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What Young India Wants? Don’t Look for Another Answer You got to Agree with him Chetan Bhagat, a writer of the masses, shouldn’t be taken any less seriously than the figures who have accrued the appreciation of the classes. This writer who breathes solidarity for Indians, grew despondent during the years of his stay in Hong Kong. Through his book ‘ What Young India Wants’, he gives vent to his discontent and anger by refraining from being calculative or eulogistic in describing the ailments that have kept India’s economy, Infrastructure and other aspects, bedridden. Nip Corruption in the Bud Buy books online the latest Novel of Chetan Bhagat is an attempt made by the writer, to get the arms of the country in action. He wants them flung up high in rebellion, rebelling against no authority but themselves and the evil that lingers in their own courtyard. Out of all Chetan Bhagat books so far, this one doesn’t spin a rosy tale, where happiness is cleared of all false charges made by misfortune and it finally returns back home to the characters. This is 100% unadulterated reality, where real life characters suffer every day in their own hands by dwarfing in front of corruption. According to him, our attitude of encouraging corruption everyday by seeing no harm in paying bribes, has taken the best of us. We have made our peace with corruption without acknowledging the fact that it’s eating up the country from within. A common mindset that favours occasional bribes to get the work done breeds corruption which further strides in the galleries of power. The only way of stopping it is changing ourselves by letting honesty govern and guide us, all the way to development. Know more on : The novels of Chetan Bhagat in online bookstore is always strike a chord with the youth. His stories have a deep connection with youngsters, who often relate to the turmoils, adventures, good or bad turn of events that takes the lives of his protagonists ahead. But, as I mentioned earlier, ‘What Young India Wants’ is not a work of fiction. It talks about the plight of farmers, who provide nourishment to the whole country, only to die in utter ruins when nature hits them hard with drought. It throws light on the insidious government- corporate nexus that deprives the aspiring businessmen of opportunities, by handing them all over to the big sharks. Bhagat gets to the core of the student suicide problem that recently gripped India. He makes an appeal to the students, studying in elite institutes to think it over before they take the drastic step of ending their own lives. As, succumbing to pressure is not the right thing to do. Know more on : ● Online Shopping ● Buy books

What Young India Wants? Don’t Look for Another Answer