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Great Resources to Prepare for the AIPGMEE Examination in India The All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam is a difficult and rigorous test, and students often spend months (if not years) preparing for it. Because everyone learns differently, and because different methods of learning can help students comprehend more information, it’s important to take advantage of a variety of resources when preparing. Here are some of the best options. #1 – A Limited Few Textbooks When it comes to studying for an exam, you might feel that the more resource materials you have available to you, the better off you’ll be. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. First, having too many books can be overwhelming; you’ll likely spend more time looking for information than actually studying it. Second, you shouldn’t spend too much time studying material that won’t be covered on the exam. For these reasons, focus on a few well-written textbooks that provide concise information. #2 – Mock Computerized Exams The AIPGMEE is now taken on a computer rather than with pencil and paper, so students are encouraged to take mock exams to familiarize themselves with the format. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable when exam day comes, and they won’t feel overwhelmed by the new technology in front of them. Mock exams are great for familiarizing students with the test-taking process, and feeling relaxed on test day is crucial to success. #3 – Online Question Banks Not all online question banks are created equally, so it’s important to choose those that offer the best features and the most relevant questions at the right price. Look for options that provide thousands of questions spread across all of the topics on the AIPGMEE – and there are 16. Topics that contain the largest question density on the actual exam are Surgery, ENT, Orthopedics, and Anesthesia, so the question bank software provider should follow this lead. Students should also utilize software that allows a customizable experience that is relevant to each user’s unique knowledge and learning pace. #4 – Coaching

Although coaching isn’t necessary for everyone, it can certainly come in handy for anyone who may be struggling in one or more areas of study. Coaching comes in many forms, too; you can find student coaches who excel academically, or you can find professional coaches who work as physicians after having passed the AIPGMEE. Some teachers and instructors also offer coaching sessions, either privately or in groups. Students must often pay for coaching by the hour, so it is important to get the most out of it as possible. #5 – Past AIPGMEE Exams Although you will not have access to the current AIPGMEE, you can find past years’ exams relatively easily. The questions have changed, but the subjects in which they’re presented do not. Go through the exams from the previous couple of years and look for trends and similarities. This will also help you feel more comfortable on test day as it provides an opportunity to see the previous questions exactly as they appeared on the exams. There are plenty of different resources available to students studying for the AIPGMEE in India. Although any one of them is certainly valuable on its own, combining them is the best way to help guarantee success in the long run. Absorbing information in a variety of ways can improve the odds that you’ll remember it and apply it correctly.

Great Resources to Prepare for the AIPGMEE Examination in India