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Online Electronic Shopping-Get Fabulous Deals and Discounts on Apple iPods “Why this kolaveri, kolaveri kolaveri di?� is the new song on everybody’ lips these days. It has taken India by storm. Every day a new song makes it to the top charts. For music lovers, listening to music is something that revitalizes them and lifts their mood. Hence, the invention of iPods truly is a blessing for music lovers as they can listen to songs whenever and wherever they like without interruption. Apple iPods are available in different designs and models depending upon the requirements of music lovers. Those visiting any online shopping website would be baffled to find the different types of Apple iPods available. Without proper research, one might end up with an iPod that do not match his or her requirements. It is difficult for those who are not tech savvy to understand the specifications of the iPods. Hence, here is a simple guide to the different iPod models available in online shopping websites. iPod Shuffle It is the most inexpensive iPod of the lot. As the name implies, the iPod plays the songs in a random order. It is the smallest model of the iPod family and is designed for those people who want to hide its use. Currently, into its fourth generation, this iPod is great for joggers and exercisers. With a storing capacity of 1000 songs, it is suitable for those music lovers who have a small music collection. It comes without a display, the scroll wheel, and playlist management features and therefore its controls are not that easy to access. iPod Nano This 6th generation iPod Nano came as a replacement for iPod Mini. It is suitable for those who are using iPods for the first time. It is easy to use compared to iPod shuffle and supports a FM radio, and pedometer. It has a multi touch interface and is apt for those who have neither small nor large music collection. iPod Classic Currently into its 6th generation, it is designed for those people who have large music collection. With 160 GB of storage, it can store songs, pictures, movies, audio books, music videos and so on. iPod Touch iPod Touch, apart from being a portable media player is a personal digital assistant, handheld game console, and mobile internet device. It has all the terrific features of an iPhone.

Make a mental note of these points before online electronic shopping for iPods and get fabulous deals and discounts on iPods with cash on delivery options.

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Online Electronic Shopping-Get Fabulous Deals and Discounts on Apple iPods