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Online book Store: The Changing Trend Books are always good friends for people who love reading. A habit generally inculcated during the formative years of childhood, develop in its full form as one grows. For people with the power of literacy, almost everyone has gone through the various pages of history through the Amar Chithra Katha, laughed at the pranks of Snowy and TinTin, enjoyed through the activities of Asterix and Obelix or have being a part of the adventures of the Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Harry Potter or Sherlock Homes. However, the growing market of books and publishers only keep changing with the changing generation. The generation of ancestors saw the development of the physical bookstore with a collection of a variety of books. These brick and mortar stores stocked up a collection of books from every section- from fiction to no-fiction, journals, essays and reference titles. However, these stores lacked the facility of customer reviews, easy search methods and recommendations offered by online book store. The generations next with a busier schedule than their ancestors, are customers who base their decisions on a number of factors. Though one may not get the advantage of reading nearly 50% of the book before paying for it, the younger lot prefers to read books, which have a higher rating, and a number of customer reviews. Under such circumstances, the online book shop scores higher than the physical stores. The growth of technology, spread of Internet and e-commerce has resulted buying books online as the most sought after online shopping activity. An annual review found that in 2010 online retailers captured 30% of the money spent on books and has emerged as the single largest outlet for books thus gaining an edge over the brick and mortar stores. Further, researches have also shown that a large number of people spent more money in buying books online than any other products. Online book store has a number of advantages over traditional ones. With people’s buying behavior having changed over the years, these online stores save the time, effort, and unnecessary hassle of travel. Another major advantage of buying books online is that since they are not bound by space, one can browse through a very large collection of books under each category, read reviews. Some websites also have the options of providing extracts or few pages of the book to be read online. Books that are about to be published at a later date can be booked in advance. Further, the online shopping portals also provide the facility of cash on delivery while buying books online. Read more on - Valentine's gifts, Cash on delivery shopping sites

Online book Store: The Changing Trend  

The generation of ancestors saw the development of the physical bookstore with a collection of a variety of books. These brick and mortar st...

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