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Video: An Effective Mechanism for Advanced Sales Enablement Sales enablement is the best sales optimization strategy. As a growing area of interest for marketers today, it allows sales teams to sell more successfully by providing them with key insights into their territories. “The delivery of the right information to the right person at the right time and in the right place, to assist moving a specific sales opportunity forward”, is how sales enablement is defined. Industry research firm, IDC has found that sales reps are normally not well prepared for meetings with customers. Nearly 33 percent of lost deals are due to unprepared sales reps and this is why most of the leading corporations today, are opting for the enterprise video to impart sales training content and corporate presentations with their global sales forces to enhance efficiency, curtail time to revenue and diminish costs. The ability to leverage the collective intelligence of a company’s sales organization is fundamental to the concept of sales enablement. It is necessary for field personnel, account managers, systems engineers, and technical account managers, etc., to understand and position all of the organization’s products and services. It is therefore essential for the company to have an efficient system that can capture, share and deliver the applicable knowledge to the sales team. How is video an effective mechanism? Most industry insiders believe that video is the choice for knowledge transfer as video energizes sales enablement. It is not only the perfect solution for acquiring knowledge, as it can also supplement or substitute text for training and education. Video is no doubt, a competent tool for communicating competitive intelligence, and for deliberately managing and engaging customer references and is one of the most appealing way of consuming content today. The Benefits of a video enabled sales enablement It boosts sales rep productivity, as they can find out what they read one message at a time. It abbreviates sales cycle or time to revenue It brings around new hires faster It reduces training, travel costs and opportunity costs. There has been a tremendous change in the composition of information on the corporate network, and as a recent study predicts that nearly 55 percent of all corporate traffic will be video by 2013, there are bounds to be further changes. A successful enterprise video can arm your sales organization with on-demand access to digitally recorded video with synchronized slides and scrolling transcripts; full text search of slides, notes and every spoken word; and access via mobile devices, thereby enabling the sales teams to sell more efficiently and successfully. Click here for more on video search tool, online meeting software, virtual events

Video: An Effective Mechanism for Advanced Sales Enablement