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Kaylynn Miller Co-editor in Chief


early a year ago, Laura Bates, a journalist in the United Kingdom, took the social network by storm with a new movement called The Everyday Sexism Project. The site allows its users to share experiences anonymously about times they have been harassed or objectified because of their gender and encourages them to “shout back.” When Bates began the site, she expected only her friends to share stories, thinking she might gather 100 accounts at the most. She was shocked as thousands of posts began to flood in. In an article Bates wrote for The Guardian, an online news source, she shares her excitement. “It spread like wildfire as more and more women began to add their experiences – women of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the world,” Bates said. Bates came up with the idea for the website after finding that it was difficult to speak about sexism. She found that many people agreed it was no longer an issue. “Again and again, people told me sexism is no longer a prob-

lem – that women are equal now, more or less, and if you cannot take a joke or take a compliment, then you need to stop being so ‘frigid’ and get a sense of humor,” Bates said. “Even if I could not solve the problem right away, I was determined that nobody should be able to tell us we could not talk about it anymore.” The site allows its users to catalogue events that have occurred, encouraging women to speak out against something that has otherwise not been talked about on a large scale. Bates encourages users to share in her mission statement. An excerpt from the web site states: “Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym - it’s up to you. By sharing your story, you are showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.” As the project grew, Bates started to receive emails from women around the world, asking if they could expand the project into their countries. In the hopes of creating a large network where trends could be monitored and stories could be shared, she extended the movement. Now, women in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa,

New Zealand, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Austria and France are all part of the trending movement. “I saw the video, Shouting Back, about the everyday sexism project. I thought it was such a good idea to get women from all over involved in something like this. What men do not realize is that we deal with things like this everyday,” senior Erin Maes said. Volunteers monitor the site daily, and although the movement has been overwhelmingly positive, Bates has had her fair share of hate. As submissions began to flood in, so did hateful comments about the project. “The sheer level of vitriol took me by surprise, as hate-filled missives poured in, ranging from graphic descriptions of domestic violence to threats of torture, death and rape,” Bates said. Many women have been sexually harassed or felt discrimminated against because of their gender. The slander that women go through has become so normal that many have been afraid or ashamed to share their experiences. The project has created an atmosphere for victims to share stories, uncovering what sexism is, and bringing it to the public’s attention.

“The more women take their own power is the only way we can change this. Do not let yourself be dis-empowered by anybody,” teacher Tracy Lightsey said. Bates began to see success as the movement took off. She began to recieve more and more emails telling the stories of how men and women were standing up against sexism. Bates felt as though she had created an atmosphere where people could speak up, and she started to see the effects offline when users began to recognize harrassment and sexual assualt. “It’s such an empowering movement. We can finally stand up against something that we deal with constantly and not be afraid to do so,” Maes said. As the movement progresses, more women are encougared to share their accounts. Bates encourages the eqaulity of women and the seizing of unsolicited harassment. Bates has created an online outlet for speaking out against sexism, and a place for its users to come together in a safe forum. She urges those with stories to share on the website:, and on her twitter: @everydaysexism.

the feed The Everday Sexism Project allows women of all ages to speak out against sexism and harrassment. To encourage speaking out, we asked some high school students to share their own stories in hopes of making people realize how widespread the problem is. The names of the students have been changed in order to protect their identities.

Liz* This guy I liked for four years was always trying to “get with me.” One time he told me that he could not wait until I lost weight. When I asked him why he said that he wanted to sleep with me because when I got hot and skinny, he would be able to say he “already hit that.”



I have this teacher who was telling me I was a very pretty girl, and that I was going to go far in life. What I do not understand is why my beauty has anything to do with the person I am. Men get solely rewarded for their academics and althletic achievements, and women have to be reassured that they are attractive. As if men finding me desirable is my only important quality.



. Mad Lib: Create a Story . Your Monthly

Robin* I was hanging out in a group of friends once. These guys who were not really my friends started asking me to take my shirt off, commenting on my boobs and asking if they could touch them. I refused, and they ended up making it out to be my fault. They tried to make me feel like a prude and frigid for respecting myself.

Horoscope Revealed

Anna* I was watching a movie with my mom and her boyfriend. Everytime the leading lady appeared on the screen, he would make cat noises at her calling her “bad kitty.” I could not believe my mom was not as repulsed as I was. He treats women as objects, like our soul purpose is to please men.



Stephanie* One time I was at a party, and I was making out with this guy, and he tried taking my clothes off. I would not let him, and I tried to push him away. He got upset and was mad that I did not want to do anything else. I felt like he was trying to force me and make me feel guilty, so I just got up and left instead.

Megan* I took a trip to Mexico with my family during summer vacation. When I would walk down the street wearing shorts or a skirt, older men would whistle and catcall in my direction. It is disturbing and not at all flattering. It makes you feel dirty even though you are wearing normal clothing.


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XXX Pornography and social media Abby Padilla

Co-editor in Chief

Pornography is not just the magazine with plastic wrapping you wait to buy on your 18th birthday. It is not the little bunny that girls wear on clothes, purses, or even their bedding. It is not just the content in the adult store that you have never dared to enter. Today, pornography is available everywhere at anytime both desired and undesired. According to New York Times Magazine, the industry generates $10 - 14 billion dollars annually. But take in consideration that amount only accounts for the pornography being paid for. There are many online web sites that provide porn; in fact, 12% of all web sites are pornographic. That means that there are 24,644,172 sites available. Pornhub, a popular site, claims to have more than 1.68 million views in an hour, and it is all free. The

access to pornography has grown exponentially since the Internet. Although it is apparent that people like watching pornography (assuming because of its popularity), many do not. You could say that this is not a problem because people can just choose to see it, but that is not the case. People are exposed to pornography through nuisances like pop-ups. “Sometimes I am just looking at web sites on the Internet and obscene videos pop up, making disgusting noises that I would rather not listen to. It really is not cool because it could happen to anyone, even a young child,” senior Aubrey Sullivan said. Also, the line between social media and pornography is being blurred. Social medias like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine all have sexually explicit images. “I hate following someone that has awesome posts but occasionally has the pornography ones because I do not

want to look at that, and it portrays a bad image if someone were to look at my account,” junior Payton Ayers said. Senior Tyler Wallace feels like pornography is not acceptable. “I feel like it objectifies women because it turns them into objects, they are just out there for anyone to watch,” Wallace said Junior Kaitlyn Reed is on the other side of the issue and does not mind seeing pornographic images. “I reblog porn because I think it is kind of funny, and sometimes I think the guy in it is really hot. Sometimes I follow people who take it overboard, and that is too weird, but I do not take it offensively,” Reed said. Many social medias have ways to report obscene content that violate their regulations. “I think the best option to do once you see inappropriate things is to report it on the site, I know you can do that for Facebook and Instagram,” junior Ricky Padilla said.

Pornography S tat ist ics 83% of b oys and 57% of gir ls h a v e w atc h ed gr oup s ex on line.

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years old is t h e a v er age age among b oys w h en t h ey exp erience t h eirfiini t ia l exp os u re to p orno grap h y.

69% of pay -p er - v iew internet content mar ket is p orno grap h y.

79% of porn preformers have used marijuana, and 50% have used ecstasy before performing. 88% of s cenes in p orn v ideos contain acts of p h ys ica l ag gress ion, and 49% of s cenes contain v erba l agress ion. 24% of sma rtp h one owners a dmi t to h a v ing p orno grap hic materia l on t h eir mobile h ands et. 1 in 5 mobile s earc h es are for p or no grap h y.

Publication Policy The Chieftain is the student publication of the Advanced Print Journalism class at Montrose High School. The staff of the Chieftain works to inform and entertain its readers. The staff understands and abides by the First Amendment, which protects our freedom of speech and press. The Chieftain is considered an open forum for student expression. It strives to express the opinions and views of each student at MHS. As student journalists writing for other students, staff members have the right to report or editorialize about hard issues and important events in the school, community, nation and world. However, as journalists, the staff must follow the same laws and responsibilities as the professional news media. Journalists must also avoid printing material that is obscene, libelous, presents negative stereotypes, presents a near or immediate danger to students or creates a substantial disruption to school. Our staff allows and encourages input from students in the form of letters to the editor. The editors have the right to edit for grammatical errors or libelous material and to choose which letters may appear in the publication. The Chieftain refrains from anonymous letters, unless otherwise approved by the editor-in-chief. All letters must be turned into the mailbox outside room 105. The voices section is reserved for our readers’ opinions. So go ahead; practice your right to have a voice. We look forward to hearing from you.

25% of a ll s ea rc h engine requests a re p orno grap hic related . T h at is 68 million a day.

67% of y oung men and 49% of y oung w omen s ay v iew ing p orn is an accepta b le w ay to express one’s s exua li ty.

9 out of 10 inter net p orn us ers on ly access free materia l, w h et h er i t b e s am p les of pay materia l, illega lly copied v er s ions of pay materia l, or amateu r materia l.


35% of a ll internet down loa ds a re p or no grap hic.

516, 599, 966

9 out of 10 b oys a re exp os ed to p orno g rap h y b efore t h e age of 18.

6 out of 10 gir ls a re exp os ed to p orno g rap h y b efore t h e age of 18.

T h e numb er of s earc h es for p orno grap h y s ince t h e start of 2014.

Statistics from

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Montrose junior organizes early voter registration program for Montrose High School students

Started from the bottom, now he is there Montrose High School alumni visits ceramic classes Abby Padilla Co-editor in Chief


arlier this month, the ceramic classes welcomed a guest to work in the Montrose High School studio. Noel Bailey, the visiting artist, is a professional ceramic artist and Montrose High School alumni. Throughout high school Bailey took all available ceramic courses. Chad Morris, the current ceramics teacher, taught Bailey during his senior year. “He quit football and came here everyday after school to make pots. He spent a huge amount of time here. I did not know if he was going to go on and do it in college or if he was going to be a potter, but I figured he would do one of those,” Morris said. When he graduated in 2000, Bailey knew he loved ceramics but did not know what he wanted to do with his life, so he decided to take a year off of school before going to college. “I knew I was in love with it [ceramics] since high school, but not until a year after did I know that was what I was going to do. I was working full time with an artist, and he let me do an art show with him because I owed my dad some money. I ended up making a good amount, so I thought, ‘Hey, I can do this for a living,’” Bailey said. Bailey attended the University of Northern Colorado for his undergraduate degree in art education. “At UNC the facilities were way better than in high school, but the ceramic aspect was not the best, maybe because I was focusing on the teaching aspect of it,” Bailey said. Then in 2009, Bailey went to Southern Illinois University of Carbondale to get a Masters degree in ceramic art. “Grad school was very different than both high school and undergraduate school,” Bailey said. “There were about eight other students, and we had two profes-

sors, so we received a lot of individual attention. As grad students we would teach the undergraduate students; it was a great experience.” Today Bailey is a full-time ceramic artist and rents a studio. “It is awesome to see my students go on in art and make a living out of it. It shows that their abilities are such a gift,” Morris said. Although making art is his passion, this choice of profession has its difficulties. “The financial aspect is definitely a challenge, but it is also very hard to be independently motivated. Showing up to work every day and working hard is difficult because you are your own boss,” Bailey said. In the future Bailey wants to fulfill some personal goals. “I would like to have a ceramic teaching position at an university, and I also want to travel around and give ceramic workshops,” Bailey said. “Owning my personal ceramic studio is also in my goals.” Bailey encourages students to follow their dreams if ceramics is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. “If you love it, you will find ways to do it. If it is something you consider doing for a living, I encourage you to talk to other artists and get a feel for it. There are many ways you can be involved with ceramics; you can be a full-time artist or a teacher, and that helps pay for the bills. Learn the business of it, take business courses and you could be even more successful,” Bailey said. Morris has a similar opinion. “If you are looking into it seriously, you have to consider where your priorities lie. If you are more into the work time than the play time, then great; but if you are only into the play time, you won’t make a living from it,” Morris said. Ultimately, Bailey thinks it is worth it. “Nothing beats waking up in the morning and doing what you love everyday. It feels really good,” Bailey said.

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RockingIt Junior Franklin Eccher, organizer of the student voter registration program at Montrose High School, is also active in the Rock the Vote organization. (Photo/Tyra Amaya)

New program encourages student voter registration Joe Arebalos News Editor


ranklin Eccher, a Montrose High School student with a passion for politics had wanted to create some kind of political club for a long time. After trying to organize a political discussion and debate club, he had a better idea. In the past few months Eccher, along with the Montrose chapter of the National Honor Society, has organized a voter registration program for high school seniors who are nearing voting age. Eccher gave presentations to senior

access classes about voter registration and the importance of voting. “Basically what we’ve done is we had a voter registration drive that got fifty eligible seniors to vote. NHS has been a huge help in this,” Eccher said. Along with senior registration, the program is planning to encourage sixteen- and seventeenyear-old voters to pre-register, a plan recently introduced by a new Colorado legislation. “We’re planning to take that to government classes this fall and spring to get eligible students pre-registered to vote,” Eccher said. The presentations and voting initiative were mainly focused on the coming April first elections and Measure B, the local ballot initiative to give the Montrose Recreation District funding for a new facility, an issue that could potentially impact local students. “Our overall goal is to get people registered and to get teens involved in the political process,”

Eccher said. Eccher has been involved for some time and was inspired by the Rock the Vote organization, a non-profit organization founded in 1990 intended to engage and build the political power of young people in the United States. “I think it’s a great idea,” sophomore Jack Billberry said. “I think a lot of students here either don’t care about politics or are just not aware of it. I think that programs like this could really help educate and engage young people about the way our country works.” Eccher has received great praise for his initiative and been featured on the front page of the Montrose Daily Press. With his local notoriety, Eccher plans to continue helping with the program and will likely become involved in additional political organizations in the future.


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World News

Venezuela rocked by riots, foreign relations remain fragile Gabriel Go News Writer


rotesters have lined the streets of Venezuela’s capital of Caracas, calling for President Nicolas Maduro to step down after 11 months of power. President Maduro took over the country following the death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president since 1999, after his death on March 5, 2013. At least 31 people have been killed and 461 injured, 318 of whom are civilians and 143 government officials. Rising crime rates and economic troubles have been cited as the primary reasons for demonstration. The Venezuelan bolivar, the nation’s currency, has inflated over 56% in the past year. Shortages of various commodities such as paper and milk have also continued to plague the country’s citizens. On March 10, 2014, doctors and nurses took to the streets, protesting the lack of medicine and medical equipment. Accusations that foreign governments have sparked the protests have been aimed towards Panama and the United States. The former is accused of being “a lackey” for the U.S. government. President Maduro has since broken ties with the Latin American state, despite Panamanian demands that President Maduro pay over $1 billion in debt. The U.S. government is also being accused of espionage and inciting civil disorder. In response, three American diplomats were expelled from Caracas on Feb. 16. “The Foreign Ministry has declared those three consular officials persona non grata and expelled them from the country,” said Maduro in a televised speech. “Let them conspire in Washington!” Secretary of State John Kerry responded with his own demands. “We call on the Venezuelan government to provide the political space necessary for meaningful dialogue with the Venezuelan people and to release detained protesters.” This was not the first time Venezuela has accused the United States of subterfuge. Hours after the death of former president Chavez, two U.S. diplomats were accused of poisoning Chavez, who was fighting against cancer at the time. Currently, over 60 cases of human rights abuses are being investigated by the Venezuelan Attorney-General. Luisa Ortega Diaz, Venezuela’s attorneygeneral, admits, “There has been police excess, we won’t deny it and the attorney general’s office is investigating it.”

Missing MH370 plane causes controversy world wide Samantha Huot News Writer


sixteen day search for the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane has finally come to an end. Despite an international search, the jet liner has not been found. The Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, publicly announced that the last satellite location recorded for the plane was above the ocean, not within any tangible distance of a landing bay. And thus on March 24, it was verified that the plane was believed to have crashed. The 227 passengers are presumed dead. The plane’s disappearance was subject for debate because of the strong suspicions that the computer on board had been reprogrammed manually to change direction. This insinuated that the pilots had deliberately diverted the plane, but the Malaysian government still maintains that this was not the case. The

last transmission from the plane was an “All right, good night” from the co-pilot, and from that point on the plane went off the radar; only 90 miles off the coast of the Malay Peninsula. While the search has been continuing since the moment it left the radar, no substantial debris has been found, despite relatively thorough searches within a remote section of the Indian Ocean. Malaysia Airlines released a statement saying, “It is with deep sadness that Malaysia Airlines earlier this evening had to confirm to the families of those on board Flight MH370 that it must now be assumed the flight has been lost. As the Prime Minister said, respect for the families is essential at this difficult time. Those families have been at the heart of every action the company has taken since the flight disappeared on 8th March, and they will continue to be so. When Malaysia Airlines receives approval from the investigating authorities, arrangements will be made to bring the families to the recovery area and until that time, we will continue to support the ongoing investigation.” However, the search still remains inconclusive, and no substantial evidence of the cause for the disappearance has been found.


ollowing the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in February, tensions between Russia and the West have risen over the sovereignty and safety of Ukraine. After the revolution, ProRussian/Yanukovych groups in Ukraine displayed their displeasure over the ousting, claiming that it was an illegal coup. Several riots and protests broke out around Ukraine, most notably in the predominantly ethnic Russian region of Crimea. On Feb. 28, unidentified ProRussian forces suspected to be actual Russian military forces took control of an airport in Sevastopol, a city on the western coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the revolution as an unconstitutional coup. During the takeover of key Crimean buildings by what Russian Putin called “Ukrainian self-defense forces,” Russia’s parliament gave Putin unrestricted approval to use military force in the Ukraine and Crimea in order to protect Russian interests. While Russian military forces officially entered Crimea, the Crimean government voted to join the Russian federation, despite the disapproval of the Ukrainian government. The United States and the European Union proceeded to apply strict economic and travel sanctions against Russian politicians, freezing their foreign

Tensions rise as Russia annexes Crimean Peninsula Joe Arebalos News Editor

assets and restricting their passports. Russian and Crimean forces moved through the peninsula, taking over bases. At least one Ukrainian captain was killed, and Ukrainian forces ultimately pulled out of Crimea. “All is in smoke. We retreated to the main headquarters,” said Ukrainian defense ministry spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov. As Russian forces continue to target military bases in Crimea, member countries of the UN and NATO threaten economic, political, and military actions if Russia’s aggression continues. Despite the impact of sanctions against Russia, Putin shows no sign of relenting to the West or to Ukraine. Reports of Russian forces amassing near the border of Eastern Ukraine, Moldova, and Estonia are keeping the West and neighboring states uneasy.

The finesse of balleT, The MaGiC of MYTholoGY, and MeChaniCal enGineerinG.

We believe in the arts. We also believe in a diverse curriculum. Which is why we offer programs from Physics to Energy Management, Art History to Computer Science. Regardless of which program you choose, expect to be challenged. As western Colorado’s selective university, we believe in high academic standards. And we know that when more is expected of you, more effort is given by you. So if you’re ready to push yourself, we’re ready for you.


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An evening at the mess Gabriel Go

NJROTC unit continues age-old military ceremony

News Writer

vice and oppression. A slice of ince the beginning of soci- lemon on a plate represents their ety, the military has always bitter situation, and a sprinkle of been a distinctive estab- salt demonstrates the fallen tears lishment. Tradition runs high in of the families awaiting their rethese circles, and in the case of turn. A candle is lit, symbolizing the United States military, can the hope that they may return in be traced as far as the British the arms of a grateful nation. A Army and Royal Navy. Among wine glass is inverted because the inherited practices is the regi- they cannot toast at the time of mental dinner, a formal dinner the dinner. The table is set for one meant to foster morale and ca- person, symbolizing the frailty of maraderie. For the United States the prisoner. A folded flag of the Navy and Marine Corps, the eve- United States lies upon the table. ning is called dining-out or mess A toast is then held. As the night, and its practice continues ball is still a school event, caas an annual tradition for the dets and their guests are served Montrose-Olathe NJROTC unit. cider. Water is never used to Within the unit, the event is toast, for it is believed that toastcalled the Navy Ball, or more ing a sailor with water means to commonly, “ROTC Ball”. The celebrate their drowning at sea. ball functions the same way as One of the more defining moa regular school dance. A dance ments of the ball is the cutting of is hosted and a royal court the cake. After the toast is held, is elected, the youngmuch like est cadet homecompresent is ing royalty. called to atHowever, tention. Tothe ball is gether with also similar the eldest to an acveteran, a tual diningslice of cake out. It is is cut with a open only naval sword to invited - Cadet Abigail Distel and presented guests and to the cadet. N J R O T C cadets, although Also present during the evening they may bring people outside the is a royal court, consisting of a unit as guests, and the evening king and queen, and a prince and is steeped in military tradition. princess. An honor guard is preThe ball also features a pared for the coronation, whose guest speaker. This year, members consist of Cadet-Chief the speaker was Judy Ann Petty Officers dressed in black Files, mayor of Montrose. dress suits and white peaked caps. Before dinner, a ceremony The unit has been hostis held for prisoners-of-war ing the Navy Ball for almost and those missing-in-action. 40 years. Both ROTC staff A table is made to honor these members and the unit’s inservice members. White table- structors put a great deal of efcloth is used to remember the fort into organizing the event. purity of their intention to an“This will be my 15th. They are swer the call-to-arms. A red rose always very successful, mainly is placed on the table, signifying because students are so involved the blood they have shed in ser- with the preparation and con-


“After everything, there is that family aspect of it because we’re all one big team.”


duct during the ball,” Cdr. Scott Rizzo, the unit’s Senior Naval Science Instructor, said. “There’s a lot of preparation for it.” The unit’s Executive Officer and Commanding Officer, cadets Korrissa Lambert and Abigail Distel, are responsible for a good deal of the preparation as well. “We’ve been planning this since the beginning of January,” Distel said. “There’s a whole binder dedicated to setting up ROTC Ball,” Lambert said. “We have to train the cadets who are doing the POW table. We send out invitations to all the guests... This takes like months.” The Navy Ball is considered to be the one of the highlights of a cadet’s year. “After everything, there is that family aspect of it because we’re all one big team,” Distel said. The evening was also well received among the younger attendees. “It’s been very nice,” freshman Casey Crawford said. “The caterers did a very good job, and we had very good guest speakers.” As with the practices that preceded it, the night is centered on camaraderie and brotherhood. It serves not only as a social gathering, but also as a time when cadets bond and share a year of teamwork and hardship as one unit.



1. Colton Franklin and Abigail Distel walk under the swords of the Honor Guard as they are crowned king and queen. 2. Mayor Judy Ann Files recounts her time as the instructor of the unit. She was given the honorary title of “Commander-Mayor.” 3. Cadet Casey Crawford cuts and receives the first slice of cake from veteran Bud Johnson.

Media Day Morgan Nichols Feature Editor


embers from the three Montrose High School journalism staffs, The Chieftain, The Chief, and Channel M, participated in the annual journalism conference held at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. In the first part of this conference, the journalism staff members attended informational seminars sharing useful tips and ideas for writing, reporting, and design. “I really enjoyed listening to the guest speakers from different local news stations around the area because they had useful writing tips that can really benefit The Chieftain in future articles. It was truly an awesome experience for everyone,” Chieftain feature reporter Allyssa Taylor said. Local television and radio personalities joined together to talk with students from schools around western Colorado. Reporters from The Daily Sentinel, KKCO-TV, TownSquare Media, KREX-TV, MBC Grand Radio, Grand Valley Magazine and more rounded out the professional panel. “It is really cool to listen to these professionals talk about how to get into the business and how to be successful. It feels awesome to know that Channel M got first place for best broadcasting because we work hard and it paid off,” Channel M reporter Callie Storter said. “I learned a lot about broadcast journalism and reporting, and I enjoyed how the speakers were from our area. It was really nice to spend the day with all the staff members because we are all pretty good friends,” Chief staff member Kaitlyn Reed said.

Photos by Ella Lowenberg

A journalistic success

Chieftain Awards Sarah Sebree

2nd place Best Feature Writing

Allyssa Taylor

2nd place Best News Article

Ella Lowenberg

1st place Best Sports Photography

Jackie Romero

1st place Best Sports Writer

Kaylynn Miller

1st place Best Feature Photography 1st place Full Page Layout Design

Yearbook Awards Jordan Weig

2nd place Best Page Design/Layout

Shea Neill & Emily Sanburg

2nd place Best Page Design/Layout

Stephanie Rowan 1st place Best Copy/Story Writing Chelsea Peterson Chief Staff

2nd place Best Photography 1st place Best Graphic Illustration 2nd place Best Overall Yearbook

Channel M Awards Channel M Staff

1st place Best Broadcasting

Media Day Fun Allyssa Taylor, Cassie Padilla, Jackie Romero, Emily Annis and Abby Padilla smile before Media Day begins. (Photo/Peyton Ayers)


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Legal segregation New religious freedom bills bring into question the safety of rights A News Editorial Samatha Huot News Writer


hen states such as Kansas and Arizona began to implement religious freedom bills, they did not go under the radar for long before the country realized something was very wrong. Under the guise of protecting the freedom of religion, these states and more were systematically implementing homophobic segregation. The bills are simply a legalization of new age Jim Crow laws; they allow any person, organization or business to deny service to someone they suspect to be gay. Employers under this bill are completely entitled to fire an employee based on the assumption of homosexuality. The bill in Kansas also extends to allow police officers the right to deny ser-

vice to a gay person if interaction violates the officers’ religious principles. The bills can even be stretched to legally allow a doctor to deny medical service to someone suspected of being gay. Such bills are present within 17 states currently; they have been pulled from Idaho and Kansas and are under debate in almost every other state that has considered or passed one in some form. In four states a bill was introduced and almost immediately afterwards withdrawn due to protest. However, the discrimination is still not generating the news coverage it rightly deserves, and the bills are still being viewed by many as unimportant. “If we’re going to stoop so low as to deny people, citizens, medical care simply because their sexual orientation is disagreeable with us, then we’re no better than denying a man or woman grocer-

ies to feed their family because we don’t like the color of their shirt. We’re beginning to treat sexuality as a disease; ‘Don’t go near them you might catch the gay!’” junior Natalie VanArsdall said. Her sentiment is shared nationwide. However, is this trend just a show of the division existing in the country, or rather, the division that has never really been extinguished? These bills are not just morally unstable; they are constitutionally incorrect as well. “At its core, this bill is a violation of the fourteenth amendment and the equal protection clause that rejects the irrational and unnecessary discrimination of people put under the blanket term religious freedom,” community member Kevin Lasso said. It is this opinion that has caused most states to revoke the bills. Those arguing to keep the

bills say that by allowing gay people to participate in everyday life, people are discriminating against religion. “Discrimination is horrible. It’s hurtful… it has no place in civilized society, and that’s precisely why we’re moving this bill,” Kansas Republican representative Charles Macheers said within his speech promoting the bill. The fact that gay people are not allowed to deny service to religious people, though, makes the claim that religion is being discriminated against a bit dubious. With these new bills, the debate on gay marriage has come back in full swing. The idea that certain citizens in the land of the free are not allowed to get married may be contradictory to moral values here in America. The fact that a prisoner can marry but a homosexual cannot represents a double standard. “I’m still waiting for the day when it’s not called gay marriage, it’s just called marriage. If people keep acting like this towards the LGBT community, we are doomed to repeat history. Acting horribly to certain groups of people has caused wars before; it could happen again. And when we fight for our pride, the only flag we’ll ever wave will be a rainbow one,” sophomore Natalia Scott said. According to the Washington Post, the support for gay

marriage has reached a new high; 50% of America now supports the right to marry. Yet the fact that homophobic bills are still being passed raises the question of whether progress is actually being achieved. The question stands: is this bill just a division in the country being blown out of proportion? With the growing rights for those who do not share religious beliefs, some feel that America is losing its history and moving towards a new but not necessarily better era. According to a recent poll by the Washington Post, 70% of Democrats support homosexual marriage, while only 40% of Republicans could say the same. Is it possible that the religious communities within America are feeling pushed towards this point? Whether or not these new bills are truly fueled by hate is a fierce debate topic among religious circles. So why is America completely divided on a simple topic of human rights? The bills being passed are broadly written and therefore open to various interpretation, some of which could even prohibit a gay student from attending school. No matter which way one spins the issue, the fact remains that tensions within the country are becoming monumental, and America is once again becoming a nation divided.

Religious freedom acts throughout the states

Finding a girl’s inner-beauty Sarah Sebree

the little programs that we have and began developing Beauty Feature Writer U. I thought that if I could get her for six classes, then maybe he Life Choices Family by the end of the six classes we Resource Center is once would have instilled enough selfagain holding their Beau- confidence in her for her to make tiful University classes for girls better choices for her life,” Daly age 13 and up who want to find said. These classes cover areas such the true beauty with themselves. Classes commenced on Jan. 15, as Physical, Intellectual, Emoand will continue until the school tional, Social and Spiritual wellbeing as well as Financial earnyear ends. Beauty U classes are held on ings. For each class, students earn Wednesdays after school from 2:30-4:00, and each week there two credits toward a 12-credit is something different on the session. After they earn the 12 credits, girls are eligible for a agenda. Beauty U would have never new hairstyle at K-Frizz Salon or existed if it were not for a very a photo session with a local phoyoung girl coming for a preg- tographer. The Beauty U classes are free nancy test with no vision or plans for her future. Education Coordi- of charge, and the end result is nator Anita Daly decided to take very empowering. “I talked to several photograaction. “I began to piece together all phers in town, and they were all



like, ‘Absolutely, we would love to do that!’ So that was kind of my green light to run with it,” Daly said. Some of the girls from the first six weeks are still attending these classes. They like having something to do after school on Wednesdays and enjoy meeting other girls along the way. Some of the concepts presented and skills learned will be remembered because they are relevant in daily situations. “It takes three seconds to make a first impression. That really stuck with me because it made me think about how visual people really are. It make me curious as to what people think of me the first time they see me walking down the halls, at Main in Motion in the summer, or in general just shopping for groceries. I met people in my life, and it made me wonder how people remember

One girl at a time

me and what it is like meeting me for the first time. Pretty crazy feeling, you know?” junior Amber Estle said. Many girls continue attending classes even after they graduate from the program. They like having something to do after school.

“The reason for coming back is that I learn new things all the time, especially for what I did not know. That is why I love it and why I come back. I’m involved with something better than hanging out at home bored,” senior Ashley Heck said.

Survey Results 20% could not define 80% could ‘modesty’ explain the meaning of ‘modesty’

Montrose High School

The Rebelution

32% of guys at MHS agreed that a camisole is immodest if worn alone. 52% of guys at MHS agreed that low-riding pants are a stumbling block. 20% of guys at MHS agreed that shorts above mid-thigh are immodest. 28% of guys at MHS agreed that bikinis are immodest.

66.9% of men agreed that a camisole is immodest if worn alone.

48% of guys at MHS agreed that modest pajamas are inappropriate for a girl to wear in public.

58.9% of men agreed that modest pajamas are inappropriate for a female to wear in public.

69.5% of men agreed that lowriding pants are a stumbling block. 80.4% of men agreed that shorts above mid-thigh are immodest. 89.0% of men agreed that bikinis are immodest.

Physical beauty is an important aspect to a girl. What girl doesn’t want to fit in and make a positive impression on others? Sometimes, though, she might wear certain clothes that others find immodest. According to World English Dictionary modesty means the quality or condition of being modest... designed to prevent inadvertent exposure of part of the body. The Chieftain staff surveyed 75 Montrose High School males across grade levels to determine their views regarding the modesty of female clothing. The comparative statistics above are according to an online survey of 1,000 men conducted by



The luck of the Irish Savannah Estle


News Writer

t. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday celebrated all over the world by many ethnicities. But the origin of the symbols associated with the holiday may not be so well known. Such symbols include leprechauns, shamrocks, the color green and large celebrations. Green: Green is the most common

symbol associated with the holiday because it is the color of spring, Ireland, and the shamrock. Blue was originally the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but green quickly caught on due to Ireland’s nickname, The Emerald Isle. The idea that one should wear green on St. Patrick’s Day stems from Catholics wearing green and Protestants wearing orange. On the flag it is a symbol of peace between the two. Historically, though, wearing green or having anything to do with

Page 7

Saint Patrick’s Day traditions

Ireland under English domination was punishable by death. Now, green is worn to make up for when it was feared, and those caught not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day are only pinched.

“ I find it so annoying when people pinch me for not wearing green. I’m not even Irish,” senior Mackenzie Rash said. Shamrocks: A shamrock is a sacred plant in Ireland because it

Fun facts:

symbolizes the rebirth of spring. The shamrock is also a symbol of Irish pride. Leprechauns: The Irish name for leprechauns is lobaircin, which means small-bodied fellow. The belief in them stems from the Celtic belief in fairies. In folktales, leprechauns were cranky souls with only the responsibility to mend shoes. But they were also quite tricky too, often stealing gold and the shoes they made. “I’ve seen a few leprechauns in my time. I tried to catch one, but it ended badly. I used a butterfly net,” senior Jeffery Bullard said. Leprechauns are known for trickery, and they love to hide their gold. They are associated with St. Patrick’s Day because they are Irish. Celebrations: Most people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green and drinking beer in recognition of their Irish heritage and culture. Some have parties in their homes much like Super Bowl parties, where friends and family create personalized traditions. “My family doesn’t really have any traditions or celebrate St. Patrick’s Day even though we are Irish. I do, however, pinch my friends if they don’t wear green,” Bullard said. Photo/Adrianna Flowers

1. March 17th is when St. Patrick died. 2. St. Patrick was not Irish! 3. St. Patrick was a slave. 4. The original color for St. Patricks day was blue. 5. Legend says St. Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland. 6. Your odds of finding a four-leafed clover is 1 in 10,000. 7. Patrick spent twentyyears as a monk.

8. St. Patricks day was a alcohol-free holiday before. 9. More Irish people live in the US than in Ireland. 10. St. Patricks day was Graphic by Savannah Estle invented in America.

Not just one life... Brenna Cunningham Feature Writer


p-Up-Down-Down-LeftRight-Left-Right-B-ASelect-Start. Player 1 has just received nine extra lives on any Konami game produced. Across the globe, teenagers and adults alike play video games for entertainment. There are few who take playing video games to a new extreme. There are some who play video games religiously, and gaming daily has the potential to tear their mood apart when they lose. These people are called “gamers.” “[A gamer] is somebody who can play different types of games and have fun with it,” junior Zhaman Trumbo said. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are in constant competition to produce a game console better than their rival companies. Due to the various qualities of new gaming systems, there is a widespanning battle over which system is best. “I like Xbox 360 the best because of the extreme menagerie

on muliti-player,” sophomore Sarah Yarnell said. Microsoft, best known for the Xbox systems, and Sony, famous for the Playstation systems, are in a major contest for the top. Gamers recognize each time a new system is marketed. Around the same time last year, Microsoft introduced their newest product, the Xbox One, and Sony released the Playstation Four. Both presented better graphics along with higher price tags. “The Playstation 4 is better because the Xbox One has unnecessary things that do not relate to the player, and the Playstation 4 controllers feel better,” junior Leif Miller said. Players are subject to many changes, but what changes most are the online rankings for games. The widely popular game series, Call of Duty, is evolving to player styles. The newest Call of Duty release, Call of Duty Ghosts, received mixed reviews. “I did not like Ghosts; it was just too dark, I could not see anything,” Miller said. According to, an online game review site, Call



• No need to pay for the online playing service (PSN) or network streaming services. PSN Plus available for a year long subscription which is cheaper than Xbox Gold • Only motion control component is Playstation Move, much like the wand for Nintendo Wii • Blu-ray player

Graphic by Brenna Cunningham

of Duty Ghosts scored relatively low compared to other games including Grand Theft Auto Five and the recently released Dark Souls Two. Gamers tend to spend more time than regular people on their gaming systems. The time they spend gaming depends on how dedicated they are to the game. “I play video games after work, I play Xbox on the weekends, I play my Nintendo DS on the way to school, I play card games at school. I basically play whenever I am not working... I play games until they are not fun anymore,” Miller said. Other players describe their dedication in differing ways. “ I am dedicated to my games. I play a game until I am bored with it, then I switch games and play that until I am bored with it, and I just go back and forth,” Trumbo said. Gamers are considered to be addicted to the games they play. Parents of students who are gamers claim this is true. Zaheer Hussain from says that forty one percent of people who play online



but many

video games admitted to using the games as an escape from the real world, but only seven percent were considered addicted or dependant. “I play video games because it is fun, and it is a way for me to escape reality,” Trumbo said. Students who are dedicated to the game may not make a ton of time for friends, but there are some who find the balance between gaming and real life. “I play adventure-based games. I don’t really play online, so most of my friends reside in reality,” Yarnell said. Often forgotten are the online gamers. These players are dedicated to a certain game and depending on skill are able to be eligible for a championship round with other players of the same skill level. The highly popular game, League of Legends, is set up in this manner. In the online game League of Legends, a player chooses a champion from over a hundred


BOTH • Both have the option of 20, 60, 120, 250, and 320 Gigabite hard drives. • Both are the seventh generation consoles.


options and is grouped with other players of the same skill level in teams of five. The basic idea is to kill all of the enemy teams’ minions as one attempts to capture the opponent’s base. The key is teamwork and strategy. Those who are highly skilled in the game are moved to a league championship series where players are merely required to be seventeen years old. The winning team of the championship is offered a money reward. League of Legends is one of the only online games to be considered a sport in the United States. Gamers may value the opportunity to play on every system available, the online competitors brought with online games, the adventure, or simply the challenge. All gamers push the limits when it comes to the gaming aspect of their lives. There is a common phrase among gamers, “ I am not a gamer because I have no life, but because I choose to have many.”

xbox 360

• Have to pay for online playing service (Xbox Live) and streaming services (Netflix, Hulu Plus) • Available motion controller game component (Kinect) where the body is the controller • 4 gigabytes of storage • Wireless controller • Xbox 360 Elite has 250 gigabytes of storage




Page 8

The F-word

expectations If you are a man hater, you are NOT a feminist porn not only idolizes sex but portrays women in a negative light Editorial by Allyssa Taylor


e live in a day and age where seven-year-olds have Facebook, we do not find fault in teen pregnancy, and drugs are recreational. As much as we try and deny it, our world is evolving, and what was once considered confidential is now public knowledge. As the saying goes, sex sells. We see sex everywhere and have subconsciously decided to not think much of it while it is being shamefully portrayed. Global marketers use porn to sell their products by forcing you to perceive yourself as a desirable person if you buy what they sell. They plaster billboards with half-naked guys and naked women to sell you perfume by diminishing your self-esteem so you are hoaxed into believing you need it. But is this the right way to market? Objectifying women shouldn’t sell, yet we are not aware of this because it has been normalized. By supporting this industry, you are dehumanizing women and mocking them by treating them as objects. Pornography objectifies human sexuality by rendering a very private affair into a public exercise of exploitation. Not only are we submissive to the use of porn, but we let it create an unrealistic expectation of what sex should be like. Porn is an industry with screenwriters, actors, and directors. It is the work of Hollywood, yet we compare it to our personal experiences. The industry’s use of slanderous titles degrades women by calling us “dumb,”

“sluts” and “whores.” When you ask a woman what her first time was like, she compares it to how she thinks it should be based on the movies she has seen or books she has read. It is not done out of love, but infatuation, and it is almost always rushed because we are exposed to sex at such a young age. Losing your virginity has been treated as just another thing for you to do, when instead you should cherish it. A woman’s virginity is her ultimate possession, as well as the last thing that she has of herself to give away, yet there is so much pressure from society to make her desirable to the opposite sex. Porn makes sex seem desirable, but the mind set of it is disgusting. We use porn to create this idealistic interpretation of what sex should be like. Porn is a global network. The industry of porn generates revenue of 10-14 billion dollars annually according to the New York Times Magazine. It does so by dehumanizing and mocking women. Most pornography is male-centered. It focuses on his pleasure and his experience, while the women are depicted as objects to fulfill the pleasures of men. By acknowledging the use of porn, we acknowledge that it is not only degrading towards women, but it perceives us as objects rather than humans. It gives viewers an unrealistic expectation of what sex is like and idolizes the erotic nature of the experience.

Editorial by Kaylynn Miller


he 21st century feminist is most commonly envisioned as a male-hating protestor. She is generally viewed as a radical who advocates the distaste of men. Feminism usually has a negative connotation in today’s society because of various radicals expressing their agendas through a once genuine movement. The feminist movement started as a way to advocate equal rights for women; to ensure the equality of both genders. As the movement progressed, however, it evolved to fit more personal and quite hateful views. When one thinks about the current feminism movement, one may think of it as a campaign dedicated to the hate of men. However, the original purpose of feminism was not to bash our male counter parts. The purpose of feminism was to advocate equality between genders politically, socially and economically. It is something that still must be advocated today because equality between men and women is still in question. Radicals claiming to want equality have begun to bash men in the process of fulfilling this so-called desire. This has created an entirely new agenda and reworded the definition of feminism. This group is not a feminist group at all. These are misandrists, or “men haters,” the opposite of misogynists. Sadly, feminism cannot be taken seriously because of these nut jobs throwing stones at men. How can you preach equality while also demanding revenge? You cannot. If we want to be treated equally, it is necessary to advocate equality and not the bashing of one gender. Those who advocate the hate of men may see this as fair considering the centuries of inequality women have endured; however, they are nothing more than misandrist. To call them anything else would be inaccurate. Feminism has never been about bashing, quite the opposite actually. The average man fears the modern day feminist, but that is not what feminists should be trying to achieve. The idea of equality should be the main agenda, but unfortunately, revenge-hungry women have redefined feminism. To reverse this fear of feminism, we must begin to again advocate the original ideals of the movement, leaving all personal agendas aside. And remind our fellow women who think that protesting inequality is about making the other group feel less-superior,

that they are not feminists. Many times I have heard women and men claim that they do not consider themselves to be feminists. Oftentimes this confuses me... Why would you be against the equality of the female gender? I must then take into consideration what feminism has become in the past few decades, and that it is most commonly viewed now as a hate group. When you think about what a hate group is, there are definite lines to be drawn between these radicals and those claiming to be fulfilling the feminist agenda. A hate group practices hateful acts of violence or protest against any specific group of people. This may be specified to gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity. That sounds a bit familiar to me. Women hate groups can be found protesting men in similar fashions. Does this make them feminists or misandrists? Considering the definition of a hate group, I have to label these angry protesters as misandrists. Their ideals are solely based around the slander of men, making them a hate group. By claiming to be feminist, they have created a whole new face for a once-valued movement. They must be reminded that equality cannot be found through the act of plowing over another group. These women have made a joke out of what it is to be a feminist. To many people, the feminist agenda is unclear. Many tend to stray away from the group because of its newly-revised ideals. All people of the United States should advocate equality. Those who see the inequality between men and women should advocate feminism to fulfill the original ideals of the movement and the country we live in. I encourage misandrists to begin to label themselves as so rather than claiming to be a part of a group that has completely different ideals in mind. These hateful women have redefined what true feminists stand for, and it is about time we take our definition back. I urge those for the equality of women to discourage the acts of these female man-haters. To succeed in a war against inequality, it is necessary to come together as a whole instead of expressing the distaste for other gender groups.

Television Reviews Pretty Little Liar’s

By Abby Padilla and Allyssa Taylor

Season 5 premiere June 10 Monday nights on ABC family The show revolves around the disappearance of Alison. She was the queen bee in high school, top of the social ladder, and she had a loyal posse of friends. This includes the sweet yet naive Aria, the beautiful but insecure Hannah, the ambitious and competitive Spencer, and the sporty lesbian Emily. These five friends used to share their most intimate secrets with each other. Allison goes missing, leaving the other four girls with many unanswered questions and a mysterious scandal among themselves. The four of them can only trust each other with their secrets... But seriously, I just want to know who A is because I’m over the show. The drama has dragged on long enough, and at this point the cliff hangers are pushing me off a cliff. I’m over the anticipation and the obviousness of where the clues are leading. By now in the show, the girls should have better timing, and the foreshadowing is getting a little old. The plot line has yet to change, and I predict a crash and burn for the show if they don’t come up with a better hook soon.

The Vikings Season 2 Thursdays on the History Channel

Now in its second season, Vikings continues to be BA. Once you start watching, you feel like you are in the early ADs and north of Europe because it is that realistic. The producers have paid attention to every single detail, from the clothes they wear to the food they eat. They have also done a good job portraying the characters. Vikings are usually painted as ruthless and barbaric, but in this show they are actual human beings. Although there are a fair amount of battles, the show balances out with personal emotion. Tune in every Thursday and travel back in time to the viking era.

Bate’s Motel Season 2 Mondays on A&E

Bates Motel is the prequel to the famous genre-defining movie, Psycho. This angle makes it unique and makes you want to watch the original all over again. The show is upbeat and keeps you guessing. When you have a guess as to why Norman is so weird, Norma surprises you with another facet of her crazy personality.

Want to see your opinion here? Write an editorial and turn into the mailbox outside room 105. We will print it as long as you put your name on it!

Thumbs up to being a senior and getting an extra week of spring break. Thanks underclassmen! (;

to Jim’s Diner for providing great food for cheap. I think I ate like 10 brownies the last time I was there...

Thumbs down to shorts weather. My pasty legs have not seen the sun in months, they definitely are not ready for this weather! to the potholes in the senior parking lot. There is nothing I love more than slamming into those when I am already running late...

to the “doe” phase. Can we stop speaking in broken English? #that illiteracy doe

to not having pig dissections. We all had to endure the disgusting smell... it is MHS tradition!

to spring cleaning. Time to hit the thrift shops and buy your grandpa’s clothes!

to St. Patrick’s Day. That is just the kind of holiday I need... an excuse for strangers to pinch me!

to the talent show. I think I am more excited to see Profe Slade and Mr. Scarry rap battle, honestly...

to spring break to-do lists. Time to sit down, relax, submit college scholarships, work on projects, write a few essays... Written by Chieftain Staff

Fun Page


Page 9


Cupid and Psyche by Megan Ruiz


March 21st - April 19th You are a very busy person, Aries! You are always up and about. Make use of your energy and do something productive with your free time. Invest energy in healthy projects and activities with friends.


April 20th - May 20th

Taurus are known as hard-headed spirits not easily swayed in their opinions. Try to be more flexible and open to different and seemingly odd opinions.


May 21st - June 20th

You are a social person, and your voice has a strong influence on your peers. This month, try to use your voice to your advantage and lead a group in a positive way.


June 21st - July 22nd

Inspired and dedicated, you are willing to get things done. Continue to accomplish your goals and encourage others to succeed as well.


July 23rd - August 22nd

Leo, you are extremely prideful and can sometimes be overly adamant. Try to let more positivity into your life and good things will come to you.

Editor’s Picks Song:

Barton Hallow by The Civil Wars


August 23rd - September 22nd

Hangout Places: -Rose Bowling Alley -Riverbottom Park

You are a humble sort, and you tend to allow the spotlight to shine on others. Take credit for your achievements this month; you deserve to be awarded!

300, Rise of an Empire

September 23rd - October 22nd

You are quite charming, Libra. Your intellectual skills make you an interesting person and draw others to you. This month, use your charm to engage others and make new friends.


October 23rd - November 20th

You tend to be caught up in past events. Do not become infatuated with the idea of reliving your past; instead, invest energy in your future, and you will achieve greater outcomes.


November 21st - December 21st

Sagittarius, you are independent and strong-willed. You may feel cooped up at times, but attempt to be more understanding of the needs of others this month.

Capricorn December 22nd - January 19th

You are determined to achieve your goals. Strive to maintain this attitude even when circumstances become difficult. Do not lose your drive to succeed!


- Floral print tank top - Jean capris - Bright statement necklace - Chic sandals - Light cardigan



When you’re really really super incredibly bored...

1. 2.

Boys’ Spring Outfit:

Girls’ Spring Outfit:

- Bright colored tank top - Khaki shorts - Leather belt - Cool kicks - Fresh sweatshirt

Random Things To Do

Walk into a store and give random compliments to other customers.

up a new word and use it 6. Make frequently in conversations.

Call someone and tell them that you are unable to talk to them right now.



Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch people try and pick it up.

potatoes and make a course 8. Buy of obstacles to throw them at.


Annoy your family by talking to them with Google Translate.

pictures of cool things you 9. Take see and make a photo album.

a conversation with random 5. Have people using book phrases.

Mad Libs:


Go for a long drive with a group of friends and laugh at stupid things.

Go into Walmart and sit in the big container of balls until you get kicked out.

Fill in the blank spaces to complete the story

There once was a princess named Shannon who liked to _______. The


January 20th - February 18th

princess enjoyed spending her time in the _______ while doing this task.

You can tend to be stubborn, so when it comes to a recent argument between you and a loved one, be open-minded. Try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view if you are looking for resolution.

One day, Shannon got a call saying that she needed to go to the _______


February 19th - March 20th

Although you are a rather shy person, do not allow yourself to become a victim in any difficult situation. Try to stand up for yourself, Pisces, and maintain a positive outlook on any conflict.



castle. She _______ to the ________ castle and upon arrival, she saw a (verb)


_______ boy. The boy’s name was_______. ________ waved and (adj)


(boys name)

complimented her _______. Shannon and _________ fell in love and


(boys name)



lived in a _______ _______. They both lived ________ forever!


Special Feature

Page 10


Education at

MHS Alex Waege


Feature Writer

pecial Education is an important aspect of the public school system. At Montrose High School, the dedicated teachers and cooperative students are the people who make the program as successful as it has been in the past years. The students participate in many activities throughout the high school. Whether it is stocking the vending machine, taking the cans to be recycled, or making muffins, they are there with smiling faces, always willing to help out. Although people witness what the students are doing outside of the classroom, there may be some curiosity about what goes on behind closed doors. They go about a normal school day just like any other students attending Montrose High School. “First hour Living Skills class has the job to fill the vending machine. They do all the shopping for the vending machine as well. Also, juniors and seniors go to work 1st and 2nd hour,” SPED department teacher Tori Barker said. “Students have jobs at the wood shop, community options, Burger King, and other paying jobs. They also attend general education classes just like any other students.” Some MHS students help out in the classroom and even go to other schools to work with the children. “I work with the severe special needs kids at Johnson, like preschool through fifth, and then we have one sixteen-year-old, but I love it,” senior Grace Walker said. It has been a life changing experience.


“Since I’ve worked with the kids, I can honestly say my life has been so much better and brighter and happier,” Walker said. “The kids are amazing and bright and give me so much hope, and every day I look forward to working with them. They have taught me so much and opened my eyes.” Another aspect of the SPED department that people may not know about is the R-word campaign. Many students sign the banner and get the free tee shirt and bracelet but are unaware of what it represents. It is a pledge to stop using the term “retard(ed)” as an insult or way of degrading others. This is in hopes of creating a more accepting community. “I think that it is important because no one should be treated differently because no one is better than anyone else, and no one should judge them for stuff that they cannot control,” freshman Kalli DeVincentis said. Another way kids with special needs are able to participate in the community is through the Special Olympics. “The Special Olympics is a lifechanging experience for many reasons,” Matthew Ramirez said. “You get to meet a lot of great athletes that you thought you would never meet, and you get to help a group of kids that never stop smiling and never stop laughing. Even though they have mental conditions, they still live their lives like nothing is wrong, and it is amazing to see that.” Even though special needs kids take different classes and engage in different activities, it does not mean they are drastically different from anyone else. In fact, the only difference may be their extraordinarily large hearts.






SpecialSkills 1. Skylor Miller helps his teachers fill the vending machine with some delicious licorice treats. 2. Carolina Jaramillo and Mariana Gamez take a break from their art work to have a laugh and pose for a picture with art teacher Mrs. Fleming. 3. In the process of baking their tasty muffins, Mariana Gamez, with a huge smile on her face, pours batter into a bowl. The Special Education department often sells muffins to raise money for their expenses in that area. 4. Learning beauty techniques at the Montrose-Delta Technical College, Carolina Jaramillo untangles a curling iron cord. 5. Looking concentrated, Josh Adelman sands one of his projects for wood shop class. 6. Kaelyn Davis stops to think while counting change in her general education class. 7. Clarisse Harding and guidance counselor Mr. Cimaglio share some laughs over a game on the Wii. Photos courtesy Tori Barker



Spread the word to end the word

Students line up to pledge

Clarisse Harding

Q: Do you like your teachers? A: Yes, they help me learn.

Q: Who is your best friend? A: Miranda Thompson. She is nice, and we hang out a lot. Q: What is your talent? A: I love dancing.

PledgeTaking Students gather in the Montrose High School cafeteria to sign the banner in order to raise awareness about how their words affect others. After taking the pledge, students received a free tee shirt and banner to thank them for their cooperation. Students are asked to pledge to stop saying the “R-word.” This is the first step towards creating more accepting attitudes in local schools and communities as well as across the country. The movement began at the Special Olympics Winter World Games in 2009, and the first Wednesday in March has since become the annual day of awareness. On the campaign’s web site,, many people write about their personal experiences with discrimination through harsh words and explain how they believe the movement is making a difference in their communities and personal lives. (Photo/Ella Lowenberg)

Q: What is your favorite color? A: Pink. Q: What is your favorite food? A: Pasta. Q: Do you have any brothers and sisters? A: Two brothers named Clayton and Chase.

Q: What sports do you like to play? A: I like track because I like to run.

Q: Do you have any pets? A: I have two dogs; their names are Abby and Rocky. Q: Who is your hero? A: Mrs. Morris because she is a good teacher, and my brothers because they are always there for me. Q: What fun activities do you do in school? A: Go on walks, Partner Club, and parties. Q: How old are you? A: Seventeen.


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Spring Break Mishaps

Six statistics about college spring breaks v 1.5 million students go on spring break every year and collectively spend over $1 billion. v The number one spring break destination for U.S. students is Daytona Beach in Florida. v On average, college students consume six drinks per week. On spring break, men and women consume at least 10 drinks per day. v 1/2 of sexual encounters are unplanned on spring break trips, and 1/2 of sexual encounters are unprotected on spring break trips.

Allyssa Taylor

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hether you are headed to the Virgin Islands or tanning pool side in Montrose, you can always find something to do on spring break. The week off is not only a time to relax and make memories, but also a time to let go of stress. “Over break I relieve stress by going to practice. Lacrosse is an aggressive sport, and my stress factors diminish because the mentality of the game is aggression. By the time I am done playing, I just want to go home and relax,” sophomore Cody Chacon said. You may also consider doing a little spring cleaning. As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. There is no better time than now to organize and recollect yourself before senioritis kicks in. Think about what you need or what you have had for so long that you barely remember what it is used for, and toss it. “During spring break I’m in the mood to get organized because I know that summer is coming, and I am really anxious for school to get out that I like to get rid of what I don’t need and make room for the new school year ahead. After I come back from vacation with my family, I do this to get ready for back to school, and it marks a halfway point of when school is out,” senior Taylor Atwood said. Not everything you do on spring break, though, is fun and exciting; you may run into troubles along the way…

Jarred Warren

v 2,600 Americans are arrested on spring break overseas each year. v In 2011, more than 10,000 high school and college students signed up to spend their spring breaks building houses with Habitat for Humanity. According to

“On the first day of spring break, eighth grade year, Lawson Omer, Chase Darling and I decided it was time for a pond shred. We would take a bicycle with floating noodles wrapped around it and jump off of a homemade ramp into my pond. We decided to jump in and check the water before launching the ramp. On a count of three we leaped in, shouted, and immediately got out. We dropped in a thermometer to check the temperature, and it read 51 degrees. We all looked at each other and agreed that spring break was too early to jump in the pond. We didn’t want to die.”

v Every year at least one spring breaker dies from falling off a balcony.

“Two years ago my family went to Hawaii for spring break, and one day I was out surfing with my brother and the water was really flat. We sat out there waiting for a wave for such a long time that when a set came in, we would ride one in and then paddle back out as fast as we could to catch another one before the next set passed. When I was paddling out, I saw a wave coming, and I started paddling like crazy to try and catch it. Right as the wave passed from under me, this really hot guy bailed out and swung his board around, and it hit me in the head. The pain was worth it, because afterwards he took me out for a snow cone.”

“Last year I was in Palm Beach, Florida, for spring break, and my dad and I were fishing off a large bank. There were some other people fishing a little ways down from us, and there was a little boy with him. The dad had sent the little boy to take the fish to the beach, and so he did. As he climbed down off the bank to go into the water, he got stuck under a strong current that kept pushing him into the bank wall, and the waves kicked up so high that he couldn’t get himself out of the tide. My dad saw, and I jumped off the bank and pulled him out of the high tide to save him from drowning.”

” ” ” Repairing rhythms of music Brooke Cayo

MHS choir sings in tune

Brenna Cunningham

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alk into a choir class in Montrose High School any day of the week, and one will notice that most students in choir are enrolled in the class for different reasons. Some students are there for careers, some just for fun, and others because they love to sing. “In the fifth grade, I started with choir class, then I realized I was really into music, so I started taking private lessons. Ever since, I have sang,” senior Cicilee Snook said. For years, music has been known to help combat various conditions such as depression or heartache and offer a relief from everyday life. “Choir has definitely helped me overcome challenges. Music had always been an escape, but being in choir has helped me feel better about things and helped me feel better about how I sing,” junior Alex Atwood said. Today, more and more people are claiming that music has kept them from suicide, helped with their anxiety or depression, and helped them overcome various other events or conditions. According to, children with learning disabilities or dyslexia who tend to lose focus with more noise could benefit greatly from music lessons. When students enter a choir class for the first time, they often do not find their usual friends. They see unfamiliar faces with unknown stories tied to a name they do not recognize. Through the course of a school year or high school career, the students who started as strangers grow to be family. “It is a family, really; Bel Canto is a family, you know. United we stand, divided we fall,” Atwood said. Many athletes such as football,

Annie Spencer

ITunes Top 20 1.Rather Be: Clean Bandit 2.Happy:

InHarmony Men’s choir class practices a tune as choir teacher Cheryl Leu accompanies them. Front Row: (From left) Donnie Benson, Gustavo Villalobos, and Liam Benson. Middle Row: (From left) Nick Ingle, Alex Atwood, and Matthew Cascia. Back Row: (From left) Omar Izaguirre, Felipe Magallanes, Andrew Burnham, and Nick Jones. (Photo/Adriana Flowers) soccer, and basketball players recognize the importance of working with students they do not already know and working as a team to win games. Choir is the same way. Teamwork is required to go to competition and be successful. Choir has impacted students far beyond the vocal range in which they perform. It moves them beyond singing. It builds their character as well. “I used to be very shy about singing, and throughout my high school career that really changed with all the people I had teaching me and helping me grow. Now being a part of Bel Canto and chamber choir, I have become very con-

fident about performing as a soloist or in a group setting. I have really grown in my knowledge of being a musician as well,” Snook said. Being in choir is not just a pastime that students have in school, but a hobby and possible career for the future. “I am planning on doing both choir and marching band in college. With my major, I plan to minor with a percussion emphasis,” Snook said. Students who participate in a music class are also said to be academically smarter than students who are not in a choir class. According to, children who study music tend to

have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons. Choir is a beneficial part to many peoples lives, whether it is just the music, academic gain, or the relationships built in class. Music for choir students is a daily part of their lives. At least one class hour a day is spent singing and practicing their understanding of music and themselves. There are few places in the high school where this can happen hand in hand. Choir class is the way to build both a music appreciation and self understanding.

Pharrell Williams 3.Shot Me Down: David Guetta 4.Brave: Sara Bareilles 5.#SELFIE: The Chainsmokers 6.High: Peking Duk 7.She Looks So Perfect: 5 Seconds of Summer 8.Summer: Calvin Harris 9.Magic: Coldplay 10.Wild Wild Love: Pitbull 11.The Power Of Love: Gabrielle Aplin 12.Chandelier: Sia 13.Undressed: Kim Cesarion 14.When You Were Mine: Taylor Henderson 15.Never Be The Same: Jessica Mauboy 16.Say Something: A Great Big World 17.The Man: Aloe Blacc 18.Braveheart: Neon Jungle 19.Free: Rudimental 20.Dark Horse: Katy Perry


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Goodbye Wi n ter Sports... March

When the snow turns to rain and the flowers begin to grow, one knows it is spring. The Montrose High School winter sports season is officially over but certainly not forgotten. All of the talented student athletes at MHS give each sport an opportunity to be full of excitement, the 2014 winter season included. However, it is time to officially say goodbye to winter sports and welcome the spring sports season. By Sports Editor Kasandra Miller






1. Playing defense, senior Angelo Youngren marks his opponent tightly. Steamboat Springs walked away with the win on Dec. 13 with a final score of 55-68, but this does not reflect the overall 10-14 season. (Photo/TJ Montes) 2. Making a splash, junior exchange student Josephine Schreber and the Montrose team placed second out of five at the Cortez Invitational on Jan. 3. The girls had a nearly perfect season, finishing with four first place wins, one second place win and one third place win. 3. Climbing high, junior Cole McCollough focuses on moving swiftly up the wall. Both the Montrose boys and girls climbing team qualified for the state competition. The girls placed first in state, and the boys have set a goal to place next year. (Photo/ Kasandra Miller) 4. Bracing his opponent, sophomore Royal Haulman struggles to take down his opponent. The Montrose wrestling team sent four boys to state and had an amazing 2014 season. (Photo/Brianne Ryser) 5. Moving down the court, sophomore Katilin Ammermann helps her fellow teammates in a 70-35 victory game over the Grand Junction Warriors on Jan. 31 The Lady Indians finished the season with an outstanding 16-9 record. (Photo/Ella Lowenberg)

Hello Spri ng Sports! g d 1.








1. Cheering for the MHS girls soccer team, the Montrose boys swim team participates in their annual spirit run during the first home soccer game of the girls season. (Photo/ Kasandra Miller) 2. Twisting rapidly, junior Robyn Stevenson blows the discus competition away at the home track meet on March 15. (Photo/Kasandra Miller) 3. Taking a defensive stance, junior Shelby Kenny focuses on containing her man during the game against Grand Junction Central on March 11. The girls won with a final score of 3-1. (Photo/Kasandra Miller) 4. Lining up her shot, senior Chelsea Peterson competes at the Grand Junction Bookcliffs Invitational on April 1. (Photo/Brianne Ryser) 5. Battling for possession, the Montrose/Telluride lacrosse team play Summit, finishing with an overall score of 7-6 on March 21. (Photo/TJ Montes) 6. Pitching the ball, senior Tyrus Lopez throws against Bear Creek on March 15. The final score was 7-4, and the boys are currently undefeated. (Photo/Brianne Ryser) 7. Swinging at the ball, Alli Engel competes with Chloe Peterson in the doubles practice match on March 25. Montrose is currently 1-1 in league play. (Photo/ Abby Padilla)



March Madness chaos begins March


Sports Writer

The block/charge rule

he National Collegiate American Association is modifying the 2013-2014 season rules. The NCAA made three different rule changes to create more opportunities for teams to score points and to assist the referees in making better calls. March is the month for college basketball fans everywhere to watch the committee start the process of figuring out which teams might make it into the “Big Dance.” The committee has to make sure they have all the automatic bids from teams who won their conference tournaments, the teams who are the best of the rest, and the bubble teams. Teams in the bubble category are in a tight race to make it into the tournament. This process is known as Selection Sunday. However, some important rule changes could hurt or help some teams and alter the style of defense they may chose to play. Teams will need to be prepared during the regular season because refs can be strict during the tournament and players will be unable to argue the rules. “They [refs] are more strict during the regular season because they do not want fouls to be a big factor in the tournament,” senior Donovan Kattner said. The three new rules are the block/charge rule, the defensive foul emphasis and the review process that can be available to refs. In the block/charge rule the NCAA only changed the wording. Last season, the rule stated that a defensive player could draw a foul of an offensive player before the offensive player was lifted off the ground. This season a defensive player must be in a legal position of whoever he is guarding as the offensive player

A defensive player must be in legal position of whoever he is guarding as the offensive player has started his upward motion.

New rules force changes “The rule changes have really slowed down the game. I think that the calls are overdone, are too ticky-tack and are hard for the officials to call consistently. However, players have adjusted well to the rule changes throughout the season,” junior Cameron LeBlanc said. Some coaches in college basketball think these rule changes are necessary for the game and to help college basketball progress and evolve into a better sport. Some of the coaches are even pushing for a lower shot clock According to Louisville head coach Rick Pitino in an ESPN report, “It is the biggest change to our game. No question. Last season was terrible. It was an ugly season. We need to change the game. The one thing the coaches cannot do: They cannot gripe about it. The first six weeks will be a transition for the players as well as the coaches.” However, like any reaction to change, there are coaches who think the new rules are a mistake and might decrease the flow of the game and increase free throws. “The best way to increase scoring and make the game better is to create situations to get more shots,” Kansas head coach Bill Self said in an ESPN report. Now that the offense can play an aggressive style, each team has the opportunity for a higher scoring game, one of the main reasons cited for changing the rules on defense. “Scoring is just more exciting. Fans do not want to see athletes struggling to score; they want to see fast-paced shoot outs,” Gibson said. According to an ESPN report, the average points scored by the top twenty-five teams this season is 77.52 points per game, compared to the top twenty-five

team who scored 77.60 points per game last year. These rules were intended to create a higher scoring game, but analyzing the top twenty-five teams from both seasons, the new rules are not helping. While the NCAA wants to increase game scores, they are also creating a problem with foul calls. The refs are calling more fouls this season, which stops the game and causes the team to lose momentum. In the Kansas versus Oklahoma game on Feb. 24, both teams attempted 50 total free throws. “I do not have a problem with the increased amount of free throws. Free throws are an important part of the game and are often a big difference in games. A prime example would be the North Carolina’s loss to Belmont early in the season,” LeBlanc said. The average attempted free throws last season by the top twenty-five was 791.2, compared to the top twenty-five teams who have attempted 860.92 free throws this year. “Teams are getting into bonus and double bonus quicker, so more free throws are being shot. It is a bad thing because games are constantly stopping, so it is hard for teams to get in a groove or a hot streak,” Gibson said. The new rules have an impact on college teams as well as on the fans watching college basketball, many of whom are frustrated at the slower pace of the game due to the new rules. “I think the rule change has probably negatively affected fans because of how judgment based they are. When the calls are too judgment based, the fans start thinking the calls are biased and blame officials for the outcome of games. The casual fan also probably thinks games are more

Shot clock violations, out-ofbounds calls in the final two minutes of the game, two point vs. three-point shots after the play has stopped and how refs determine which player committed the foul are all among the new review rule change.

Defensive foul emphasis


has started his upward motion. This emphasizes that a defender has to be in position earlier than before in order to receive a charge call from the refs. “The new NCAA basketball rules make defense way more difficult for teams. In past years it was easier to be physical. But now defenders have to move their feet and keep their hands off of players completely. This is not a good thing as a fan because it takes the physicality out,” Kattner said. The second rule change is the defensive foul emphasis. The NCAA wants to make sure four defensive fouls are enforced this season: when a defensive player keeps a hand or forearm on an opponent, puts two hands on an opponent, continually jabs by extending his arm(s) and placing a hand or forearm on the opponent, and when a player uses an arm bar to impede the progress of an opponent. This may hurt teams like the Virginia Cavaliers, because they play a tight and aggressive style on defense. “I am not sure what to believe with the new rules. They force athletes to play better defense, which is a good thing. But there are also way too many calls,” sophomore Nick Gibson said. The third rule change involves the reviews. When watching college basketball, it can be difficult for fans to understand what plays can be reviewed. The NCAA made it clear that the following instances are available for review during games: shot clock violations in the final two minutes or in overtime, out of bounds plays in the final two minutes or overtime, and two-point vs. threepoint shots after the play has stopped (except when the game is in the final four minutes or overtime). When fouls are called, the refs can refer to monitors to determine which player committed the foul, and flagrant foul calls can be reviewed and overturned.

How plays are reviewed


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boring because of a slower pace and an increase in free throws,” LeBlanc said. Gibson agrees with LeBlanc, but he also sees a positive side of the new rules. “I would bet a lot of fans are upset because the games tend to be a lot slower now, but fundamental fanatics are probably loving the defensive focus,” Gibson said. The new rules have a major impact on college basketball games, but now each team has to practice differently prior to competition. Junior and senior players will have to adjust to the new rules quickly in order to be effective. Freshmen and sophomores will have an impact because they are still learning how to play at a collegiate level. It will affect coaches as well, because they must prepare their defensive schemes differently than in the past. “The rules tend to slow down the games, and they do result in players getting fouled out. It is hard to play defense on quick players, and now those guys cannot be touched without a foul call. So players foul out sooner, and with so many calls, the game flow is way too slow. It is frustrating for a lot of players who are used to reaching to play defense,” Gibson said. Changing defensive rules at the college level will also affect high school basketball programs. If students want to compete at the college level, they will need their coaches to help them prepare for future games in order to succeed in college. “I think the rule changes have helped the high school game. It teaches players to play the game with their feet rather than with their hands. But like for college, it is hard for officials to call consistently and become a little too judgment based,” LeBlanc said.

When a defenplayer sive keeps a hand or forearm on an opponent, puts two hands on an opponent, continually jabs by extending an arm or when a player uses an arm bar to impede on the progress of an opponent.

Cradling the idea of lacrosse as a school sport tor Lyle Wright said. To implement a new high Sports Writer school sport, not only are there expenses, but Title IX must apontrose High School prove the high school’s participahas 18 boys playing tion based on specific qualificaLacrosse for the Tel- tion criteria. “In order to have a lacrosse luride High School team, so the idea of an MHS team has be- team, they need to add a girls come popular. However, there sport, so they could CHSAAare a number of reasons ranging certify the girls dance and poms from expenses to legal rights to team,” Lopez said. Title IX is an educational consider before a final decision amendment that can be made. requires genStudents who der equality for are players and boys and girls in fans are thrilled any educational about the idea program, such of lacrosse beas sports and coming a sport clubs, in order to at MHS. receive federal “Lacrosse is funding. Title definitely the fastest growing -Athletic Director Lyle Wright IX also states that there is to be sport in America, and we’re the only school equality in activities. “We currently have ten boy our size on the western slope that doesn’t have a team,” senior Os- sports and nine girl sports, so to add another boy sport would be car Lopez said. Expenses weigh in significant- pushing it with Title IX,” Wright ly on the decision to start a new said. High schools set up sports in sport at the high school level. It will take approximately $32,000 cycles, so if a high school travels to a certain high school one year, to fund a lacrosse team at MHS. “Once you add in the uniforms, then that high school has to travel goals, helmets, gloves, transpor- to the other high school the next. tation, and CHSAA fees, it really The cycle starts over every other starts to add up,” Athletic Direc- year, which is at the end of this

Jackie Romero


school year. “We are looking strongly into putting a lacrosse team here at the high school,” Wright said. Next year looks promising for a lacrosse team at MHS. Usually

there are ten players needed to make a team, and MHS already has 18 players. Students are excited at the idea of lacrosse becoming a sport at the high school. “The idea of a lacrosse team

excited me because what would come along with that is being able to travel and play games since we would play on the football field,” sophomore Jack Bilberry said.

“We are looking strongly into putting a lacrosse team here at the high school.”

KeepAway Members of the Montrose-Telluride Lacrosse team fight for control during the lacrosse game at Glenwood on March 14. Montrose-Telluride walked away with a 9-5 victory. (Photo/TJ Montes)


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March Kasandra Miller

Sports Editor


MHS students hit the slopes

COLORADO -- It is the place to be during ski and snowboard season. With over 30 ski resorts and a variety of runs above 10,000 feet, it has become a monumental tourist destination. There are a variety of ski resorts all over Colorado including the front range, southern parts of the state and deep within the Rocky Mountains. Resorts such as Vail Mountain, Breckenridge Resort, Arapahoe Ski Basin and Loveland Ski Area offer world class skiing, top of the line lodges and dining and a down to earth local vibe. Deep within the heart of Colorado and the Elks Mountain Range a more hard core and famous ski town is hidden away. Aspen, Colorado, is known for its steep and rugged terrain and offers a variety of different mountains including Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands and Snowmass. For anyone looking for a great snowboarding fix within southern Colorado, Telluride, Wolf Creek and Silverton all offer many exquisite and unique runs. Colorado is the ideal ski and snowboard town because of the climate, the number of sunny days vs. the number of days of snowfall, and the atmosphere. Many MHS students take for granted the beauty found right outside their back door... an oasis others travel miles to visit.

What makes these Colorado ski towns great? Aspen

The night life: After a long day of great skiing or snowboarding, be sure to check out some of the local restaurants. Aspen is known for sightings of celebrities who tend to pop up unannounced.

Beaver Creek

The art galleries: Need a relaxing lunch break? Stop by any of the numerous art galleries. Many remarkable and interesting artists reside in the small ski town.


Moonlight snowshoe tours: If you are reading this article, you obviously have a passion for snow. Although it is not as extreme as snowboarding or skiing, snowshoeing - especially in the moonlight - can be adventurous. Purgatoy Ski Basin is home to the only moonlight snowshoeing company in Colorado.


Bag Jump: Not into skiing and snowboarding but looking for an adreniline rush? Try the Bag Jump at the base of Powderhorn. Think bungee jumping with no cord.

Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame: Located in the heart of Vail, the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum and Hall of Fame offers ski and snowboarders a way to get out of the cold and learn about the history of the sport. The 10th Mountain Division display alone is worth stopping by the free museum.


Steamboat Springs


Rent Go-Pro helmets: Want to catch your extreme moves on camera without the expense of buying a Go-Pro? Rent a Go-Pro helmet and take home a video of your moves the same day.

Hard-to-reach restaurants: After a full day of hitting the slopes, you will likely be hungry. Be sure to check out any of the three restaurants accessible only by gondola.


Eco-Adventures: Guided by an expert naturalist, this program offers non-ski and snowboarders a chance to appreciate the beauty of Telluride. Snowmobiling, snowshoeing and snow biking are all included in this family-oriented activity.


The Summit House: If you have a fear of heights or altitude sickness, this is definitely not the place for you. On the peak or Dercum Mountain, enjoy a glass of hot cocoa or a cup of coffee at an elevation of nearly 12,000 feet.

Photos by Adriana Flowers Graphics by Kasandra Miller

2014 outdoor enthusiast buyers guide

Now that ski season is in full swing, many snow enthusiast are searching for the top brands and looks in order to hit the slopes in style. Burton, K2, Ride, Lib Tech, Gnu, Dragon, CAPiTA, Forum, Rome, DC... This is just the beginning of a long list of ski and snowboard apparel companies to choose from when outfitting oneself to hit the slopes. Check out these hot new looks for the 2014 ski season.

If you hate the idea of a helmet, a hat may be the way to go. 1. Burton 2. Adidas 3. Patagonia If you are from Colorado, you know that winters can be seriously cold. A quality jacket is essential for any ski or snowboarder. 1. Burton - 10,000 mm of waterproof material and a mesh lining to ensure that you will stay warm and dry no matter how many times you fall. 2. Grenade - When you purchase a Grenade jacket, rest assured you are saving some cold hard cash without losing any of the quality. These jackets are notoriously affordable compared to many others and will still keep you ‘warm. 3. 686 - This brand offers a “Smarty Collection” that has been tested to insure the satisfaction of the customer.

Make sure you have gloves. Choose a thick glove that has rubber on the inside; this ensure a good grip. 1. Dakine 2. Candy Grind 3. Grenade

A good pair of goggles is crucial for any hard-core ski or snowboarder. Goggles that fog constantly, hurt your face or create a glare from the sun can ruin any powder day. 1. Electric 2. Oakley 3. Arnette Skylight

Choosing the perfect snowboarding pants may be difficult. Look for pants offering extreme flexibility and warmth. 1. Burton - The mesh interior allows for movement and insures dryness without sacrificing any of the warmth. 2. Bonfire - Popular among male skiers and snowboarders, Bonfire Flex offers manly colors and styles with a loose fit. 3. Lib Tech - If color is important, Lib Tech is the way to go. If you can imagine it, they have or can get it.

Let’s be honest, although the height and width, the style and the price of your board may be important, the color and how the board matches your gear is also important. 1. Palmer Touch - These fairly priced snow boards are offered in unique colors in customized lengths, styles and sizes. 2. Camp 7 - These feather light boards offer great control and are easy to ride even through the icy patches. 3. Lib Tech - If you are on a budget, Lib Tech may not be for you. But if you love to spend money, Lib Tech offers high-quality boards in a variety of colors and styles.

When deciding on snowboarding boots, take time to shop around. Try on different brands and models to get an idea of how they fit. 1. Vans Off The Wall - These snow boots offer flexibility and make your feet feel like heaven. 2. ThirtyTwo - ThiryTwo offers a variety of j-bars that compress around the heel and toes to help lock the foot in place 3. Rome - These boots are fully costomizable, so anyone can find a perfect fit.

57% of all ski and snowboarders use helmets do not be afraid of looking funny. Add some stickers and your helmet will become your favorite accessory. 1. Anon - You can rock any Anon helmet and they offer a variety of sizes insuring a perfect fit. 2. Bern Brentwood - Crazy color combinations and the ability to costomize your helmet ensures satisfaction. 3. Pro-Tec - This is the most common helmet but for a good reason, if you ever need a new helmet it is completely free.

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Riding with Pride



“Skateboarding is like a game; you try one thing before moving on to a new and more challenging rail or level,” said junior John Ruybal. Many use skateboarding as a way to relax, blow off steam, or to try to have a future in skating. There are a large number of skaters in Montrose, some with a lot of potential. We might even see them in the X- games! “Skating and long boarding around college campuses is starting to get very popular, so popular that the schools are putting up racks you can hang your board at in the classes,” said freshman Trek Kelsy. Skating is not challenging, but what makes it so difficult is that people put fear in front of the thought of actually doing whatever they are trying to accomplish. Besides learning the footing while riding, it is pretty simple to skate. It is an individualist sport, so put on your headphones and go for a ride. You just might find your own personal benefits. Photos and Story by T.J. Montes


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By Morgan Nichols


Are you contributing to the weekly trends? Instagram has been one of the fastest growing social media sites since it was launched in October, 2010. People all around the world are designating each day of the week to a specific hashtag, and the trend has gone viral. 100%



@sarajeanhelton MCM all day, every day! #mcm #loveyou #bestboyfriend #5months @mikekinas97




Instagram @kenzielyons97





RESULTS @kenzielyons97 Transformation Tuesday. #crossfit #lostfiftyfivepounds #transformationtuesday #boom







Sara Helton and Mike Kinas have been dating for five months on March11. Helton posts an MCM shoutout to Kinas every Monday to remind him how much he means to her. You two are adorable!

Mackenzie Lyons lost 55 lbs. and is now confident and happy with where she’s at. Lyons participates in Crossfit and works hard every day to keep moving forward. You look awesome, dude!

Monday is the day to tell to your man

Tuesday is dedicated to showing off

how much you care over Instagram. Whether it’s your boyfriend, your husband, your crush or a hot celebrity, let them know how you really feel.

Instagram @kolbyy_5


@kolbyy_5 Throwback with my bro! #tbt #young #8thgrade #rock’n’bowl @kameron_devincentis3








@danneigh Selfie Sunday! #ss #allwhiteeverything #instafamous #11kfollowers #sundayfunday



Kameron Devincentis and Kolby Martinez throw it back to a Friday night at Rock ’n’ Bowl while posing in Alexandria Ludian’s clothes. Lookin’ good, boys!

Danni Go is a freshman here at MHS, and she has risen into the spotlight on Instagram with 11k followers. Your pictures are awesome, Danni!

Thursday is for throwbacks.

Sunday is specifically devoted to all

Reminisce on the best memories you’ve ever had or tell people about your worst day. Baby pictures and middle school IDs are very popular. Graphics by Morgan Nichols





your transformation whether it’s your best accomplishments, the change in your interests or your personal evolution. Show what you’re made of!

of the selfies in the world. Selfie Sunday gives people an opportunity to post pictures of themselves and feel good about it. Logo and screen design reproduced courtesy of Instagram

The Chieftain - March 2014  

Montrose High School, Colorado