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Improving Intermittent Urban Water Distribution System through a Human Sensor based Smart Grid

Nishesh Mehta Vice President

9th April 2013 Moving India Forward

Overview • Background • Components of the Water Information System • Applications and Features of WIS • Supply Schedule Monitoring • Monitoring Reservoir Levels • Conclusions

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Background Hubli Dharwad twin cities supply municipal water every 3-4 days • About 114,000 direct water connections in a population of 150,000 households • Bulk supply to the city reduced from 185 to 150 MLD • No information system to inform residents and utility


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Components of the Water Information System

Utility Engineers

IVR Ground Level Staff


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Applications of WIS 1) Increased certainty on water supply for residents •

Residents informed about water supply 30-120 minutes in advance

2) Validation of supply timings with customer feedback Areas Surveyed

Water Supply at the reported Timings

% accuracy of valvemen reported data

Instances of Feedback on Water Supply





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Applications of WIS 3) Water Delivery Schedule Monitoring

•Notifying delayed supplies to the engineers

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Applications of WIS 4) Reservoir Level Monitoring • Instant warning messages according to the rules set by the utility

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Applications of WIS 5) Optimizing Tank Storage Capacity

Only 82% available at 6 AM

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Applications of WIS 6) Coordination of Supply Timings according to Tank Levels •Ensuring adequate pressure head while supplying to multiple areas at the same time Date


Employee Name

City Area


12-03-2013 12-03-2013 12-03-2013

1:14:22 PM 1:39:00 PM 1:39:38 PM

Valveman 1 Valveman 2 Valveman 2

Pacific Park Vivekanda colony Bhavani Nagar Garden line

opened opened opened

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Conclusions The WIS has bridged two crucial gaps in the operation of an intermittent water distribution system: For City Residents: • Establishes a two way communication channel between the end-user and the utility

For the Utility: • Extracted additional efficiency from the existing water delivery infrastructure • Reduce operational problems such as unreliability and low water pressure

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Improving Intermittent Urban Water Distribution System through a Human Sensor based Smart Grid  

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