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INDICATE www.indicate-smartcities.eu

Concept: INDICATE will support decision makers & other stakeholders in

transforming their cities into smart & sustainable urban communities through the development of an interactive cloud-based tool which will provide dynamic assessment of the interactions between buildings, energy distribution grids, renewable technologies, & information and communication technologies. The resulting interactive cloud-based tool will support a holistic approach to the city and allow descision makers, planners and urban designers to:

PLAN using an energy-based decision support tool that utilises dynamic simulation & takes

into account buildings & occupants, the urban environment & energy distribution grids.

REDUCE energy consumption and CO2 emissions by indicating the impact of best practice energy conservation measures via dynamic simulation modelling.

INTEGRATE new technologies & services to better manage supply & demand via dynamic simulation modelling, GIS & 3D urban modeling.

OPTIMISE existing systems to enable local balancing through demand response & tari analysis via dynamic simulation modelling of the interactions between buildings & their occupants, installed systems & energy distribution grids in the urban environment.

Partners: The partners, from the





UK, Ireland, Italy & Switzerland, include: 2 large companies; 2 SMEs; 2 universities: & 2 public authorities. Expertise in the group includes: Dynamic Simulation Modelling; GIS Development; 3D Urban CAD Modelling; Demand Side Management; Sustainable Urban Indicators; Business Model Development for Energy in Cities; & the Integration of Energy Eeciency Solutions & Demand on Fossil Fuels.

Project supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Grant Agreement no. 608775

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