created. It’s a bold brand that strips away all the bullsh*t to present a new kind of skincare. They take it back to basics without the stuff you don’t need. As a brand, they’re living their truth with every one of their products, from animal-free testing, to a focus on positive employee relations and honest advertising. The No B.S. mission is to blur the lines between gender, age and race because skin is skin. No B.S. has simplified the skin care routine by filling every bottle with potent formulas and clean ingredients to ensure healthy, beautiful skin all while saving customers time and money. livenobs.com


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OGEE Ogee is a 100% natural, NSF-certified organic luxury skincare brand, based in the heart of eco-conscious Vermont. The collection features a range of products containing the newest discoveries in the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients and cutting-edge formulations. Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, the brand’s hero ingredient, bio-mimics the skin’s naturally produced sebum oil for easy absorption to replenish dry skin, balance moisture, and regulate oil production. Each core product within the collection harnesses the immense nourishing benefits of Jojoba Oil; the Jojoba Restore Face Oil provides lightweight yet ample hydration, the silky Sculpted Lip Oil softens and smooths, and the Jojoba Hydration Day Cream delivers customized, climate-adaptive moisturization. Ogee practices sustainability through the commitment to ethical and fair business practices, a strict no animal-testing policy, and fosters the widespread adoption and improvement of organic farming systems through proud support of the Organic Farming Research Foundation. ogee.com

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018


P R A N A S PA C E U T I C A L S Prana SpaCeuticals™ is a revolutionary skin-care line created by Cherie Dobbs, President and CEO of Dermastart, Inc. She has made it her mission to produce products that rejuvenate the face and body as well as become a catalyst for other businesses to discover new trends in spa care. “​ Prana” adapted its name from the Sanskrit for “breath” and is a concept used in Ayurvedaand Yoga techniques. According to Veda philosophy, it is the concept that there is a force that sustains life and energy in all living beings. Prana SpaCeuticals™ intends on being the energy that will “Breathe Life into Your Skin” through the use of invigorating, natural ingredients that have been specially formulated to target unique skin concerns. Acne, Rosacea, hyper-pigmentation and anti-aging treatments are all available through Prana’s product line. Additionally, Prana SpaCeuticals™ offers a retail line of natural products. pranaspaceuticals.com


T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

SÉL I A & C O SÉLIA & CO. believes you and your skin deserve better. The skincare products are as pure as they come to maximize the benefits of incorporating tea into your daily skin routine. Each product emphasizes on the skin properties of a different tea variety. Featured vegan tea masks: [BRIGHTENS] Peppermint + Green Tea Mask: Naturally brightens and revitalizes dull skin without dehydrating. It’s perfect for softening dark spots and blemishes. [EXFOLIATES] Rose + Rooibos Tea Mask: Rooibos tea is a natural source of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). It gently removes dead skin cells and restores your natural glow with Vitamin C from organic rosehips. [HEALS] Lavender + Black Tea Mask: Contains finely ground organic lavender to deep cleanse and disinfect your pores. Black tea boosts skin regeneration with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. SÉLIA & CO. is brilliant in its simplicity: fragrance-free, non-toxic and no artificial preservatives — ever. seliaandco.com

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S K INK I C K SkinKick is the natural alternative to products like ProActiv that use strong acids to clear skin. SkinKick targets millennials and their mothers who have blemishes and hormonal breakouts. SkinKick eliminated the 60+ year old “benzoyl peroxide / salicylic acid� system and created an innovative 2-Step product that is the only natural blemish relief in the world that includes clinically proven anti-aging ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest. The skin is left calm, refreshed and glowing. The requirement for a 3rd step to calm the skin is eliminated because SkinKick does not use strong acids or chemicals that aggravate the skin. SkinKick is Naturally Smart: it’s made with 99% natural ingredients by brilliant scientists. It works for all ages and skin types including sensitive skin because it is really natural. SkinKick cares about your skin, your mind and your life. Life after blemishes is awesome with SkinKick! skinkick.com


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T HE S U N S C R E E N C O MPA N Y The Sunscreen CompanyTM is looking to bring you the best sunscreen in the world and the cosmetics to match. It’s a bold mission from a company that has spent the last 10 years specializing in zinc oxide sunscreens that are as protective as they are beautiful to wear. With 3 great product lines, Natrèceutique, CyberDERM and Ava Isa they have found a way to formulate 14 products and counting that are highly curated without feeling minimalistic. They bridge 4 areas of expertise, including dermatology and endocrinology (the study of hormonal health). With their patent-pending innovation in sunscreen formulation and their 4 unique sunscreens, they are going to revolutionize the sunscreen industry. It is a new day in sunscreen formulations, and The Sunscreen CompanyTM is going to be the company that will let you and your loved ones live in the light. thesunscreencompany.com

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Press Attendees A Gorgeously Green Life Alegria magazine Ali Carbajal Allure Amber’s Notebook American Made Beauty American Spa Apple News April Bautista Arikasato BarbieBeth Basmati Beauty in a Min Beauty Launchpad Beauty Store Business BeautyNewsNYC Beyond Black + White Black-ish Bond En Avant Boulevard Bustle C magazine CaFleureBon Carissaferreri Cassandra.co Cassandrakathlee Chasing August Chrishanxoxo Christian Marc ClevverTV Cosmetic Design Coucoujolie Currently Crushing


Danielle Cuccio Dawn’s Corner DAYSPA Magazine Dennaya Famous Destination Luxury E! Online Ellen Kim Entertainment Tonight Entrepreneur Fashion Snoops Fashion Trends Daily Fat Mascara Focus on Fashion Retail Focus on Hair Forbes French Vogue Full Coverage podcast German Blondy Get Loved Up Glamour Glow Girl Gypset magazine Haute Living Healing Lifestyles + Spas Hello Giggles Hollywood Game Night Huffington Post Hype Hair Idees_de_mode Kelsey Patel Kyliebee LA Times

LA Weekly LaPalme magazine LeafTV LeydyLikeDuh Livestrong Lucire Make Mag Marblelouslypetite Marie Claire Marwaatik Melanie Inglessis MissHandly Mixed Makeup Mom.me Mommy in Los Angeles MSN MyTopThingsss Namastshay Nancythi Natch Beaut NEWBEAUTY Nikki Providence Noteblair NPR Obsessee Oby.grace OMG Bren P+L Media Peclers Paris PopBuff PopSugar Pretty Connected Questex

Racked Refinery29 Revolve Robin Plotnick Romy Raves Rouge Artists Sara on the Internet Sazan Hendrix Scandal Serein Wu Southern California Public Radio Spafax Spy.com Stylecaster Sweety High Teri Miyahira The Allure Diaries The Arriviste The Beauty Professor The Chalkboard Mag The Daily Jenny The Glow Getter The Grateful Gardenia The Hollywood Reporter The Modern Day Girlfriend The Organic Bunny The Pretty Pimple The Product Agent The Rogue Magazine The Sexy

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

Environmentalist The Style Segment The True Spoon Thoughtfully magazine Travelinaf UncoverLA US Lifestyle Weekly Violet Grey Viva Glam Magazine Vogue Vogue.com Washington Times Well + Good West Hollywood Life Whalerock Industries: Kardashian + Jenner Apps What’s Trending WHERE Los Angeles Wisdom in Beauty Xavier Brinkman Yoso Wellness Zombie Unicorn

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Retail Attendees 2nd Street Beauty Ace Hotel And Swim Club ADARA Skin & Beautique Agape Folsom, LLC. Agape Love LLC AILLEA Akoya Derma Spa Amazon American Made Beauty An Uplifted Day Angelicabbeauty Aquelarre Shop Atelier Upton Organic Salon Attariat Auberge du Soleil Babyspace Inc. Back to Basics, LLC barre3 BAZAR be. Natural Beauty Beauty + Glow Beauty Balm Studio & Boutique Beauty Beyond Beauty Collection Beauty Depot Beauty Heroes Beauty Mark Begins with Skin Bella Faccia Skincare & Pilates BellaBar Béni Bespoke Aesthetics Best OMD Beven Sangi Skin Fitness Ocean Retreat

Bluestem Brands, Inc. Blush & Black Blush Skin Bar Blush With Green Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge Bon-Ton Botanica Bazaar Brentwood Beauty Atelier Brow Down Studio Buff Wax Spot Inc. Bunny Feather Beauty Cali-j INC Career Academy of Beauty Charlene Goodman Holistic skin cindy o'brien aesthetics Classy Nails Spa Boutique Clean Beauty Mart Clean Routine Beauty, LLC Cos Bar Costco Wholesale Credo Crimson Day Spa Cult Beauty Cupcakes and Cashmere CVTD Beauty DankGals Dermstore Digits Nail Bar Diosa Box DoreeХs habit eight Enchanted Retailing LLC EnviouSkin Erewhon Market

Esthetica Skin Care FabFitFun Inc. Face Haus Face Reality Acne Clinic FaceWest Feelunique Flaunt Beauty Center Flybrow Forex Cargo Inc. FORTY FIVE TEN Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara Francesca's Free People Get Threaded GirlStar Glow Gjusta Goods Glam spa by Shannique Glo Limited Goop Green Line Beauty Grove & Baker Gypsy Soul Market Box h2o closet Hammam Spa Harlow Atelier Hello Salon Pro Hemlock Park HiLovely Hush, Inc Hydro Kitty Iaem Beauty Ilala imomoko ipsy

T H E I N D I E B E A U T Y E X P O A N T H O L O G Y | V O L U M E I V, I S S U E 1 | L O S A N G E L E S 2 018

Jade Holistic Spa JD LUXE Jenni Kayne Jennifer Charm Inc Jill Roberts JOYCE BEAUTY HONG KONG LTD Julia Cantu Skincare Karl the Store KITSCH Kolya Naturals L & R Beauty Club La Stella Blu LABLISS LLC LADYGANG PRODUCTIONS LLC Le Brow Bar Len Collective Lena Rose Beauty Lettuce Shoppe Lilikoi Luxe Local Nomad Los Angeles Athletic Club LOVE GOODLY luckyscent Mabuhay Manzana Studio Mary Christmas Skincare Marynn B Honey Waxing & Beauty Studio Massage Envy LLC MedAltus, LLC Meleesa The Salon Inc Mendocino Clothing Company Ltd. Metamorphosis Day Spa


Retail Attendees Mila Artistry milk + honey Millennium day spa Mimis beauty supply MissPalettable Mochi Beaute Mode Mooi Makeup & Beauty Studio Musely Naimies Naked Poppy Natural Avenue Natural Body Spa Neiman Marcus ninesis No Tox Life Nordstrom Not Without Salt Shop OCBased Skincare OHFSHOP Ohmbiance Holistic Skin Care & Wellness Organic Spa Inc OZ international Palm Pearlesque Box Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Plain Jane Posy Inc. Planet Beauty Poppy & Monroe Porefessionals Skincare & Boutique Proper Puss INC. Queya Beauty Quinstance


Ra Yoga Radiance Wellness Spa Rainbow Bridge RB Spa & Beauty Reed Clarke REVOLVE Riley Rose Ron Robinson ROOTS the Beauty Underground Ross Stores rue21 Safe & Chic Sally Beauty Mexico Sally Beauty Supply SalonCentric Seialoha Sephora Sesen Spa Share & Do Good Sheraton/Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa-Ocean Pearl Spa Shop Good ShopLC Shoppers Drug Mart Sleek Shop Spa Calamigos @ Calamigos Guest Ranch Spa on Penn Spa Riviera Inc, dba Spa Barona Spa Sophia Sportique Stella Skin Sundrops Nail Spot sweet to the soul Synergy Global Exchange

The Beauty Marketplace Inc. The Beauty Strip The Brow Bar The Detox Market The Herbal Face Food The Hut Group The Now The Now Massage The Salon by b.glen The Soul Project The Spa at Litchfield Hills The Spa at Terranea Resort The Wicked Hair Thrive Market Tillys TJX Companies TJX Europe Tobi Tranquility skin and body care TReSs Apothecary + Salon True Beauty Collective True Waxology & Skincare Urban Med Spa W3LL PEOPLE Walmart Wanderful Boxes WE ARE ONYX Whole Foods Market Willowtree Market Yara Beauty Yoso Wellness Spa Zulily

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OF BUYERS SURVEYED ANSWERED YES when asked if they plan on carrying any of the brands they discovered at IBE LA 2018.

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May 10, 2018

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IBE LA 2018 Anthology of Independent Beauty  

Digital recap of IBE LA 2018

IBE LA 2018 Anthology of Independent Beauty  

Digital recap of IBE LA 2018

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