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K U D A R AT Kudarat is a solutions-based natural, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free skincare company. Kudarat was born out of a major need. Beauty is profoundly connected to health and wellness and that is where Kudarat comes in. Kudarat offers beautiful gluten– and grain-free formulations that work in harmony with the body, providing results, without compromise. Kudarat is changing the face of the beauty industry, redefining what beauty itself means. Kudarat is a Hindi word that literally means “nature”. Kudarat’s ingredients have all been personally hand-selected by the founder for their safety, efficacy, and functionality. The trio of face products have been developed with powerful plant-actives highly prized for their skin-loving benefits that leave the skin visibly rejuvenated and with a healthy glow. Wendi Sudhakar, Kudarat’s Founder, is on a mission to educate women on the absolute importance of gluten- and grain-free beauty as well as provide support to the industry. Kudarat. Nature. Soul. Spirit.


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