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Debra Silverstein

Debra victory brings new hope for Devon Details on page 10

25 US states have high teen jobless rates Details on page 7


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April 15, 2011


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Geeta Pasi

Indian American named envoy to Djibouti Details on page 6

25 industry leaders meet US lawmakers

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NEW YORK: A new study by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), “Indian Roots, American Soil: A Look at Indian Companies in the US Economy” released March 30 in Washington, D.C., reported that India-based companies were responsible for saving thousands of jobs in the US in recent years and have continued to hire locally wherever they have put down roots.

The study was released on Capitol Hill during CII’s event highlighting the jobs and investments created by Indian companies in the US. The event included the participation of CII – India Business Forum members: executives from 25 Indian companies that do business in the US. Meera Shankar, the Ambassador of India to the US spoke in support of their contributions. Details on page 40

Rang & rain barse at Sunnyvale Holi Details on page 16

NJ tech firm owner sentenced Details on page 42

Gopal Das returns home from Pak after 27 years

Professionals meet lawmakers on Green Card

Details on page 7

Details on page 42

Govt rejects Anna Hazare as panel chief

Impressive Indian presence at LA Times Expo

Details on page 8

Details on page 30

Indian couple arrested for fake marriages

VICTORY CELEBRATIONS: Indian Americans in Jersey City Newark Ave celebrate Indiaís winning of World Cup Cricket 2011 Championship on April 2. Pic Mohammed Jaffer-SnapsIndia. (Details on page 20-23)

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Ditch Pak, woo India: Ackerman SRIREKHA CHAKRAVARTY India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Even as the Obama Administration last week presented a report to the US Congress castigating Pakistan's inadequate efforts to defeat the Taliban, some Congressmen have urged the administration to ditch Pakistan and move closer to India. On Apr 5, the US government released a report to Congress stating that, "There remains no clear path to-

ward defeating the insurgency in Pakistan, despite the unprecedented and sustained deployment of over 147,000 forces." The report said that major security operations by Pakistani forces along the Afghan border have failed to break Taliban fighters' resolve, and highlighted concern that even if areas were cleared of militants, fighters were not being kept out.

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April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011

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April 15, 2011

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Publisher’s Diary "…There's an Indian word called tamasha… I'm surprised to find myself at the center of one…" that's a not-too-surprising cry of despair from American Joseph Lelyveld, author of Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle With India. His book has raised a vitiating debate across India as it describes at length the close relationship between Gandhi and a German architect who the former met in South Africa - a description that many in general are interpreting as homosexual, while some intellectual critics are wording it as somewhat homo-erotic. Choice of verbiage apart, the idea that 'sex sells' is a clichéd tool, which the author may have used to good measure whether he intended it or not. For, although the discussion on the Mahatma's sexual orientation is not necessarily the focus of the book, fact remains that those chapters seem to have been amply highlighted by reviewers or else why would Indians react so vehemently against the book which has not even been published in India yet? I haven't read the book myself, but if I were to rely on a New York Times review, it does appear to have been written with the right amount of respect that the Mahatma deserves. I guess it takes a certain maturity to take such books in your stride. Iconic figures in history have always fascinated writers who seem to find endless facets to those personalities, their sexuality invariably taking precedence over all else. In all fairness to Gandhi biographers, I would argue that it was indeed the Mahatma himself who lay bare before the world, his struggle with sexual abstinence much as he did his experiments with truth. But, I would also make a point that it can only be self-serving for any author of history to attempt to shatter the image of heroes of a bygone era. Living as we do in an era of perceived equal opportunities, we lack heroes of a make and mould as Gandhi. They don't make them like him anymore. So, it helps to preserve, even if only in image.

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Maratha queen Bipasha Basu says her forthcoming international venture Singularity has given her a fresh perspective towards acting.


Cover Story: India Inc. jobs A new study by the CII reports that Indiabased companies were responsible for saving thousands of jobs in the US.

Community: Debra wins



Debra Silverstein’s victory as Alderman for 50th Ward has enthused Devon residents and businessmen.

Life Style: Gandhi book In an interview with Dan Washburn, Joseph Lelyveld discusses his Gandhi book and the controversy.


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Sports: Dhoni the best Sachin Tendulkar rates current India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the best for his sharp mind and calm demeanor.


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Travel: Devikulam The Kerala hill resort of Devikulam has gorgeous green slopes that are so high as if ready to touch the sky.


April 15, 2011

India Post


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India Post


April 15, 2011

Ditch Pak, woo India: Ackerman SRIREKHA CHAKRAVARTY India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Even as the Obama Administration last week presented a report to the US Congress castigating Pakistan's inadequate efforts to defeat the Taliban, some Congressmen have urged the administration to ditch Pakistan and move closer to India. On Apr 5, the US government released a report to Congress stating that, "There remains no clear path toward defeating the insurgency in Pakistan, despite the unprecedented and sustained deployment of over 147,000 forces." The report said that major security operations by Pakistani forces along the Afghan border have failed to break Taliban fighters' resolve, and highlighted concern that even if areas were cleared of militants, fighters were not being kept out. At a hearing on "Assessing US Foreign Policy Priorities and Needs Amidst Economic Challenges in South Asia" at the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, Apr 5, California Congressman Dana Rochrabacher described US-India relations as the "one shining light" in the region. "I would hope that we have the intelligence to work and to make sure that India is our best friend in that

part of the world," Rochrabacher said. "The fact is that Pakistan is committed to Islam...India is dedicated to prosperity for their people." In his statement, Ranking Democrat of the panel, Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-NY) said that while the US has been pursuing Pakistan, it has failed In-

Gary Ackerman

dia in that it has not used its diplomatic leadership and agenda setting capability to focus global attention on the threat to India from Pakistan-based terrorists such as Lashkar e-Taiba, that continue to raise money from all over the world. "If there is, Godforbid, another Mumbai-like attack, we will not be able to say that we did our utmost to prevent it, because we haven't. The am-

bitions of these terrorists have only grown, and a full-fledged global campaign to crush these thugs still waits at our shared peril," Ackerman said. Calling India, the "brightest light" in the South Asian constellation, Ackerman said the strategic center of gravity for the region was India, which has been on a sustained path toward economic and political empowerment. Stating that the heart of US security dilemma in South Asia lies in a region that covers the northwest of Pakistan and the southeast of Afghanistan, Ackerman said, "Here is where Al-Qaida has sought cover, here is where the Afghan Taliban is sustained; here is where the Pakistani Taliban is strongest; here is where the Afghan warlords make their deals. Here is where the reach of the Pakistani state is weakest; here is where the combination of cooperation and perfidy by the ISI is most stark; here is where the both the convergence and divergence between US, Pakistani and Afghan interests are most clear. This region is the chokepoint for much of the war materiel going into Afghanistan, both ours and theirs." Further in his statement, Rep. Ackerman said, "And even though this broad scenario has been the same for years, we are

Hindu Temple planned for Oxford India Post News Service


Hindu Temple and Community Centre is being planned for Oxford (United Kingdom). Besides the temple, the plan also includes building a 500-seat community center for providing meeting place for the community, community events, luncheon clubs, interfaith projects, indoor activities for youth, yoga classes, Sunday school, etc., reports suggest. Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre Project, registered as charity with Charity Commission for England and Wales, currently organizes prayer sessions, festivals and other community events in various halls, including a primary school hall. One of the listed objects of this Project includes "to advance the Hindu religion in Oxfordshire". Rajan Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a statement applauded efforts of templeproject leaders and Oxfordshire and surrounding area community to realize this wonderful Hindu temple and community center.

He said that it was important to pass on Hindu spirituality, concepts and traditions to coming generations amidst so many distractions in the consumerist society and hoped that this new temple complex would focus in this direction. Zed stressed that instead of run-

There are about 5,000 Hindus in Oxfordshire County who currently have to travel long distances to London, Birmingham, Slough, etc., to worship in a Hindu temple ning after materialism; we should focus on inner search and realization of self and work towards achieving moksh (liberation), which was the goal of Hinduism.

The project is run by an Executive Committee of 15 members whose Chair and Deputy Chair are Doctor Gyan Gopal and Chinta Kallie respectively. Fundraising campaign is currently on and it plans to raise 500,000 pounds for the temple fund, out of which 60,000 pounds have reportedly been collected. There are about 5,000 Hindus in Oxfordshire County who currently have to travel long distances to London, Birmingham, Slough, etc., to worship in a Hindu temple. Oxford (Oxfordshire, England), chartered in 1542 and popularly called the "city of dreaming spires", is known for its medieval University of Oxford, mid-18th century Radcliffe Camera, Radiohead band, authors Oscar Wilde and Lewis Carroll, etc. Its motto is "Truth is strength" and John Goddard is the Lord Mayor, Bob Price is City Council Leader, while Peter Sloman is Chief Executive. Rivers Cherwell and Thames run through Oxford, which appears in "Harry Potter" movies.

always, always, making progress. Except we never seem to get anywhere. The number of attacks against our side continues to rise. The number of fighters on the other side never seems to drop. President Karzai is alleged to be a crook. President Zardari is alleged to be a crook. Pakistan is about to go broke, or collapse,

‘President Karzai is alleged to be a crook. President Zardari is alleged to be a crook. Pakistan is about to go broke, or collapse, or both. Afghanistan's government continues to plumb new depths in the practice of corruption’ or both. Afghanistan's government continues to plumb new depths in the practice of corruption. The border is open to us and open to them. The ISI is cooperating with us and cooperating with them. The Afghan National Security Forces are always being trained and always melting away." Ackerman continued that "money keeps getting spent and the wounded and dead keep coming," but nothing seems to change. After 10 years of hearing the

same sales pitch, he said, he doubts US money is buying anything deep or durable. "I doubt these new-trained security forces are going to take the lead in weeks, much less years. I doubt the leaders in the Afghan government and the Pakistani governments are going to do anything except pursue their own narrow, venal self-interest. “I doubt the ISI will ever stop working with us during the day and going to see their not-so secret friends in the Lashkar e-Taiba, Jaish eMuhammed and other terrorist groups at night. And most of all, I doubt that we aren't being taken for suckers, and that the massive expenditures and the terrible sacrifices of our troops will, in the end, be vindicated by anything that resembles success." Although delighting by the way US-India relations have blossomed since the Clinton Administration, Ackerman said, "Our relations with India are still too narrow and still too shallow. Some of the responsibility is ours, some is theirs. On the economic side, there is still too much opportunity being lost to outdated rules, regulations and laws limiting the attractiveness and accessibility of India as a destination for business and investment. On the defense and security side, things are going well between our two defense establishments and I have high hopes they will go much further still. America makes the best defense equipment in the world and India's security requirements are very real."

Indian American named Ambassador to Djibouti India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Indian American career diplomat Geeta Pasi has been nominated by President Barack Obama for the post of Ambassador to the Republic of Djibouti. Announcing his intent April 5, to nominate Pasi, along with other nominees for more key Administration posts, President Obama said, "I am pleased to announce that these experienced and committed individuals have agreed to join this Administration, and I look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead." Geeta Pasi is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service and currently serves as the Director of East African Affairs in the Africa Bureau at the Department of

State. Prior to this assignment, Pasi served as the Deputy Chief of Mission at Embassy Dhaka from 2006-2009. Her other overseas assignments have included: Deputy Principal Officer at the US Consulate General in Frankfurt; Political Military Officer at Embassy New Delhi; Political Chief at Embassy Accra; Human Rights & Consular Officer at Embassy Bucharest; and Political & Economic Officer at US Consulate Douala. In Washington, Pasi served as Desk Officer for Afghanistan and for Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. She also served as a Line Officer in the Executive Secretariat. Pasi received her B.A. from Duke University and a M.A. in French Studies from New York University.

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April 15, 2011

India Post


25 US states have teen unemployment rates above 25% India Post News Service

NEW YORK: An analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by the Employment Policies Institute (EPI) shows that 25 states had teen unemployment rates above 25 percent, according to the most recent data available. Nationally, the teen unemployment rate rose slightly to 24.5 percent in March 2011; the rate for black teens rose to 42.1 percent. So far this year, five states have considered legislation to create a lower training wage to spur employment and outside the classroom learning opportunities for teens:

Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington. "The statistics are devastating: Nationally, nearly one in four teens is looking for work without success," said Michael Saltsman, research fellow at EPI. "With summer approaching, the creation of a lower training wage would be an excellent way to boost job opportunities for teens in hard-hit states." In recent years, a combination of minimum wage increases at the state and federal level has raised the cost to hire entry-level employees such as teens. Recent research from Dr. Joseph Sabia, a labor economist at West Point,

With consumers unwilling to pay higher prices, employers cut back on customer service or move towards automationmeaning fewer hours and fewer opportunities for entry-level employees such as teens

found that each 10 percent increase in the minimum wage has reduced teen employment by as much as 3.6 percent. By increasing labor costs, higher minimum wages force low profit margin employers to raise prices or cut costs. With consumers unwilling to pay higher prices, employers cut back on customer service or move towards automation- meaning fewer hours and fewer opportunities for entry-level employees such as teens. "Past research shows that teens without job opportunities are at a higher risk for dropping out of high school, or winding up

in the criminal justice system," Saltsman continued. "In light of these consequences, It's time for state policy makers to recognize the barriers they've set up for entry-level employment and seek creative solutions including training and minor wages." "Twelve states are considering an increase in the minimum wage that could make it harder for teens to get a job this summer," Saltsman concluded. "Instead, state policymakers should do young adults a favor this summer by lowering mandated wages and giving teens a chance to get their foot in the door."

Indian-American family arrested Gopal Das returns home from Pakistan after 27 years for fake marriages NEW YORK: An Indian-American couple and their 30-year-old daughter have been arrested in Santa Ana, California on charges of arranging fake marriages for more than 20 foreigners, mostly Indians, to enable them to stay on in the US. Ajit Bhargava, his wife Nisha and their daughter Runjhun were arrested on charges of filing fraudulent marriages and work visa petitions for foreigners, mostly Indian nationals, after charging them fees as high as USD 60,000, federal officials were quoted as saying by 'The Orange County Register'. Bhargavas ran an immigration services company called

MPEagle Consultants in Cerritos in Santa Ana, which catered primarily Indian nationals. The three, who could face up to five years in federal prison, have been accused of recruiting unemployed and low-income Indians seeking US citizenship with promises of USD 2000 payments in exchange for marrying American clients. The trio made the couples pose together for photos and opened joint bank accounts to make fake marriages appear real and then would file fraudulent immigration visa petition, federal officials alleged. Bhargavas, the officer said quoted different fees to his clients

depending on the type of visa. While fees for work visa would be USD 15,000, the visa based upon marriage would come as high as USD 60,000. "They were just recycling marriage certificates, divorce certificates, witnesses or even US citizen spouses," the federal investigator said. The three have been named in a criminal complaint file in the US district court, the Department of Justice said in a statement. While Nisha Bhargava, 56, and daughter Runjhun entered not guilty plea in the court citing medical problem, the husband, Ajit was not present. -PTI

LAHORE/ATTARI (Amritsar): Touching the soil of the country after 27 years in Pakistani jail, Indian national Gopal Das came home to an emotional welcome by his elder brother and sister who had last seen him as a young man. 52-year-old Das was set free after Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari remitted his sentence on humanitarian grounds following an appeal by the Indian Supreme

"golden period of youth behind the bars in Pakistan, he asked the Indian government why it was sitting silent for the last 27 years. "I have a grudge against the Indian leadership who has never bothered about Indian prisoners rotting in prisons in Pakistan for the last many years. "32 Indian nationals, who have completed their jail term, are still languishing due of lack of initia-

Gopal Das raises hands as he arrives in India via Attari-Wagah border

CELEBRATIONS AT UN: UN Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri greets his diplomat colleague after India won the World Cup Cricket 2011 Championship on April 2. Pic Mohammed Jaffer-SnapsIndia

Court. Das crossed over to the Indian side of the border from Pakistan at the Joint Check Post here after being freed by the authorities in the neighboring country. As soon as he entered India, he bowed his head on the soil and kissed it as tears welled up in his eyes. Das's family members, including his brother Anand Vir, two sisters and niece Navjot besides, a dozen people from Bhaini Mian Khan village of Gurdaspur district of Punjab were here to receive him. Gopal hugged all his family members as they broke down in tears. Lamenting that he had lost the

tive on the part of the Indian Government," he claimed. Thanking the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan for releasing him, Das said he was also thankful to the Supreme Court of India for his release but said the role of Indian leadership was "disgusting". He claimed that seven such Indian prisoners who had already completed their sentence died due to ill health. Moreover, nearly one dozen Indian nationals have almost lost their senses. Das had crossed over to Pakistan inadvertently in 1984 and was arrested by Pakistani Rangers on charges of spying.-PTI


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India Post

April 15, 2011

Govt rejects demand for Anna Hazare as JC head NEW DELHI: The Government and anti-corruption activists were deadlocked on the demand over the chairmanship of a joint committee to draft an effective Lokpal Bill and its notification though government agreed to bring the legislation during Monsoon session of Parliament. As Gandhian Anna Hazare's fast-unto-death entered the third day, government opened a line of communication with the activists with Union Minister Kapil Sibal holding two rounds of talks with Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal. "We had two rounds of discussions. We have agreed on almost all issues but there is no agreement on two issues, that is issuing an official notification to form the committee and making Hazare the chairman of the committee," Sibal told reporters after the second round of talks at his residence. "So we need more time and we will meet again and see if we can evolve a procedure with which we can move ahead," Sibal said. He said the government has agreed to form the committee now and not after May 13 as it had suggested in the first round of talks and will definitely be introducing the Bill in the Monsoon session of Parliament. The proposed panel will have five members each from government and civil society. "The government has agreed to our demands. But our two demands are yet to be met. We will convey this to Hazare," Agnivesh said. Hazare, who his admirers and followers have been demanding should head the committee, reacted saying he would not like to head the committee.

"If you want I can be a member or adviser, but not the chairperson," Hazare said. Earlier Kejriwal Hazare was of the view that a retired judge should be the Chairman of the committee as the government suggested that Pranab Mukherjee head the panel. However, he said, when this

year-old Gandhian across the country with people staging demonstrations in various capitals. "In the first round of talks, Sibal had told us that the government was ready to constitute a joint committee with five members each from the civil society and the government. This we accepted,"

notification. They are trying to make a fool of us," he said. In the first round of talks, Kejriwal claimed, the government expressed its inability to give a timeline for bringing the Lokpal Bill. He said Sibal also expressed their inability in forming the committee before May 13 as Union

Social activist Anna Hazare during the 3rd day of his fast demanding enactment of Jan Lokpal Bill at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi

proposal was put forward to his supporters they unanimously demanded that Hazare be the chairperson of the joint committee. After the first round of talks between Sibal and Agnivesh and Kejriwal, Hazare told the gathering assembled at his fast site in Jantar Mantar that he would not call off his fast until the demands were met. More people, including school children, have joined the protest here even as support for the 72-

he said. . Kejriwal said the activists had suggested to the minister to officially notify the formation of the committee which the minister rejected. "Sibal told us it won't be possible and that he will announce to the media about the formation of the committee but there will be no formal notification. What is the guarantee when the minister only announces the formation of the committee and there is no formal

Ministers were busy due to campaigning for state elections. "In the second round, we suggested that those who are not busy should be brought in the committee. This was accepted by the government," he said. The decision to open a negotiation channel with activists came after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's discussions with some Cabinet colleagues. It was immediately followed by Sibal's meeting with the activists.

Asked whether he has discussed with Singh the developments, Sibal said "when I am standing here, then it is with authority." Ealier in the day, Hazare, who has lost 1.5 kg in the past three days, said there was no need for anyone to worry about his health as he can go with the fast for another seven days. He is in good shape though there has been a rise in his blood pressure and he is feeling weak. Hazare said he was not averse to dialogue but such discussions should take place with those who have power to take decisions. "When did we say no to dialogue? Dialogue should take place with those who have power to take decisions, whether (Congress chief) Sonia Gandhi or Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh)," he said. Addressing a gathering of his followers and school students at the Jantar Mantar dharna site here, Hazare rejected allegations that he was aligned with BJP and RSS and said he has nothing to do with them. "I have been working for the society for long time. For the past 35 years, I have not gone home. I have three brothers and I don't know the names of their children. I don't have any bank balance. I ask people to put Rs five or Rs ten in our carry bag. "Through this, I have kept myself fighting for the public. What have I to do with Congress or BJP? The country which is a gold chest has drowned in dismay because of those who ran the country," Hazare said, adding some people are still criticizing him. "If they had done so much, why is it that the country is still in a mess?" he asked. -PTI

India continues to dominate Pak strategic thinking: US WASHINGTON: Pakistan's efforts to launch a comprehensive fight against terrorism are greatly hampered by its perceived threat perception against India, US President Barack Obama has said in a new report to Congress. "As India continues to dominate their strategic threat perception, large elements of Pakistan's military remain committed to maintaining a ratio of Pakistani to Indian forces along the eastern border," Obama said in the third-quarterly report to the Congress on Afghanistan and Pakistan. "This deprives the Pakistani COIN (counter-insurgency) fight of sufficient forces to

achieve its 'clear' objectives and support the 'hold' efforts and causing available Army forces to be bogged down with 'hold' activities because there are insufficient trained civilian law enforcement personnel to assume that responsibility," Obama said in his 38page classified version of the report. Due to flood in Pakistan last year the offensive military operations Pakistan had envisioned for KP (Khaibar Pakhtoonwah) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in the second half of 2010 were overtaken by events, he said. "Militants were impacted by the floods as well, so we did not observe significant offensive actions

on their side, but as Pakistani forces ceased offensive operations, extremists extended their control to areas without sufficient Pakistani central government-provided security and governance,"

‘As India continues to dominate their strategic threat perception, large elements of Pakistan's military remain committed to maintaining a ratio of Pakistani to Indian forces along the eastern border’

he wrote. Between October 1 and December 31, 2010, Obama said Pakistani security forces remained largely static, generally focusing on maintaining the security of previously cleared areas in the FATA and KP and continuing to support flood relief operations. There were small but notable security operations in November and December in Orakzai Agency and Dir District, but no major operations. National attention during the reporting period focused on the need for continued flood relief and the start of early recovery efforts, he said. "The military served as a force of stability during the monsoons,

ensuring that Pakistani and international emergency resources were available for rescue and relief operations. The Pakistan Army, Air Force, and Navy committed large numbers of personnel and resources to the flood relief operations throughout October and November," he said. The civilian government's response suffered from a lack of coordination and reflected broader shortcomings in the government's ability to execute the civilian "hold" and "build" phases of COIN. The last quarter of 2010 saw no progress on effectively executing the COIN cycle in KP and the FATA. -PTI

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April 15, 2011

India Post


Akshaya Patra wins again for best accounting practices India Post News Service

NEW YORK: For the second year in a row, the Akshaya Patra Foundation, the world's largest NGO run midday meal program, has been awarded the Gold Shield Award for best financial reporting in the NGO sector by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Akshaya Patra's vision is that no child shall be deprived of education because of hunger. The organization currently feeds 1.2 million children each day in 8,000 schools from 18 kitchens in eight states in India through the use of innovative technology. "This award conferred by India's most prestigious accounting body speaks volumes for the organization's commitment to transparency and sound accounting practices," said Madhu Sridhar, Akshaya Patra USA's President and CEO. "We are over-

joyed by the honor and recognition." The Gold Shield is the top award given by the ICAI and is only given to those organizations with the highest level of accounting practices. The award was given based on a review of Akshaya Patra's accounts as well as their policies concerning full disclosure and presentation of financial statements. The organization was selected by a panel of judges for their degree of compliance with accounting standards, statutory guidelines and other relevant pronouncements. In addition to the Gold Shield, previous awards and accolades granted to Akshaya Patra have included AmeriCares award for

Mid-day meal for children in Puri, Orissa

appreciation of nutritional standards, Tech Museum award for leveraging technology to benefit humanity, Indian Urban Space Foundation award for the best in-

Indian American indicted for public works fraud SRIREKHA CHAKRAVARTY India Post News Service

NEW YORK: A New Yorkbased Indian American president of Environmental Energy Associates, along with one Carmine Desio, vice president of the company, who have been indicted for engaging in a multi-million dollar fraud in connection with minority government programs. Kamat, 75, and Desio, 76, have each been charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, as well as a mail fraud count relating to the Fulton Street Transit Center Dey Street Concourse (an MTA project). Each faces a maximum of 40 years in prison. In this connection, Skanska USA Civil Northeast Inc., that had allegedly subcontracted work to EEA, cooperated with the investigation that led to a nonprosecution agreement by paying up $19.6 million as settlement for criminal charges. Announcing the indictment, Preet Bharara, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said Kamat and Desio surrendered to the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and were arraigned in Manhattan federal court March 31. Bharara said, "The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program can mean the difference between success and failure for qualified, minority and women

owned businesses. The alleged conduct of these defendants deprived legitimate DBEs from receiving millions of dollars in lucrative government contracts. The message of today's criminal charges and $19.6 million settlement should be loud and clear - every company has to play by the rules, and we simply will not tolerate corruption in our government programs." MTA Inspector General Barry

Kamat, 75, and Desio, 76, have each been charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, as well as a mail fraud count relating to the Fulton Street Transit Center Dey Street Concourse (an MTA project). Each faces a maximum of 40 years in prison Kluger stated: "The Indictment and multi-million dollar civil settlement is the result of joint efforts by my office, the MTA, and the US Attorney, to combat construction fraud and protect the integrity of the MTA's Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program. It demonstrates the commit-

ment of our office and the MTA to create and maintain a level playing field in which all qualified minority- and women-owned businesses have a fair and equal opportunity to bid for, receive, and participate in all MTA projects. We are sending a loud and clear message to the construction industry that we and our investigative and prosecutorial partners are serious about enforcing compliance and will exact a heavy price from those who abuse the program." Kamat and Desio allegedly engaged in systematic fraud in connection with DBE programs adopted by the MTA, the Port Authority, and various New York City agencies. On countless projects, including the Fulton Street Transit Center Dey Street Concourse (an MTA project), the World Trade Center Transportation Hub (a Port Authority project), and an airline terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport (a Port Authority project), Kamat and Desio allegedly: o entered into subcontracts to perform work that they knew EEA was incapable of doing; o arranged or agreed to have third parties actually perform the work EEA was contracted to perform; o received a markup or fee for the work others performed; and o purported to, but did not in fact, do work for which primary contractors claimed DBE credit

novative project, and the Civil Society Organization award for outstanding annual Report. President Obama, in his congratulatory note to Akshaya Patra wrote, "Your example of using advanced technologies in central kitchens to reach children is an imaginative approach that has the potential to serve as a model for other countries." A public-private partnership, Akshaya Patra combines good management, innovative technology and smart engineering to deliver school lunch at a fraction of the cost of similar programs in other parts of the world. It costs only $31 to feed a child for an entire year, and with government subsidy, it takes just $11.50. This meal gives these children an

incentive to come to school, stay in school and provides them with the necessary nutrients they need to develop their cognitive abilities to focus on learning. The organization also sources its food stocks from local markets, thereby reducing costs associated with transportation and food spoilage while supporting the local economy. Akshaya Patra has a demonstrated impact on the children it reaches. AC Nielsen, an independent research firm, performed an impact assessment which demonstrated an increase in enrollment, especially among the female students, and better health and improved performance among all students who received school lunches. After reaching its goal of feeding one million children each school day, Akshaya Patra's next milestone is to serve 5 million children daily by 2020.

'No need to panic over reports of drug-resistant bacteria' NEW DELHI: The Health Ministry has asked people not to panic over reports of presence of drug-resistant bacteria in the public water supply of the capital, stating that it is a global issue not specific to any one country. "I have not read the report so I wouldn't comment. It is present everywhere not only in water. There is no need to panic," Secretary, Department of Health, Research V M Katoch said. He said that no one country needs to be blamed for this (the superbug). "Hospitals should follow appropriate safety norms. But it is a global message not only for one

country. There is nothing new," he said, adding that if the report applies to India, then it applies to Europe also. "There is no scientific relevance in this," he said. International medical journal 'Lancet' reported that deadly superbug NDM-1 was found in about a quarter of water samples taken from drinking supplies and puddles on the streets of New Delhi. Experts say it is the latest proof that the new drug-resistant bacteria, named after New Delhi, is widely circulating in the environment and could potentially spread to the rest of the world.-PTI

India, US working 'very closely' to implement N-deal: Blake WASHINGTON: India and the US, which enjoy "a truly global" strategic partnership, are working very closely to implement their landmark civilian nuclear deal despite the recent radiation crisis in Japan's quake-hit Fukushima atomic power plant, a top State Department official has said. It is too early to say what effect Japan's atomic crisis is going to have on India's nuclear program, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing. "...I think India does remain very much committed to carrying

out its nuclear program, because it has such huge energy needs that are going to be needed to support its growing economy and its growing population," he said. "So we continue to work very closely with our Indian friends to carry out the civil nuclear deal and I think they remain committed to it. We haven't received any indications of that (India would not go ahead with its nuclear energy plans)," Blake said. The top official's remarks came in response to a question in this regard from Congressman Gary Ackerman.-PTI

Desi News Jalaram Mandir Health Fair big success SURESH SHAH

CHICAGO: The second Health fair organized by the Hoffman Estate situated Jalaram Mandir turned out to be a much better affair than the first one. Over 300 needy in health care turned up to avail of the facility provided by the Mandir management for testing, diagnosis and consultation of health related issues at no cost. Yogesh Thakkar, a spokesman and general secretary BoT, said there was a queue for registration right since early morning. The patients were attended to efficiently by scores of medical professionals - general practitioners, specialists, physical therapists and nurses who volunteered to offer their services for a good cause. Details on page 12

American Airlines retimes Delhi flight departure A.Q. SIDDIQUI

CHICAGO: American Airlines has retimed the departure of its daily nonstop flight from Chicago to Delhi. It now leaves Chicago O’Hare International Airport at 4:35 p.m. (CDT). The more than 14and-a-half-hour flight now lands in India at 5.45 p.m. local time, three hours earlier than under the previous schedule. The revision in the flight times opens up more than 20 same-day connection opportunities for customers flying beyond Delhi, thus creating extensive traveler benefits. Details on page 14

NY Consulate celebrates Vishwa Hindi Divas


Rang & rain barse at Sunnyvale Temple Holi Details on page 16

10 India Post

April 15, 2011

Debra Silverstein: New hope for Devon SURESH SHAH

CHICAGO: "It is good riddance," exclaimed a front ranking businessman on Devon Avenue while reacting to the thundering loss of re-election bid by sitting and long time Alderman Bernard Stone last week. "He is 82 and apparently has many age-related weaknesses. He should have exited gracefully, but he did not and the electorate showed him the place where he truly belongs - his home," said the businessman. In the run-off, Ald Bernard Stone was facing a new but energetic Debra Silverstein who had the backing of newly-elect Mayor Rham Emanuel, Congresswoman Jan Schacowski and endorsements from two mainstream news-

Debra Silverstein with Congresswoman Jan Schacowski and Indian community activist Keerthi Ravoori

election for Aldermanic seat from 50th Ward. She won handsomely bagging 61 per cent of the votes

Devon residents and businessmen were plagued by many problems over the years parking, safety, cleaning of roads and pavements, potholes and loss of pre-eminence as international market place - and they yearned for change papers - Sun Times and Chicago Tribune - besides numerous Indian and Pakistani community activists. Devon residents and businessmen were plagued by many problems over the years - parking,

attitude of the area authority. I am sure now that we will jointly effect a change for better and Devon will again shoot back soon to its preeminent position for local businessmen and shoppers from suburbs and neighboring States."

Harendra Mangrola, president of Indo American Democratic Organization (IADO), said, "We endorsed Debra's candidacy after deep thinking and aligning ourselves to the wish of the locals." ContĂ­d on page 13

cast. Balwinder Singh, a prominent business in 50th Ward, took the lead in extending support to Debra and he lined up many an Indian and Pakistani residents behind

India Post News Service

NEW YORK: The need to popularize Hindi was discussed at length at the Vishwa Hindi Divas celebration at the Consulate General of India, New York on March 30. About 150 guests including academics working in the field of Hindi promotion in New York and New Jersey, Hindi poets and litterateurs, representatives of the mainstream and ethnic media and people interested in Hindi language and Indian culture attended the event. Consul General of India Amb. Prabhu Dayal, in his opening remarks, laid emphasis on the need to popularize Hindi language and exhorted the guests to begin the process by speaking in Hindi at home. Details on page 15

Defeated candidate Bernard Stone and incoming Alderman Debra Silverstein

safety, cleaning of roads and pavements, potholes and loss of preeminence as international market place - and they yearned for change. And the chance for change came when Debra Silverstein decided to contest the

her. "I am really happy that we made it," he told India Post. "More so as the margin turned out to be much bigger than expected and this clearly reflects that the residents and the area businessmen were badly hurt by the apathetic

Debra Silverstein with her Indian and Pakistani supporters.

April 15, 2011

Community Across America

India Post


Sahara's Subrata Roy felicitated in NY & NJ

India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Sahara India Pariwar's Chairman and Managing Worker Subrata Roy was felicitated at two separate receptions in New York and New Jersey hosted by TV Asia, recently. Roy, who was in the US to deliver a speech at Harvard University, was felicitated by TV Asia's H.R. Shah at the events at Nasdaq, Times Square, New York, on March 29 and at the TV Asia studios in Edison, New Jersey, the following evening. The Nasdaq evening was attended by Consul General of India, Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, and the Consul General of Canada, John Prato. Prominent members of the South Asian community and corporate figures also attended the event. Among the political leaders who attended the NJ event were Senator Bob Smith, Assembly-

men Upendra Chivukula, Craig Coughlin and Sam Thompson, Mayor John McCormac of Woodbridge Township, and Dr.

at both venues, paid tribute to the vision and generosity of Roy, referring to his humble beginnings in 1978 to building a $ 23

employers in the world with over one million employees. Roy explained the philosophy of Sahara Pariwar, describing the

ate 5,000 jobs in the first two years and create a total of 100,000 jobs a few years down the line.

billion Sahara empire today. Shah reminded the audience that Sahara Pariwar is one of the largest

organization not as a corporation, but as a family. The spirit and values of family, he said, were what made it successful and helped it blossom into a bigger entity. He described himself as a member of that large family of a million people with his role being that of a guardian, only because every family had to have a guardian. He said it was because of that philosophy of family why Sahara Pariwar was one of the only large organizations of its kind whose workers voluntarily chose not to become members of any labor union. At the Nasdaq event, Roy disclosed he had committed to President Barack Obama during the President's recent visit to India, that Sahara India Pariwar would soon launch a project in the United States that would cre-

In New Jersey, local legislators asked him to consider investing in their state. Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac made the case for such investment by saying the Indian American community was solely responsible for revitalizing commerce in both Woodbridge and Edison Township. Therefore, he noted, if Subrata Roy sought the best place to invest anywhere in the United States, he was in the right place, in the state of New Jersey, and specifically in the towns of Edison and Woodbridge. Hours after the conclusion of the New Jersey event March 30, Subrata Roy Sahara flew back to India to attend the Cricket World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka in Mumbai. Sahara India Pariwar is the major sponsor of the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

The Nasdaq evening was attended by Consul General of India, Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, and the Consul General of Canada, John Prato. Prominent members of the South Asian community and corporate figures also attended the event Sudhanshu Prasad, Edison Township Councilman. Shah, in his welcome speech

Community Across America

12 India Post

April 15, 2011

Jalaram Mandir Health Fair big success SURESH SHAH

CHICAGO: The second Health fair organized by the Hoffman Estate situated Jalaram Mandir turned out to be a much better affair than the first one. Over 300 needy in health care turned up to avail of the facility provided by the Mandir management for testing, diagnosis and consultation of health related issues at no cost. Yogesh Thakkar, a spokesman and general secretary BoT, said there was a queue for registration right since early morning. The patients were attended to efficiently by scores of medical professionals - general practitioners, specialists, physical therapists and nurses who volunteered to offer their services for a good cause. "We are all grateful to them, to other volunteers who helped at the administrative level and the Mandir members who executed the entire six-

Testing blood sugar

everybody's face as the fair progressed smoothly and efficiently. Once all exams and consultation work finished, the Mandir volunteers and members served all

members would like to thank each volunteer, doctor and supplier for making our second health fair meet a great success," President Chirayu Parikh said.

Dr Ashish Patel examining patient

and blood donation drive on April 16. The Mandir also plans a gala fund raising event on June 11 with top notch artists from India. This would be its second fundraising dinner.

Kamal Vibhakar - dentist, Charu Vibhakar - dentist, Rajendra Ghulani - cardiologist, Grishma Patel - eye doctor, Alpa Perikh therapist. The Jalaram Mandir

Once all exams and consultation work finished, the Mandir volunteers and members served all those present and the devotees with lunch. Tea and coffee were served before the lunch and during the progress of the Fair Cardiologist Ghulani examining a patient

hour program meticulously," he said. The patients came for blood work, eye exam, EKG, dental exam, and consultation with doctors. There was an air of satisfaction on

those present and the devotees with lunch. Tea and coffee were served before the lunch and during the progress of the Fair. "Shree Jalaram Mandir board

Taking blood pressure

Patients waiting

He announced the upcoming program concerning the celebration of Ram Navmi, the birth anniversary of Lord Ram. One of the highlights is the 24 hour Ramdhun on April 16-17

The physicians who attended the Health fair are: Ashish Patel internal medicine, Annand Satyadave - internal medicine, Ghanshyam Thakkar - OBGYN,

Volunteer guiding patient

health fair event showed that it engages not only in ritual and religious ceremonies but also undertakes humanitarian activities, said an attending devotee physician.

April 15, 2011

Community Across America

India Post 13

Balaji Temple to host Priya sisters, Lavanya SURI SWAMY

AURORA: On the auspicious occasion of Sri Ramanavami, Sri Venkateswara Swami (Balaji) Temple in Aurora, IL, is organizing a spectacular cultural celebration with artists from India. The famed duo of Priya sisters will present Carnatic Classical Vocal rendition of ' A n n a m a c h a r y a Sankeerthanavali' on Sunday April 24, 5pm, at the Veluchamy auditorium. Disciples of the legendary duo Smt. Radha and Jayalakshmi, Priya Sisters Haripriya Vedula and Shanmukhapriya Vedula have been captivating Classical music connoisseurs for the past two decades and have given more than 2000 concerts all over India and abroad. Presently they

Priya sisters

US after a long gap of ten years. They will be accompanied by Srikanth Venkataraman on the

Presenting the grandeur and beauty of the South Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam, Lavanya Ananth, from Chennai, will present "Nrithya Samarchita", a compilation of original choreographic works are under the scholarly guidance of Prof.T.R.Subramaniam. Priya sisters are touring the

Vi o l i n and Neyveli Skandasubramanian on the Mridangam. Their art form is

Debra Silverstein: New hope for Devon ContĂ­d from page 10

He said Debra has promised she would keep her office open for anybody to walk in with any complaint or suggestion. She had also indicated that she would set up a sort of committee that would meet periodically and advise her about the development of the Devon business area. There are many problems that need immediate attention and one of them is parking and the other is safety of the shoppers. "We will press for addressing these issues as soon as she settles down in her office," he said. The long-term scenario would include many changes like relaying the roads, capping them properly, ensuring higher funding from Aldermanic funds and taking measures to make the place as a truly international market place. Dr Ram Gajjela, a former chief of IADO and a community activist, said that Devon is a rough diamond. It needs to be cut and polished properly for it to shine and get its glory. The newly elect Alderman Debra has promised to do something in this regard and "we

will closely watch the progress in this direction. We are sure that with the cooperation with all the concerned parties we would make the Devon Diamond shine again." Keerthi Ravoori, who helped organzise a Debra endorsement

The long-term scenario would include many changes like relaying the roads, capping them properly, ensuring higher funding from Aldermanic funds and taking measures to make the place as a truly international market place meet on Devon Avenue, said that the election outcome was "never in doubt and we all extend our heartiest welcome to the newly elect Alderman. We also congratulate the voters for their intelligent choice."

characteristic of the G.N.B. Bhaani (style), with their srutialigned, attractive, brigaa-oriented voices lending them

ready support to leave an enduring impression on the listener. Celebrating the spirit of Sri Ramanavami, Smt. Jayanthi Savithri, Harikatha aritist and versant scholar from the Annamacharya Project, Tirumala Tiupathi Devasthanam, India, will also be presenting a Harikatha Ganam on 'Seetha Rama Kalyanam' at the temple auditorium on Saturday, April 30 at 2.30pm. Presenting the grandeur and beauty of the South Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam, Lavanya Ananth, from Chennai, will present "Nrithya Samarchita", a compilation of original choreographic works encompassing a

variety of poetry and techniques within the classical boundaries of Bharatanatyam grammar in different Indian languages. The event cosponsored by Natya Dance Theatre and Nrithyanjali School of Dance, IL, will be held on Sunday, April 30 at 4.30pm. Established as a talented new generation danseuse of India, Lavanya Ananth represents the graceful pictursque Vazhuvoor style of Bharatanatyam. She was trained by S.K.Rajarathnam Pillai, K.J.Sarasa and Bragha Bessel. She has received Yuva Kala Bharathi from Bharath Kalachar. All the events will be held at the Veluchamy auditorium of the Sri Balaji Temple, Aurora, IL.

Community Across America

14 India Post

April 15, 2011

American Airlines retimes Delhi flight departure

Hindu awareness website revamped


CHICAGO: American Airlines has retimed the departure of its daily nonstop flight from Chicago to Delhi. It now leaves Chicago O’Hare International Airport at 4:35 p.m. (CDT). The more than 14and-a-half-hour flight now lands in India at 5.45 p.m. local time, three hours earlier than under the previous schedule. The revision in the flight times opens up more than 20 same-day connection opportunities for customers flying beyond Delhi, thus creating extensive traveler benefits. “Our previous arrival time into India did not allow convenient same-day connections beyond Delhi,” said Loretta Kuss, Director - Chicago Passenger Sales. “We are delighted to now offer an improved arrival schedule for our customers. More than 20 onward connection destinations are now available, including multiple flights to cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore”.

“This time change, coupled with our move into Terminal 3 at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport last year also, helps facilitate quick connections, since most

“Our previous arrival time into India did not allow convenient same-day connections beyond Delhi,” said Loretta Kuss, Director - Chicago Passenger Sales. “We are delighted to now offer an improved arrival schedule for our customers” international and domestic flights now depart from the same terminal,” Kuss added. “This initiative underscores American’s commitment to the Indian market, which we began flying to from Chicago

in November 2005, and allows us to make greater use of Delhi as a gateway city to the rest of India and other destinations in Asia.” The timing for the popular overnight westbound flight to Chicago will remain unchanged, meaning that great connections are now available to co-ordinate with the flight in both directions: From New Delhi, AA flight will leave the India Gandhi airport at 00.30 (Except Wednesdays between 03 May - 28 Sep inclusive.) and arrive at O’Hare international airport in Chicago at 05.20 am in the morning same day. American Airlines, American Eagle and AmericanConnection® serve 250 cities in 40 countries with, on average, more than 3,400 daily flights. The combined network fleet numbers more than 900 aircraft. American Airlines is a founding member of the oneworld® Alliance, and together with its members serve approximately 750 destinations in nearly 150 countries and territories.

Blood donation drive at BAPS Mandir

His Holiness Pande Maharaj doing ritualistic worship of the FHA website (Pic: Sagar Nimbalkar) India Post News Service

NEW JERSEY: New Jerseybased Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) has revamped and relaunched its website, which was inaugurated in India by spiritual guru Pande Maharaj on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa (the Hindu New Year Day). The organization aims to awaken society to the unique spiritual science behind Hindu Dharma.

On the occasion, Pande Maharaj said, "Today the country is celebrating the win of the Cricket World cup; but the happiness gained from it is short-lived. Instead of gaining anything through such events the chances of loss are more. In contrast, Hindu culture has taught us to spiritualise every action and thus gain permanent happiness from it." Contíd on page 19


Anu Parsuram explaining the different sections of the FHA website.

BARTLETT, IL: BAPS Charities at Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Bartlett, a northwest Chicago suburb, organized a Blood Donation Drive on Sunday, March 27. The blood drive was in collaboration with Lifesource and other blood banks nationwide. Often commended as the "gift of life," blood donation is truly a way that healthy individuals can give back to their communities. Donors gave 186 units of blood Seventeen-year-old Rhiday Pandya drove over 35 miles from downtown Chicago to donate blood for the first time. "My parents have been donating blood with BAPS Charities for a long

time," said Pandya. "Now that I am 17, it's my turn to help continue this service." "The fate between life and

ered an incredible success," said event coordinator Dr Sanjay Patel on behalf of BAPS Charities. In 2010, BAPS Charities Blood

Cong using govt funds to defend itself India Post News Service

Seventeen-year-old Rhiday Pandya drove over 35 miles from downtown Chicago to donate blood for the first time. “My parents have been donating blood with BAPS Charities for a long time," said Pandya. ‘Now that I am 17, it's my turn to help continue this service’ death of millions in the US depends upon blood availability, and if BAPS Charities can inspire one more individual to donate blood then these drives can be consid-

Drives were organized at 22 centers throughout North America collecting 823 pints of blood, which will help save up to 2469 lives.

New York: Summons were issued to India's Congress party on March 1 by US District Court for the Southern District of New York for conspiring, aiding, abetting and carrying out organized attacks on Sikh population of India in November 1984. The Congress party has now hired law firm of Wiggin and Dana LLP in addition to the law firm of Sabharwal, Nordin and Finkel. According to attorney

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor to Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), the Congress is using Government of India's money, influence and authority to defend itself against the charges of genocide before the US Court. Consulate of India in New York and Indian Embassy in Washington are involved in hiring, retaining and paying for the law firms to defend Congress in the law suit before Southern District of New York which is clearly misuse of government power and government funds, Pannun added.

Community Across America

April 15, 2011

India Post 15

NY Consulate celebrates Vishwa Hindi Divas India Post News Service

NEW YORK: The need to popularize Hindi was discussed at length at the Vishwa Hindi Divas celebration at the Consulate General of India, New York on March 30. About 150 guests including academics working in the field of Hindi promotion in New York and New Jersey, Hindi poets and litterateurs, representatives of the mainstream and ethnic media and

Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh for the occasion. The first session of the daylong event dwelt on the activities being undertaken by various institutions to popularize the language. Ashok Ojha, a noted journalist spoke about workshops conducted by the Vishva Yuva Sansthan to enthuse children of Persons of Indian origin to learn Hindi language. He also gave a snap shot of the activities under-

Consul General of India Amb. Prabhu Dayal, in his opening remarks, laid emphasis on the need to popularize Hindi language and exhorted the guests to begin the process by speaking in Hindi at home people interested in Hindi language and Indian culture attended the event. Consul General of India Amb. Prabhu Dayal, in his opening remarks, laid emphasis on the need to popularize Hindi language and exhorted the guests to begin the process by speaking in Hindi at home. He read out the message of

taken by the individuals and associations in the Tri-State area as also about the US governmentfunded program called Startalk that supports intensive summer programs to promote Hindi and Indian culture in the US. Ambalika Mishra, also a veteran radio journalist, spoke about the activities of the Bharatiya

(From left) Dr Searson, Amb Dayal, Ashok Ojha and poet Anup Bhargava at the Hindi Divas celebrations at NY Consulate

Vidya Bhavan in the propagation of Hindi language. Hariet Lengel and Nooriya Puri, both Hindi students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan recited their own creative work on the occasion. Television presenters at ITV, a local Indian channel, Geeta Setia and

Ravi Baichwal presentation on globalization

Ashok Vyas engaged the guests with their composition 'Shabd Mere Meet' - a dialogue that emphasized the importance of use of appropriate Hindi lexicon in daily life. The second session was dedicated to rendition of poems of eminent Hindi poets. While Prof.

Susham Bedi recited works of Bhavani Prasad Mishra, Prof Anil Prabha Kumar indulged the audience with the works of Dharamvir Bharti. The evening concluded with recital of satirical poems of Sharad Joshi by Anoop Bhargava.

Homage to Guru in Ayodhya


Kusum Patel (center) in Ayodhya

Ravi Baichwal (center) flanked by Administrative Officer Rohit Joshi, AAH conference director Ranney Yasmin and students.

CHICAGO: Well known TV anchor Ravi Baichwal delivered a presentation on the theme of "Globalization and Identity" on Wednesday, April 6 at the Golden Eagles room at Northeastern Illinois University (NeIU) in Chicago. NeIU is home to a large Asian American and Indian population. An anchor from the Albany Park community, Ravi Baichwal touched on contemporary issues during his excellent presentation which was welcomed with applause by the students, staff and Asian American heritage conference

Ravi Baichwal touched on contemporary issues during his excellent presentation which was welcomed with applause by the students, staff and Asian American heritage conference committee members

committee members. Yasmin Ranney, director of the AAH conference, expressed gratitude to everybody in the house. Rohit Joshi, member, AAH conference praised Ravi Baichwal for being a strong supporter of students' activities of NEIU. NEIU has celebrated Asian American Heritage for the past 17 years with an annual weeklong event. This year's culminating event is the Annual Asian American Awards Gala when several members of the NEIU community will be celebrated and awarded.

Thousands of dedicated disciples of Gurudev Acharya Shree Ram Sharma from more than 40 districts and 10 states gathered near Saryu river bank in Ayodhya to pay homage to their Guru on the occasion of his birth centenary. They renewed their commitment to carry on his message of universal peace and love across the world. Kusum Patel of Gayatri Pariwar Chicago was one of the active participants at this gathering. According to Kusum, it was for the first time that 108 Kundi Yagya was performed. Gayatri Yagya was held at Chicago facility for Ramnavmi festival at Gayatri Shaktipeeth Chicago.

Another lawsuit against Cal prison system India Post News Service

WASHINGTON, DC: The Sikh Coalition has filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) on behalf of Mr. Sukhjinder Singh Basra, a Sikh detainee, who suffered repeated disciplinary sanctions for keeping

his religiously-mandated beard uncut. The lawsuit was filed in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation of Southern California, the ACLU's Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief, and the law firm Alston & Bird LLP. ContĂ­d on page 19


16 India Post

April 15, 2011

Rang & rain barse at Sunnyvale Temple Holi

Raj Bhanot & people from City of Sunnyvale

People enjoying playing Holi

KAVITA ARORA India Post News Service

SUNNYVALE: Even with the pouring rain during Holi, over 4,000 people gathered at the annual two-day Holi Celebrations on Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19, at the Hindu Temple and Community Center in Sunnyvale, California. The two day event featured an assortment of colorful fun, Rang and Raas with Dandiya, lunch, and cultural performances. It was surprising that people came out in large groups to enjoy Holi in the cold and rainy weather. "Dealing with the rain was a huge challenge for us since our

event was outdoors but everything turned out well," Raj Bhanot, Co-founder and Treasurer, told India Post. Rather than celebrate Holi in the outdoors, the Sunnyvale Temple management moved the celebrations indoors. Nonetheless, folks enjoyed playing with color and dancing and the two day celebration of good over evil. Holi is the festival of color and it is celebrated over two days. The first day is Holika Dahan where people light a bonfire that signifies the destruction of evil. The second day is the actual fun part where people play with color and water. For the past 15 years the Sunnyvale Temple celebrates Holi with enthusiasm and this year

The Holi celebration

was no different. The festival was a great way for families to meet each other and put color on each other. It was also another venue where children displayed their talents during the cultural program. NetApp was the parking provider for more than a 1,000 vehicles and the Temple management made arrangements for shuttle buses as usual while Swagat Restaurant sponsored the lunch. "Over 52 groups registered for the cultural program", noted Sheetal Singhal. For children taking up various Indian arts as their hobby, the event also provided a platform to display their talents on stage. Kavita Arora is Anchor and Co-Producer of Sitaarre TV


April 15, 2011

India Post 17

So-Cal Ahmadiyyas celebrate Promised Messiah Day

Audience members at Promised Messiah Day event India Post News Service

CHINO, CA: On Sunday, March 27, the Southern California chapters of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community gathered at the Baitul Hameed Mosque in Chino for their annual celebration of Promised Messiah Day. The event, with 350 localarea members in attendance, was chaired by Mr. Asim Ansari, president of the Inland Empire branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In his opening remarks, Mr. Ansari touched on the historical and spiritual reasons for the celebration. He said that the longawaited appearance of the Promised Messiah and Reformer in Islam was prophesied in the Holy Quran and Traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Mr. Ansari stated the Ahmadi belief that the promised appearance of the Imam Mahdi and awaited Messiah had been fulfilled with the advent of just one person, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, who laid the foundation for the Community on March 23, 1889. Ahmad wrote more than 80 books in his lifetime presenting a reformist, rational and non-violent view of Islam based on the true teachings of the Holy Quran and the example and sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Ahmad defended Islam with the pen and not the sword and successfully divested Islam of its corruptions and superstitions, restoring it to its original pristine purity. In celebration of this achievement, Ahmadi Muslims all over the world convene "Promised Messiah Day" around March 23 in honor of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who they contend was a wholly devoted and subordinate follower-prophet of

the Prophet Muhammad and as such did not bring any new law or Holy Book. Ahmadi Muslims believe that Muhammad was the final lawbearing prophet, who was given (via verbal revelation by the angel Gabriel) the Holy Quran, which Ahmadis believe in and follow completely, as well as striving to always live by the example (Sunnah) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Muslims who follow this 19th century reformer, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, believe he is the Imam Mahdi and Promised Mes-

Ahmad wrote more than 80 books in his lifetime presenting a reformist, rational and non-violent view of Islam based on the true teachings of the Holy Quran and the example and sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad siah and are known as Ahmadis their official motto is: "Love for All - Hatred for None." Following Mr. Ansari's opening remarks, several speakers addressed the audience on a number of different subjects relating to the celebration. The first presentation was made by the very young Mr. Momin Hashmi, who spoke on some important events during the life of the Promised Messiah, af-

Imam Shamshad gives keynote address at Promised Messiah Day celebration

ter which Mr. Rahman Abdul Aleem, an American convert to Islam Ahmadiyyat, talked passionately about the love the Promised Messiah had for his Holy Master, Prophet Muhammad. Mr. Adnan Pasha spoke about the "New World Order" described in a book written by the Promised Messiah entitled "The Will" in which he explained how it is imperative for his followers to hold fast to the straight path of true Islam and practice truth and fair dealings because it is only the righteous who can bring about true global peace by living that peace and being a shining and inspiring example for others to see and emulate. Mr. Naem Muhammad then took the podium, speaking about the many opponents of the Promised Messiah and how they all met with tragic ends after refusing to concede the truth of Ahmad. Naem told of one such opponent, a turn-of-the-century Scottish-American Christian evangelist, Dr. John Alexander Dowie, who founded the religious settlement of Zion, IL in the 1890s - requiring all residents of Zion to abstain from drinking, gambling and all other sins and vices. Dowie set himself as the moral standard and also proclaimed that God had sent him in the 'Spirit and Power of Elijah III' for the purpose of ushering in the longexpected Second Coming of Jesus. Dowie had also made insulting remarks about Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and had stated that he intended to pray to God to wipe out all Muslims from the face of the Earth. Dowie also hurled vile abuses at Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who ultimately challenged him to a "prayer duel," imploring Dowie that instead of asking God to kill millions of Mus-

lims, he should pray that God strike him down instead, and that to prove who was the true spiritual claimant from God, that whichever one of them was lying in his claims to divine appointment would come to a disgraceful end before the natural death of the other. When Dr. Dowie was told of this challenge and others, he boasted, "Can you imagine me answering these gnats and flies? If I were to put my foot on them, I could crush them to death." Eventually his hypocrisy was

Imam Shamshad Nasir featured a talk on the main mission of the Promised Messiah which was that his followers should become spiritually and morally purified and demonstrate the highest levels of righteousness brought to light and he was punished by God for his arrogance, meeting a tragic and disgraceful end in complete fulfillment of the prophecy made by Ahmad. Most of Dowie's followers abandoned him after he was exposed as a secret drinker, gambler and womanizer. His wife and son also turned against him and did not even attend his funeral. In the first week of March 1907 (well before the demise of the Promised Messiah

in May of 1908) Dowie died in utter grief, misery and disgrace. To this day, hardly a soul in Zion even knows who Dowie was. Only Ahmadi Muslims keep his memory alive as a sign from God. The concluding remarks by Imam Shamshad Nasir featured a talk on the main mission of the Promised Messiah which was that his followers should become spiritually and morally purified and demonstrate the highest levels of righteousness. The Imam explained this in more detail by telling how the Promised Messiah encouraged his followers to manifest these qualities: (1) To partake of the Holy Spirit by being loving and compassionate and by purifying their souls, without which true righteousness cannot be attained. (2) To totally shed all low desires of the self, choosing solely for the sake of winning the pleasure of God to stride that narrow and difficult path of righteousness, compared to which no other path is harder to traverse. (3) To never fall in love with material things, but to choose instead a life of austerity and meekness and humility only for the sake of God. (4) To bear all pains and trials which please God because that is far better than indulging in the pleasures of the world, which only displeases Him. (5) To be reminded that the defeat which pleases God is better than the victory which invites the wrath of Allah. (6) To renounce the love of the world so as not to incur the wrath of God. By purifying your hearts, you draw nearer to Him, and in so doing He will help you on whichever path you tread that leads towards Him, and no enemy shall ever be able to harm you so long as you trust and depend solely on God.


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Fighting bullying in the Bay Area India Post News Service

FREMONT: The Sikh Coalition and several Bay Area community members met with the Superintendent of the Fremont School District to discuss anti-Sikh bullying in February. The Coalition's recently released Bay Area Civil

Rights Report identified Fremont as the school district with the highest rates of bullying against our children in that area. The Coalition is currently discussing policy and curriculum changes with the Fremont School District to address this epidemic.

April 15, 2011

Got profiled while lobbying for civil rights RAJDEEP SINGH Director of Law and Policy, The Sikh Coalition


n the morning of April 4, it was my privilege to accompany Sikh youth activist Gurwinder Singh to Capitol Hill, where he was due to give a presentation about his experience with school bullying and his efforts to combat it. This opportunity was made possible by South Asian Americans Leading To-

from the South Asian community outside, and deposited the bag. On the way out, we ran into my colleague, Sikh Coalition staff attorney, Sandeep Amy Kaur, who also dropped off her bag, and proceeded to exit the building so that we could w a t c h Gurwinder make his presentation at a different location. After walking about a block toward our destination, Gurwinder Singh at the Capitol Hill 3 Capitol Hill police officials stopped us; asked gether (SAALT), a civil rights orus whether we had dropped off a ganization, as part of its 2011 bag a few moments earlier; told South Asian Summit. Like all summit participants, us to step aside in the grass (in Gurwinder and I were instructed full view of curious onlookers); to deposit personal bags and suit- demanded our identification cases in a storage room on the cards; and rudely grilled us with 5th floor of the Cannon House questions about what we were Office Building, which was reserved for SAALT by Congressional staff. And so, after clear- Capitol Hill police ing security with Gurwinder's bag, we found the relevant room, officials stopped us; mingled with some familiar faces

asked us whether we had dropped off a bag a few moments

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earlier; told us to step

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rudely grilled us with questions about what we were doing there

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doing there that day. After several awkward minutes, other summit participants (carrying suitcases) happened to pass by the area and backed up our claim that a storage room had been set aside for the South Asian Summit. Contíd on page 19


April 15, 2011

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So-Cal Edison honors women in engineering India Post News Service

ROSEMEAD, CA: Working in a male-dominated field has never intimidated mechanical engineer Karen Ngai. "I grew up with older brothers, and my classes were always male-dominated," says Ngai, who does mechanical analysis and engineering design change packages for Southern California Edison, as part of the Design Engineering group at its San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, or SONGS. "I see no difference working in this field. My brother was my mentor. His fascination with science inspired me to work in engineering," she says. Though there are many Chinese-Americans in engineering, Ngai says, the women sometimes feel underestimated. She says she overcame that tendency by showing peers and supervisors she knows what she is talking about. As SCE celebrated Women's History Month in March and now Diversity Month in April, Ngai has been singled out as an outstand-

ing woman engineer and a role model for young women aiming for careers in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, fields. "Karen Ngai exemplifies the benefits of a strong education in math and science," said Veronica Gutierrez, SCE vice president, Cor-

port educational initiatives, at the K-12 and college levels, that promote math, science and technology literacy. The Edison Scholars program, funded by Edison International, supports the study of math, physics, chemistry, engineering, materials science, computer science or information sys-

"There are a lot of opportunities to move up, great benefits and a work culture for working moms," says Ngai, whose 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. schedule leaves plenty of time for play with her 18-month-old porate Communications. "We hope she inspires a new generation of girls and young women to follow in her footsteps. And to help them achieve their goals, we remain committed to offering educational grants that focus on STEM fields, which will help recruit our workforce of the future." Southern California Edison and parent Edison International sup-

tems, with scholarships up to $10,000. For the first time, the number of awardees has been expanded to include students in the 14 states where the company generates and distributes electricity. Requirements also have been changed so recipients may attend any accredited U.S. university. "I got into engineering because

Another lawsuit against Cal prison system ContĂ­d from page 15

The aim of this litigation is to ensure that Sikh detainees - and indeed all others who are required to maintain beards for religious reasons - are able to do so without penalty.

This is the second Sikh Coalition lawsuit against the CDCR. In December 2009, the Coalition filed a lawsuit against California's prison system for failing to hire a Sikh correctional officer job applicant who refused to cut his beard. That lawsuit remains open and is actively being litigated.

Hindu awareness website revamped ContĂ­d from page 14

"A comparative study of today's RajaTama (spiritually impure) predominant atmosphere and a Sattva (spiritually pure) predominant atmosphere should be done through the renewed website of Forum for Hindu Awakening. Through it the hearts of all Hindus will join and all Hindus across the world will unite. This website should strive towards the resurrection of Hindus, so Hindus come to think of the 'Internet' as a medium for joining hearts with other Hindus. The goal of Hindus is God realisation. So instead of trying to merge with one another externally at the level of Raja-Tama, Hindus should become one at heart, spiritually," he said. The website of Forum for Hindu Awakening was renewed recently and in keeping with the wish of all the seekers (sadhaks) of FHA that the inauguration of this new look be done in India by a saint, it was done with

the blessings of Pande Maharaj. Anu Parsuram, one of the sadhaks who was present on the occasion, explained the different sections of the website. This website will be a medium to spread the unique spiritual features of Hinduism such as spiri-

This website should strive towards the resurrection of Hindus, so Hindus come to think of the 'Internet' as a medium for joining hearts with other Hindus tual healing, subtle experiments to test the sixth sense and subtle pictures illustrating the scientific benefits of Hindu practices. The website will also feature a children's section, so that they can be raised as Hindus.

I was interested in robotics," Ngai says. "I like hands-on projects involving building or rebuilding." At SONGS, she works on designs that help improve systems. Ngai, who says a friend employed at SONGS told her "it was a great place to work," found it particularly suited for women. "There are a lot of opportunities to move up, great benefits and a work culture for working moms," says Ngai, whose 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. schedule leaves plenty of time for play with her 18-month-old. Ngai appreciates the opportunity to strike a balance in her life. "At work, I'm focused on my job 100 percent, and then I leave work at work," she says. "At home, I am present for my daughter." "Women can move up in this company and they are respected," Ngai adds. She offers this advice to girls interested in her field: "Build a strong foundation in science. Math can take you anywhere." "Do what you're good at and be passionate about it," she adds.

Got profiled while lobbying for civil rights ContĂ­d from page 18

By this time, the policemen also received confirmation from their colleagues that we had done nothing wrong. As our driver's license cards were returned to us, one of the police officials noted that a civilian had reported "two men of Middle Eastern appearance acting suspiciously" inside the Cannon Building. It was at this moment that I realized we were being profiled and that what made us "suspicious" in the eyes of some misinformed bigot were our turbans. I clarified to the 3 officers that we are actually from South Asia; requested their business cards; and told them that we would "be in touch." At long last, we made our way to the Capitol Visitor Center, where Gurwinder delivered an excellent presentation with poise and incredible grace, only moments after being profiled by police outside the halls of the United States Congress.

Sportspersons demand Bharat Ratna for Sachin NEW DELHI: Senior Indian cricketers led by captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni have joined the growing chorus, demanding that Sachin Tendulkar be conferred the Bharat Ratna and said the maestro deserves the highest civilian award for the services he rendered to the country through the sport. Sporstpersons from other fields, including former hockey captain Dhanraj Pillay, also joined political parties in demanding that Tendulkar be conferred the award. "Yes, 200 per cent, because he is an ideal candidate, he has served the country for 21 years with a few more to come. As a cricketer, you know, if he doesn't get it, then I don't think there's anyone who'll get the Bharat Ratna ever," Dhoni told reporters in Chennai. "I think he's done really great things for the country, taking cricket to the next level. He's known even in places where they don't know about the game, so I think it's a very big achievement taking the country forward. He's done remarkably," he said about his childhood idol. Tendulkar's World Cup-winning team-mates Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh also felt that he deserves the Bharat Ratna for his services to the game for more than two decades.-PTI

Dhoni shaves head after India's World Cup triumph MUMBAI: Having carried the burden of expectations of a billion people, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni lightened his burden by shaving off his head soon after vanquishing Sri Lanka in the World Cup final, to fulfill a pledge to the gods. Dhoni surprised the world with his tonsured head, having shaved off the hair in the middle of the night in his hotel room here. Dhoni is believed to have made a commitment to do so before a deity close to his hometown in Ranchi before the World Cup began. The priest had advised him to shave off the head between 2.45 am and 3 am which is what he did. The hair will now be offered at the Balaji temple in Tirupati. Dhoni's new look was first seen during an official photoop session in front of the iconic Gateway of India, where some members of the Indian cricket team posed for shutterbugs with World Cup trophy.-PTI

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April 15, 2011

The Champions

Dhoni is the best captain I played under: Tendulkar

Dhoni with Man-of-the-Match award and World Cup Trophy and (right) Sachin Tendulker being carried on team shoulders

MUMBAI: He has played under six captains in a career spanning 21 years but senior batsman Sachin Tendulkar has rated current India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the best for his sharp mind and calm demeanor. Tendulkar has played six World Cups in his career but it was under Dhoni that the iconic batsman realized his dream of becoming a part of a winning team after they beat Sri Lanka in the finals at the Wankhede stadium. "He (Dhoni) is the best captain I have played under. He is very sharp and always alert. He reads the situation well and is open to sharing ideas. He always has discussions with bowlers, batsmen and senior players separately," said Tendulkar. "One more good thing is he is always calm and never shows his frustration. These are some of the human qualities which have made him such a good captain. He is a fantastic captain," he added. Asked about outgoing India coach Gary Kirsten, Tendulkar said he wants the South African to continue. "Personally I want Gary to continue but I understand he has got commitments and he must have

thought about this before the tournament. I respect his decision," he said. "It has been a pleasure to work with him, he worked as hard as the players, he is like a bowling machine, bowling 200-300 balls to the batsmen. It has always been a fabulous experience to rub shoulder with him, we will miss him," he added.

batting was clicking or bowling or fielding but everything was not clicking together, but in the last three games. Everybody contributed, right from seniors to the juniors in the team. Results no one can guarantee but efforts can be," he said. Tendulkar said winning the World Cup was the biggest day

Sachin Tendulkar walks with his children Ramesh and daughter Sara

Tendulkar feels the team peaked at the right time at the knockout stage after playing some close matches in the league stages of the tournament. "In the knockout stage we peaked at the right time, it was most important, we knew either the

of his life. "My biggest day in life was April 2, 2011. We had to pinch one another that it was actually happening in our life. I thank God for such a day, it was by his grace." Asked how did the team deal

with pressure, Tendulkar said they just tried to give their individual best. "Pressure and expectation are always there, we were thinking that as individuals we should perform our best. If bowler fails, others will take wickets we were not thinking like that, we wanted to do our individual best and perform as a team." "If a batsman failed, the aim was that the other batsmen should cover up for him. Pressure was of my own expectations. I won't say it was pressure but preparation," Tendulkar said. Asked about the finals, Tendulkar said, "We planned a lot of things ahead of the final, we discussed a lot of things, but nobody was thinking about lifting the trophy. Obviously they were at the back of our minds but we wanted to go through the process and finish the game. "We wanted to restrict them at the minimal total and chase the total. We were focusing on the process," he said. Asked about the last lap on the shoulders of his teammates after winning the World Cup title, Tendulkar said it was a pleasant surprise and thanked his colleagues for the gesture.-PTI

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April 15, 2011

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India worthy world champions, Dhoni the hero: Aus media MELBOURNE: The Australian media raised a toast to Mahendra Singh Dhoni's "bold" leadership as it declared India the worthy world champions who defied history and intense pressure to come out triumphant in the summit showdown against Sri Lanka. The newspapers here said Dhoni's leadership and his performance in the final match in Mumbai stole the limelight from iconic batsman Sachin Tendulkar who was playing in his sixth World Cup. With its headline reading 'India defies history to win its first World Cup in 28 years', 'The Australian' said though it was not a fairytale finish but nonetheless India were the deserved world champions. "It was about two great South Asian teams giving fans a thrilling, edge-of-the-seat one day final and a deserved triumph for a cricketing nation which felt its time had come. It wasn't a fairytale finish but for Mumbai and a nation still licking its wounds, it was more than enough," the newspaper said. It said the current Indian team showed that it was no longer solely dependent on Tendulkar to win matches. "Tendulkar might have been the name on everyone's lips but if ever there was a sign that the Indian team has moved beyond its

one-man juggernaut, Saturday night's gritty victory was it. "The team showed determination and discipline that surprised even the most nationalist fans to snatch a victory every man in the

hitting his hundredth century before his home town crowd." The newspaper described Dhoni as an "all-conquering captain" who now rivals Tendulkar in popularity.

Harbhajan Singh shakes hands with President Pratibha Patil as Indian cricket team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni looks on during a tea party at the GovernorĂ­s House in Mumbai on April 3

team then dedicated to their diminutive teammate playing in his sixth and final World Cup," it said. "The win bore little resemblance to the fairytale finish the Mumbai crowd had been hoping for; one in which Sachin Tendulkar saw out his final World Cup by

"The 29-year-old is already cricket's top earner after signing a record two-year, USD 42 million contract last year to endorse whatever product comes his way, and after Saturday night's remarkable home-ground win against Sri Lanka, his marketability knows no

Learn from Dhoni, Rooney told LONDON: Can star Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney learn a thing or two from India's World Cup winning cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on how to react under pressure situations? A leading daily asked this in an interesting comparison between two high-profile sportspersons. Rooney, who was handed a two-match ban after he swore repeatedly at a television camera in an English Premier League match, earns about 42 million pound sterling over five years but his behavior has come in for severe criticism. On the other hand, Dhoni has shown immense calm amid intense pressure to lead the Indian team to cricket World Cup glory. "On the same Saturday, over on the other side of the world, another man was under more pressure than even Rooney could imagine. A small town-boy, sturdy, stubbly and with a most magnificent nose, M S Dhoni was leading India in their pursuit of the cricket World Cup against Sri Lanka," a write-up in 'The Daily Telegraph' said.

bounds. "With neither the Brahminical poise of hero-worshipped Sachin Tendulkar, the joviality of Shahid Afridi, or the worldly eloquence of Kumar Sangakkara, Dhoni is

"India expected, the astrologers had predicted, it was now up to Dhoni to orchestrate victory. This victory, it was said, would

Wayne Rooney

unite the nation, Hindu and Muslim, rich and poor and give Sachin Tendulkar his first World Cup trophy at probably his last tourna-

ment," Tanya Aldred wrote in the newspaper. "There was not a seat in the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, tickets had sold for 12 times the asking price, 67.6 million were watching on television in India alone. The din was transcendental, the weight on Dhoni's shoulders oppressive. Yet there he was, ridiculously, unbelievably, calm. He promoted himself up the order, above Yuvraj Singh, and from a run of poor form produced one of the greatest innings in World Cup history. That six that won the Cup, high into exploding Mumbai sky, was icing so pink and delicious it was almost sickly," she wrote. "Never will he play a more rewarding shot. And yet, though he gave himself perhaps a fraction of a second too long to admire the ball sailing into the night, there were no foul-mouthed celebrations to camera. Just embraces with team-mates and worthy handshakes with opponents. It is rumored that he celebrated that night by watching the final repeated on television," the writeup said. .-PTI

nonetheless the face of a new, harder-edged Indian team," the newspaper said. "It was Dhoni's innings of 91 not out, and his final game-winning six, that made him the man of the match and sent a 33,000-capacity crowd at the Wankhede

Stadium into a frenzy," the newspaper said. Writing for 'Sydney Morning Herald', veteran cricket writer Peter Roebuck praised Dhoni for his bold leadership. "The day belonged to Dhoni. Like Jayawardene, his form had been scratchy but he was able to put that behind him. Indeed he dared to push himself up the order," Roebuck wrote under headline 'Bold captain Dhoni India's hero of the day'. "In the critical hour and despite modest returns, Dhoni dared to back himself. That is leading from the front. Even in the toughest times, too, he managed to convey composure. Throughout, his players felt their captain remained on the bridge and the situation was under control. "Exuberant celebrations began the moment Dhoni clouted a drive into the stands. It was a fitting end to an unexpectedly successful and mostly clean tournament. Appropriately, the final was a superb contest full of twists and turns and dominated not by power but by skill and temperament. "No home side had won a World Cup before but India did not blink. Overall it was a happy and entertaining occasion ... It was a fine World Cup, the best for 25 years."-PTI

Now, luxury villas worth Rs 9 cr for Team India NEW DELHI: The windfall for India's World Cup winning cricketers continues with real estate firm Amrapali announcing villas worth a total of Rs 9 crore as gift to MS Dhoni and his team mates. Amrapali, which had signed Dhoni as its brand ambassador in 2009 for four years, said the entire World Cup winning Indian cricket team will be given the villas at its luxury township 'Amrapali Dream Valley Project' at Noida extension. "Dhoni was presented with an exotic grand villa covering 2,900 sq ft worth Rs 1 crore, while other team members were gifted villas worth Rs 55 lakh each, covering an area of 1,690 sq ft," Amrapali Chairman and Managing Director Anil Kumar Sharma told reporters here. The construction of the township has started and would be completed in three years, he

added. When asked if there was a possibility of renegotiation of Dhoni's endorsement fees due to his increased brand equity, Sharma said: "He (Dhoni) is a very generous person, he is not businessminded. Whatever previous commitment he has, will not change. So we will not have any impact because of increase in his brand value." Ever since the Indian cricket team recreated the history by winning the coveted World Cup after a gap of 28 years, the players have been showered with gifts that include crores of rupees, housing plots, luxury villas and first AC class passes in Railways. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) took the lead announcing a Rs 1 crore award for each player and several state governments followed suit.-PTI


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April 15, 2011

Jersey City Newark Ave celebrates India's winning of World Cup

Pics Mohammed Jaffer-SnapsIndia

Sports Post

April 15, 2011

India Post


Chicago erupts with joy A.Q. SIDDIQUI

CHICAGO: The world of Indian Americans across Chicagoland came to a standstill for over five hours on April 2 when the Indian cricket team was batting and battling its way to win the much coveted World Cup at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. Men, women and young ones were glued to TV sets and were with their counterparts in millions in India and hundreds of thousands outside India watching each and every movement and acts of the grand final - the IndiaSriLanka final match. The moment Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit a six and clinched the victory for India, everyone leapt in joy and there was mass euphoria. Notwithstanding some unpleasant com-

Fire crackers being lighted after the win. Pic Qayyum Khan

ments from Pak captain Shahid Afridi, there were scenes of Indians being greeted by their Paki-

stani friends which again underlined the fact that the political rivalries in Indian sub-continent

India still second in ICC rankings but players rise DUBAI: The number one tag still eludes them but newlycrowned world champions India have closed the gap on top-placed Australia even as the team's inform players moved up in the individual standings of the latest ICC ODI rankings issued here. India (121) are now just seven points behind Australia, even though Michael Clarke's men have the chance to increase the lead over the 2011 champions as

they have a three-match series against Bangladesh starting next week. World Cup runners-up Sri Lanka have remained third but with an increase in ratings points of two, taking Kumar Sangakkara's side to 118 points, while South Africa sit in fourth, the ICC said in a statement. In the individual rankings, Sachin Tendulkar and Gautam Gambhir have moved up.

Tendulkar has risen a place to ninth while Gambhir's hard-fought 97 runs against Sri Lanka in the final of the World Cup has seen the 29-year-old rise four places to 10th. Sri Lanka's Tillekeratne Dilshan has risen to his career best ranking to date and is occupying the third position on the rankings after scoring the most runs in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 - a total of 500.

'Assault on Umar Gul was pre-planned' NEW DELHI: Dashing Indian opener Virender Sehwag has said that his assault on Pakistan paceman Umar Gul during the high-voltage World Cup semifinal clash was pre-planned with a view to sending their arch-rivals on the backfoot. Gul, Pakistan's best bowler till the Indo-Pak clash, was sent to the cleaners by Sehwag as he

plundered him for 21 runs in his second over. That assault demoralized the pacer, who conceded 69 runs from eight overs in the match and India posted 260 for nine which turned out to be match-winning score. "We were really charged up against the match in Pakistan. I said I will take on Umar Gul. If

I score a couple of boundaries off him, Pakistan will be on the backfoot and that exactly happened in the match," Sehwag said. He said the players took the Pakistan match at Mohali just like a final. "The match against Pakistan was the final for us. We thought that if we win this one, it will be easier to beat Sri Lanka in the fi-

Akram also terms Dhoni as the best Indian captain KOLKATA: After Sachin Tendulkar, former Pakistan skipper Wasim Akram has also called Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the best Indian captain for his historical World Cup triumph at home. A day after Tendulkar described Dhoni as the best captain he had played under during his 21-year-old international career, Akram also joined in the chorus and said the Ranchi player's record is a testimony to the fact. "Dhoni performed very well in

the last four years. He has evolved as a leader, not just as a cricketer. In my opinion, if you see his records, he is definitely the best captain India ever had,"

Akram said. The 1992 World Cup-winning Pakistani fast bowler also congratulated the Indian team for their World Cup triumph on home soil, a first in the history of the showpiece event. "I have been there as a World Cup winner. I know the feeling, the excitement and what it is to win the World Cup. Indians were the favorites to win the World Cup and they did it.-PTI

doesn't affect the brotherly ties that both the communities display here. Interestingly, it was the Muslim owned restaurants on Devon Avenue -Hyderabad House and Datta Darbar - that witnessed a grand celebration. The mass euphoria was witnessed in other parts of Chicagoland too as there were scores of private parties or small in-house arrangements besides spontaneous celebrations at other places like Big Cinema, India House, Dosti, Indian Kitchen and Karma Bar. Near Hyderabad house on Devon Avenue, people lit up fire crackers and distributed sweets. "We erupted with joy as the men in blue grabbed the ultimate trophy in World Cricket," said Kiran Rao, cricket fan. "Big Cin-

ema transformed into one huge carnival as Dhoni belted historic six as fitting finale to the battle of 2011 World Cup," he added. Manoj Shah, accountant at Air Tours and avid cricket fan was disturbed when informed by one of his friends in India that there were huge bets laid on Gambhir and Kohli getting themselves out at zero or with insignificant scores. Nothing of the sort happened and all were happy that the World Cup was free of bookies manipulations. Balwinder Singh, a front ranking Indian community activist, announced hosting a grand celebration party at Punjabi Dhaba on Devon Avenue and his suggestion met with a big spontaneous 'YES' from Devon restaurant owners and businessmen who would make it a joint venture.

Corp. Games mktg strategy: wait till IPL's over India Post News Service

NEW DELHI: Corporate Games Delhi 2011 has its money plan laid out clearly and will not venture out for sponsorship till the IPL is over. "This is madness, the Cricket World Cup and then the IPL. We are not even talking about sponsorship with corporate before the IPL is over," responded OP Bhatia, CEO, Corporate Games, to a query on how it is cruising ahead on the financial front. "We have sent word to every big corporate house. The Tatas have already sent their message wishing us well. A magnum pharma company has said they will join in, since they see a clear prospect of falling absenteeism and rising productivity, and we have met Infosys mentor Mr NR Narayana Murthy," Bhatia added. Reportedly, he has also met several other industrialists, but refrained from asking their media buyers to look into prospects of sponsorship spending for the Games, to be held in November this year. In the meanwhile, Richard Curzon (grandson of Viceroy Lord Curzon) currently COO of Sport for Life Ltd was in India for eight days, to train the staff of host organisation, Corporate Games Pvt Ltd. This is part of the global structure of Corporate Games franchisee. A certain level of professional approach in handling all aspects of running the Games

is tutored by the principal company based in the US. Curzon has advised the host organisation to appoint Games Patron and also look for a charity who would receive part of the profits from the Corporate Games Delhi. While training the staff for marketing, Curzon added: "Corporate Games is a unique product in sports event marketing. Unlike any other games or multisport festival, its participants are often its sponsors and almost all of its sponsors are participants." Richard reiterated that in corporate games, national flags, uniforms or anthems are not permitted. Global Corporate Games -sports for life has its own anthem which is generally played at opening festival. Athletes are encouraged to wear the uniforms of their organizations and carry the flag of their institute/corporate. This will give the companies a massive branding opportunity, especially since the winners of the Delhi Games will enter the Global Corporate Games, held every four years, Bhatia explained. But for all this complex and new marketing advantages to be introduced to Indian sponsors needs their minds to be clutterfree from the annual cricket frenzy, the IPL. "Our message had reached to all corporates, but we are not hassling them now. We are, but, sure to win," he concluded.

24 India Post

April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011

India Post 25


1 Mit Jaaye Ghum: Dum Maaro Dum 2 Le Ja Tu Mujhe: F.A.L.T.U 3 Sadi Gali: Tanu Weds Manu 4 Maine Yeh Kab Socha Tha: Game


India Post

5 Sararara : Yeh Saali Zindagi

April 15, 2011

6 TJiyein Kyun: Dum Maaro Dum 7 Mere Bachche (Lullaby): Satrangee Parachute 8 Ya Maula: Yeh Dooriyan 9 Razia: Thank You 10 Ringa Ringa Roses: Yeh Dooriyan



ipasha Basu says her forthcoming international venture Singularity has given her a fresh perspective towards acting. 'Singularity has been a fantastic experience because I have been in the film industry for a long time now. But this film gave me a completely fresh take towards acting,' said the 32-year-old actress. 'It just introduced me to a new kind of acting, new kind of cinema, which for an artist is great,' she added. Bipasha stars as a Maratha warrior in the period film that is being helmed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Roland Joffe. It also stars Hollywood star Josh Hartnett. 'My role is that of a Maratha warrior and the backdrop of the film is the Anglo-Maratha war in 18th-century colonial India. It's basically the love story between a British soldier and this Maratha queen that is played by me,' she revealed. 'Any actor would give an arm to work with Joffe and for me it happened so easily. I kind of bumped into him and he just loved my voice and cast me in the lead role,' Bipasha said.

fter "Omkara", Saif Ali Khan will be seen in another unconventional role in "Aarakshan" - of a moustache-sporting village school teacher speaking in chaste Hindi and at times even Sanskrit. So Saif sat like a good student in his room for days and learned Hindi and also took up Amitabh Bachchan's suggestion to keep saying his dialogues through the day. Speaking chaste Hindi was a bit of a challenge for Saif, as he has spent quite a lot of his days as a student in Britain. In fact, he also has a slight accent when he talks in English. "Everyone knows there is serious Hindi in Prakashji's movies! And Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) and Manoj Bajpai clearly don't have a problem with that at all," said Saif, who has teamed up with Jha for the first time. Saif is now more appreciative of Hindi as a language than ever before. "The language is so rich and powerful, definitely more powerful than English. It sounds beautiful when spoken well. And I am glad I was able to speak it fine thanks to this wonderful opportunity of working with these great people Prakashji and Amitji."


April 15, 2011


uzz has it that dainty Amisha Patel is head over heels on India's hot and fa-vorite cricketer Yuvraj Singh. She was the cricketer`s special guest at the World Cup final. Sources confirm that Yuvraj gave Amisha Patel special tickets for Wankhede stadium. Making it quite apparent, Amisha said, "Yuvi is a good friend and he invited me." And if there was any doubt about her special dosti with the cricketer, the words of gushing praise makes it all obvious. Ecstatic Amisha said, "Yuvi bowled, fielded and batted superbly on Saturday. When he almost got run out I screamed the loudest! Saif (Ali Khan) and Ranbir (Kapoor), who were in the same box, looked at me as if I was mad because I was making them so nervous." The actress sat in the especially reserved ICC Hospitality Box near the pavilion says, "People kept asking me to quiet down as I was the most boisterous. I kept shouting for Yuvi to play stably."

Gul Gu l S

ocial networking site, Twitter was abuzz about a clash, between actress Gul Panag and author Chetan Bhagat. Though Chetan's sense of humor is out of this world, yet at times, the writer slips into silliness. It all started with Chetan cracking a joke about Panag's name, tweeting, "If gulpanag had married umar gul (Pakistani cricketer), wud her name become gul gul?" Panag, who is currently on her honeymoon, shot back saying, "At least you are expected to be more original than that." She then re-tweeted a comment made by one of her followers who wrote to Bhagat, "Such an old and boring joke!" Since Bhagat made his comment during the India-Pakistan semi final encounter, one person mocked him with a comment: "Match dekh lo bhai sahab. Gul memsahab happily married hain ab (Watch the match, brother. Gul is happily married now)."

India Post



Realty Tidbits

Emaar MGF rebuffs report of split

Real Estate


eal estate developer Emaar MGF said it conducts valuation exercise of its assets on a regular basis and rebuffed reports of a possible split between its partners - MGF Development and Dubai's Emaar Properties. "Emaar MGF, on a regular basis, values its assets for banking or allied purposes. Emaar Properties, as an investor, also gets similar valuations done across its investments and businesses, in various geographic markets including India," Emaar MGF Land executive president Sanjiv Saddy said. Despite repeated reports of strained relations between the domestic and the overseas partners in the last few years, he denied that the two firms are moving towards a split. "There is no move to split the asset portfolio of Emaar MGF, and any reports to the contrary are baseless rumors," Saddy said.

„ Muthoot aims to build small-loan portfolio


uthoot Housing Finance Company, a part of the Kerala-based Muthoot Pappachan Group, is in talks with International Finance Corporation (IFC) to raise resources. It aims to build a portfolio of small-ticket loans aggregating about Rs 500 crore in the medium term. Tapping multilateral institutions like IFC is one of the options the finance company had explored. It may also tap banks for funding, said Maneesh Srivastava, chief executive of MHFC. The company plans to invest around Rs 100 crore over the next two years and would primarily target the low to middle-income housing finance segment. The customers in the segment have a monthly income of Rs 10,00030,000 and an average loan size would be Rs 3-10 lakh.


India Post



he Confederation of Real Estate Developers As sociation of India (CREDAI), Andhra Pradesh chapter is likely to implement a code of conduct for all its members in the state, wherein developers, recognized by CREDAI (AP), will have to abide by a set of rules laid down by the national body. CREDAI is also slated to set up a consumer redressal cell in AP to ensure transparency in the dealings of the sector.

Unitech's South Park Gurgaon project phase I sold out


nitech Limited India's leading business group having operations in largescale integrated real-estate development and infrastructure projects has received an overwhelming response for its new project launched (Unitech South Park, Gurgaon), with over 300 bookings garnering almost Rs 200 crore. It has completely sold out Phase I of the project that is targeted at mid-income group. Located in Sector 70, Gurgaon, on 150 meter wide Southern Periphery Road, Unitech South Park has excellent connectivity to NH8 and Golf Course Road. The successful launch of Unitech South Park follows the successful launch of the 1st phase of Unihomes, Rewari, as part of Unitech Township project, during the last week of February 2011. Unitech has already received 200

bookings since the launch of the 1st phase of this project. Located in Sector 15, Rewari, Unihomes Rewari will have residential and commercial developments along with schools and medical facilities. Spread over 83 Acres, it is located on the pro-

dustrial Centre. Commenting on the development, Sanjay Chandra, managing director, Unitech Limited said, "We are very pleased with the customer response to the new project launches. These launches are in line with our business plan to

‘The demand and pricing environment of the residential product is stable and there has also been a marked improvement in the demand for office spaces’ posed 45 m wide road which will connect to Narnaul highway and also to Bawal Industrial Area which is an upcoming growth centre being developed by the HSIIDC with almost Rs 7,000 crore of investment in the adjoining In-

launch almost 10 msf in the next few months. The demand and pricing environment of the residential product is stable and there has also been a marked improvement in the demand for office spaces. We are working on a wide array of projects

to tap this growing demand." Unitech Limited has been steadily improving its cash flows on the back of improved realization from operations. It has also reduced its net real estate debt by Rs 555 crore in the 3rd quarter of FY 2011. Its real estate net debt equity ratio now stands at 0.40 which is among the lowest in the industry. Its debt profile has improved vastly in the last few quarters with the average maturity of debts at around three years. Being comfortable from financial leverage perspective, Unitech is aggressively focusing on its core operations - launch, execution and delivery of projects. Delivery of finished products has commenced in most of the preMarch 2009 projects and is expected to accelerate in the coming months.

Conditional go-ahead to Lavasa housing project


he Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has granted 'conditional' apmproval to Lavasa Corporation to complete the buildings under construction at its housing project site near Pune. According to the affidavit filed by the MoEF before the Bombay High Court, its expert committee had 'permitted' Lavasa Corporation to complete the construction of the 257 buildings which are above the plinth level at its hill

city. "In view of the investments made and taking note of the hardships faced by the petitioners

months of the financial year, loans to NBFCs increased by 39.9 per cent as compared with 9.7 per cent during the corresponding period last year. Bank credit to commercial real estate (CRE) grew by 17.8 per cent for the year till February, as compared with 0.9 per cent growth during the same period last year. On a financial year basis, credit to CRE grew 17.1 per cent as against a decline of 0.9 per cent during the corresponding previous period.

construction is permitted with some conditions," the affidavit filed by the deputy director of the

The expert committee had 'permitted' Lavasa Corporation to complete the construction of the 257 buildings which are above the plinth level at its hill city (Lavasa) and the pending construction work of 257 buildings, which are above the plinth level,

Demand for loan highest from real estate sector anks have experienced strong demand for loans from non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and from the real estate sector during the year till February, according to the latest data released by the Reserve Bank of India. "Credit growth to NBFCs at 46.4 per cent on a yearon-year basis in February was significantly higher than the growth of 19.8 per cent during the corresponding period of the previous year," RBI said. During the first 11

April 15, 2011

Andhra CREDAI to implement code of conduct

Overall credit growth till February was 22.8 per cent in 2010-11, compared to 15.9 per cent of the previous year. This was higher than RBI's projection of 20 per cent. During April-February, non-food gross bank credit growth was 16.8 per cent as compared with 11.1 per cent during the corresponding period. The central bank says all the major sectors, except agriculture, recorded accelerated credit growth this financial year.

MoEF, said. Senior counsels Mukul Rohatgi and Janak Dwarkadas, appearing

for Lavasa, told the High Court the petitioner would like to withdraw its petition challenging the stopwork notice issued by the MoEF last year. They said Lavasa would pursue its application filed before the MoEF, seeking a clearance for the housing project coming up in Pune district. Lavasa, however, backtracked after the bench of Justices Ranjana Desai and R G Ketkar refused to lift the stay on the stopwork notice.

29 India Post

The nature lovers can experience heaven on earth at Devikulam with the wild flowers and rare herbs that grow in bounty on its hills


he Kerala hill resort of Devikulam has gorgeous green slopes that are so high as if ready to touch the sky. Lovely large lawns, rare fauna and flora and the cool breezes in Devikulam are not just refreshing but rejuvenating to the soul. Devikulam literally means "the pond or lake of the Devi". As per the beliefs of the people, Goddess Sita had bathed in the waters of the lake in Devikulam. Location: Devikulam is sixteen kilometers southwest of Munnar at an amazing altitude of 1800 m above sea level. Tourist attractions Devikulam boasts of a breathtakingly beautiful Sita Devi Lake veiled in the hills. As the name indicates the lake is associated with Goddess Sita. Tourists flock to the Lake owing to

April 15, 2011

the splendid surroundings and belief in the curative powers of the mineral water of the lake. The belief that Sita had bathed in these waters makes it sacred for pilgrims. Even the adventure seekers throng the waters of the Lake as it is ideal for trout fishing. The scenic beauty, adventure sports, beliefs and religion come together to make the Sita Devi Lake a major tourist attraction. Prior permission from Tata Tea is required in order to visit the lake or catch the fresh water fish. The nature lovers can experience heaven on earth at Devikulam with the wild flowers and rare herbs that grow in bounty on its hills. Cont’d on page 31


Travel & Hospitality Post

India Post

April 15, 2011

Impressive Indian presence at LA Times Expo JS BEDI India Post News Service

LOS ANGELES: The 13th annual Los Angeles Times Travel and Adventure Show was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center March 12 thru 13. The five-acre show floor featured about 400 other booths and events, including books, a rock-climbing wall, a scuba pool, and plethora of activities and scenes from countries all over the world. The Indian presence was impressive. The India Tourism booth featured tour companies like Make My Trip, Touch of Class Travels, and Laxpress Travel, to mention a few. It was just the right moment to welcome Annabella Arya and Uttank Joshi, Director and Asstt Director respectively of India Tourism Los Angeles. Annabella and Uttank are veterans of the industry and their vast experience will contribute immensely to promoting Destination India. Both the officials promised to work with the local tour companies to boost business. Laxpress Travel has been on the scene for over three decades. Specializing in South and Central America, the tour company also specializes in vacation travel, religious travel and vacation pack-

Incredible India Display

Visitors at the Expo

client is to put yourself in the client's shoes. "Never offer the client anything that you won't accept," she says. There was also a big delegation from Nepal. Maldives too had a booth as did Fiji. There were companies promoting adventure sports like rock climbing, scuba diving etc. Almost every major air-

Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Far East. Above all it also offers a two day stay at Istanbul. There were folk dance performances at the Malaysian and the Taiwanese pavilions. On a more somber note there was a 'Help Japan' booth where volunteers stood by to accept contributions for the Japan relief effort.

Roshi Dhillon of Laxpress Travel

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Tel:(773) 274-5800 Fax: (773) 262-4465 E-mail:


ages not just to India but also to other dream destinations like Bali, Tahiti, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. "Along with the usual tourist spots we also do a lot of lesser known but equally exotic destinations like New Caledonia, Easter Island, Galapagos and jungle safaris to Nigeria. Not only are these destinations equally (if not more) exotic but also way cheaper giving the client more for his Dollar," said Roshi Dhillon, owner of Laxpress Travel. She also said they do a lot of cruise bookings for both local and other cruises. So if you have a vacation in mind email Roshi at According Roshi the best way to a happy

Annabella Arya

line was there to promote its services. Turkish Airlines was one of the sponsors and recently commenced flights out of LAX to Istanbul. From Istanbul the carrier offers convenient connection to

It is difficult to put a figure but thousands of people showed up despite the rain and bad weather. The Expo is an annual event and next year there will be two, one in Los Angeles and the other in Long Beach.

Ruby, the gentle matriarch, passes away India Post News Service

SAN ANDREAS, CA: On May 15, 2007, the Los Angeles Zoo delivered Ruby, a 46-year-old African elephant, to ARK 2000, PAWS 2,300-acre sanctuary in San Andreas, Calif., to live in retirement with 71, Mara and Lulu, PAWS' three African elephants. Within days, Ruby had socialized with the other elephants and became an important member of

the group, roaming the hills and foraging on the grassy slopes with her new friends. Ruby became the respected and beloved matriarch of the group over the next few years, and was often seen on top of the hill, ears flared, guarding her companions with the fierce determination of a wild elephant matriarch. Everyone who worked with Ruby was mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and her gentle disposi-

tion. She will be missed by elephants, caregivers and her many fans who were privileged to share her life. At 50 years of age, Ruby was one of the oldest African elephants in captivity. Her veterinarian, Dr, Jackie Gai, PAWS director, Pat Derby, and the entire elephant staff were with her when she passed. The Los Angeles Zoo thanks PAWS for the care provided to Ruby over the past four years

Travel & Hospitality Post

April 15, 2011

India Post 31

Ajanta conservation efforts to push tourism MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government has set aside a sum of Rs 1,000 crore to rectify the damage that has been caused to the 1500-year-old world famous Ajanta caves as it gears up to promote the state on India's tourist map. "The caves have been kept topmost in the priority list. Color fading and seepage of water through the walls are the major issues which we are looking into," Chief Minister Prithvi Raj Chavan told reporters visiting the state as part of a tour organized by

"Buses running on CNG have reduced the pollution level within the range of five kms and thus has lowered the temperature," says Hussain. Besides this, eateries which were set up there for the convenience of tourists have been shifted out of the five kilometer range in order to avoid littering the tourism department of Maharashtra. The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has collaborated with the Japanese government in this regard. This second century BC Buddhist architecture comprising 30 caves was rediscovered by a British Army Officer John Smith in 1819. Out of the 30 caves, 12 have been closed down by ASI due to water leakage. Separate water channels have been cre-

Ajanta Caves

ated to divert the route of water and hence prevent it from damaging the paintings. "The leakage of water was a major issue some time ago but the problem has been resolved now. The ASI team has created separate pipes to divert the route of the leaking water thereby saving the antique wall paintings from decay," says MTDC Senior Regional manager Chandrashekhar Jaiswal. The installation of fiber optic lights has proved to be the most remarkable step till date to preserve the Buddhist paintings depicting the entire life of Lord Buddha. Perfect for light-sensitive exhibits, use of fiber optic lighting is harmless unlike traditional ultra-violet light. Furthermore, this improved lighting source also does not pro-

duce heat. This is mainly because the fiber optic lighting does not lead to changes in temperatures and thus does not lead to discoloration and fading. "Earlier normal lighting methods which were installed inside the caves resulted in the discoloration and melting of the texture of the paintings," says Abrar Hussain, a government approved tourist guide at the Ajanta caves. Private vehicles have been banned within the periphery of about five kilometers. The Maharashtra Tourism and Development Centre (MTDC) has started ecofriendly CNG buses to carry tourists. The fare too has been kept nominal, rang-

ing from Rs seven to Rs 15 for air conditioned and non-air conditioned buses respectively. "Buses running on CNG have reduced the pollution level within the range of five kms and thus has lowered the temperature," adds Hussain. Besides this, eateries which were set up there for the convenience of the tourists, have been shifted out of the five kilometer range in order to avoid unnecessary littering. "MTDC in collaboration with the Japanese Bank for International Co-operation (JBIC) is currently building a replica of the entire monument for further research on the caves and its history," adds Jaiswal. -PTI

Devikulam: Gorgeous green slopes and sacred lakes Cont’d from page 29

In close proximity to the Devikulam Lake is the Pallivasal Waterfalls that make excellent site for picnics. The beauty of nature is evident in the spectacular sights, sounds and smells in the surroundings. There are several tea planta-

Places around There is the famous Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary at a distance of 50 km from Devikulam. In the sanctuary you may spot elephants, leopards, gaurs, sambars besides the highly endangered species of the grizzled giant squirrel and the star tortoise. You may even climb up the watchtower and enjoy the

Wrapped in the tea estates is the Mattupetty. The views of the mist clad mountains and the hillocks from the Mattupetty Lake are breathtakingly beautiful tions in and around Devikulam that add to the charm of the hill resort. The gum trees in red and blue are the other major highlights of the natural vegetation at Devikulam. Conducted tours are available for those interested in visiting the tea estates, tea plantations or the factories.

wondrous vistas of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The Thoovanam Falls on River Chinnar are the other must checkout in the sanctuary. Wrapped in the tea estates is the Mattupetty. The views of the mist clad mountains and the hillocks from the Mattupetty Lake are

breathtakingly beautiful. The rains add to the charm or the already captivating Mattupetty Lake. Best time to visit: You may en-

joy the crisp and cool mountain air throughout the year at Devikulam. How to reach: The 149 km as-

cent to Devikulam from Kochi takes four and a half hours whereas from the 132 km away Kottayam, you can reach in four hours.


April 15, 2011

India Post

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GREAT SOUL: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle with India, the new book by Joseph Lelyveld, a Pulitzer Prize winner and the former executive editor of The New York Times, has already been banned in Gujarat in India and there are rumblings a nationwide ban may be forthcoming even though the book has yet to be published in India and almost no one there


India Post

and bibliography) that very few people in India have seen, including those who would ban it. Those three paragraphs raise the sensitive question of sex but reach no conclusion. When the book appears in India in a few weeks, I urge readers to turn the page

April 15, 2011

his life. He says as much. It's harder now than it probably was a century ago, when Gandhi and Kallenbach lived at Tolstoy Farm outside Johannesburg, to believe that two men can be on loving and intimate terms without it becoming overtly sexual. But

‘I see around me on the surface nothing but hypocrisy, humbug and degradation and yet Joseph Lelyveld

underneath it I trace a divinity I missed [in South

has read it. Much of the controversy surrounds Lelyveld's discussion of Gandhi's sexuality and his close relationship with German-Jewish bodybuilder and architect Hermann Kallenbach. In an interview with Dan Washburn, Lelyveld discusses the book and the controversy: On the controversy over discussion of Gandhi's sexuality

Africa] as elsewhere. This is my India’ where they will find my own humble attempt at a conclusion: that it's best to be guided by what the two men actually said about celibacy, abstinence and the control of diet in the pursuit of those aims. My own belief is that

it's an effort of imagination we should at least attempt. If it's wrong to discuss sex in connection with Gandhi (who much later would tell his grandniece Manu that he wanted her to regard him as her mother), I'm guilty. The

Lelyveld: My book's central theme might be even more challenging than the passages that have aroused so much sound and fury. It concerns his struggle for social justice, not his intimate relationships. The controversy of the last week focuses on three paragraphs in a discussion of a dozen or so pages of Gandhi's relationship with Hermann Kallenbach, part of a 349-page book (minus end notes

they were not hypocrites and that their practice almost certainly conformed to their principles. But that is just the beginning of the story. I think my discussion of Gandhi's letters to Kallenbach - which have been in the public domain for nearly 20 years - shows very clearly that Gandhi had a deep love for his Jewish friend and wanted him by his side for the rest of

critics mistake the discussion for an insinuation that I did not intend. What Gandhi aspired to, in the later stages of his life at least, was a kind of sexlessness, something different from bisexuality (a word, incidentally, I never use). I don't discuss that aspiration in any detail because of my own limitations: I don't understand it. Nirmal Kumar Bose's essential "My Days with

Gandhi" is still the best starting point for considering the question. There is also Bhikhu Parekh's essay, "Sex, Energy and Politics." On why Gandhi generates such strong emotions Lelyveld: He's a fascinating, self-created, ever-changing figure - an original in so many ways - of profound moral ambition who has become closely identified with Indian nationhood, even though many of his most urgent teachings have been neglected. Cont’d on page 36

Lincoln Center presents late works of Satyajit Ray India Post News Service

NEW YORK: The Film Society of Lincoln Center will celebrate India's greatest filmmaker and one of cinema's greatest auteurs, Satyajit Ray, with Long Shadows: The Late Work of Satyajit Ray unspooling at the Walter Reade Theater in New York City from April 19 through April 26. The promised (and much-requested) follow-up to the 2009 Satyajit Ray tribute, Long Shadows includes all the films made by Ray in the autumnal years of his career. Already an acknowledged giant of world cinema, Ray in these later works reveals a more meditative side: his brilliant powers of observation lead him to pare down his style, allowing his characters and the world to reveal themselves

to us. Of special interest is The Home and the World, his final, wonderful adaptation of a work by his mentor, Rabindranath

Ray in these later works reveals a more meditative side: his brilliant powers of observation lead him to pare down his style, allowing his characters and the world to reveal themselves to us Tagore (whose 150th anniversary is being celebrated this year), as well as his final, luminous work, The Stranger, an extraordi-

Satyajit Ray

nary summing up of so much of Ray's worldview graced with a sensational lead performance by Utpal Dutt. Among the films to be screened are: The Branches of a Tree; The Chess Players; Deliverance (Sadgati); Pikoo's Diary; The Inner Eye; Distant Thunder; The Elephant God; An Enemy of the People; The Golden Fortress; The Home and the World; The Kingdom of Diamonds; Sikkim; Bala; The Stranger; The screenings are presented in collaboration with Columbia University with cooperation from the Satyajit Ray Preservation Project at the Academy Film Archive, the Film Foundation, the Academy Film Archive as well as to the Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection at the Academy Film Archive.

April 15, 2011

India Post


Hollywood studios sue Indian-owned website for piracy India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Six major Hollywood studios under the banner of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have sued a Santa Clara, California based Indian American founded movie portal Zediva for illegally streaming movies. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation; Universal City Studios LLC; and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. represented by the MPAA filed the lawsuit April 4, against the unlicensed movie streaming service Zediva and its CEO Venkatesh Srinivasan for copyright infringement. Srinivasan has been allegedly streaming movies for as little as $2 for new releases and $1 each when ordering 10 films. Zediva illegally streams movies to its customers without obtaining required licenses from the movie studios, in violation of the studios' right to "publicly perform" their works, the MPAA stated. Zediva claims it is like a brick-

streaming services are making significant investments in new technologies to offer consumers a variety of authorized online distribution services. Zediva's model undermines these and future investments, as well as the interests of legitimate distribution businesses, the MPAA says.

and-mortar DVD "rental" store and therefore not obligated to pay licensing fees to copyright holders. But the DVD "rental" label is a sham, MPAA says. In reality, Zediva is a video-on-demand service that transmits movies over the Internet using streaming technologies in violation of the studios' copyrights. "Zediva's mischaracterization of itself is a gimmick it hopes will en-

able it to evade the law and stream movies in violation of the studios' exclusive rights," said Dan Robbins, Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel for the MPAA. "Courts have repeatedly seen through the façade of this type of copyright-avoidance scheme, and we are confident they will in this case too." The studios and law-abiding

Zediva claims it is like a brick-andmortar DVD ‘rental’ store and therefore not obligated to pay licensing fees to copyright holders "When legitimate companies stream movies to their customers, they pay license fees to the copyright owners, enabling content providers to invest in new products and services that pay writers, set builders, wardrobe designers, and countless others who contribute to a movie pro-

duction. Companies like Zediva profit off creators without paying them what is required by the law," said Robbins. The studios' complaint alleges a single count of copyright infringement against WTV Systems, the parent company of Zediva, and Venkatesh Srinivasan, Zediva's founder and CEO. Specifically, the complaint, filed in federal district court in Los Angeles, alleges that the defendants violate the plaintiffs' exclusive right to "publicly perform" their movies under the Copyright Act. The studios are seeking an injunction and damages. The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) serves as the voice and advocate of the American motion picture, home video and television industries from its offices in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Its members include: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures; Paramount Pictures Corporation; Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.; Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation; Universal City Studios LLC; and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Of longing and belonging… But somehow, throughout 'An Atlas of Impossible Longing' debutante novelist Anuradha Roy does not allow any of her characters - including a pet parrot - to endear themselves to the reader. Roy, undeniably, has a treasure trove of vocabulary at her easy disposal, for she weaves webs of descriptive narratives loaded with adjectives whether it is molding her characters or painting landscapes or etching out simple default acts as talking or walking. And yet, the people and places in the book come out shaded under dark and near ominous canopies.

BOOK REVIEW Somehow, throughout 'An Atlas of Impossible Longing' debutante novelist Anuradha Roy does not allow any of her characters - including a pet parrot - to endear themselves to the reader



t never fails to amaze me about books where there seems to be no love lost between the authors and the characters they create. One is not necessarily inclined to read only stories with 'heroes' and 'heroines' but when you loyally stick with the trials and tribulations of a family over three generations some from their birth to youth and some from youth to death - in a near epic novel, it is with an expectation to bond with the characters, to become part of their lives.

For the painstaking detailing, you only notice the writer's penchant for the unpleasant - "… a pimpled half-moon that struggled up into the sky…"; "…I took the opportunity to study his face, which was pockmarked and dull, with one eye oozing a purulent infection…"; "He would stick his finger into his ear and with one eye closed and prise around until the fingernail emerged with wax rimming the end…" and you leave with a sense devoid of empathy towards the characters who are allowed neither pride of any achievement nor elevation through virtuosity. Such then probably is the life of ordinary folks and their story can be told too… and therein, perhaps, lays the writer's might - the mastery over the written word. The setting is in a vast house in an ultra dull little town in the Bengal of colonial India and revolves around a family

that after having called it home for three generations, could not sustain it but for the intervention of the orphan boy adopted by the family patriarch. There's a widower who struggles with his love for an unmarried relative; a motherless daughter, who runs wild with the said orphan of unknown caste; a matriarch who goes slowly mad mouthing obscenities, confined as she is in a room at the top of the house; and her self-centered husband who dies, his search for the cause of his wife's mental deterioration remaining incomplete. As the younger generation grows up, it finds a new life for itself, but not without its share of mediocrity and heartaches. One does get a perspective of unquestioned patriarchal authority that existed at the time, the prevalent caste and class distinctions and a bit of the pre-and-post partitioned India. 'An Atlas…' marks the American debut of the writer, who has garnered enough praise for her novel: 'A story to lose yourself in… brilliantly told and intensely moving" says the Sunday Express review. "Roy's prose does not hit a single wrong note… its restrained beauty sings off the page" says a Time magazine review. "A lyrical love letter to India's past…" says the Financial Times. Roy is the publisher of an independent publishing house in Delhi, India. 'An Atlas…' has already been published in thirteen languages around the world. Some final thoughts on the novel: The character that takes on the lead in the final chapters does belie the book's title to fulfill one of his long-held longings in the end; but having watched most of the characters live through their ordinarily lackluster lives from an almost voyeuristic perch, you close the last page without a smile. Well, it's a story, either you like it or you don't like it. But that in no way is a reflection of the author's prowess for writing. Although she does not fulfill the consummate (and hopelessly romantic) listener of stories in me, Roy does come through for me as a connoisseur of literature. {An Atlas of Impossible Longing, Free Press, $14 - Includes Reading Group Guide}


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April 15, 2011

Morina to represent Sri Lanka in Mrs Asia Pageant

‘Butterfly Wings’ screened at international film festivals

She also earned a diploma in bridal dressing and beauty culture at Thirani Beauty Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Morina enjoys the limelight of the stage where she loves to dance, sing and act. During leisure time, she does her own gardening like planting vegetables and likes to cook as well. Writing stories in Sinhalese is one of her passions too.

She is also described by many as a soft spoken woman who is kind, generous and a selfless ready to give her helping hand to everyone

Morina Dassanayake


LOS ANGELES: Morina Dassanayake, a Sri Lankan native was born in southern part of Sri Lanka in the city of Tangalle. She Cont’d from page 34

On the unfading allure of Gandhi studies Lelyveld: Some brilliant and devoted people on four continents have been working on Gandhi and his legacy over the last 60 years, delving into his thought and actions from every conceivable angle. Keeping up with the new studies can become a career in itself. I've had the privilege of meeting a number of these scholars in India and elsewhere and have benefited enormously from those encounters. As I say at the outset, I don't mean to offer my book as a substitute for the standard interpretations of his life but an amplification, focusing on him as a visionary who hoped for a wideranging social transformation of India and was, ultimately, disappointed in those hopes. That's why my subtitle speaks of Gandhi's struggle with India, rather than as it might have been. Gandhi's struggle for India. Of course he struggled for India, but I wanted to under-

currently lives in California and is a full time employee of Bank of America working as a bankruptcy specialist. She took up her Bachelor of Art major in Vidyodaya university of Kalaniaya in Sri Lanka.

Being a woman of class who possesses extraordinary qualities of dedicating her free time to help the needy, the less privileged and of course, not to mention the victims of Tsunami in Sri Lanka 2005, she is also described by many as a soft spoken woman who is kind, generous and a selfless - ready to give her helping hand to everyone. A simple and elegant woman like her is proud to represent her country Sri Lanka for the upcoming beauty pageant of Mrs. Asia USA.

Fascinating Gandhi stand why he didn't celebrate when India achieved her freedom in 1947, why he called himself a "spent bullet" and a "back number" and remarked, this is "a sorry affair." I aim to be pro-

I don't mean to offer my book as a substitute for the standard interpretations of his life but an amplification vocative, not offensive. The story I tell has always been there, just below the surface. From my standpoint, his failures are in some ways more noble and inspiring than his successes. On what Gandhi would think of today's India: Lelyveld: The fact that I've

spent four years delving into Gandhi's life and thought doesn't qualify me to declare what Gandhi would say about India in 2011. It's hard enough for me to know what I can say myself about this vast, contradictory, surging, crowded, alluring, often heart-rending country. But I can refer you to what Gandhi did say in 1915, a few months after he finally came home from South Africa. In a letter to his dear friend Kallenbach, he wrote: "I see around me on the surface nothing but hypocrisy, humbug and degradation and yet underneath it I trace a divinity I missed [in South Africa] as elsewhere. This is my India. It may be my blind love or ignorance or a picture of my own imagination. Anyway it gives me peace and happiness. It fills me with hope and confidence without which no man could work." {Courtesy: Asia Society E-News}

NRI filmmaker Sanjay Arora India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Butterfly Wings, a film by NRI filmmaker Sanjay Arora was recently selected and screened in 14 cities in India under We Care Film Festival sponsored by UN and UNESCO; Manila Woman Forum, Philippines; and Picture this Film Festival 2011 in Alberta, Canada. Butterfly Wings is a 50-minute English film, based on a true story. Neha Bhatia, free-spirited and funloving woman who takes life for granted ends up a victim of an accident, leaving her with a severe brain injury resulting in quadriparalysis and coma. Thus begins the journey of Neha's recovery, unexpected but not impossible - a journey that explores unconditional love and support from Ayesha, Neha's older sister. Ayesha's immense belief in her sister and undying faith in their sisterly bond becomes the spine of the film.

HIGH FASHION: A model presents a creation by Indian designer Komal Sood during the Wills India Fashion Week in New Delhi on April 7

Produced and directed by Arora himself and written by Princess Reineeta Lakshman, the film was shot in Delhi with American and Indian actors: Mark Lovejoy, Vaishali Ray, Manish Jain, Abhimanu and Manish Srivastava.

Based on a true story. Neha Bhatia, freespirited and fun-loving woman who takes life for granted ends up a victim of an accident, leaving her with a severe brain injury Sanjay is currently in pre-production on his next film to be shot in India and US and currently meeting people in Bollywood for creative collaboration. India-born and US-based, Arora is a New York Film Academy graduate.

„ Health


NC health changes one step from governor RALEIGH, NC: An overhaul of the health insurance plan for North Carolina state employees, teachers and retirees is one vote away from Gov. Beverly Perdue's desk. The House gave final approval to the measure that shifts oversight away from the Legislature and demands monthly premiums of all active workers for the first time The proposal is designed to close a half-billion-dollar projected shortfall for the 663,000-member State Health Plan for the next two years. The bill now returns to the Senate, which is likely to accept House changes. The measure would require premiums from $11 to $22 per month, higher co-pays and deductibles. Republicans say moving authority over the plan to the state treasurer will put it on stronger footing. Democrats tried unsuccessfully to get amendments heard to remove the premiums. -AP

„ WA OKs safety changes to cancer drugs OLYMPIA, Wash.: The Washington Legislature has approved a bill aimed to protect health care workers who handle hazardous drugs. The measure unanimously approved by the House directs the Department of Labor and Industries to develop rules for handling hazardous drugs, like chemotherapy drugs, that meet national occupational safety standards. This past year, the independent nonprofit journalism outlet InvestigateWest reported that nurses who handled such drugs are exposed to health problems. -AP

„ Schools' spending on health uneven, says survey LEXINGTON, Ky.: A survey conducted by Kentucky Youth Advocates shows that schools spend varying amounts on student health. The report was billed as the first comprehensive look at how much the state's public schools spend on health services. It reviewed services in 2008-09 for 137 districts that responded to the survey. The state has 174 school districts. Among findings were that districts on average spent less than 1 percent of their operating budgets on health services and that 38 percent either met or exceeded a recommendation of one nurse per 750 students. -AP

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April 15, 2011

Price slashed for drug to prevent preemie birth ATLANTA: The price of an expensive drug to prevent premature births has been cut by more than half, following bitter controversy over its high cost. KV Pharmaceutical Co. said it is dropping the price from $1,500 per dose to $690. -AP

Obama health idea could mean better care, savings WASHINGTON: A new approach to medical care could mean higher quality and less risk for patients while saving millions of dollars for taxpayers, the Obama administration said here. The administration's plan involves accountable care organizations, which are networks of hospitals, doctors, rehabilitation centers and other providers. They would work together to cut out duplicative tests and procedures, prevent medical errors, and focus on keeping patients healthier and out of the emergency room. "We need to bring the days of fragmented care to an end," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said as she announced a proposed regulation that defines how the networks would operate within Medicare. If things work out, medical providers would share in the savings. If the experiment fails, they'll get stuck

with part of any additional costs. Sebelius said early estimates are that Medicare could save as much as $960 million over three years. That's not a lot for a $550-billion-ayear program, but officials say it's a start. The estimate was prepared by Medicare's office of the actuary, known for its independence.

would not lock in patients. The U.S. spends about $2.5 trillion a year on health care, more per person than any other advanced country. Yet people in the U.S. lag in some common measures of health and well-being. Researchers estimate that as much as one-third of U.S. spending goes

There's another potential problem. What if a network of hospitals and doctors acquires monopoly power in its community and starts raising prices? Eagerly awaited by the health care industry, the new approach was called for in President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. The first Medicare networks would open for business next year. Unlike some managed care plans, such as health maintenance organizations, these networks

for services that aren't really needed, and that's what the networks are supposed to address. If the idea succeeds in Medicare, it is expected to spread quickly to employer-provided health insurance. Already in some parts of the country, insurers, hospitals and doctors have

set up similar networks for privately insured patients. But there are risks. The networks could end up costing more money because of the intensive work involved in coordinating among different providers. Medicare recipients now may see four or five different doctors, who never talk to each other or compare notes. There's another potential problem. What if a network of hospitals and doctors acquires monopoly power in its community and starts raising prices? Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney said the administration won't allow that to happen. "We believe there is no area of the economy that can benefit more from collaboration than health care," said Varney. ``Those who collaborate to fix prices inappropriately will be prosecuted." Cont’d on page 39

AAPI Charitable Wing to launch NJ initiative India Post News Service

NEW JERSEY: The AAPI Charitable Foundation of Greater NY-NJ will launch a Healthy New Jersey initiative and conduct two ongoing community projects with public-private partnership in New York-New Jersey metro areas to screen for diabetes, hypertension, and coronary heart disease. The Town of Irvington, NJ will be the venue for the first project for improving public health, particularly children in schools. It is estimated that 24 million people in the US suffer from diabetes and related cardiac complications, according to Dr. Hemant Patel, Chairman, AAPI Charitable Foundation of Greater NY/NJ and former National President of American Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). Tri-State AAPI Foundation has partnered with Multicultural Healthcare of NJ to implement some of these initiatives. Dr. Patel said AAPI Charitable Foundation of Greater NY/NJ was formed to support charitable

activities in the US and in India. This year, it has embarked on a strategic three-year diabetes project "Sevak" that will serve as a benchmark for grassroots solution for chronic conditions prevailing in most parts of the globe, he said. Approximately 400 million people around the world suffer from diabetes, and of which one

in lifestyle. Prevention and treatment guidelines will be distributed with help from volunteer healthcare workers throughout the state. Sevak was deployed in the first quarter of 2010 with the help of over 50 volunteers. The project started with a 3 year period timeline at an estimated project cost of $150,000, was funded by

AAPI Charitable Foundation has also taken a leadership role in initiating first ever post graduate program for Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology in India in affiliation with Delhi University third or 145 million are in India making India the "Diabetes capital of the world". AAPI has adopted the State of Gujarat, where over 100,000 people will be screened and monitored under the Sevak project in partnership with local health agencies and volunteers funded by the AAPI Charitable Foundation, Dr. Patel said. There will be more emphasis on prevention of diseases and change

AAPI Charitable Foundation of NY/NJ to the tune of $50,000 that came through corporate contributions, he said. At the end of this project a recommendation white paper will be published and the results will share best practices with the Indian Health Ministry, Department of Health and Human Services of United States, and the State Health Agencies for replicating solutions elsewhere. This project is lead and

supervised by Dr. Hemant Patel and Ret. Capt. Dr. T. G. Patel. AAPI Charitable Foundation has also taken a leadership role in initiating first ever post graduate program for Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology in India in affiliation with Delhi University. In 2011 a hemo-dialysis center will be opened in Kerala with Mercy Ravi Foundation to serve needy dialysis patients who have no treatment options, he said. The American University of Antigua (AUA) in the Caribbean has partnered with the AAPI Charitable Foundation and is now offering three free scholarships per year to qualified IndianAmerican students who are financially challenged. Each students gets admission in three semesters the university offers in a year and the scholarships are worth $450,000 a year. To raise funds for Sevak projects, the Charitable Foundation is organizing a Fund Raiser Gala Dinner and Awards Banquet to be held at The Mirage, Edison, NJ on April 9.


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April 15, 2011

Lung cancer deaths among Lethal injection drug women decline turned over to DEA WASHINGTON: For the first time, women’s death rates from lung cancer are dropping, possibly a turning point in the smoking-fueled epidemic. It’s a small decline, says the nation’s annual report on cancer just under 1 percent a year. And lung cancer remains the nation’s, and the world’s, leading cancer killer. But the long-anticipated drop coming more than a decade after a similar decline began in U.S. men is a hopeful sign. “It looks like we’ve turned the corner,” said Elizabeth Ward of the American Cancer Society, who coauthored the report. “We think this downward trend is real, and we think it will continue.” Overall, death rates from cancer have been inching down for years, thanks mostly to gains against some leading types colorectal, breast, prostate and, in men, lung cancer. Preventing cancer is better than treating it, and the country has documented smaller but real declines in new cases as well. The report shows death rates falling an average of 1.6 percent a

year between 2003 and 2007, the latest data available. Rates of new diagnoses declined nearly 1 percent a year, researchers reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. But progress is mixed, with diagnoses and deaths still on the rise

In the early 1990s, death rates began dropping among men as older smokers died and fewer younger men took up the habit for other cancer types including melanoma, liver, kidney and pancreatic cancer. Moreover, cancer is primarily a disease of older adults and the population is graying rapidly, a challenge in maintaining the gains. Lung cancer is expected to kill more than 159,000 Americans this year, nearly 70,500 of them women. So even a small improvement in survival is welcome, and can add

up over time, said Ward. Smoking became rampant among men long before women, and thus men’s lung cancer deaths soared first. But in the early 1990s, death rates began dropping among men as older smokers died and fewer younger men took up the habit. Those rates were dropping 3 percent a year between 2005 and 2007, the new report said. Researchers had long anticipated the same pattern would appear among women, and had been tracking signs that women’s death rates had begun inching down for a few years. But only now with a solid five-year trend are they confident that the decline is real, said National Cancer Institute statistician Brenda Edwards, a report coauthor. But Edwards noted that the cigarette industry targeted advertising toward women in late 1960s and ’70s, what she calls “the Virginia Slims effect” that boosted smoking among young women at the time. It’s possible that those women will temporarily bump up the death count again as they age, she said. -AP

FRANKFORT, Ky.: The US Drug Enforcement Administration has taken supplies of a key lethal injection drug from Kentucky and Tennessee, effectively preventing any executions in three states while it investigates how the drug was imported during a national shortage. States have been scrambling over the past year to find a new supplier of sodium thiopental, a fast-acting sedative in a threedrug cocktail used when putting inmates to death, since its primary manufacturer in the United States stopped making the drug. In March, the DEA took Georgia's entire supply, putting a hold on executions there following claims from a defense attorney for a death row inmate that the state bought the drug from a fly-by-night outfit in the United Kingdom. There are currently no scheduled executions in Kentucky because of a court order that has temporarily halted them. In Tennessee, four inmates are scheduled for execution in September and October of this year.

The DEA and state officials have given few details about the investigation except saying there were questions about whether it was imported properly. Kentucky officials said they were cooperating in an unspecified federal investigation and the state willingly turned over its entire supply - enough for three executions. "There was no court order and no search warrant," said Jennifer Brislin, spokeswoman for the Kentucky Justice Cabinet. Brislin declined to comment further about the case, as did DEA special agents Jim Balcom in Louisville and Chuvalo J. Truesdell in Atlanta. "I think the DEA recognizes that this was likely illegally obtained," said Kentucky public defender David Barron, who represents a Kentucky man sentenced to death for killing a sheriff and a deputy. Tennessee Department of Corrections spokeswoman Dorinda Carter said there is no allegation that Tennessee did anything improper in purchasing the drug. -AP

State clinics argue for better Medicaid pay rates CHARLESTON, W.Va.: A federal judge heard arguments on a motion in a lawsuit by eight West Virginia community health centers seeking what they describe as the proper Medicaid reimbursements outlined by federal law. U.S. District Judge Thomas Johnston didn't immediately rule on the plaintiffs' motion for a preliminary injunction against the state Department of Health and Human Resources and its Bureau for Medical Services. The lawsuit claims the bureau has failed to follow both federal law and its own state plan for reimbursing providers under Medicaid. Many of the health centers have had to freeze wages and forgo expansion plans and could risk being forced out of business unless they're properly paid, the lawsuit said. The state wants the lawsuit dismissed. Lawyers for both sides painted contrasting views about progress on reaching a possible settlement. Community health centers have been attempting to improve reimbursement rates since 2000. ``We've been trying to work this out for years,'' said Edward Waters, an attorney for the plaintiffs. Mary McQuain, an assistant state attorney general, told Johnston the health centers have many other sources of income such as government and private grants, Medicare payments and the Children's

Health Insurance Program. ``They're like the orphans in the Dickens' novel,'' McQuain said. ``They want more, more.'' Instead, McQuain said it's the state that will suffer irreparable harm if Johnston grants the motion. Another option would be an administrative appeals process, but ``to our knowledge, none of the health centers have

The state wants the lawsuit dismissed. Lawyers for both sides painted contrasting views about progress on reaching a possible settlement asked,'' McQuain said. ``The remedy sought by the plaintiffs ... is contrary to the state plan. The plaintiffs have not demonstrated the actual harm.'' The plaintiffs are E.A. Hawse Health Center in Baker; New River Health Association in Scarbro; Cabin Creek Health Systems in Dawes; FamilyCare HealthCenter in Scott Depot; Minnie Hamilton Health Care in Grantsville; Rainelle Medical Center; Shenandoah Valley Medical Systems in Martinsburg; and Valley Health Systems of Huntington. -AP

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April 15, 2011

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McDonnell amends bill, bans Obama health idea could mean better care, savings insurance for abortion RICHMOND, Va.: Furthering an anti-abortion push by Virginia Republicans, Gov. Bob McDonnell is seeking to ban abortion coverage by the state health insurance exchanges that are being created as part of the federal health care overhaul. Over the weekend, McDonnell quietly amended a bill that outlined how Virginia would create a health exchange, adding a provision barring them from covering abortions except when the mother's life is in danger or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest. Supporters heralded McDonnell's amendment, saying the move protects anti-abortion citizens from paying for abortions. Opponents said the provision smells of the sort of government intrusion into private life that McDonnell so often rails against. "It flies in the face of free market principles and limited government, which is what the governor always says he supports," said Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia. At issue is the federal requirement that states set up health benefit exchanges by 2014, allowing

individuals and small businesses to pool their buying power and choose coverage plans offered by private insurers Federal law prohibits federal funding for abortions, but the law allows plans in the exchanges to cover abortions as long as they collect a separate premium from policy holders and that money is

McDonnell also restored nearly $1 million in abstinence-only educational funding that legislators had stripped kept apart from federal subsidies. A McDonnell spokesman said Virginia simply is joining several states that have chosen not to cover the procedure. "Several states have already implemented that policy, and Virginia is following suit," spokesman Tucker Martin said. Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee

passed bans last year after the federal legislation was approved, and at least 20 states are considering doing the same. Two such bills died in the Virginia legislature earlier this year. While most abortions cost less than $700, later and more complicated abortions can be much more expensive. Currently, about 80 percent of insurance plans cover the procedure. McDonnell also restored nearly $1 million in abstinenceonly educational funding that legislators had stripped out of his proposed budget. The amendments are the latest in a series of anti-abortion actions in Virginia and elsewhere. McDonnell already signed a bill that would require strict new regulations for abortion clinics. The legislation requires clinics that provide first-trimester abortions to be regulated as hospitals, a move opponents said could put many out of business and drastically reduce availability of the procedure. More than 27,000 of the 28,000 abortions performed each year in Virginia are completed during the first-trimester, Keene said. -AP

Cont’d from page 37

Doctors, hospitals and other service providers will decide whether join a local network. They will have to make a threeyear commitment to care for a group of at least 5,000 Medicare patients. The Justice Department said providers that control less than 30 percent of the market for a given service in their community probably would not face scrutiny for possible anti-competitive concerns. Those with a market share of 50 percent or more would undergo a mandatory review before their network could be approved. For those in between, the department issued a list of things to avoid if they don't want to face questions from the government. Once the government has approved a network, Medicare administrators will monitor performance on costs and quality. If the network succeeds in saving money over what its patients' care would have otherwise cost, Medicare will share

a portion of the gains. If it loses money, providers would get stuck with a bill. Providers are required to let their patients know that they are part of an accountable care organization and to get permission to share personal health information within the network. The experiment is focused on traditional fee-for-service Medicare. Industry groups gave the complex proposal mixed reviews. Linda Fishman, a policy expert for the American Hospital Association, said it will take days, maybe weeks, to fully understand the plan but that the administration deserves credit for trying to accommodate the needs of a broad range of providers. "These rules really reflect the direction the field is moving in," she said. Chet Speed of the American Medical Group Association, which represents doctors, said the risk of getting a bill from the government if they can't control costs would discourage some. -AP

Tech News We cannot find replacement for Tata: Search panel NEW DELHI: Eight months after it was set up to find a successor to Tata Sons Chairman Ratan Tata, the search panel has concluded that it cannot find a "replacement" for the group chief. "Our committee has come to the conclusion that we cannot find a replacement for (Ratan) Tata!", said Tata Sons Director and one of the members of the committee R K Krishna Kumar in an interview published on the company's website. Group holding company Tata Sons in August last year had set up a five-member panel to find a successor to Tata, who is due to retire in December 2012 when he turns 75. -PTI

Germany won't funnel oil money from India to Iran BERLIN: A plan for India to funnel oil payments to Iran through Germany's central bank at a time when Tehran faces international sanctions has been scrapped, a German government official said. The deal, which reportedly would have been worth up to USD 13 billion a year, has not been forbidden by the German chancellery, but the government did hold talks about it with the Indian government, the official said. The arrangement required Berlin's approval due to tight financial controls amid international sanctions against Iran, whose government is suspected of developing nuclear weapons.-PTI

Import of food items from Japan suspended NEW DELHI: The government has suspended import of food items from Japan, hit by a nuclear disaster, for three months or till such time as the radiation hazard in that country has subsided to acceptable limits. The decision to suspend the imports was taken at a meeting held under the chairmanship of P I Suvrathan, Chairperson Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). "Import of food articles coming from Japan stand suspended with immediate effect for a period of three months or till such time as credible information is available that the radiation hazard has subsided to acceptable limits," a statement issued by the Health Ministry said. -PTI

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April 15, 2011

MahSatyam settles SEC charges for $ 10 m WASHINGTON: US market regulator SEC has said India's fraud-hit Satyam Computer Services, now Mahindra Satyam, has agreed to pay $ 10 million to settle charges related to the accounting scam by its promoter B Ramalinga Raju. It also said five India-based affiliates of Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), auditors to Satyam Computer, have agreed to settle the SEC charges and pay USD 6 million in penalty. ".... Satyam, whose new leadership cooperated with the SEC's investigation, has agreed to pay a USD 10 million penalty to settle the SEC's charges... Satyam also agreed to hire an independent consultant to evaluate the internal controls the company is putting in place," the SEC said in a statement. -PTI

Indian companies create jobs in US: CII Report 25 industry leaders meet US lawmakers India Post News service

NEW YORK: A new study by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), "Indian Roots, American Soil: A Look at Indian Companies in the US Economy" released March 30 in Washington, D.C., reported that India-based companies were responsible for saving thousands of jobs in the US in recent years and have continued to hire locally wherever they have put down roots. The study was released on Capitol Hill during CII's event highlighting the jobs and investments created by Indian companies in the US. The event included the participation of CII - India Business Forum members: executives from 25 Indian companies that do business in the US. Meera Shankar, the Ambassador of India to the US spoke in support of their contributions. The event was designed to highlight the growing benefit to the US economy of Indianbased corporations. The study, based on a survey of 35 CII-India Business Forum member companies, concluded: • Since 2005, nearly two-thirds of Indian companies have added jobs to their US operations. • Together, these 35 companies employ more than 60,000 people across 40 states and the District of Columbia. • More than four-fifths of workers at these companies are hired locally. • An overwhelming majority of workers who are employed at these companies are American citizens. • India-based companies that have operations in the US have saved 2,585 jobs from being eliminated due to their acquisition of US firms. • The value of these acquisitions since 2005 is $5.9 billion. The companies represent sectors including pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, health care, energy, iron and steel and information technology.

(L-R): Senator John Cornyn, Co-chair of the Senate India Caucus; Rep. Jim McDermott; Amb Meera Shankar, Rep. Joseph Crowley, Co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans; and Kiran Pasricha, Deputy Director General, CII hold copies of the CII study on the contribution of Indian companies in the US, released March 30 at Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

"Indian businesses have invested widely in the US economy in diverse sectors in the fields of services and manufacturing," Ambassador Shankar said. "They have generated and sustained thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the US economy and have contributed to the global competitiveness of US companies." Ambassador Shankar stated

nings; a message that Indian businesses are investing in the US economy and are today generating and sustaining thousands of direct and indirect US jobs; and, last but not least, a message of their commitment to work closely with US stakeholders, in the Congress, the Administration and with the private sector to promote broad-based and mutually benefi-

CII organized a full day marathon of events, bringing together 25 member companies of the Indian Business Forum to highlight the investments and jobs created by Indian Inc. in the US that the Indian Industry was reaching out collectively to the US Congress with a strong message - a message that Indian industry is one of the key constituents and stakeholders in the growing IndiaUS relationship; a message that as the India-US Strategic Partnership grows, Indian industry is willing to play its role and provide it with concrete commercial underpin-

cial bilateral trade and economic engagement. Emphasizing the partnership of both countries in bilateral economic relationship, Senator John Cornyn (Texas) said, "The relationship between the US has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Trade in goods and services between the United States and India has grown expo-

nentially, creating countless economic opportunities for both our countries and providing US consumers with access to affordable goods." Representative Royce began with a very apt 'Jai Hind' and spoke not just about the investments being made by Indian firms in the United States, but also praised the Indian development model, pushing for US companies to also invest in India as part of the 'twoway relationship'. Senator Klobuchar from Minnesota provided a positive account of Essar Americas' $1.3 billion greenfield investment in Minnesota which helped save the mine from closing. CII organized a full day marathon of events, bringing together 25 member companies of the Indian Business Forum to highlight the investments and jobs created by Indian Inc. in the US. The program began with an interaction with Ambassador Shankar at the Embassy of India, followed by a panel discussion with Indian companies in the afternoon, and ended with an evening reception on Capitol Hill. Contíd on page 41

TechBiz Post

April 15, 2011

India Post


Indian-owned company creates 100 new apps for RIM's new PlayBook India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Polar Mobile, the Toronto-based Indian-origin entrepreneur owned company announced March 31, its plans to support Research In Motion's PlayBook tablet devices and estimates launching at least 100 Apps for the device in 2011. This is in continuation of the long standing relationship that Polar Mobile has with the Canadian Research in Motion (RIM) that manufactures BlackBerry devices. Among the many apps that Polar Mobile has earlier created are Time, Bloomberg Business, CBS Sports, Shanghai Daily, Transcontinental Media, Canadian Living Food Network and Conde Nast. Their apps are also available on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Samsung Bada but they will be expanding past smartphones into the tablet market with the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. Announcing the new apps for the PlayBook, Kunal Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Polar Mobile said that "Tablets represent a massive opportunity for our customers to increase reach,

drive engagement and create a new revenue stream. We are excited to extend our Platform to the PlayBook and believe it will be a key content consumption device that Publishers need to be on." The 180+ Super Apps pow-

Announcing the new apps for the PlayBook, Kunal Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Polar Mobile said that "Tablets represent a massive opportunity for our customers to increase reach, drive engagement and create a new revenue stream” ered by Polar Mobile on BlackBerry smartphones have been used by over 4,000,000 people in 100 countries. This is impressive considering there are 20,000 apps available in the BlackBerry App World and 3 mil-

lion are downloaded every day. Polar Mobile's SMART Platform powers over 500 mobile Apps across every smartphone for over 200 Publishers in 10 countries. IDC forecasts worldwide shipments of tablets to reach 70.8 million units by next year. RIM has announced the launch of the PlayBook tablet for April 19. "Polar Mobile is a leader in helping Publishers launch highquality mobile Apps easily and quickly, while enabling a compelling user experience," says Tyler Lessard, Vice President, Global Alliances, Research In Motion. "The PlayBook is an important device that partners like Polar Mobile are investing heavily on, given the opportunity to grow distribution and revenue." Polar Mobile's SMART™ Platform provides Publishers with an affordable solution that is fast and easy to get to-market across every major device. The Platform is a fully hosted and managed solution, incorporating a variety of mobile ad servers, mobile reporting, end-user support and other key platform services.

InVenture lifts small businesses out of poverty India Post News Service

LOS ANGELES: InVenture is the first social investing platform that allows individuals to partner directly with business owners in developing countries to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. It has already funded over 36 projects in India, Mexico and Ghana. It's an interesting take off from the whole microfinance concept, focusing instead on investment in small ventures that have outgrown what microfinance can offer to alleviate them out of poverty. InVenture is hosting a party on April 14 to celebrate the suc-

cess of its first year and the launch of their new website. Indian American entrepreneur, Shivani Siroya, CEO & Founder of InVenture Shivani, says, "We make investments in businesses that have already taken microfinance loans, have a proven track record and need guidance and capital to expand. Our online peer to peer platform allows people whether a grandmother, a journalist or a small investor, to help alleviate poverty by investing as little as $25". InVenture plans on expanding by investing in 20 new businesses in India this year. Businesses will include saris, bags,

Two beneficiaries of InVenture investing

CEO & Founder of InVenture Shivani

tiles, pottery, mats, BPOs and more. The InVenture model allows SMEs to break free of the highinterest, debt-based loan cycle by providing long-term capital instead. Even more significantly, InVenture requires businesses to reinvest a percentage of profits in their own communities, in initiatives such as clean water, education scholarships, or vaccinesthus enabling sustainable, locally-led social development. They have not only changed their own lives but the lives of others in their community through the growth of their business.

Times Group to honor NRI achievers India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Remit2India, an online money transfer portal run by India's Times Group is celebrating half a million customers and ten years in the business this year. To mark this milestone, The Times Group is organizing the first-ever The Light of India Awards ceremony at New York City's iconic Waldorf Astoria Hotel on April 22, to recognize exemplary achievement by the non-resident Indians in the fields of business leadership, corporate leadership, political leadership, science and technology, journalism and literature, and arts and entertainment. "NRIs have always been one of the reasons for which India has been shining," says Avijit Nanda, President of TimesofMoney. "Having catered

to this community with our Remit2India service, it is only logical for us to create a platform to recognize these shining lights. What is even more unique is that for the first time this community is being recognized by a combination of a distinguished Jury and, most importantly, by the very members of this community - the NRIs." "We are extremely delighted to be a part of this commendable endeavor" says Anil Kumar Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director Amrapali Group. "It's great to see Indians succeeding across the globe and getting recognized through this initiative. It also fits in perfectly with our philosophy of 'Developing India,' as NRIs are key contributors to our nation's success & development."

Indian companies create jobs in US: CII Report Contíd from page 40

"This is CII's first major attempt in bringing together Indian companies with operations in the US, as a group, to interact with members of the US Congress. What we want to do is highlight the range and depth of the US-India business relationship and to dispel some of the misconceptions attached to Indian companies," said Kiran Pasricha, Deputy Director General, CII. "We want the Congress to understand and appreciate the

growing contributions of Indian companies to the US economy, and to US society," she added. Participating companies in the Capitol Hill event included: Bharat Forge, Essar Americas, Export-Import Bank of India, HCL America, Infotech Enterprises, Infosys, Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Infotech, L&T Hydrocarbons IC, Mahindra Satyam, Mahindra USA, Mindtree, Polaris, Ranbaxy, State Bank of India, Tata Communications, Tata Consultancy Services, Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, Tata Sons, Welspun, Wipro, Wockhardt.

In Brief Immigrant group asks for federal investigation WOODSTOCK, Ill.: An immigrant advocacy group has requested federal authorities investigate any racial profiling at the McHenry County sheriff's office. The Northwest Herald reports that the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights wrote the civil division of the US Department of Justice asking for an investigation. The group wants to know if the department is incorrectly listing the race of Latinos on tickets. Coalition director Joshua Hoyt says more Latinos are stopped and are being systematically misclassified. Sheriff's office attorney James Sotos says calls for a federal investigation are unwarranted and premature. Sotos says racial profiling is a serious accusation. -AP

Lawmakers welcome input on immigration bills NASHVILLE, Tenn.: Business interests used to getting their way with Republicans at the state Capitol have run into an issue they may not be able to lobby away: new restrictions on illegal immigration. Tennessee lawmakers behind a proposal that would require the state's employers to prove their employees are legally authorized to work in the U.S. say they are listening to the business concerns, but they aren't budging from their pursuit of greater accountability for companies. The measure was among a set of immigration bills that passed the subcommittee on State and Local Government. -AP

High-tech US visas help fund school aid, anti-fraud WASHINGTON: A group that backs a visa program designed to bring high-skilled foreign workers to the US says that some of the approximately $3 billion in visa fees paid by employers benefits science and math scholarships, US worker training and anti-fraud activities. A report issued by the National Foundation for American Policy points to the fees as a reason to maintain the visa program. The foundation supports policies allowing businesses to hire foreign workers. The money has paid for 58,000 student scholarships distributed by the National Science Foundation and for 100,000 US workers to get training through the Labor Department, says the report. -AP

Immigration 42

India Post

April 15, 2011

Families urge Obama to end deportations WASHINGTON: Hispanic families and immigrant advocates have criticized President Barack Obama for failing to keep campaign promises to change the US immigration system. Details on page 44

NJ tech company owner sentenced for money laundering SRIREKHA CHAKRAVARTY

NEW JERSEY: Nilesh Dasondi, owner of Sterling System LLC (formerly Cygate Software & Consulting) and a former member of the Edison Township Zoning Board, was sentenced March 31 to six months in prison for money laundering in connection with the trafficking in immigration documents used to procure H-1B Visas and Green Cards for ineligible or unqualified Indian nationals, United States Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced. Dasondi, 44, of Edison, NJ, previously pleaded guilty before US District Judge William J. Martini to charges of money laundering. Judge Martini also imposed the sentence the same day in Newark federal court. According to documents filed and statements made in court: In June 2008, Dasondi was one of seven individuals charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. As owner of the Edisonbased Cygate, an information technology company, Dasondi petitioned federal agencies for

both H-1B Visas and Green Cards on behalf of individuals including his six co-defendants - all Indian nationals - claiming that these individuals possessed specialized information technology skills and that they would work for Cygate once in the United States. Despite Dasondi's representations in petitions to federal agencies, none of his six co-defendants

to pay the visa recipients back, as falsified proof of compliance with the terms of their visa requirements and in order to apply for Green Cards. Other portions of the payments were used to pay Cygate payroll taxes owed the government, to perpetuate the trafficking in immigration documents, or pocketed as profit by Dasondi. Dasondi admitted that he had

As owner of the Edison-based Cygate, an information technology company, Dasondi petitioned federal agencies for both H-1B Visas and Green Cards on behalf of individuals performed any work for Cygate and instead were instructed by Dasondi to secure cash-paying jobs in the locations of their choice. Dasondi then engaged in a process known as "running the payroll," whereby the visa recipients were put on Cygate's payroll so that they appeared as legitimate employees, and then made to remit monthly payments to Cygate. Those payments were used in part

accepted lump sum payments from his co-defendants for procuring H1B Visas and, in some cases, Green Cards, and that he had engaged in "running the payroll" with the same individuals in order to create a falsified record of employment, as well as for personal profit. Dasondi also admitted that he used the proceeds of these and other illegal payments from his co-defendants to conduct financial transactions - including

paying Cygate-related expenses. Judge Martini previously accepted guilty pleas from Dasondi's six co-defendants: Ajit Vyas, 40, of Hoffman Estates, Ill.; Kishor Parikh, 42, of Ronkonkoma, NY; Vimal Patel, 36, of Maricopa, Az., Chetan Trivedi, 40, of Ronkonkoma; Hetal Shah, 38, of Ringwood, NJ and Devang Patel, 31, of Ronkonkoma. Each admitted to engaging in a conspiracy to defraud the government by paying Dasondi to have Cygate sponsor them for H-1B Visas and, in some cases, Green Cards, based on falsified qualifications. They also admitted that they had "run the payroll" with Dasondi in order to acquire false records such as pay stubs indicating that they were performing work for Cygate when, in fact, they were not. All were sentenced to terms of probation and face collateral immigration consequences. In addition to the prison term, Judge Martini sentenced Dasondi to two years of supervised release and ordered him to pay a $50,000 fine. Dasondi also agreed to forfeit an additional $296,921.82.

Professionals meet lawmakers for Green Card reforms India Post News Service

NEW YORK: Between April 4 and 5, over 175 members of Immigration Voice, an advocacy group for employment-based Green Card applicants, from around the nation descended onto the nation's capital to ask their congressmen and senators for reforms to the broken GreenCard process. "While K-Street, the HiTech industry and Congress is distracted once again by H-1B visas, recycling the same old talking points one more time, Immigration Voice's laser-like focus remains on the nearly 500,000 highly skilled immigrants who remain backlogged for 10-15 years waiting for their Green Cards," said Aman Kapoor, president of Immigration Voice.

"These highly-skilled professionals believe that the H-1B visa controversy sucks-up all the oxygen in the room whenever employment-based immigration policy is discussed. However, the real problem lies in the fact that there is a huge

Americans, cannot start their own companies and immediately create jobs in America, change employers or accept promotions during the Green Card application process, which now spans 10-15 years. This creates serious quality of life issues and

The real problem lies in the fact that there is a huge pool of talent untapped by American employers in the form of highly skilled legal professionals who have been living here on temporary visas as they patiently wait for their Green Cards pool of talent untapped by American employers in the form of highly skilled legal professionals who have been living here on temporary visas as they patiently wait for their Green Cards. These law abiding, taxpaying, highly skilled future

ultimately hurts the US economy." Kapoor further explains that Immigration Voice aims to create awareness with members of Congress, congressional staff and policy makers about the Green Card backlog, which inhibits job

creation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation for all Americans. "These immigrants are waiting to showcase their innovation leadership with their US work experience and American education. Immigration Voice will insist that Congress focus on the Green Card backlog rather than on H-1B visas," concluded Kapoor. Immigration Voice has arranged nearly 350 visits to congressional offices April 4-5 in both the House and Senate. Founded in December 2005, Immigration Voice is a rapidly growing, national grassroots, non-profit organization with 57,000 highly-skilled legal immigrants as members. Immigration Voice is committed to commonsense reforms to the employment-based immigration and Green Card process.

Immigration Post

April 15, 2011

India Post


Deporting a US citizen child CYRUS D. MEHTA


his week, while we have all been stunned at the way Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) sent a four year old US citizen child packing out of the country to Guatemala, even though her parents lived in the US, we can take some comfort that the State Department scrupulously adheres to birthright citizenship enshrined in the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Contrary to the common notion - that parents come to the US to give birth to children so that they may become US citizens - some non-US citizen parents do not desire that their minor children remain US citizens, notwithstanding their birth in the US. Their main motivation is that if they choose not to live in the US permanently, they would rather that the child enjoys the citizenship of their nationality so that he or she does not suffer any potential impediments later on in that country, such as the inability to vote, attend educational institutions or stand for elected office. Often times, the country of the parent's nationality and the United States lay claims on the child's citizenship, and this may often create conflicts between the citizenship laws of the two countries, particularly if the child will return to its parents' country and live there. For instance, a child born to Indian citizen parents in the US can still claim to be an Indian citizen by descent, even though India does not otherwise permit dual nationality, provided that the parents declare that the child does not hold the passport of another country. This may not be possible if the child is born in the US, and thus a US citizen and potentially an Indian citizen, since the State Department's regulation provides that "It is unlawful for a citizen of the United States, unless excepted under 22 CFR 53.2, to enter or depart, or attempt to enter or depart, the United States, without a valid passport." See 22 CFR ยง53.1. Therefore, if the child obtains an

Indian passport while in the US, it will still need to depart the US with a US passport, and this may conflict with the Indian requirement of submitting a declaration that the child does not hold the passport of another country. Moreover, even after the child has left the US, unless the child can effectively renounce US citizenship at a US Consulate (and that too could be problematic as a child cannot make a knowing renunciation), the child will most likely have to return to the US on the US passport. Regarding the renunciation of US citizenship by a minor, the State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual at 7 FAM 1292 clearly

A child born to Indian citizen parents in the US can still claim to be an Indian citizen by descent, even though India does not otherwise permit dual nationality states that parents or guardians cannot renounce or relinquish the citizenship of a child who acquired US citizenship at birth. The relevant extract from 7 FAM 1292 is worth noting: a. Occasionally, CA/OCS or a post abroad will receive an inquiry from the parent of a child born in the United States who acquired US citizenship at birth protesting the "involuntary" acquisition of US citizenship. b. Jus soli (the law of the soil) is the rule of common law under which the place of a person's birth determines citizenship. In addition to common law, this principle is embodied in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the various U.S. citizenship and nationality statutes. The 14th Amendment states, in part, that: All persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the

Latino art showcased in Phoenix metro area PHOENIX: Amid the state's pitched debate over illegal immigration and citizenship, an arts and culture group wants to offer a different perspective on Latinos in Arizona. A planned two-month fall festival will present street festivals, exhibits and performances across the Phoenix metropolitan area to celebrate Latin American art. The non-profit group Celebracion

Artistica de las Americas Alliance has been planning the event for years, but leaders behind the effort say the timing is all the more important now, given Arizona's tension over Latinos and illegal immigration. ``I think part of this (festival) is about changing the stereotype,'' said Jose Cardenas, an attorney for Arizona State University and member of the Latino art group's board. -AP

United States and of the State wherein they reside. c. In US v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), the U.S. Supreme Court examined at length the theories and legal precedents on which U.S. citizenship laws are based and, in particular, the types of persons who are subject to US jurisdiction. d. Children born in the United States to diplomats accredited to the United States are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction and do not acquire U.S. citizenship under the 14th Amendment or the laws derived from it [citation omitted]. e. Parents or guardians cannot renounce or relinquish the U.S. citizenship of a child who acquired U.S. citizenship at birth. While the FAM leaves open the possibility for a minor to renounce citizenship, there must be a determination by the consul whether the minor had the requisite maturity and knowing intent, free from parental influence. According to 7 FAM 1292(i) (3), "Minors who seek to renounce citizenship often do so at the behest of or under pressure from one or more parent. If such pressure is so overwhelming as to negate the free will of the minor, it cannot be said that the statutory act of expatriation was committed voluntarily. The younger the minor is at the time of renunciation, the more influence the parent is assumed to have." 7 FAM 1292(i) (2) further states, "Children under 16 are presumed not to have the requisite maturity and knowing intent." It should be noted, though, that even if a child successfully renounces US citizenship, upon reaching 18 years, the child has a six-month opportunity to reclaim US nationality. See INA ยง 351(b). The deportation of the 4 year old child is one recent example. CBP's sister agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has also been notorious for detaining and deporting US citizens in recent times, despite an ICE memo admonishing its officers to treat claims by US citizens with care and sensitivity. In a time when a very vocal minority is advocating for the repeal of birthright citizenship, government agencies in charge of enforcing immigration laws ought not to be swayed by the passions of the day, and must scrupulously ensure that a child born in the US, regardless of the parents' status, is treated as a US citizen under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, like the State Department does. * Cyrus D Mehta, may be contacted at 212-425-0555 or

PRADEEP ROY-SINGH B.A. LL.B. M.B.A. J.D. Attorney-at-Law

Former Assistant Stateย’s Attorney

Civil & Criminal Litigation Felonies, Misdemeanors, Inc DUI 1 Personal Injury, Business, Divorce etc. 1 Property Tax for Commercial Properties 1 1

2335 W. Devon Ave., Suite 204, Tel: 773-381-1820 Chicago, IL 60659


Immigration Post

India Post

April 15, 2011

Families urge Obama to end deportations WASHINGTON: Hispanic families and immigrant advocates have criticized President Barack Obama for failing to keep campaign promises to change the US immigration system. The critics questioned Obama's recent comment that he could not use his executive order powers to suspend deportations because doing so "would not conform with my appropriate role as president." Obama made the comment at a town hall organized by Univision TV network. The statement has received a lot of attention in immigrant and some Latino communities. Hispanics voted heavily for Obama in 2008 and some have felt he has let Latino supporters down by failing to move an immigration bill providing legal status to some illegal immigrants, while deporting record numbers of immigrants, many of them Hispanics. Eva Millona, executive director of Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Coalition, cited Obama's campaign promise made on July 13, 2008 at a National Council of La Raza conference.

"When communities are terrorized by ICE immigration raids, when nursing mothers are torn from their babies, when children come home from school to find their parents missing, when people are detained without access to le-

‘At end of day we feel the answer to this problem is a legislative answer and we are working every day to reach the day when the president can sign an immigration reform that can fix this problem’ gal counsel, when all that is happening, the system just isn't working and we need to change it," Obama said in the speech at the 2008 NCLR conference which is captured in video on the YouTube page of his campaign arm, Organizing for America.

The administration argues that it has focused on arresting, detaining and deporting immigrants who are serious criminal and can't ignore people who are in the country illegally when Immigration and Customs Enforcement encounters them. Cecilia Munoz, a White House deputy assistant to the president, said in a conference call with reporters that the White House does not believe the broken immigration system allows the president to choose not to enforce certain laws. There are always going to be unfortunate examples of families being separated and painful events in immigrant communities, but administrative solutions are not feasible or do-able on a large scale, she said. "At end of day we feel the answer to this problem is a legislative answer and we are working every day to reach the day when the president can sign an immigration reform that can fix this problem," Munoz said. On that call, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced her agency and the Homeland Security Department have signed an agreement that essentially says Immigration and Customs Enforcement will refrain from conducting raids or doing other immigration enforcement activities at most work places if there is an ongoing Labor Department investigation at the business. The issue of children who are U.S. citizens being separated from parents has come into sharper focus in recent weeks after a young New York girl was forced to leave the country with her grandfather. They had been in Guatemala and were returning when the grandfather was detained at an airport and denied entry to the U.S. because of a decades-old violation on his record. Her parents were waiting for the 4-year-old in New York but she was made to leave rather than be united with her parents. She was recently reunited with her parents. -AP

GOP immigration strategy struggles in CO session DENVER: Colorado Republicans began the 2011 legislative session with an aggressive immigration strategy that included requiring proof of citizenship to vote and copying Arizona's plan to give law enforcement broad authority to detain illegal immigrants. More than halfway through the session, most proposals have failed. Reasons cited are the divided Legislature, a focus on the economy, concerns about the expense of enforcing new immigration laws and worries about the national backlash Arizona received. The last bills remaining include a proposal to allow the Secretary of State's office to invalidate voters when their citizenship is in doubt the third attempt this session to target what Republicans say is a voting fraud problem. Another bill would punish municipalities that refuse to participate in the federal Secure Communities program, which identifies illegal immigrants through fingerprints taken during jail bookings. Under the bill, municipalities that decline the program would stop receiving severance and cigarette taxes from the state. That bill's sponsor, Republican Rep. David Balmer, said he struggled to get it through the House, where Republicans have a one-vote edge. The bill is now in the Democrat-controlled Senate, where its chances of passage are doubtful. "I really had to corral all my votes to make sure they stuck with me on that bill," said Balmer, who represents Arapahoe County. "I thought that was a pretty universal Republican position, but apparently it's not." The GOP's toughest proposals died early. A House bill modeled after Arizona's immigration law would have allowed police to arrest anyone they suspect is in the country illegally and require people to carry immigration documents. Rep. Randy Baumgardner of Hot Sulphur Springs, the bill's sponsor, asked a House committee to shelve it, saying he didn't want to burden taxpayers with possible litigation during hard economic times. Republican Sen. Kent Lambert of Colorado Springs carried a similar proposal. It died in a Democratcontrolled committee. The few victories Republicans have scored by moving bills out of the House - including one to restrict bail rights for illegal immigrants and requiring governmentissued photo IDs to vote will ulti-

mately be blocked in the Senate, where Democrats have a 20-15 advantage. "The focus of the session seems to be jobs and the economy," said Senate president Brandon Shaffer. "And when you look at the fallout, the economic fallout, of some of the Arizona-style immigration legislation, you see it has a significant impact on the tourism industry. This is just not the right time to go down that road." The Senate barrier notwithstanding, there has been little public enthusiasm for Republican immigration proposals. Supporters at hearings have usually been outnumbered by opponents, including immigration advocacy groups and attorneys who question the proposals' constitutionality. "I have certainly supported some of the bills and think they make sense. But I also think that you have to pick your battles, and

Reasons cited are the divided Legislature, a focus on the economy, concerns about the expense of enforcing new immigration laws and worries about the national backlash Arizona received some of these bills weren't going to make it," said Lu Busse, chairwoman of the conservative 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition. She said she hoped Republicans will do more about making sure people who cast ballots are actually eligible to vote. A telephone poll of early and absentee Colorado voters, conducted for The Associated Press and television networks last election, suggested about seven in 10 chose the economy as the most important issue facing the nation, over health care, the war in Afghanistan and illegal immigration. The poll said roughly six in 10 voters thought most illegal immigrants working in the U.S. should get a chance to apply for legal status. The survey of Colorado voters was conducted by Edison Research. Results were subject to a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. Balmer insists that many of his constituents want something done about illegal immigration. But his Secure Communities bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate. -AP


April 15, 2011

India Post


Your Weekly Future by Pandit Parashar





ou may have to change your travel plans due to recent developments. Things will become clearer at work and you will once more start to feel safe. You will spend lots of money on family and visit close relatives also. Planets will help those with some political aspirations. Sun can help you get some money through stocks or lottery.

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April 15, 2011





Sat April 16 • Solidarity For Japan: A Fundraiser Venue: Nirvana, 346 Lexington between 39th and 40th Street, New York Time: 7pm to 10pm Contact: 917-324-0000

Sat April 16 & Sun April 17 • Sri Ramanavami Bala Vihar Celebrations

Venue: Asamai Temple, 80E Barclay St., Hicksville, New York Time: 11:30am to 1:30pm Contact: 516-582-1113

Venue: Chinmaya Mission Chicago. 11 S 80 Rt.83, Willowbrook, IL 60527. Time: April 16: 4:30pm - 5:30pm - Adult Study Groups, 5:30pm - 6:00pm - Swamiji's Gita Discourse, 6:00pm - 6:30pm - Cultural Program By Bala Vihar Children, Concluding Prayers, & Arati. April 17: 12:30pm- 1:00pm - Swamiji's Gita Discourse, 1:00pm - 2:00pm - Adult Study Groups, 2:00pm- 2:30pm- Cultural Program by Bala Vihar Children, Concluding Prayers, & Arati Contact: 708-349-6396 & 630-920-9293

Sun April 24

Sat April 16

Sun April 17 • Essential of Gita- Part 3 Spring break program

• Hasya Kavi Sammelan Venue: Saraswati Hall, Across the street from, 4552 Bowne Street, Flushing, New York Time: 5:30pm to 9pm Contact: 347-441-6675

• Everyday Awareness Techniques Venue: I.M.U., 1418 W Howard St at Sheridan Rd, Chicago, Illinois Time: 2pm Contact: 773-262-1468





Sat April 16

Fri April 15

• Vaisakhi Mela and Outdoor Bhangra Competition

• RAZA Recruitment Day "Dream & Act"

Venue: Manhattan Ave Park (Leonard Gordon Park), Manhattan Ave and Kennedy Blvd, NJ Time: 11am Contact: 201-328-4238

Venue: Ohlone College Newark Center, 39399 Cherry Street, Newark, CA 94560 Time: 8:30am to 1:15pm Contact: (510) 742-2346

Thurs April 21

Sat April 16

• Virah Ka Dard

• Manthan Presents "E-Motion" A Unique & Creative Dance Show

Venue: Knights of Columbus Hall, 116 Grand St, Iselin, New Jersey Time: 10am to 11:30am Contact: 732-207-7592

Sat April 23 • Yaadein Venue: Union Country Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey Time: 8:00PM Contact: 908-723-3636

Venue: Jain Temple Auditorium, Milpitas Time: 7pm Contact: 408-685-4234 Highlights: Be part of our fun team as a sponsor, fashion show model, dance performer and/ or volunteer.

Fri April 22

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Upcoming Thurs April 14 • InVenture is hosting a party to celebrate the success of InVenture's first year and the launch of their new website Venue: William Turner Gallery, Bergamot Station Arts Center, 2525 Michigan Avenue, E-1 Santa Monica, CA 90404 Time: 7pm to 9:30pm Contact:, Highlights: Must present ID at the door and be 21+ years of age in order to consume alcoholic beverages. Guests under 21 are welcome.

Sat April 16 • Pediatric Feeding Seminar Venue: Embassy Suites Hotel, 2053 Grant Rd Suite 158, Los Altos, Los Angeles Contact: 650-752-4993

• The King Of Comedy Raju Srivastav

Sun April 17

Venue: Chobat College Performing Arts Center, 25555,Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA Time: 7:30pm Contact: 510-565-9518

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figuero St, Los Angeles Time: 8am to 5pm Contact: (310) 858-7691

Sat April 16

Sun April 24

Fri April 22

• Vaisakhi Mela 2011 Indianapolis

• Vijayalakshmi - Mohini Aattam with live orchestra

• Bollywood America Comedy Show

Venue: TBD, Bay Area, California Time: 8pm Contact: (408) 629-1707

Venue: Onyx Room, 852 5th Avenue San Diego, San Diego, Arizona, LA Time: 7pm to 9pm Contact: 951-897-9403


Upcoming Venue: Vaisakhi Mela 2011 Indianapolis, 4420 W. 56th St, Indianapolis, Indiana Time: 8pm Contact: 908-392-6041

Sun April 24 • Human Unity Day Venue: Mills Recreation Center, 43895 Grottoes Drive, Ashburn, Virginia, WDC Time: 11:30am to 3pm Contact: (301) 924-2951

Mon July 4 • Rathyatra, Festival of India Venue: National Mall (in front of Air & Space Museum), Washington, DC Time: 10:30am to 9pm Contact: 301-299-2100

San April 30 • Youthsava 2011 - Registration Venue: India Community Center, 525 Los Coches St, Milpitas, California Time: 9am Contact: 408-934-1130

Thu May 5 • Fund raising Volleyball tournament Venue: Ponderosa Park, Sunnyvale, CA Time: 8am to 5pm

• Live Baisakhi Celebration

Sat April 23 • India Festival Venue: Civic Arts Plaza, In The Park, 2100 E. THousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA Time: 12pm to 4pm Contact: 805-754-9861

Sat April 30 • Festival of Books Venue: University of Southern California, 3551 Trousdale Pkwy, Los Angeles Contact: 866-790-5813

April 15, 2011


India Post 47

HELP WANTED Seeking individuals to work as Secretary/Bookkeeping/Accounts/Mail dispatcher/PayRoll Specialist Clerk, Typist and sale rep. qualification,verbal/written comm skills, extremely organized. Interested candidate should contact

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ACCOUNTING MANGER & SALE REPS As part of our expansion program, our company is looking for part time work from home account managers and sales representatives, it pays $4,000 a month plus benefits and takes only little of your time. Requirements should be a computer Literate. 23 hours access to the internet weekly. Must be Efficient and Dedicated. If you are interested and need more information, Contact Ray Clark. CHICAGO (Ramesh Soparawala) Tel: 773-973-7394 / Fax: 773-973-7396 NEW YORK (Pinky) Tel: 212-944-1931/ Fax: 212-944-1932



India Post

April 15, 2011

Page Sponsored by Sahanis SWAMI RAMDAS


od has made the law of Karma, but He can also set it aside, If He cannot brush aside His law, the law will be greater than He, This cannot be. For, He is the infinite, omnipotent Lord, So He must have the power to suspend any law. Generally God does not interfere. He allows the Karma to be worked out. But He may, in special cases, go beyond His law and by His grace free the soul from the bondage of Karma. Our mind turns towards God only by His grace. It is His grace that makes us yearn for Him. Grace is self-revealing. When Grace comes to us, our heart becomes perfectly pure and we overflow with love for all beings. We shall have no ill-feeling towards anybody. We shall experience a rare joy which we never had before. Does faith come first or Grace first? It has been conclusively proved by saints who have had the highest spiritual experience that Grace comes first. Without Grace we cannot have faith in God. The true devotee says: "Oh God I remember You because You remembered me first." Our ego-sense makes us think we can attain Him by our Sadhana or struggle. But we soon realize our helplessness and know that WAHIDUDDIN


eneath the ever-changing waves and turbulent surface of the ocean, there is an abiding peaceful calm which permeates the depths and supports the weight of the turbulent surface. Similarly, each human being has a turbulent ego-driven surface, and the calm abiding peace of Divine Presence deep within. We need both the surface and the depths, yet we need to allow the burden of life's turbulence to be supported and nourished by the calm depths of Divine Presence. When one lives primarily on the worldly surface (the domain of the ego), life seems to be a source of great suffering due to the turbulence and commotion caused by the ego. But when one balances the turbulence of the worldly surface with time spent calmly abiding in the peaceful depths of the heart (the domain of Divine Presence), all of life is filled with the profound peace and utter tranquility of Divine Presence. The word "Divine" is used here to emphasize that this calm abiding peace which is found deep within the heart of every person is something which far

our efforts are by themselves of no avail. Then we surrender to Him and depend on His mercy. Thus we need His grace at the beginning, in the middle and at the end, Grace is all in all. We cannot get Grace by virtue of our so-called merit. The worst sinners have received Grace and become pure and glorious. Purity is not a condition precedent for Grace. It is the flow of Grace that makes the heart pure. When Grace comes, it comes, not because we

regulations or conditions. You are wonderstruck when Grace comes to apparently undeserving persons, while the so-called deserving ones are still waiting for it. Looked at from another angle, it must be said Grace is pouring on all alike. Some receive it and some do not. Some people open the windows of their hearts to receive Grace and benefit by it while others keep them closed and so they do not get it. But even to keep the windows of the heart open, we

ence is not due to the absence or failure of sunlight, but due to the difference in the reflecting capacity of the objects. Similarly, we imbibe Grace and benefit by it according to our capacity to receive, according to our preparedness and purity. If Grace is all in all, and comes of its own accord, governed by no laws and conditions, what is the place of Sadhana in spiritual life? Why should we perform Sadhana at all? The secret is that Sadhana

Grace is ever pouring on us from God It has been conclusively proved by saints who have had the highest spiritual experience that Grace comes first

Swami Ramdas

deserve it, not as a reward for our Sadhana, but only out of God's boundless mercy and love. One who gets Grace never feels he is worthy of it. The way of Grace is mysterious. You struggle for it and you do not get it. Sometimes, without any struggle, you get it. Its working is governed by something beyond all laws. It is not bound by any rules,

require inner aspiration and longing which can come to us only through His grace. Grace is ever pouring on us from God, as the sun is ever shedding light on all objects - opaque, translucent and transparent. But opaque objects do not reflect the light, translucent things reflect it but partially, while transparent things reflect it fully. The differ-

is done to make us realize that by Sadhana alone we cannot attain Him. So long as our ego-sense persists we cannot see God. When we know we are utterly helpless in spite of al our efforts to attain Him, our ego-sense is crushed and we throw ourselves at His feet. The 127th birth anniversary of Swami Ramdas was celebrated on April 10

surpasses mere excellence and defies simple description. Within each person is a brilliantly radiant inner source of beautiful traits such as loving-kindness, generosity, patience, joy and compassion. Indeed, your true essence is a spark of Divinity. Life is not about "you" or "me". That is, life is not about the little self, the ego, which most people

and most sublime experiences. It is an inner source which provides perfect guidance and perfect peace. Divine Presence is our ultimate connection to the guidance and perfection of the AllMighty One. Learning to recognize and appreciate the difference between the turbulent surface of the ego and the calm depths of the Divine

heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.-Joseph Campbell The little self, the ego, can be a formidable veil between the worldly realm and the spiritual realm, which is to say, between the body and the soul. In those who are excessively preoccupied with, or attached to, the self-centered concerns of the ego, the ego be-

Deep within is the calm abiding Divine Presence Life is about the unfolding, allowing the Divine Presence to express itself as an endless Wahiduddin

mistakenly identify as "me". In truth, life is about the unfolding, blooming, and free expression of the true Self, allowing the Divine Presence to express itself as an endless outpouring of Love in the midst of daily life. Life is love and the activity of love. -Joshu Sasaki Roshi Divine Presence brings into one's life the greatest, noblest

outpouring of Love in the midst of daily life Presence in one's own life is often called awakening, and is truly a pivotal point in one's spiritual evolution. We must learn to recognize the activity of the ego, only then it is possible to begin to rise above the self-centered activities of the ego and allow the soul to fill its cup with direct experiences of love, harmony and beauty. The goal of life is to make your

comes an obstruction, or veil, between body and soul, causing the Divine Presence to be obscured. As soon as the obstruction is removed, the Divine Presence begins to flow more freely into all aspects of one's worldly life, bringing love, harmony and beauty to every situation and providing the soul with that nourishment and experience for which it longs so deeply.

Where are you hurrying to? you will see the same moon tonight wherever you go! -Izumi Shikibu The important thing is not to think much, but to love much; and so, do that which best stirs you to love. -Saint Teresa of Avila How long will you keep pounding on an open door begging for someone to open it? -Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya You do not have to struggle to reach God, but you do have to struggle to tear away the self-created veil that hides him from you. -Paramahansa Yogananda O, friend! Nobody veils you, but yourself. In your path there is no thorn or weed, but yourself. You asked: shall I reach the Beloved or not? Between you and the Beloved there is nobody, but yourself. -Awhadoddin Kermani

You Insure all your Valuables, all are replaceable except YOU! So Insure yourself FIRST. Call Sahanis, (Arish, Priya or Shiv) for your Insurance needs 718- 271- 0453. Serving for last 35 yrs

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April 15, 2011

India Post 49

Is military the only glue in Pakistan? D SUBA CHANDRAN


here is a renewed interest in the stability of Pakistan and its future, especially against the backdrop of events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Will there be an upheaval? If yes, will it be led by the moderate civil society or by radical groups? Recently, the Pakistan Studies Program at the Jamia Milia Islamia organized an international conference on the subject. A predominant belief in India is that the military in Pakistan will remain the primary glue in terms of holding Pakistan. Many, both inside and outside Pakistan believe that as long as the Pakistan military stays cohesive, Pakistan as a country will also remain cohesive. The question therefore is whether the Pakistan military is united enough to keep the country on course. Undoubtedly, Pakistan's military plays a central role in holding the country together. Even its critics agree that it is the most important and stable institution within Pakistan. To say that an unstable Pakistan is not in the interest of its military is to state the obvious; this apex body will ensure that the country does not move towards situations similar to those witnessed in Tunisia and Egypt. Having said that, it must be also be maintained that the above proposition is an over simplification of other factors that are in existence and are emerging slowly but steadily. The political parties led by the PPP, PML-N, MQM and the ANP, although at the receiving end for their failure to effectively govern the country, perform a significant function. Consider a situation, hypothetically, where there are no political parties in Pakistan. In fact, most of the present problems in Pakistan were a result of Musharraf's ill-informed pursuit to keep mainstream political par ties away from the 2002 elections. This paved the way for the entrance of religious parties along with Musharraf's cronies (Read the military's, led by the PML-Q) who supported the war against terrorism. Musharraf and his regime systematically targeted mainstream political parties; for instance, many believe the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the subsequent blame on the TTP was highly suspect and requires further investigation. Since the 1970s, the military has been the primary cause for the

destabilization of mainstream political parties. This situation was exploited by opportunist political leaders leading to the thorough discrediting of their species in Pakistan. Despite this, political parties still have a major role to play in Pakistan. All it requires is strong, for-

of a section of the media behaving irresponsibly, as in any other parts of the world. However, on a more positive note, it has become the new voice of an expanding middle-class and a vehicle for demanding accountability. Thus, although the media is often touted as sensational, there is much rea-

India Post Hazare's crusade


Politicians Zardari, Gilani with Army Chief Kayani

ward-looking leadership in each mainstream political party to help gain momentum and become a factor to be reckoned with. The future of political parties is not as grim as normally suggested, and those who write them off are doing the nation a great disservice.

In fact, most of the present problems in Pakistan were a result of Musharraf's illinformed pursuit to keep mainstream political parties away from the 2002 elections. This paved the way for the entrance of religious parties along with Musharraf's cronies (Read the military's, led by the PML-Q) who supported the war against terrorism Another emerging factor that could positively impact Pakistan is its media, which is perhaps the most vibrant and independent enterprise in the entire subcontinent. There is of course the likelihood

son and rationality at work. Also, unlike the earlier decades, there is a growing middle class in Pakistan today, in addition to a youth bulge which is looking for a path and the guidance that could lead them to a positive future. The vibrant social, print and electronic media, lawyers' movement and the support for a judiciary are expressions of a growing and conscious class that demands good governance and looks beyond the past. Of course, a section of this class of people is looking towards the TTP as well. But is this due to the attraction of radical parties/ groups or the failure of mainstream parties? An example would be the motivations that make parents educate their children in madrassas. It must be noted that this tends to occur because mainstream education in Pakistan is either dysfunctional or beyond the economic reach of most people. Thus, while the military is currently considered the foremost guarantor of stability in Pakistan, the contribution of other factors cannot be denied, indeed, the international community might be led to make erroneous decisions based on this assumption. Just as Musharraf successfully managed to manipulate the West into believing that there was no alternative (TINA) to him and the military, so should the opposite hold true for Pakistan now? The writer is Director, IPCS

hy the Indian government loves the 'C' for cricket is because it takes away the spotlight from the other, much more dangerous and embarrassing 'C' for corruption. That was the focus before the World Cup began. The ruling Congress must be extraordinarily grateful for the spectacle of cricket and its great performers. Even the normally impassive Sonia Gandhi surprised everyone by defying security and turning up to celebrate with crowds at India Gate in New Delhi after India's World Cup triumph in Mumbai. And the politicians must be hoping that the shorter version of cricket extravaganza, the IPL, which has taken over, would continue to draw the attention of civil society away from the fact of corruption in government and the plethora of corruption enquiries which are ensuring that no early action is taken against the obviously guilty. Unfortunately for it, Anna Hazare, a 72-year-old veteran Gandhian and anti-graft crusader, has decided to spoil the party of the rulers. He has galvanized demands across the country for a focused fight against corruption by going on a fast-unto-death in Delhi till the government agrees to set up a powerful Lokpal (ombudsman). He has been joined in his struggle by Magasaysay award winners, Kiran Bedi & Arvind Kejriwal and many civil society leaders apart form ordinary people in 400 cities apart from Delhi. The government has already drafted a Lokpal Bill which the crusaders describe as toothless. It only covers politicians and does not include the Prime Minister or bureaucrats in its ambit. Hazare wants all officials within its purview and also demands Lokpal to have police powers. Which means it is not merely a recommendatory body but an effective office that can file FIRs, chargesheet the accused and file cases. Once elected, the politicians lose touch with people and the exercises in legislation they conduct often do not reflect people's aspirations. They become immune from public scrutiny and that is how parliament becomes a club of vested interests. Notice how easily and how often the MPs grant themselves salary hikes and other privileges knowing that the public outrage would not touch them. This is where Anna Hazare has made a dent. He is spearheading a campaign where the politicians have to be answerable to the people more often than once in five years. The attempt of all governments has been to prevaricate, confuse and delay so that the accused within its fold cannot be pinned down. This has been carrying on for decades. The anti-corruption bill has now been considered and put aside by successive regimes for the last 42 years. The government would like to carry on with its obfuscation and meaningless inquiries. And in the end even if the inquiry recommends punishment, the government would just reject the recommendations. Anna Hazare has been able to strike a chord with a more alert society now which wants to see action being taken, and not just promises of action. The government says civil society has no role in drafting bills. It is the function of Parliament. Anna Hazare however insists that civil society has to be brought in because people have lost faith in parliamentarians. Pointing out his objection against the Government's draft bill, Anna Hazare said, "Ministers who faced allegations of corruption were part of the Group of Ministers (GoM) set up to decide on the required amendments in the drafting the anti-corruption bill. This is not acceptable to me or the public at large. If the government alone drafts the bill, it will be autocratic and not democratic. There will be discrepancies." It seems the Egyptian revolution has reached India.

50 India Post

April 15, 2011

April 15, 2011

India Post 51

52 India Post

April 15, 2011


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