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Primary Goals of Search Engines Most people consider and use Google the most important of the search engines. In this Search Engine they use Technical algorithm far showing results, also Google change its algorithm frequently, and they are also one of the more challenging of all the engines. To reach the top result page in Google can give thousands or even millions of search visitors every single day from all over the world. The visitors that are looking specifically for the topic they need and if it contains in the certain site exactly the user’s need it shows the website India Seo Company at

the top place. Mainly there are three major search engines namely Google, Yahoo and MSN. In this three search engines Google consumes 60% of search results and the two other search engines with 40% traffic results of the total traffic. It is interesting to note because many people leave Yahoo and MSN and tend to focus all their attention on the giant Google. Search engines finds the issue of duplicate content that is copying the original content assigning priority for the content of the website that was indexed first. Under the rule of seniority, where the first site that posts the content is the site that contains the original content. This works most of the time but breaks down when plagiarists copy the content quite fast so that crawlers sometimes do index the copied site before the original one. When this happens the site with the copied content gets priority over that of the original content. To avoid this, some website owners use the Sitemaps system to submit their articles or other fresh content to Google. This ensures that the submitted content will be known to Google as the original and not the copy. Now Google is a high quality search engine and continues to be the best search engine today compare to other search engines. It has managed to stay true to its original intent to be a search engine that not only crawls and indexes the web efficiently but also to produce more satisfying results in comparison to other existing search engines. To stay true to their goal of providing the best search results Google knew right from the start that it had to be designed so that the search engine could catch up with the website growth.

Webmasters keep their keyword density low with Google in mind and then uses other tactics like back links to appear high in the search results for Yahoo and MSN for the same article. It is very important to understand the different requirements of the different search engines about generating high traffic from search engines. Blogs almost always tend to rank higher in search engine results for high traffic keywords than traditional web sites. The reason is that blogs have much more content that websites usually do, which means many more words for search engines to comb for keywords and keyword phrases.

The search engines love article directories because they contain thousands of pages which include very fresh content. Because your link appears in the author credit at the bottom of your article, the search engines will be more likely to find your web page and index it. Search engines give a higher importance to web pages that are linked from other high-ranking websites. This brings you more targeted traffic Seo services India to your lead capture pages so you capture more quality leads. To Enhance your webpage follow the below techniques: Layout: Layout of a web page has an important role to continue a visitor on your web page as reading on a monitor screen is different from reading on a printed magazine. Size: Keep your pages under 32 K in order to make it load quickly. Loading time should not be more than 8-10 seconds. Navigation: Navigation links should be easily accessible, clear and at the top of each webpage. Navigation structure should be same on each page of a website.

Fonts: Too large or too complex font may become illegible on some browsers. So always be careful while using fonts on your webpage because if fonts are not proper visitor immediately move from the page. Content: Content of a web page has more importance than any other factor to continue visitor on a particular page because content is the only thing that a visitor read. Content written in text should be scannable as some users prefer to scan text on internet. Content should be informative with some uniqueness.

Primary Goals of Search Engine Optimization  
Primary Goals of Search Engine Optimization  

Most people consider and use Google the most important of the search engines. In this Search Engine they use Technical algorithm far showing...