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Top Cheap Mobile Phones for Children and Teenagers With the kind of society that we live in, it is essential nowadays to have your children within ‘calling’ distance. Hence, mobile phone is no more a luxury gadget but the most essential device. However, before providing your children with mobile phones, make them understand the pros and cons of using the mobile phones. Never allow them to use it as a means to downgrade someone. Since, mobile addiction is growing among children, never buy them mobiles with applications and features that they do not need at this age. Since it is a daunting task for most parents to find out the right mobile appropriate to the age of their children, here is a list of top 10 best yet cheap mobile phones for teenagers and children. These mobiles are designed only for making and receiving calls and texts. ·

Samsung E1080

Of the Samsung mobiles, this phone is cheap, as it has no features except an FM radio. ·

LG GB102

With a candy bar design, it is easy to hold. It has no camera, music player, radio and no access to the internet. It has good signal strength and battery life. ·

Nokia 100

This candy bar phone has FM Radio but no camera, and music player. Its greatest plus point is its great battery life. ·

Nokia 1661

It is simple to use, lightweight and comes in a curved candy bar design. It has no web browser, Bluetooth, camera or music player. It has a FM radio and offers around 7 hrs of talk time. ·

Samsung E1252

This dual SIM mobile has no camera and no web browser. However, it has FM Radio, and MP3 player. It is a good phone as it has a long battery life and loud sound. ·

Spice M 4330

A dual SIM mobile, it has a MP3 player, FM radio, mobile tracker, panic button and dazzle ringtone. ·

Micromax X100

This mobile has music player and FM radio and can store up to 300 contacts. ·

Nokia 1280

This mobile has a long battery life and has a radio and a flash light. It can store up to 250 SMSes. 路

Motorola WX160

It is a very good mobile from Motorola and has a FM radio. 路

Nokia 1800

It is a good mobile for those who make calls occasionally. It has no camera, web browser, Bluetooth or music player. Instead, it has a FM radio and a flash light. It takes only 2 hours to charge and has a reasonable battery life.

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Top Cheap Mobile Phones for Children and Teenagers