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6th December | 09:00 - 11:00


The Trinity of Independents // Music, Film & Media 6th December | 11:00 (1 hr) | Venue: Sansara An EarthSync initiative, IndiEarth was born to support India’s independent musicians and filmmakers. Through a multi-dimensional framework, IndiEarth connects India’s artists and worldwide Media and organizes resources for the development of artists and the industry.

The opening session lays the ground for the three days of IndiEarth XChange 2013’s focus on looking forward and finding solutions by the coming together of culture professionals, entities and the inseparable siblings - media, film and music. A bird’s eye view of Indian contexts, international perspectives, the revolution waiting in the wings. Speakers: Sonya Mazumdar (EarthSync - IN), Ankur Malhotra (Amarrass – IN)

Mixed Culture Music: That Which Is Not “Pure” MUSIC, MEDIA


6th December | 12:00 (1 hr) | Venue: Sansara

Online platform connecting India’s non-mainstream artists and worldwide Media, promotion, and other tools and resources for the independent musician and filmmaker.

Diaspora, mixed and urban cultures bring traditional roots to their new identities, often creating a contemporary interpretation of folk and classical traditions in their musical expressions. In the Indian context, are contemporary interpretations of traditional music actually more in demand, or is it the commercials that dictate its growth?

Speakers: Varun Desai (Little I – IN), Karthik Iyer (Violinist – IN), Vasuda Sharma (Musician – IN)


Trade Conference and Showcase Festival of independent music and film, XChange provides professional platform for global exchange, collaboration and opportunities for artists and professionals, with a focus on developing networks in India, Asia, and the Indian Ocean region.


A sustainable collective of networks and music markets in India and the region for Indian and international artists. The IndiEarth Project is a growing collective of artists and multi-country professionals joining hands to walk new paths in a fast changing landscape of the music industry.

Venue (2014)

A state-of-the art venue in Chennai, South India, for India’s independent artists for performances, screenings, rehearsals, residencies, technical training, and a regional home venue for international partnerships.

Growing The Space - Venues MUSIC, FILM 6th December | 14:30 (2 hrs) Venue: Sansara

The backbone of the arts, Indian venues talk about landscape changes, roads they pursue for growth and their programming ethos. The think-thank session explores if India could adapt European collaborative models and networks to suit local conditions, and how perhaps a venue network would create the traction for industry and regulatory change – either through a collective, innovation, or audience development. Speakers: Khodu Irani (High Spirits – IN), Nikhil Borua (The Humming Tree – IN), Arnaud Monnier (EMB – FRA), Fernando de Sousa (Casa del Musica – PT), Jean Noel Bigotti (Fracama – FR)


FRIDAY Copyright and Artist Revenues MUSIC 6th December | 16:30 (1.5 hrs) Venue: Sansara | MUSIC

Recent developments suggest that the Indian entertainment business is beginning to embrace the need for better understanding of copyright by creators and the legal frameworks surrounding their creative professions, in an effort to protect their work and maximize revenues... A closer look at how copyright knowledge can be career making and empowering. Speakers: Atul Churamani (OnMobile – IN), Manojna Yeluri (Artistik License – IN)

Editor’s Secret: Creating a Story from Raw Footage Workshop

Setting Up A Home Studio Workshop 6th December | 15:00 (2 hrs) Venue: Chandra

In this workshop, Didier Weiss will guide you through setting up your own home studio, focusing on acoustics, ergonomics, layout, and monitoring. About the session, Didier says: “There are some affordable DIY solutions to bring professional studio acoustics and aesthetics to your home setup. We’re going to detail some of the problems you might encounter and, of course, the solutions for a great recording, mixing and monitoring home environment”. Presenter: Didier Weiss (Sound Wizard - IN)

6th December | 11:00 (2 hrs) Venue: Chandra

Arturo Calvete will conduct a hands-on, 2 hour workshop on tips and insider information from the edit table. The workshop will cover a wide range of topics - from sculpting a story from raw footage, creating a concept, and laying down a storyboard, to addressing the challenges of working with different qualities of footage. Ramakrishna D. - editor and DOP - will use the film Surfing Covelong Point to demonstrate the challenges of filming and editing a documentary film. Presenters: Arturo Calvete (Film Director, Senior Editor, R2RO - UK), D. Ramakrishnan (DOP, Editor – IN)

Radio Speak – The Medium Is The Message MUSIC

6th December | 16:30 - 18:00 (1.5 hrs) Venue: Surya Regulations, Innovations & Music Delivery - Is the landscape of the radio scene in India actually changing? Independent music radios talk about how they reach their listeners, what they see coming and if regulatory challenges restrain them. The conversation will also explore ways to develop new listeners and widen the scope of programming. Speakers: Nitin Rajan (Planet Radio City – IN), Mahadevan Kalyanaraman (Radio Flote – IN), Rohan Sen (Chennai Live – IN), Kate Welsman (TripleR – AU)


Saturday Artist Management in the New Frontier of the Global Business of Music MUSIC 7th December | 10:30 (1 hr) | Venue: Sansara

Where the power used to rest solely with the multinational record companies and labels, today it rests with the managers, bringing great opportunities for managers and with that, a greater responsibility on the managers to the artists they represent. The panel will discuss all aspects of artist management, with specific focus on independent artists with international fan bases. Speakers: Brian Dubb (Dubb Management – AU), Rishu Singh (ennui.BOMB – IN), Emmanuelle De Decker (Gatecrash – IN)

The Social Documentary - Making The Connect FILM 7th December | 11:00 (2 hrs) | Venue: Surya

The social documentary filmmaker creates a visual narrative that needs to engage with the audience - to impact, change, create awareness or educate. Between the storytelling and the audience lies the crucial craft of how the visual narrative is delivered through techniques in production and post, the play between. Speakers: Miriam Chandy Menacherry (Filament Pictures – IN), Ayesha Sood (Jamun – IN), Arturo Calvete (R2RO – UK), Irantzu Lauhingfan (Blueberry Creative – UK)

The World of Sampling: Insider Tips on Recording In the Field Workshop 7th December | 11:00 (2 hrs) | Venue: Chandra

This workshop will explore the world of both indoor and field recording and how to incorporate these samples into your productions - offering practical tips and information on recording samples, working and recording in unpredictable environments on field, and the final process of post production in the studio. A showcase of work and insights into music production process on field, and unique recording/mixing techniques, with examples from personal experiences gathering samples for the EarthMoments audio bundles, and working on projects such as award winning documentary Laya Project, and from performing live as Business Class Refugees. Presenter: Yotam Agam (EarthSync – IL/IN), Patrick Sebag (Musician – IL), Yoav Rosenthal (EarthSync – IL)

Urban Culture Journalism – Objective Reporting or Shaping Perceptions? MEDIA 7th December | 11:30 (1.5 hrs) | Venue: Sansara

Urban culture often finds its expression through a variety of non-traditional forms of media - blogs, social media, online radio stations. While offering a platform of empowerment for urban youth, beyond the more traditional forms of print/visual media, is urban culture journalism specifically confined to youth culture? Is it objective reporting, or are these platforms predominantly opinion based outlets that shape the perceptions of their readers/viewers/listeners? Non-mainstream, “minority’ programming, reach, growing a future audience - what is urban culture journalism about? Speakers: Mandovi Menon (Homegrown – IN), Arjun S Ravi (NH7 – IN), Anuradha Anant (Media/Theatre– IN), Munbir Chawla (The Wild City – IN)

Spain Calling - WOMEX 2014 MUSIC, FILM, MEDIA 7th December | 15:00 (30 mins) Venue: Sansara

WOMEX 2014 producer Vitor Belho speaks on his production ideas for WOMEX 2014 being hosted in Santiago de Compostela/Galicia, the impact of such events on local development, and exploring ways for a larger Indian representation at WOMEX. Speaker: Vitor Belho (Nordesia Productions, WOMEX 2014 - ES)


Saturday A Brief Address: Initiatives for India’s Independent Cinema – 2014 FILM 7th December | 14:30 (10 mins) | Venue: Surya

Speaker: Virendar Kundu (Director General, Films Division of India – IN)

Featuring The Short FILM

7th December | 14:45 (1.5 hrs) | Venue: Surya Delving into the world of short films, the makers of shorts discuss related technologies, festivals and platforms through which they reach and engage with audiences. How do short filmmakers distribute and market their films and generate revenue from their art? Speakers: Gitanjali Rao (Filmmaker - IN), Rajarshi Basu (Nikon) (Filmmaker – IN), Anirban Dutta (Amnesian - IN)

The Artist’s Brand: Does Image Matter? Workshop 7th December | 15:00 (2 hrs) | Venue: Chandra

How important is an artist’s image? Whether it’s on stage, in photo shoots, videos, or social media - the brand image of an artist often plays a significant role in how people perceive artists and their music. This workshop will offer perspectives from different wings of the industry on how they view an artist’s brand image. They will also offer insights to artists on successfully developing a brand, and practical tools that can be used to facilitate this – from press kits and merchandise, to styling, stage persona, and overall appearance/style. Speakers: Sapna Bhavnani (Mad O Wot – IN), Romuald Requena (Sakifo – RU), Fabio Battistetti (Photographer – IN/IT)

Cross Media Explorations MUSIC, FILM

7th December | 16:30 (1 hr) | Venue: Surya Cross Media Explorations Innovation, cross-genres, multi-media. Artistic expressions. Spaces.

Four Festivals - Worldwide MUSIC

7th December | 15:30 (2 hrs) | Venue: Sansara Four successful festivals from different parts of the world and varied programming give insight into their artistic and programming policies, audience development and how they keep it fresh; their expectations from international artists and programmers, and joining the logistical dots. The session also explores Indian programming at international festivals. Speakers: Alan Tweedie (Arts InterActions - UK), Kwo-Kwan So (Hong Kong Arts Festival - HK), Arjun S Ravi (NH7 – IN), Jérome Galabert (Sakifo - RU), Dro Kilndjian (MARSATAC -FR)


SUNDAY The Independent Programmer MUSIC 8th December | 10:30 (1 hr) Venue: Surya

An inside look at how independent programmers approach their work, what it entails working with festivals, how to open closed doors, trend spotting, and some hands on approaches to collaborations and commissioned work. Speaker: Jody Ackland (IE), Christian Allex (FR)

Storytelling or Telling Stories? MUSIC, FILM, MEDIA

8th December | 11:30 (1.5 hr) | Venue: Sansara Cultural warriors of sorts, music, film and media have long been the voices for awareness, cultural realities, and social change. How do the real stories get told for maximum social impact; how is the line drawn between hard-hitting narratives and sensationalism? Speakers: Divya Bhatia (Jodhpur Riff – IN), Sudhir Mishra (Filmmaker – IN), Israel Wysinger (USOFMUSIC – US), Sudhish Kamath (Journalist/Filmmaker - IN)

Tailoring Performances to Connect With Your Listener MUSIC - Workshop 8th December | 12:00 (1 hr) Venue: Chandra

Networking Sessions

8th December | 11:00 (1 hr) Venue: Surya

Prasanna will share and demonstrate his thoughts on how musicians can connect with their audiences. He will discuss how no two gigs are the same, and will demonstrate live the way he tailor makes his performance to the nature of the audience present at the gig on that evening. Presenter: Prasanna (SAM – IN)

Networking Sessions

8th December | 14:30 (2 hrs) | Venue: Surya

Sounding Good on a Budget Workshop

Bad Video or No Video? MUSIC - Workshop

In this workshop, guitarist Ed DeGenaro will demonstrate specific techniques and tips on how to sound good both in live performances and studio recordings, without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money. He will go into details of working with the gear you have, how to get most out of the budget you have at your disposal, and insider tips on surviving in an ever changing industry.

Can video content make or break an artist’s career? Many artists create video content to promote their music, but often end up creating low budget, low quality videos. Is it still possible to make good quality videos on low budgets? This workshop with independent filmmaker Ayesha Sood will delve into specific case studies and examples, in order to help artists/musicians prepare their own lists of what to do and what not to do when it comes to releasing and posting video content.

Presenter: Ed DeGenaro (SAM – IN)

Presenter: Ayesha Sood (Jamun – IN)

8th December | 11:00 (1 hr) Venue: Chandra

8th December | 14:30 (1 hr) | Venue: Chandra

SUNDAY The Real Picture FILM

8th December | 14:30 (1.5 hrs) | Venue: Sansara Four independent filmmakers speak about how they go about funding, post production, screenings and distribution. Speakers: Shazia Khan (Saffron Films - IN), Leena Manimekalai (White Van Stories - IN), Anamitra Roy (One Rupee Film Project - IN), Hemant Gaba (Pennywise Films - IN)

Ableton Live - From Production to Performance MUSIC - Workshop 8th December | 15:30 (1 hr) | Venue: Chandra

This workshop will detail the versatility of the software Ableton Live and how it can be utilized for live performances. It will cover everything from the basics of beginning a new project, to utilizing basic elements - drums, bass and melody - to create a track. It will also detail how to maximize the advantages of Ableton in live performance situations, and how it can enable spontaneity on stage. Presenter: Nucleya (Musician – IN)

SoundLab Artist Showcase: The Grand Finale MUSIC - Workshop 8th December | 16:30 (1 hr) | Venue: Sansara

Border Movement & IndiEarth are hosting SoundLab from December 5th–8th – a workshop with German based electro mentors Robot Koch and TL Mazumdar that delves into digital music production and hands on production skills. The 4 day workshop being held at the Goethe Institut will explore areas including composition and production, to mixing and live performance. After taking in entries from musicians to be featured in this collaborative project, the final SoundLab finale presentation will be showcased on December 8th at the IndiEarth XChange 2013. Presenters: Robot Koch (DE), TL Mazumdar (DE)


12:45 / Out There Stage An effort to marry poetry and acoustic instruments with the infinite sonic palette of electronic instruments and textures; always keeping the nature of the performance live, animate, organic. The poetry and music speak of experiences that are introspective observations, personal perspectives and remembrances - and also of contemplation, conscience, emotions and thoughts - reflections from an intrinsically Indian urban existence in the form of song and poetry.

Mahesh Vinaykram (IN) 13:30 / Out There Stage

Mahesh Vinayakram, son of the Grammy award winner Padmashri T.H Vikku Vinayakram, and a UNESCO millennium awardee himself, has travelled extensively worldwide. Today Mahesh is a leading Carnatic and world music artist. His career began at the age of 12 with the opportunity to take lessons from Gurus like Shri H.Y. Narayanan, Shri O.S. Thiagarajan and Smt. Radhaviswanathan daughter of Bharth Rathna M.S. Subbulakshmi. Mahesh has worked with world class musicians including Ustad Zakir Hussain , Steve Smith, Pete Lockett and Nitin Sawhney on many collaborative fusion projects.



Runa Rizvi (IN)

20:00 / Out There Stage Runa is a Classically trained singer excelling in the genres of Ghazal, Sufi, Folk and Thumri. Born in the heritage of Kalavant Gharana, Runa started singing at the age of 6, and trained under her father - Guru Rajkumar Rizvi - the world renowned Ghazal Ustad & mother Indrani Rizvi, an Indian Classical vocalist herself. Runa showcases a unique blend of Classical Bengali and Rajasthani music through her versatile, powerful yet serene voice.

Mystik Vibes (IN) 20:45 / Sansara

Mystik Vibes is a cross-cultural band based in Bangalore, India – a collaboration between Hindustani Tabla player / percussionist Muthu Kumar, Carnatic flautist Amith Nadig, jazz pianist / electronic keyboardist Aman Mahajan and French electric bass player Mishko M’ba. Each musician is a solo artist in his own right, who has performed internationally at many festivals and stages. As a result, the band’s sound, though rooted in Indian tradition, is tinged with cultural and contemporary musical influences from around the world.

Astroblack (AU) 22:30 / Leather Bar

With Cuban, Native and African American roots, Los Angeles born, Australian based, Astro Black is often called “the DJ’s DJ”. Well known for his seamless blend of genres and party rocking sets, he has rocked crowds in USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Morocco supporting some of Australia’s finest Hip Hop acts including: The Funkoars, Thundamentals, Layla and Dazastah, Dialectrics, Drapht, DNA and Solex and BOMBS AWAY.




Robot Koch (DE)

22:30 / Leather Bar Hailing from Berlin, Robot Koch has an international reputation as being “One of Europe`s finest producers of the beat generation” (Low End Theory, LA), but he is much more than a beat maker. Koch released several albums and EPs since 2009 on Labels like Bpitch Control, Project Mooncircle and toured internationally, playing shows and festivals in the US and all over Europe. Koch played Clubshows and bigger Festivals all over Europe, USA, Asia and Russia.

Tritonik (MU)

21:30 / Out There Stage

< MUSIC The Bicycle Days (IN) 23:15 / Sansara

The Bicycle Days are an alternative band based in Bangalore, India. The band is a confluence of varied approaches to music and the idea of a song. Calamitunes their first LP is the expression that contains their perception of the contemporary world. There are social commentaries, dialogues, soundscapes, haunting vocals, opinions and plenty of elements to connect with at their live performances.

Sky Rabbit (IN) 00:15 / Sansara

Eric Triton (Guitar & Vocals) teams up with Norbert Planel (Cajon) and Shakti Ramchurn (Tabla) for an entirely unique take on Mauritian Blues; the very essence of Tritonik. Their soulful music combines Blues grooves spiced with African Rhythms and Indian percussion for a rare experience that they proudly claim. Oozing with raw Mauritian energy, the sounds produced by this powerful trio, will leave you hungry for more.

Mumbai-based Sky Rabbit (formerly known as Medusa) defines their sound as electronic/alternative. A formidable quartet of Mumbai’s most gifted youth, Raxit (Vocals/Samples), Rahul (Guitar/ Samples),Siddharth (Bass) and Harsh (Drums) have stumbled upon something unique, merging electronica with indie and post-punk styles.

French Cowboy & The One (FR)

Hashback Hashish (IN)

22:15 / Sansara

French Cowboy & The One started around 2010 as the live version of French Cowboy, a solo act that made waves around France in 2007. The duo that form French Cowboy & The One - Federico Pellegrini (Guitar, Vocals) and Eric Pifeteau (Drummer) explore Garage Disco Punk, a fused genre, comprising heavily of fuzz guitars, drums, loops, claps, delays and vocals to provide the audience with a memorable live experience.

01:00 / Pasha

Firmly rooted in the minimalist tradition, the Hashback Hashish narrative offers something for electronic music fans across the spectrum. Since 2005, Ashish has been perfecting his craft, both as a producer and a performer. Eight years in, his musical vision can be heard from SXSW to Delhi, and everywhere in between; working with producers as diverse as Da Fresh to fellow Delhi electronica alumnus Audio Pervert.




T. L. Mazumdar (ft Jivraj Singh) (IN/DE) 20:00 / Out There Stage

Dayglocrazie (IN)

12:45 / Out There Stage New singer/ songwriter from Assam/ New Delhi, Dayglocrazie can be found jamming on the streets of New Delhi. In this digital age of mindless MDMA trips, Dayglocrazie dives deep, seeking the roots of our human existence. Alone, singing with only a guitar - no embellishments nor fireworks: his music moves and aims to take the soul closer to the source.

Indo-German experimental Singer-Songwriter/Keyboardist/Composer T.L. Mazumdar grew up on three different continents always in search of sounds. His music is a marriage of the songwriters obsession for lyricism with the cutting edge and improvisatory spirit of a Jazz musician who uses Electronica as a vehicle to play the same song differently every night. A special collaboration with drummer and percussionist Jivraj Singh is what’s in store at the IndiEarth XChange 2013.

Anthony Dassan (IN) 20:45 / Sansara

Anthony Dassan, a folk artist from Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, doesn’t just sing, but dances, acts, plays a number of instruments, and even does acrobatics! Anthony Dassan Yen Party conceptualised in 2012, has come a long way from the small South Indian village, making waves across the non-mainstream music industry in India. Backed by Nadaswaram, Tapatam, Drums and Guitars, this Rock-meets-local-Folk music act is guaranteed to get you grooving and dancing.

Amrit Rao (IN)

13:30 / Out There Stage Amrit Rao, a Singer, Songwriter and Composer with a background in Carnatic music loves to experiment with western music styles and explore various genres like Rock, Blues, Progressive Rock, Electronica, Underground and Alternative music. Known for his flamboyant and high energy live performances, Amrit writes and composes his own songs both in Tamil and English, taking inspiration from social issues and the life around him. He is currently working on a five-track EP with multiple producers and looking to take his project live across India.

WILD CITY NIGHT (Big City Harmonics/ Moniker) (IN) 22:30 / Leather Bar

Pune based Rohan Hastak creates Big City Harmonics’ sound using heavily layered atmospherics, chopped up funk beats, distorted vocals, trip hop grooves and deep basslines. Big City Harmonics’ live set promises glimpses from his debut album Foreward. The album is packed with high energy Electronic dance music and traces of unorthodox music instrumentation including horns, Tabla and Sarang. Wild City DJ a.k.a Moniker spins anything from hip-hop, garage, grime, bass, house and techno to alternative electronica retaining a fresh UK underground electronic sound in his shows.





Christine Salem (RUN) 21:30 / Out There Stage

Christine Salem was entranced by Maloyan music from the young age of 12. She began her musical journey by writing lyrics in Arabic circling around common terms: love, peace and wisdom. Today, Salem blends Malagasy, Comorian, Swahili and Creole, holding a hefty Kayamb reed shaker around her torso as she croons her music along with percussionists, David Abbrousse and Harry Perigone leaving the audience enchanted and spell-bound.

Frame/Frame (IN) 00:15 / Sansara

Frame/Frame a.k.a Nikhil Kaul can’t be described as the usual sound or noise. It’s a territory. It’s a scene in a movie. It’s an environment he creates. An architect of moods and spaces. He brings a fresh innovation to electronic pop, combining a kaleidoscopic arsenal of the smooth, crunchy, melodic, synthy, dirty and raw, channelling hip-hop, D&B and bass music sensibilities into a pedigree all of his own.

Business Class Refugees (IL/IN) 22:15 / Sansara

Business Class Refugees is a global, collaborative project by music producer Kartick (Patrick Sebag) and sound designer Gotam (Yotam Agam), who mix local music from around the world with electronica. The project has no end - taking their base tracks around the world, Kartick & Gotam collaborate with local musicians to overlay local artistic interpretation and signatures.

Success (FR)

23:15 / Sansara Some might call it a Divine mash up of electro-rock, Success portrays streaks of influences from Stooges to Run DMC and AC/DC to Kraftwerk, creating a very distinct sound that can be largely claimed as Success’ own. With lead vocalist Mister Eleganz along with accompanying guitars & drums, Success has indeed been successful in touring all over the world representing Reunion Island as a truly unique Artist.

Psychorigid (Feat. Audio Pervert) (RUN/IN) 01:00 / Pasha

Psychorigid from Moufia (Saint-Denis) draws influences from Punk Rock, Reggae, Pop, Eurodance and Maloya. Producing electronic music since 2008, he is well known around the islands and its local haunts. Psychorigid only plays his own compositions and refuses to play those of others (hence the nickname) with the language of Dub, the energy of Rock and Electronic components. Audio Pervert aka Samrat B. is one half of cutting edge electronica duo Teddy Boy Kill. His solo sound can be described as synth heavy, experimental electronica.


Ravi Iyer (IN)

13:15 / Out There Stage

20:00 / Out There Stage

AuroTejas Hemsell is an Anglo-Indian who has devoted her life to the study of sacred Indian Classical Dance from the tender age of 5. She has founded the Shakti Dance School located in both Auroville, South India and Colorado Springs, USA. Tejas teaches and performs Odissi, East Indian Classical Dance, and Bharatanatyam, South Indian Classical Dance, as well as Semi-Classical Bollywood Dance. AuroTejas will be accompanied by Usha a young Classical dancer from Chennai, trained in Bharatanatyam and Odissi.

It’s rare to find a guitar player that effortlessly blends Western music genres - rock and jazz - with Indian Hindustani and Carnatic Classical music. Ravi Iyer has been performing for the past 3 decades, with formal training in Indian percussion instrument Tabla and later expanding to guitar finally giving rise to his world fusion project VRAVI Guitar Fusion. Using only the specially designed guitar VRAVI, with two necks, Ravi retains the authenticity of both cultures through his fusion sets.

Pinknoise (IN) 19:15 / Sansara

PINKNOISE is the late night alter-ego of Skinny Alley. The quartet was formed in 2006 to make quirky rock and has since morphed into a search for stories in energy, language, space and consciousness. The band is currently finishing its debut studio album “The Dance Of The Diaspora”. The songs are interfaces between lullaby and rap, between temple dance and machine beat, between elephant God and grimy thug, between back-then and tomorrow.

Jayanthi Kumaresh (MU) 20:45 / Sansara

Born into a family where music has been a way of life for the past 7 generations, Dr. Jayanthi Kumeresh picked up the Veena at a tender age of 3. Today, she is recognised as one of India’s foremost Veena players, having performed worldwide in packed concerts and auditoriums for the last 30 years. A true ambassador for Indian culture and Classical music, Jayanti has collaborated with musicians across genres in renowned festivals globally, giving a new universal interpretation to the traditional instrument Veena.



MUSIC > < MUSIC Nucleya (IN)

22:30 / Leather Bar One of the early proponents of the now-popular genre of Dubstep in India, NUCLEYA has built on that start to emerge as one of the most exciting, experimental and engaging producers in the Indian scene in the past five years. He has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, focussing on sounds and textures that are Indian in sound but international in appeal. His new EP ‘Koocha Monster’ explores global BASS and cements NUCLEYA’s position as the Indian leader in the “global bass” movement, as he continues to look to the future for new sounds.

Alex Sorres (RUN)

21:30 / Out There Stage Alex Sorres is a well identified name in Reunion Island. Born in 2009, this Reunionaise Maloya and Hip Hop artist gathers his influences from Danyel Waro and Granmoun Lele amongst other acclaimed artists, to blend their genres and create something of his very own. The result: Pito mi Le, his sophomore album that has undoubtedly taken the islands by storm, proving he is an artists to be closely followed.

Shaa’ir + Func (IN) 22:15 / Sansara

Shaa’ir+Func formed in 2005, when Randolph Correia and Monica Dogra met accidentally at a party in Bombay at 5 AM. They formed Shaa’ir+Func, and proceeded to write and release 3 albums in 4 years whilst touring the world. First to last, their records are named, New Day: The Love Album, Light Tribe, and Mantis. Shaa’ir+Func is considered one of India’s most successful bands in the Indie music community, for having accomplished more than most bands twice their age.

J.Viewz (IL/US) 23:15 / Sansara

Brooklyn-based Jonathan Dagan, a.k.a J.Viewz is a songwriter, producer, remixer, and visual artist. Dagan was born in Israel on February 16, 1982. J.Viewz has collaborated with vocalists and artists infusing nostalgic elements through samples, analog tapes and synthesisers detailed with multiple layers. Internationally recognised for his live visual presentation, J.Views was nominated for a Grammy Award for the package design of his album River and Homes, while his title track has been nominated for MTV Music Awards and UK Music Video award.

Skrat (IN)

00:15 / Sansara Popular Chennai based artists Skrat is one act making huge waves across the Indian independent music scene. The trio of Skrat consisting of T.T. Sriram on guitars and lead vocals, Tapass Naresh on the drums and Satish Narayanan on bass guitar - both providing backup vocals that provide a simple, raw, homegrown perspective to loud guitars, catchy hooks and a whole lot of energy on stage. With many shows and a sophomore album ‘Bring Out The Big Guns’ under their belt, the boys are ready to travel to the ends of the Earth with an intention to spread their music.


PARTNERS Sincere thanks to our Sponsors and Partners for their support of IndiEarth XChange 2013


FILMS > < FILMS A Dream Takes Wings (IN) 11:00 / The Screening Room

From the archives, this rare film presents the remarkable evolution of Indian cinema right from its inception to the establishment of a flourishing industry by the pioneer & doyen of Indian cinema - Dr. Dadasaheb Phalke.

Scattered Windows, Connected Doors (IN) 14:30 / The Screening Room

This documentary shows what takes place in a comic book store with the owner, Glenn Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;leary and his regulars that hang around there.

Director: Felipe Jorge // 40 min // Language: English // 2013

Director: Gajanan Jagirdar // 16 mins Language: English // 1970

TYUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Company (USA)

16:00 / The Screening Room In dystopian London of the future, where citizens live isolated existences, the online world is the only world known to humanity. A sudden and unprecedented system suspension propels one woman, Tyu, into a strange relationship.

The other way (IN)

Director: Reema Sengupta // 15 mins Language: English // 2012

11:20/ The Screening Room In the glitz and the glamour of a Bollywood dominated industry, there exists a parallel filmmaking community whose aim is not to create cliched blockbusters, but to tell a meaningful and thought provoking story through the medium of cinema. These film makers are known as the independents (or the indies).

Director: Aniket DasGupta & Swathi Sethumadhavan // 90 mins Language: English // 2013

Rumblestrips (USA)

16:20 / The Screening Room Broke and emotionally blistered after the death of her husband, Toby has turned to a beloved pastime, growing marijuana, to provide for her family. When she is arrested and convicted, she packs up the RV and takes her two young daughters on a road trip while uneasily awaiting sentencing.

Director: John Adams, Toby Poser // 85 mins Language: English // 2012




Running For Jim (USA)

11:00 / The Screening Room The film chronicles the story of Jim Tracy, the deeply dedicated, brutally honest and tough-love coach of the San Francisco University High School crosscountry team. Under Jim’s tutelage, University High School girls’ cross-country holds a record number nine state championships, making Jim the most decorated high school cross-country coach in California history. In June 2010, Jim Tracy was diagnosed with fatal Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Sahel Calling (DE/US)


14:30 / The Screening Room Sahel Calling is a film project to raise awareness about the refugees, internally-displaced persons and the people living in the conflict-affected areas of Mali and the Sahel.

Director: John Bosch // 40 mins// Language: English, French, German, Spanish (English Subtitles) // 2013

A documentary about human rights, music and hope in West Africa

Director: Dan Noyes, Robin Hauser Reynolds 78 mins // Language: English // 2013

Voice Over The Bridge (INDIA / MYANMAR)

12:30 / The Screening Room

15:15 / The Screening Room

Raise the voice of the silenced. Screen the film yourself: Download film free! More music Less silence

Download film free! More music Less silence

Download film free! More music Less silence

Download film free! More music Less silence

Download film free! More music Less silence

Director: Q // 112 mins Language: Bengali (English Subtitles) // 2013

Once upon a time, there was a storyteller. In a lonely railway station, somewhere in Kolkata, he spoke to trains. He wanted to tell a story. It was not a new story. But for him, it was the only story to tell. Inside the darkness of his mind, his story unfolds, a kaleidoscope of fantasy.

Download film free! More music Less silence

Director: Sivan Levy, Natalie Melamed // 10 mins Language: English // 2013

15:45 / The Screening Room

Dina is a young urban girl that shares her grandfathers’ apartment with his Filipino caretaker, Noel. Together, they live in a world full of transparent people, where none cares to see, or show anything beyond a masquerade. On the Eve of Purim, everyone in the city is tending to their costumes, shaping the masks they hide behind all year round. It is on this evening that Dina and Noel face a tragedy that removes all of the defense mechanisms, uncovering a glimmer of truth - In their own lives, and in their eccentric relationship.

Tasher Desh (IN)

Download film free! More music Less silence

12:55 / The Screening Room

Director: Gitanjali Rao // 15 mins Language: English // 2006

Download film free! More music Less silence

Printed Rainbow is a 15 minute animation film that describes the loneliness of an old woman and her cat, who escape into the fantastical world of matchbox covers.

Director: Ernest Hariyanto // 24 mins // Language: Burmese (English Subtitles) // 2009

Dina and Noel (IL)

John Bosch (director), Kathryn M. Werntz (producer + story), Peter Buntaine (director of photography), Toby Cameron (assistant camera + sound), Arouna Coulibaly (field producer), Abdallah Ag Amano (field assistant), „Boss“ Sidibé (sound + logistics) and Graham Corrigan (assistant editor).

Shwe Shwe Khaing and Khing Zin Shwe have been performing together for many years. A collaboration with contemporary Western musicians, Voice Over The Bridge follows the lives of these two musicians, in an audio-visual documentary of unexplored and remote Myanmar.In Voice Over The Bridge, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe Khaing share their lives and passions through their stories and voices.

Printed Rainbow (IN)


FILMS > < FILMS Baavra Mann (IN)

11:00 / The Screening Room

Ravi Shankar (IN)

15:30 / The Screening Room

“A film on Sudhir Mishra & other Indian realities”. A film not only on one of Mumbai cinema’s longest lasting and relevant filmmakers but through that prism on a declining cultural life in India.

“Ravi Shankar” is a film portrait of the Sitar Maestro, depicting through a series of interviews and recitals his versatile personality as a well-known classical performer and a creative composer.

Director: Jaideep Varma // 128 mins Language: English, Hindi (English Subtitles) // 2013

Director: Pramod Pati // 27 mins Language: English // 1974

The Comic Book Palace (USA)

Dead Cat (UK)

14:30 / The Screening Room

16:10 / The Screening Room

Malana, a remote village in the Himalayas, isolated from outside civilization for thousands of years has been fostering a primitive existence in harmony with nature and a unique model of democracy of consensus. They have also been producing some of the best quality hashish in the world. A real life story of transition, this ancient civilization being invaded and obliterated by the modern democracy. Narrated in an epic structure, a visual essay from the edge of the world with a message of trust, peace and eternal unity.

Michael and Kristen were child hood sweethearts, but haven’t spoken in 10 years. Thrown back together as they both begin their thirties, is there still anything between them? With nothing but a gang of dysfunctional friends as allies will they discover if this second chance is love or just nostalgia? Dead Cat is a quirky take on contemporary relationships in London.

Director: Amlan Dutta // 117 mins // Language: English, Hindi, Subtitles: English // 2012

Director: Stefan Georgiou // 86 mins Language: English // 2013


venue location / The Park Hotel Discussions

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Showcases 20:00 onwards at Sansara, Out There Stage, Leather Bar, Pasha

Film Screenings 11:00 onwards at The Screening Room

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All discussions, showcases and screenings of IndiEarth XChange 2013 are being held within The Park - Chennai. Free Entry.

Independent music label, award-winning film producer since 2004, and content production house, EarthSync is an integrated music company with its online platforms, in-house studios, distribution network, live shows and Festival. EarthSync brings its vast, cross-cultural industry strengths for Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s music and film industry, to build global supporting platforms that nurture traditional and contemporary musical diversity, artists and filmmakers.

A platform that offers music producers unique collections of high quality samples and a space to explore unique sounds and signatures that sets the creative spirit free to cross borders, explore, and discover unique instruments and sounds of the world. www.EarthMoments.

World-class studio services in a unique and culturally rich music environment of Chennai, South India, the studio has been supporting both traditional and emerging talent - from contemporary indie bands to classical and folk music artists since 2004. An online platform that connects Indiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s independent, Musicians and Filmmakers with worldwide Media (Radio, TV, Internet, Print), and offers resources and tools for artist development and promotion.

Profile for Yoav Rosenthal

Indiearth xchange 2013 program  

Indiearth xchange 2013 program  

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