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Tarla Dalal Recipes for the Expectant Mothers Motherhood is a feeling that is incomparable and inexpressible. It is something that has to be felt. It makes you feel complete. The feeling of a child taking shape inside you awakens your responsibilities towards the child. And the first step to be taken is to make important lifestyle changes. The expectant mother needs to lead a life that is different from what it has been so far especially in the case of diet. Both mother and child need nutrition for health and proper development. And therefore the expectant mums need a healthy diet comprising of milk and dairy products, cereals, whole grains, dals, pulses, nuts, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish , poultry, water, fresh fruit juices and so on. Expectant mums need more folic acid, iron, calcium, protein, minerals, fibre, and vitamins. Most women go easy on fruits and vegetables but it is a strict no no for expectant mothers because fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Instead of eating a few types of vegetables, expectant mothers should include all types of vegetables in their diet. For instance, cabbage, cauliflower & all long green vegetables such as tondali, turai, louki, parwal, spinach, govari should be used alternately. Most expectant mothers are confused about the best type of food to eat. Since they have unusual cravings, it is very difficult to design recipes for them. Moreover, most mums-to-be do not know what constitutes the right nutrients and how much to consume to have a healthy baby. Hence, it is for these expectant mothers that Tarla Dalal has designed her cookbooks ‘Nutritious Recipes for Pregnancy’ and ‘Pregnancy Cookbook’. These books contain recipes that have been carefully designed to satisfy the palate of the expectant mothers. It features recipes rich in iron, calcium and protein, antioxidants, vitamin B-complex and fibre. Tarla Dalal’s recipes are simple, innovative, delicious and easy to cook and therefore are sure to appeal to a variety of taste buds. The recipes included in the cookbook ‘Nutritious Recipes for Pregnancy’ are

Paneer Stuffed Green Pea Parathas Palak-Methi and Corn Subzi Soya Khaman Dhokla Jowar Uttapas Nachni Ladoos Penne with Spring Onions and Almond Sauce Lemon and Coriander Soup Chawli Masoor Subzi

The recipes included in the cookbook ‘Pregnancy Cookbook’ are

Spinach and Paneer Soup Banana Walnut Pancakes Stir Fry Salad Methi Palak Dhokla Pineapple Passion Paushtic Roti Kalakand Fada ni Khichdi

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Tarla Dalal Recipes for the Expectant Mothers