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Best Pain Treatment Therapy-Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is also called proliferative injection therapy. This therapy involves injecting an irritant solution like concentrated sugar, fish oil or dilute phenol into specific areas of the body. This solution injects generally at the insertion points of tendons and ligament for achieving the aim of strengthening weakened connective tissue. By strengthening the weakened connective tissue, musculoskeletal pain is also often relieved. Prolotherapy is also called in other words “proliferation therapy" or "regenerative injection therapy" or "proliferative injection therapy". It involves injecting a solution otherwise non-pharmacological and non-active irritant solution into the body generally in the region of tendons or ligaments for the purpose of strengthening weakened connective tissue and alleviating musculoskeletal pain. Concepts working here is re-initiating the inflammatory process that deposits new additional fibers to repair a perceived injury. Once strengthened the weak areas would no longer send pain signals. Three randomized controlled trials have shown that prolotherapy is not an effective mono-therapy for chronic low-back pain, headache, shoulder pain and other pain treatment.

What to do before the injections 1.Avoid Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDS) for 3 days before injections. 2.Supplements must be taken in addition to eating a balanced diet are very important for optimal response to injection work. 3.Some patients prefer to take preventive pain medications or anti-anxiety medications before injections. Discuss this with your doctor before injections or with your referring doctor if you are scheduled to have injections on your first visit. 4.Pain medications (NON-NSAID) can be used as well 1 hour per-injection. 5.If pre-medicating a driver is a must, but many patients prefer having someone drive them home after injections so we suggest you consider having a driver other than yourself. What to do after injections Pain is normal typically expected after injections, especially within 2-4 days due to the inflammatory response generated by the injections that stimulate the initial healing process.

1. Must avoid NSAIDS 7 days, as this will block the inflammation and subsequent healing process making the injections ineffective. 2. Take continuously vitamin C and Zinc as above for 2 weeks. 3. Return to routine exercise continuously. But do not initiate new exercise if not currently working out regularly. 4. We strongly recommend you walk and return to normal activity as soon as possible to encourage good range of motion and to minimize. 5. Ice can be used over injection area, but avoid heat for the first 3 days. 6. We advise our patients not accessing public water sources like as lakes, hot tubs or pools for first 2 days. This is to avoid infection from these sources. 7. Watch if redness problem occur. 8. Please remember that swelling and pain are common,anticipated and normal injections. 9. This especially occurs in the areas further from the heart such as the arm parts (elbows, wrists, fingers), legs parts (knees, ankles, toes) or other joints after injections. 10.Removing finger and toe rings or other jewelery on the same side as the extremity to be injected is strongly recommended. Indianprolotherapy provides Best Prolotherapy Tretments for any type of pain. Website:

Best Pain Treatment Therapy-Prolotherapy  
Best Pain Treatment Therapy-Prolotherapy  

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