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Gorakhpur - Place Worth Visting While Having Visit to Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur is a delightful city in the north of Uttar Pradesh, famous for its immediacy with Nepal and Kushinagar. It is only 90 Km from Nepal Border. Geologically, the bowl shaped Gorakhpur city is situated along of River Rapti and River Rohini. Gorakhpur is bordered by River Rapti on its west, by dense sal forests in its east and by Ramgarh Tal in the south. The north border of the Gorakhpur is constituted by the blooming industrial area of the city.

Gorakhpur got its name from the famous saint Gorakhnath .He lived and spread his message there. There is also evidence that Lord Buddha also visited Gorakhpur and then moved to Kushinagar, a nearby pilgrimage center of Buddhists.Gorakhpur has a place of fame in the history of Indian independence because it was here that the 'ChauriChaura' incident took place when 19 British policemen were burnt inside the police station which prompted Gandhiji to give up the policy of non-cooperation.

Tourism Attractions in Gorakhpur Gorakhnath Temple: One of the most prominent tourism places in Gorakhpur is the Gorakhnath Temple dedicated to saint Gorakhnath whose name the city takes after. This temple, which dates back to the 12th century, is an architectural marvel. Gita Press: The Gita Press of Gorakhpur is world famous for its publications, which include religious books of Hindu religion. It is more than just a press. Beautifully designed like a temple, the marble walls are adorned with inscriptions and pictures from the Mahabharata. Wall hangings and paintings which reveal the life of lord Rama and Lord Krishna are sole her, apart from a huge collection of hindu religious books. For those who wish to try out alternative medicine. Arogya Mandir: The Arogya Mandir is established in 1940 and set in a green and serene locale it is one of the largest naturopathy centers in India. Tarkulha Mela: Another popular tourist attraction of Gorakhpur is the month-long Tarkulha Mela organised at the Tarkulha Devi Temple. Beginning on April 1, 2012, the festival is organised to celebrate Chaitra Ram Navami. The temple where the event is held is associated with Bandhu Singh, a freedom fighter.

Excursion: Kushinagar : 51 Km from Gorakhpur is Kushinagar, where Budha attained salvation. He delivered his last sermon in this city. Kushinagar is as holy as Bodhgaya and Nalanda, as Budha spent his last days in the town.

Kapilavastu : 97 Km north of Gorakhpur, Kapilvastu is now being developed as an International Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre. Here, Lord Buddha spent 29 years of his early life. There is big stupa, from where the relics of Buddha were discovered during excavations.

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