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What are e-cards and how can you use them?

E-CARDS are the new generation Indian wedding cards. With the technologies improving every day, and the advancements in everything around, it’s time that we must change the way we invite our relatives, friends and other guests to the weddings. It’s high time that we change with the time, and adopt the changes.

There are many new ways through which you can invite the guests and inform them about the wedding date, like save the date cards, theme wedding cards, etc. One among such cards are themed wedding e-cards. Just like normal theme cards, theme e-cards are also based on different themes and can be customized as per the theme of the wedding. These cards have become the talk of the town and are highly accepted around the world because they make interesting designs, include fantastic quotes and lines, and are vibrant in colors and hues.

The best part about e-cards is that you can make a video, attach some pictures of the couple (if any) and play a song in the background that would give the visitors, the invitees a rough idea of the wedding that has been organized.

E-Wedding Cards add a special, personal touch to the invitations, which make the invitees more wanted and they seem more interested. Ecards can do absolute wonders.

 Also, in the world where inflation has hit the markets all over, it is always best when you could save some money.  Printing cards and posting them to all the relatives and guests who live in far-off places, isn’t economical, compared to making one ecard, and forwarding it to as many people as you want, as the cost is nothing.  Moreover, internet has spread its wings around the globe faster than any other source of mass communication. It allows to disseminate a single information to a huge audience in the shortest period.  So, it’s great when it comes to inviting friends, and relatives to your wedding, especially those, who live far, or are abroad.

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What are e cards and how can you use them  

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