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INNOVATIVE PLAN ON AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION WITH WATER SUSTAINABILITY FOR FUTURE WORLD Agriculture Water Use ARUP KUMAR CHAKRABORTY Assistant Executive Engineer B.E. Metallurgy, GDMM, Diploma in Auto CAD, DME Rajiv Gandhi National Ground Water Training & Research Institute, Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Benefit to the Nation as well as World 1. SAVING OF WATER ABOUT 350 Cub. Km. i.e. about 350,000,000000000 ltrs of WATER in context of our India . 2.SAVING OF ENERGY ABOUT 2276004 Gwh. 3.Production of grain increase by 3.35 times with multi tier production pattern. 4. Contribution from renewable energy resources (Solar Panel) is 104878 WATT/hour in peak time. Utilising land area = 1.5988 acres. 5. GDP of the country will minimise with sustainable development in country’s economy. 6. Provision of honey production earn extra. 7. Rain Water Harvesting ensure as an additional resources of water.

HOW??? The figure shows activity & outcome as a whole in a single pattern (10’x10’). Actual size will be 40’x400’. It is a four tier system crop production unit with solar panel, Pump & crop bed. Ensure 3.35 times crop production in comparison of utilizable land area. Solar panel provide the energy to run the irrigation activity as well as domestic activity also.  In 2013-2014 the total electrical energy requirement will 1138022 Gwh in India as a whole. Now in Agricultural sector the electrical energy consumed is 1138022 x 20% = 2276004 Gwh. As a result total

savings in energy will 2276004 Gwh all the energy will be available through Renewable Energy resources i.e. provision of solar panel.

Rain Water Harvesting with the help of Solar Panel (Backside)

Through Rain water harvesting & efficient water management policy ensure to save 350cu.Km of water; if applicable all over the country as projected water requirement 700cu.Km in 2013-14 in agriculture sector. For Land Preparation in conventional method of Agriculture about 36.8% of total used water consume in this activity which is an unproductive. In this activity only 10% to 18% of water consume in my innovation. Seepage and Percolation- It is also the unproductively used for Agriculture. 31.6% of total consumed water in Crop production. In my innovation it is NIL. Evapotranspiration only is the productively used & takes 31.6% of total consumption of water. The same is equally applicable in my project.

Movable Reflector stand  The movable reflector provide the sun ray to the crops at each level of the tier except top one. The reflectors are movable with the roller wheel at the bottom of the stand (not shown on the figure).  The series of reflector stand ensure the sun ray to the crop. The other side of the crop bottom bed fixed with the 10’x10’ mirror for active reflection of the sun-ray from the Movable Reflector.

Project Area with Honey Production unit  Area of land covered by this project 6 x 400’ ft x 40’ ft covered area with 15’ ft free space should be provided at the throughout the covered area comprising the actual utilisable area will be 415x55x6 = 136950 sqft= 7763.00 sq. Mtr= 0.7763 hectare = 1.918 acres. Total crop production area 4x6x400x40= sq. ft= 21768.7 sq. Mtr = 5.379 acres = 2.1768 hectare.  Extra area kept for performing the other activity like installation of reflector to get sun ray; Pump for uninterrupted supply of water, solar panel for uninterrupted energy resources & manual work to look after all the activities and perform the work which are necessary for cultivation and crop production with optimum utilisation of supplied water (surface or ground).  1 sq yard = 9 sqft, 1 sqmtr = 1.960 sq yard, 1 hectare = 10000 sq.Mtr = 2.4711 acres

Design parameters' of single Unit  The entire structure can be dismantled & shifted/reuse for other place also. All are the temporary structure.  The tier to tier length will be depends on the final crop length. With consideration of Paddy & wheat cultivation, It is decided 6’ to 7’ length is sufficient.  The width of the guider on each tier will be decided upon the requirement of soil thickness for particular crops. But universally the same will be 1’ to 1.5’.  The each tier have the inclination about 5 to 10 degree for free pass out the irrigated water from tier to tier and reserve the same in reservoir at the bottom of the structure.  The requirement of the soil meet up by the soil dug out on preparing the reservoir for storage of water.

Environmental Effect • Fully eco-friendly increases the amount of oxygen in nature • Pump and other accessories will run in renewable energy resources. • As far as possible restrict chemical oriented fertiliser • Misuse of Irrigated water can be stopped. Unused water will be recycle • Due to bigger catchment area the rain water harvesting will acted upon automatically and used the same for irrigation or drinking water purpose • Liberty on selection of soil, as per the selection of crop according to the nature & environment • Even on flood the crop production will not hamper significantly

SOCIAL EFFECT  Multiple production on the single plot of land increase profitability of farmer/ organisation.  Increase of production can be compensating with the nonproductive effected area due to drought & other calamities.  Agricultural production growth expedite drastically, result increase in growth rate.  Poverty level of the country can be reduced.  Directly or indirectly employment generation in rural as well as urban area will be increase.  Due to rapid urbanisation this project model can be compensate the resulted reduction of agricultural growth.  Litigation between the farmer and land acquired organisation reduce without affecting the interest of farmer.


 Easy monitoring and funding.  Probable experiment can be followed without effecting the crop production.  The project can be implemented constructing co-operative between the farmers, result reduction of Government professional engagement.  Technical & scientific know how can be imparted in a single window system.  Once the infrastructure, for Agricultural production is ready, the same can be utilising for 10 to 15 years with commendable change, if necessary.  Easy to accounting the expenditure, from pre-cultivation to cutting of crops.  Each and every aspect is countable such as quantity of water use, amount of crop production, energy saving in KW, Return on investment, comparison between conventional & portable firming etc.

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