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August 26, 2016

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Bal Vihar & Arts Museum celebrate India Day SRINIVAN PINDIRI

ST. LOUIS: Bal Vihar of St. Louis (Center for Indian Culture and Education) joined hands with St. Louis Art Museum in celebrating India's 70th Independence Day on 14th August. The program started in the presence of hundreds of guests and members with flag hoisting and children playing both American and Indian national anthem on strings. Bal Vihar of St. Louis kids

Flag hoisting

demonstrated, performed activities like group yoga and Indian cultural dances for the visitors. Surekha Bidep and her team organized number of activities for the visitors. Indian traditional clothing station was set up for visitors to try on, Mehndi (palm decoration) station for artwork on hands, coloring station for kids etc. Indian flag was hoisted with Bal Vihar's own student orchestra,

trying simple yoga positions. Later the event was moved over to the auditorium. Addressing guests and invitees, Dr Sudhir Brahmbhatt, President of Bal Vihar, talked of the challenges endured by India after independence and also India's commitment for several programs like Make in India, Swaccha Bharat etc. Dr. Brahmbhatt reminded that the Indian national flag represents India's long struggle for freedom.

It signifies the status of India as an independent republic. Dr. Hamsa Subramanian acted as Master of Ceremony for the event. Later additional performances were held which included Indian traditional dance, music, songs. More than 500 people attended the event. At the end of the event, art museum distributed Indian flag colored cookies and juice to all the attendees.

Dance performance by students

Entering into its 24th year of service, with the enrollment of 400 + students for the upcoming school year 2016-2017, and having served more than 2000 children in the Metro St. Louis Indian community, Bal Vihar continues to help the future citizens and achievers of America to discover their cultural identity, and to appreciate its application in their life and in the multicultural and multifaceted society that they live in.

Visitors and guests

Music, dances mark I-Day in Boston GEETHA PATIL

BOSTON: On a beautiful warm day, India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB), a leading IndianAmerican organizations in the Greater Boston area-Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, celebrated the 70th Anniversary of India's Independence on Sunday, August 14 at the Hatch Memorial Shell, Boston. Hatch Shell is an outdoor concert venue on the Charles River Esplanade in the Back Bay section of Boston with a grass pavilion in front of the stage where thousands of colorfully dressed families with lots of children gathered to watch the program. Jeyanthi Ghatraju, Director of IAGB welcomed all the dignitaries, guests, invitees and the audience to the function. Flag hoisting was performed while Sonica Vaid sang both the national anthems. Syed Ali Rizvi introduced Guest of Honor Ashraf Dahod, President and CEO at Altiostar, who gave an inspirational speech to the audience. This year's 'Recognition of Service' award was given to Dr Anil Saigal, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Tufts University and IAGB Volunteer Award was grabbed by Jatinder Sharma who joined IAGB in the early 1970s as a volunteer.Sanjay K. Gowda, Praveen Naduthota and Avinash Patil were honored with IAGB Youth Excellence Awards.

Boston audience in India Day

Many kids and adults, both boys and girls from various dance schools in the Greater Boston area presented dances mostly from Bollywood films with loud beats, then the classical and folk dances based on India's Indepen-

dence theme and patriotism to show and teach our younger generation about our rich heritage and sacrifices made by our forefathers. Late start, abrupt ending and the technical difficulties of the function created a little dis-

appointment among the audience. "Our children's program was scheduled at 6:10pm but performed at 7:15pm due to late start and on the top of that there were technical difficulties. My friends' children did not even get a

chance to present their performance. Our children and we are disappointed and hope it will improve in future with better leaders in the organization," said mother of a dance troop participant.


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