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Scott Morrison 30th Prime Minister Of Australia

M ost Popu lar Bollyw ood Act r esses of 2018

Trillion dollar company

Priyanka chopra & Nick Jonas Engaged

Ker el a Fl oods - At l east 324 di ed

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on t h eir r oof t ops f ollow in g u n pr eceden t ed f loodin g in t h e sou t h er n In dian st at e of Ker ala t h at k illed m or e t h an 320 people, of f icials said. With heavy rains stopping after a week, rescuers moved quickly to take those marooned by floods to 1,500 state-run camps. They used more than a dozen helicopters and about 400 boats across the state, relief officials said. Heavy rains over the past nine days triggered flooding, landslides and home and bridge collapses, severely disrupting air and train services in Kerala state, a popular tourist destination with scenic landscapes, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. The New Delhi Television news channel reported that the state was facing a new crisis with some hospitals facing shortages of oxygen and gas stations running short of fuel.

Japan ear t h qu ak e: Deat h t oll r ises af t er devast at in g t r em or

The death toll in the magnitude 6.7 earthquake that struck Japan on Thursday has risen to 39, the country's Fire and Disaster Management Agency said. Two people remain missing, and at least 641 people were injured, the agency said Sunday. Evacuation centers are still holding 2,544 people. The quake is the latest in a string of natural disasters that have hit Japan recently, including deadly floods, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides and heatwaves.

Who is our new prime minister Scott Morrison?

SCOTT Morrison has been leader-in-waiting for years, and today he was elected as leader of the Liberal Party and is now Australia?s 30th Prime Minister. Mr Morrison, or ScoMo, as he is often called, was officially sworn in to the role after winning a Liberal party room ballot defeating Peter Dutton 45 votes to 40. The son of a police officer, Mr Morrison?s hardworking character and leadership potential have long been noted by his colleagues. As one influential MP told the Australian Women?s Weekly back in 2015, before Malcolm Turnbull challenged Tony Abbott for the leadership: ?If we lose the next election, Scott Morrison will be leader.? Lately, Mr Morrison had thrown his support behind Mr Turnbull, although he did express interest in the top job after the now-ousted prime minister ?s poor Newspoll performances. He told the ABC in April he would not pursue his ambitions while Mr Turnbull remained in the role, insisting Mr Turnbull was the right person to lead the party not just to the next election ?but beyond?. But the then treasurer said he would be interested ?down the track, if an opportunity presented itself ?. Mr Morrison?s time finally came this week when he sought support for a leadership tilt after three senior ministers publicly stated that Mr Turnbull longer enjoyed the confidence of the Liberal Party. After studying a Bachelor of Science, Mr Morrison went on to work in the property and tourism industries. He held positions at the Property Council of Australia, the Australian Tourism Task Force, Tourism Australia and then the Office of Tourism and Sport in New Zealand. When he returned to Australia he became director of the NSW Liberal Party in 2000 before taking a job running Tourism Australia in 2004 where he was involved in the controversial ?Where the bloody hell are you?? campaign. Mr Morrison entered politics in 2007, winning preselection in the seat of Cook in Sydney?s Sutherland Shire where the Cronulla race riots took place two years before. Mr Morrison?s appointment will be seen as a continuation of the Turnbull Government. He was tipped to run in Mr Turnbull?s place, rather than against him.

C O N T A C T u s T O D A Y

In dia?s Su pr em e Cou r t st r ik es dow n law t h at pu n ish ed gay sex IN A landmark victory for gay rights, India?s Supreme Court has struck down a colonial-era law that made gay sex punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

A COLONIAL-ERA law that made gay sex punishable by up to 10 years in prison has been struck down by India?s Supreme Court. One judge said Thursday?s landmark victory for gay rights would ?pave the way for a better future?. The 1861 law, a relic of Victorian England that hung on long after the end of British colonialism, was a weapon used to discriminate against India?s gay community, the judges ruled in a unanimous decision. ?Constitutional morality cannot be martyred at the altar of social morality,? Chief Justice Dipak Misra said, reading the verdict. ?Social morality cannot be used to violate the fundamental rights of even a single individual.? As the news spread, the streets outside the courthouse erupted in cheers as opponents of the law danced and waved flags. ?We feel as equal citizens now,? said activist Shashi Bhushan. ?What happens in our bedroom is left to us.? In its ruling, the court said sexual orientation was a ?biological phenomenon? and that discrimination on that basis violated fundamental rights. ?We cannot change history but can pave a way for a better future,? said Justice D.Y. Chandrachud. The law known as Section 377 held that intercourse between members of the same sex was against the order of nature. The five petitioners who challenged the law said it was discriminatory and led to gay people living in fear of harassment and persecution. Jessica Stern, the executive director of the New York-based rights group Out Right Action International, said the original law had reverberated far beyond India, including in countries where gay people still struggled for acceptance.



St ar Bir t h day k ar een a Kapoor 21st Sep

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Vir go

Your Zodiac lord Mars is strong in 10th house health wise this month will be very good, you might get some good news from work place but with is also need to control on your anger and language. This month drive safely and beware while crossing the road and working with electronic equipments. September month is good for money and family prospects different sources will give you good money graph. Those who are looking for new job opportunity they will get it in September, Businessmen too will enjoy a good business time with completion of old pending project. After 17th take care of your children?s and Control on eating junk food it might can hart your stomach. Good time for relationship and marriage. Strong Sun is good for students and growing children?s. Don?t invest in gold and land. If you are planning to buy a new car so kindly drop your idea.

Your Zodiac lord venues is in 5th house so month will be start with health issues but everything will be better after 6th. This month unwanted expenses on friend, family or relatives will be disturb so don?t be panic. At work, Taurus people shall win the hearts of their bosses because of their meticulous planning and execution. This month will prove very strong in financial terms for most of the Taurus people. Good time for buying property, vehicles, gold etc. In the race for all the name and fame, you might forget your partner along. Don?t forget to give credit to him/her for the support he/she is giving you in your life. Make your partner feel special and get lots of love in return. Kindly take care of your spouse and business partner also. Students will achieve good in their studies. Urinary problem can disturb you this month please take while heaving food outside. Please take care of your spouse health.

Your Zodiac lord Mercury is in 2nd house so health wise its normal. On the romantic side, couples will get much closer with the incidents that happened between you. Singles will have to be strong enough to express their inner feelings and desires to the one they adore, after 7th. Start planning to invest on property or agricultural related things, vehicles and wood related business would be good for you. Student?s good time to start educational course in abroad. Kindly be alert while walking, riding and driving.

Your Zodiac lord Mercury is in 11th house so health wise this month is ok, negative thoughts will be disturb you this month. Please take care of your mother ?s health. Always think before investing on property, vehicle, land etc. After 17 the presence of Sun at the most opportune place in your zodiac shall give you varied opportunities to demonstrate yourself at the workplace. Be it the projects or team management, most of the Virgo people shall be in the spotlight from the start of September 2018 itself. Be more expressive in order to strengthen your position against your competitors. Kindly take care while dealing with any one or doing any paper work. Family wise everything would be ok and new money source will be open for you

Capr icor n Your Zodiac lord Saturn is very weak in 12th house so health wise its bad legal problems will disturb you this month. Mars is sitting in your Zodiac house so control on your language and anger this month. Be very cautious on your selection of people for new contract or project. September also proves to be a socially active month for you people. Meeting friends and going on short holiday trips is also foreseen this month. Capricorn people of marriageable age might get good news in September 2018. This month is good for those who are planning for business trip they will get good business. Please take care of your father ?s health send him for regular check up. You people will find your partner for love and romance.

Aqu ar iu s

Scor pio


Your Zodiac lord Saturn is normal in 11th house September 2018 will be a mixed kind of month at work. You will experience everything from hurdles, competition, challenges to success and accolades. All you have to do is maintain your calm while working and believe in yourself. There are some people at work who might not be very happy seeing you climbing the ladder of success. Chances of entering into a business venture are also not ruled out for you people. Money and finance wise, you people will need some financial help. Friends of yours should be the ones who can be asked for assistance. Strong sun in 7th house is good for new business and strong partnership but after 17th you might have to face some problem related married life etc.

Your Zodiac Lord Mars is strong in 3rd house so health wise this month is very good. You will get good benefit from friend, relative, younger brother etc. The month of September starts with optimism at work place and your career. You will be getting lot many opportunities to look forward to. The presence of Sun in 10th place good for jobless people and new business proposals will to you. Scorpio star says that your nature of sharing your knowledge with your teammates shall win you people and respect. After 7th of the month is good opportune for love, romance or marriage. A special friend of yours might come closer, taking your friendly relationship to a new level. Change of sun is good for government job people they might get promotion. Strong chances for abroad traveling. Health will be better in the month end.

Your Zodiac lord Jupiter is in 8th house so month will start with bad health and unwanted problems. Positivity will be high this month. Mars in 11th house is good for elder siblings and money wise you will save some amount. Try to avoid argument because it can affect your personal or professional life. Good time to start legal process. After 17th wife health will be bad. Be cautions while driving, playing or crossing the road etc. Financially this month is very bad, your bank balance is also going down so try to stop unwanted expenses and wait till month end. Don?t give / invest your money to anyone / anywhere. Those who are doing research this month is good for them. Good time for traveling. Month end can be good for new job or new business venture

Can cer


Libr a

Sagit t ar iu s

Your Zodiac lord Moon is in 10th house so month will be start with some good news regarding work. Great time for work and business is foreseen throughout the month; small things will be disturbing you but don?t upset. Mars is in 7th house please control on your aggression and language with spouse and business partner. You might get some good business opportunities. This month will be disturbing for most of the student. Good time for social gathering/ parties etc after 17th. Success and prosperity go hand in hand. Married life will be better and good news singles you will get someone for relationship. Avoid unplanned travel or short trip. Month will be end with some profit or some good news.

Your Zodiac lord Sun is in own sign so month will start with positive thoughts, attitude, energy and vitality but with this it also increase rudeness so control on it. Money and finance remain the focus around which all your acts revolve this month. The presence of sun in your 1st house till the 17th September makes money all the more important. New projects at work/business undertaken during this time are sure to give you better and faster returns, says your stars. There might be some flaws in you that are creating problems in your relationship so give time to your partner, things will be better after 10th. This month is going to be a totally social month

Zodiac lord Venues is weak in 12th house health wise this month is very bad, privet parts and face related problems will disturb you. Strong sun in 11th house so good time to get profit in business or job. Relation with elder siblings will be better. Libra people should spend some time with themselves, introspecting their achievements and future plans. Spending time with yourself shall prove to be a major stress buster for all those who have been under immense pressure at work. You people need to be very selective in your choice of people around you. Possibility of backend politics against you in the family might be a possibility. Please keep their cool and not to speak unnecessarily. Be sure not to poke your nose in others?personal lives in the month end.

Your Zodiac lord Jupiter is in 11th house so health wise it?s normal especially lower back and fat related, control on your diet. Saturn in is your zodiac in 1st house so relation with spouse can be bad so avoid arguments. You will have high level of strength and motivation it also gives god political achievement, name - fame and promotion in government job. There will be good improvement in your personal front. Relationships too might move to the new level. Love and respect for your partner shall increase. An important decision related to your career will have to be taken before 17thSeptember. Partnerships in business and any new projects should be undertaken after 16th of the month. Socially you will get good support and benefit. Beware while driving or crossing roads.

Sou n d of Silen ce Release Date: 7th September 2018 Starring: Uday Chandra, Bhushan, Master Govardhan Director: Dr. Bijukumar Damodaran Syn opsis Set in a beautiful Himalayan valley, it?s a journey of a neglected and abandoned mute boy, who loses his mother at birth and is furiously neglected by his father. When his father goes behind bars, the boy stares at a lonely and deserted life ahead. His relationship with an elderly Buddhist monk helps him to detach from his voiceless suffering and to explore the bond that each creation shares with nature. With nowhere to go, he joins a Buddhist monastery even as he fights an inner battle of unrequited love.

SUI DHAGA ? M ADE IN INDIA RELEASE DATE: 28 September 2018 STARRING: Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma DIRECTOR: Sharat Katariya Syn opsis Yash Raj Films had delivered a pleasant surprise with the runaway hit DUM LAGA KE HAISHA. Written and directed by Sharat Katariya and produced by Maneesh Sharma, the film made great impact with the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and mainstream film awards. Now the duo are set to bring a second film, SUI DHAAGA, with Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma. The film will feature these superstars for the first time. With a title that induces curiosity, the film also holds promise with this mint fresh pairing of Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma. With such a stellar team on board, SUI DHAAGA - Made in India holds promise and excitement for audiences.

Pat aak h a Release Date: 28th September 2018 Starring: Radhika Madan, Sanya Malhotra Director: Vishal Bhardwaj Syn opsis Pataakha is a comedy-drama about two sisters, Badki and Chhutki, who have grown up in a small village in Rajasthan. The constant war between the siblings has haunted their lives, right from learning to walk to searching for husbands. When they eventually meet their soulmates, they are relieved to know that they will finally be free of each other. But as fate would have it, it seems, that they can?t live with or without each other.

Ben ef it s of M edit at ion Nowadays many people are turning to meditation to seek peace and balance in life. While my visit towards Himalayas, I visited few monasteries. I was astonished to see that western people are more interested in reading Indian spiritual works, learning Yoga and practicing meditation very seriously. They have great respect for all this and practice with more consistency than us.Still many of us are not having clear concepts regarding meditation. As we see the world around us with our outer physical eyes; meditation is like seeing and connecting with the inner world with our inner eyes that is consciousness. This may look funny and strange in the beginning because we are so addicted to looking outside ourselves. We have lost access to our inner being almost completely. We are terrified to look inward because we never got training to develop a relationship with our own self. We are trained since childhood how to develop moral qualities and develop relationships with family, friends and the society. We are never told to spend some time with ourself alone, introspect our thoughts and emotions and connect with our own uniqueness.Many of us may even think that if we meditate we will be in danger of madness. We are usually told that to enter into the world of meditation means cutting yourself from the main stream and renouncing the world and the worldly things. So to prevent this we make our lives so hectic that we eliminate the slightest risk of looking into ourselves. In reality this is a great myth. Rather meditation brings a perfect balance in material and spiritual world. Einstein had scientifically explained how if we break one atom, it breaks all other atoms around it - called an atomic explosion. Our Rishis and Munis had said the same thing thousands of years ago-that is even four percent of the people on this planet do meditation that the rest ninety six percent will automatically come in bliss.Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proved this to scientists to Washington DC and made them for one month. Due to this one month of meditation, the crime rate of Washington DC came down by fifty percent. The scientists could not understand it and named it "The Maharishi Effect". Another example of Buddhist meditation is proved by US scientists. The research at the University of Wisconsin Madison has shown that in experienced Buddhists, the brain's 'happiness centre ' is constantly alive with electrical signals. The study team scanned the brains of people who had been practicing Buddhist meditation for several years, looking particularly at areas important for emotion, mood and temperament. They found that the left side - the happiness centre - was consistently and highly active in Buddhist meditaters.These findings may eventually allow researchers to develop meditation techniques as treatments for depressive illnesses. The benefit of meditation is the purification of being. Through meditation you can purify your undesirable and negative thoughts.We all have preconceptions and point of view.We not only have ideas but we have opinions and countless judgements ,especially about other people.Meditation is perhaps the most helpful tool for working with the mind. The meditation helps in calming the mind. As when we meditate on the breath the thoughts that arise in the mind are observed without interacting with them. After some time when the chaos of thoughts is settled down then a spaciousness or clarity of mind can be experienced by the meditaters.Thus the mind is purified and peace and happiness is attained. Meditation reduces stress and control anxiety. This also helps recovering from health issues such as high blood pressure and depression.Meditation promotes emotional health as it leads to an improved self image and more positive outlook on life. Meditation helps in developing better understanding of ourself by enhancing self awareness. This also increase concentration, focus and memory. Other benefits of meditation is overcoming fears, sorrow, worry and grief. We usually have a habit of grieving over the past of worrying or fear of future by thinking about the future life. Thus we hardly stay or enjoy the present life. Meditation is a great tool to stay in the present moment that is "Being Here and Now ".This is the power of meditation that lies in our consciousness. When you will do meditation for three months then you see amazing change in your self and in your life. You will also see great material and spiritual development through meditation. All you have to do is meditate and discover the power within you.

M ost Popu lar Bollyw ood Act r esses of 2018

In the past many years we saw many talented actresses making a name for themselves in Bollywood. These actresses have strived hard to get to the top and make a place for themselves in the heart of the audience. Today we have compiled a list of the Most Popular Bollywood Actresses in 2018. Deepik a Padu kon e Another popular Bollywood actress who made her debut alongside the King of Bollywood ShahRukh Khan. Her debut film was Om Shanti Om, which was a super duper hit, making her one of the most popular actress in bollywood. As in 2018 Deepika Padukone is the Highest paid actress in Bollywood and charges 14 crores INR per film. She was last seen in Padmavat playing the lead role of Rani Padmavati. Twitter Handle : @deepikapadukone | Twitter Followers : 24.4 Million | Instagram Account : @deepikapadukone | Instagram Followers : 25.7 Million Pr iyan k a Ch opr a Priyanka Chopra is an Indian international star who has made an entry into Hollywood with movies like Baywatch. Priyanka was crowned Miss India World in 2000. She made her debut as the female lead in Abbas-Mustan's romantic thriller Humraaz in 2002. In 2018 she will be seen in the hollywood flick ?Isn't It Romantic?. She is also a very good singer and has a popular single ?In my city?. She is a crazy fan of spicy indian dishes. Twitter Handle : @priyankachopra | Twitter Followers : 22.9 Million | Instagram Account : @priyankachopra | Instagram Followers : 26.1 Million Alia Bh at t Alia Bhatt is a young and beautiful Bollywood actress who is best known for her roles in films like Student of the Year, Dear Zindagi, and Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. She is the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt who is a popular director, producer, and screenwriter in Bollywood. She made her bollywood debut with Karan Johar ?s movie Student of the Year. For her amazing acting skills she has won one Filmfare and two stardust awards. In 2018 she was seen in the popular action drama film Raazi. Twitter Handle : @aliaa08 | Twitter Followers : 17.7 Million| Instagram Account : @aliaabhatt | Instagram Followers : 23.1 Million An u sh k a Sh ar m a Anushka Sharma is another young and versatile actress in Bollywood, who became instantly popular with her debut film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi alongside King Khan. She definitely is one of the most popular actress in Bollywood, with the number of followers she has on her twitter and insta accounts. Anushka Sharma is best known for her roles in movies like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, PK and Sultan. In 2018 she was seen in the Sanjay Dutt biopic film Sanju. Twitter Handle : @AnushkaSharma | Twitter Followers : 17.5 Million | Instagram Account : @anushkasharma | Instagram Followers : 18.5 Million Kar een a Kapoor ?

Bebo as we all know her is one of the most popular and talented actresses in Bollywood. She belongs to the prestigious Kapoor family and is the daughter of Randhir Kapoor. Kareena made her acting debut with the film Refugee alongside Abhishek Bachan. She is best known for her films like Golmaal 3, Singham 2, Jab we met. Kareena has won six Filmfare Awards for her amazing acting skills. She is also one of the most versatile actress in Bollywood.

Wow ! A St at u e of Sr idevi t o Be In st alled in Sw it zer lan d In a marked departure with norms, the Swiss government has declared that they are going to install a statue of Sridevi in their country. The Switzerland authorities are planning to install a statue of the late actress whose super-hit movie Chandni was shot at the country's picturesque locations. The statue of the renowned Indian filmmaker, Yash Chopra, was unveiled in Interlaken in 2016. "Many of Chopra's films featured Switzerland as a backdrop and he is credited with boosting the popularity of the Alpine nation among Indian tourists. Now, considering Sridevi's role in promoting tourism here, there is a proposal to honour the actor by having her statue here," a senior official familiar with the development told Hindustan Times. The 1989 blockbuster Chandni had also put Switzerland on centre stage as almost half the song and dance sequences in the film had a Swiss backdrop. Raj Kapoor 's 1964 film Sangam was the first Indian film shot in Switzerland, which was followed by An Evening in Paris in 1967. Since then Bollywood made Switzerland their favourite shooting location paving way to cement the image of the country's alpine scenery as a romantic paradise for Indians. "However, for many Indian tourists visiting the country today, it is Chopra's 1995 production Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge that is their Swiss point of reference. Interestingly, for the tourists who happen to be cinema fanatics, there is also a provision to arrange Bollywood packaged trips here," the official added to Hindustan Times.

Nick Jon as, Pr iyan k a Ch opr a en gagem en t w it h t r adit ion al cer em on y

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrated their engagement in a traditional roka ceremony in Mumbai. A roka is a traditional pre-wedding festivity in India where a couple?s engagement is formally announced in front of their friends and family. The ceremony, for ?Jopra,? as Page Six has called them, took place at the Quantico actress?residence, where the two dressed in traditional garb according to the Times of India. The couple, who were engaged after two months of dating, both took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone. ?Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love,? Jonas, 25, wrote of the happy couple, while the actress, 36, showed off her ring as the two gazed into each other ?s eyes.


In Th is M agazin e

Con t act u s t oday

Win n er s

Lit er acy an d Em ot ion al Developm en t in Ch ildr en Learning to read and write is a crucial part of a child?s development. What this means is that people can understand and follow written instructions, find out information online or in books, write letters and emails, and send text messages. It also means that a child or adult is able to participate fully in their education and learning. How do children learn to read and write and what are the best ways to get children to learn to read and write? This is a hotly debated topic. Research has foundthat there are three essential skillschildren need to help them learn toread and write. First, is phonological awareness. This skill involves an understanding that words are made up of sounds and in order to read we need to hear these sounds. Second, is phonics. This relates to learning that letters represent sounds and that children need to remember the sound of eachletter quickly and easily to be able to speak or write. Third, is the understanding that written words can be understood and when written in a particular order can mean different things. Why do some children have difficulties with reading and writing?Research has shown that about 10% of school children haveproblems with reading and writing.There are a number of reasons why some children have trouble reading and writing. For example, some children may be learning English as a second language. These children will generally catch up as they put in more practice and become more skilled in English. Furthermore, children have difficulties in reading and writing when schooling in interrupted during the crucial early years when reading and writing skills are developing. It is also possible that literacy development is hindered due to learning or intellectual difficulties or due to underlying speech and or language difficulty. Difficulties in learning to read and write have a major impact on a child?s schooling, their ability to form friendships, and self-esteem. There are certain signs that parents need to look out for to see whether their child has problems with literacy. Some of the signs during the early years of a child?s development include being late in starting to talk; having difficulty in learning and remembering new words; finding it difficult to provide simple information clearly; needing instructions to be simplified; not being able to recognise the alphabet; and showing no interest in listening to stories. During the early school years your child may have difficulty in developing confidence with letters and sounds and may not want to have a go at spelling; they may be mispronouncing several long words; have immature grammar; not being able to read grade appropriate texts fluently and accurately; have trouble reading ?between the lines?; and have difficulty in developing the skills to tell the stories and give explanations. This can be linked to social difficulties and feeling left out with other children, behaviour problems, poor communication, and not participating in class activities. A lot of parents ask us when should they get help for literacy problems and emotional difficulties? It is very essential to intervene early and provide the children with the help they need. If your child is showing any of thesepotential problems, please see a speechpathologist, psychologist, or your GP and paediatrician if there are underlying developmental difficulties for the problems at hand.

Written by:

Dr . Raj Kh illan Director Western Specialist Centre Dr M alin i Sin gh , Psych ologist , Ch an ge f or Lif e

Indian Press Club - September 2018 Edition  

Indian Press Club - September 2018 Edition

Indian Press Club - September 2018 Edition  

Indian Press Club - September 2018 Edition