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“Ostrong ur community continues to make contributions toward a better world.”


could not help but think of Indian Springs School as I considered the combination of the peaceful transition of government visited by our country’s celebration of the inauguration of our President and the city of Birmingham’s year-long Fifty Years Forward commemoration of Civil Rights.

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Recognized by Founding Director Doc Armstrong as a “major goal” of Springs “to develop and disseminate a conception of education that will support the values of free man in a free society” and to create “an environment which influences the student to make a strong commitment to values, to seek a larger knowledge, and to acquire a firm purpose,” it is no wonder our community continues to make strong contributions toward a better world. As you will see in this issue, Doc’s vision has continued throughout Springs’ 60 years and is being reinforced with the exploration of the year-long theme of “The Individual and Society.” We have never been a community to boast about our successes as change-makers. It is more likely that one is met with a smile and casual remark, “You know she went to Indian Springs School.” Yet, the contributions are remarkable. Consider a few groundbreakers for which citizens of the Springs community are responsible. In the business world: the corporate provision of child care, integration of dressing rooms, promotion of equal pay for women, and innovation to envision the ability for bank customers to transfer funds automatically from savings accounts to checking accounts (a very controversial measure at the time). In science and technology: the direction of flight of the Mars Rover Curiosity, and the creation of sustainable design programs and technical outreach for students. In the arts and humanities: the use of creative visual, performing and literary talents to enhance understanding not only of beauty but tolerance, and the development of a myriad of non-profits serving marginalized members of society. The list goes on. Doc’s words are again profound: “We can’t change the facts that have happened to us, but we can change the meaning those facts have for us.” I am confident the Springs community will continue to make an impact in the world.

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ISS Magazine - Spring 2013  

The magazine continues the school's celebration of its 60th year, with a particular focus on faculty.

ISS Magazine - Spring 2013  

The magazine continues the school's celebration of its 60th year, with a particular focus on faculty.