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India Post August 17, 2012


Surat: Fastest growing city needs international airport for processing rough diamonds. It has side stepped Ahmedabad as a major market for textiles, nurtures its age old Jari udyog and is assisting jewelry business. It can boast of state of the art medical hospitals and colMayor Rajendra Desai & Surat City Hall leges. An international air link can boost its efforts RAMESH SOPARAWALA in becoming a center for medical India Post News Service tourism, he said Rajendra Desai was on a perCHICAGO: One of the fastest growing cities in India, Surat, can sonal visit to USA and was in New trip the others to be on the top if its York for a while. This happened demand for a full-fledged interna- to be his second visit and he tional airport is met, according to plans coming back in the near future to garner Non-resident Rajendra Desai, Mayor of Surat The City administration has Gujaratis' support for the develbeen pressing for an international opment of Surat. He said he had airport for Surat but the concerned to rush back to Surat as Gujarat authorities, apparently moved by CM Narendra Modi was coming considerations other than eco- to the city for pushing up various nomic, are side tracking the demand, projects involving investments Desai said in a talk to this paper. He worth over Rs. 1,000 crores or mentioned that his administration roughly $200 million. The annual city budget is over has improved the infrastructure greatly and is in the process of fur- Rs 3000 crores and this year the ther strengthening it with a few city administration has decided to flyovers, bridges and multiple ring use Rs.1850 crores for capital roads, besides improving education works. This is apart from the huge investment of $200 million that is and health care facilities. Surat, he said, is already a hub envisaged for amusement park,

Diamond cutting in progress

water reclamation project and three flyovers. The Talsari project would reclaim used dirty water and would give it to the industries for use. The amusement park in an area of 70,000 sq ft will be one of the most unique in the country and investment in flyovers is expected to be around $45 crores.

Rajendra Desai was elected Surat Mayor one and half years ago on BJP ticket and has endeared himself to the city residents numbering around 5 million. He is also the Vice President of the All India Council of Mayors. He feels that Narendra Modi is a great leader and has acquitted himself as one of the most successful Chief Ministers. Given the chance he could even lead the country successfully, he felt.


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