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6 0 things we love ab out springs In the fall magazine, we compiled a list of 60 things that students, faculty and staff love about Springs in honor of the school’s 60th birthday. In this issue, we are giving alumni, board members and parents their turn. Enjoy!

1. It belonged to the students and the faculty. 2. The grassroots work of the students and faculty gave the school its personality.

3. Learning Through Living is more than a motto — it

is a force that allows the students and the school to grow. 4. Students, faculty, the administration and alumni all “get it.” 5. The swan 6. Playing basketball with my friends 7. Eating with the faculty breakfast club of Coach Van Horn, Mr. Lantrip and Mr. Lusco 8. Bringing my family to campus for a hike around the lake 9. The lack of pressure to conform 10. The campus is a place where one can be whoever he wants. 11. The old dorm circle, the volleyball team, and my friends. 12. A love of learning and an understanding that the good life should be lived in the depths and not at the surface 13. Springs shaped me in ways I never could have imagined and introduced me to a family that I will forever adore. 14. Riding my bicycle around campus, giving me time to reflect about life 15. Student Government 16. Walking to a friend’s dorm room for a friendly chat, only to be joined by other friends and having deep conversations about life 17. Playing Ultimate Frisbee in the grass central to the dorm circle 18. Singing in the choir 19. The food 20. How almost every teacher taught with great passion, always challenging and encouraging students to succeed 21. The Hut, where I used to throw the best dances as the DJ 22. The theater program, which introduced me to the magic of theatrical production as a light and sound technician 23. Having both your kids at Springs 24. The recording arts course offered by Mr. Lantrip, which gave me a greater appreciation for the amount of work that goes into recording a song 25. The fact that Springs graduates, without exception, can write well 26. The visual arts 27. Being able to hunt snapping turtles in between classes 28. It teaches students to be independent learners and to be responsible.

29. It promotes social justice. 30. The garden 31. The student body is like a melting pot of cultures. 32. The fog on the lake in the early morning and the deer you pass on the way in to school

33. The people I met there 34. The quality education my daughter received 35. As a parent, I enjoyed the relationships with the faculty members.

36. The campus is beautiful in many ways. 37. The teachers, the students and the atmosphere 38. The cherry trees in bloom along Woodward Drive and the lake encircled by autumn fire

39. My Latin II class met all year in Mr. Lusco’s living room.

40. Many teachers came to my father’s funeral during my junior year, and I can still call these teachers friends.

41. As a teacher myself at Springs, I could meet with my

students under a shade tree or around the breakfast table. 42. Never knowing if I will startle a doe and fawn in the woods near Bishop’s Creek 43. Springs is a place that opened my mind. 44. A true sense of learning for the right reasons in a supportive, community environment 45. The clubs 46. My mother passed away my senior year. Springs was a key factor in helping me make it through that time. 47. I loved everything except maybe being thrown in the lake, but even that was kind of fun. 48. Leaving Dr. Cooper speechless for the first time I had ever seen during my “Meeting of the Minds” as Caligula 49. The soccer program 50. Students from all backgrounds coming together to fulfill Learning Through Living 51. A Thursday night ride in the Carry All to the BSO with Brook Hill, then roast beef and jamocha shakes at Arby’s 52. The Red and Gray competition and kids finding out they “do have it in them” 53. Math and science programs 54. The people and the atmosphere created 55. The academic curriculum, global diversity, quality of teachers and students, extracurricular activities, and alumni achievements 56. Freedom 57. The diversity of people and nations at ISS 58. Student Concerts 59. The opportunities that Springs gave me 60. My class

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ISS Magazine - Spring 2013  
ISS Magazine - Spring 2013  

The magazine continues the school's celebration of its 60th year, with a particular focus on faculty.