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Bu dget 2018: Win n er s an d loser s WINNERS Average income earners ? 94 per cent of Australians will be on a tax rate of 32.5 per cent or less in 2024, with those on the average wage of $84,600 saving $530 a year. Seniors ? will be able to keep more of what they earn on the side, access equity in their homes for retirement and face a shorter waiting list if they are seeking care at home. Small business ? will get an injection of life from a corporate tax cut and a year-long extension of the instant asset write-off. The sick ? a new public hospitals agreement will deliver an extra $30 billion to 2024, while medicines to treat breast cancer and multiple sclerosis will be made cheaper. Schools ? set to benefit from an extra $24.5 billion under the so-called Gonski 2.0 needs-based funding package. States ? 10-year $75 billion infrastructure package for projects in various states and territories and a $1 billion Urban Congestion Fund to improve traffic flow and safety at state level. Expectant parents ? Hard copy baby book on a child?s health record will go digital, vaccine for whooping cough will be free for pregnant women, and $3 million has been set aside for a new simple guide for would-be parent to stay healthy and active during pregnancy. LOSERS The rich ? not much tax relief for those earning over $125,000 until 2024/25 when the 37 per cent tax bracket is abolished. Banking and financial sector ? major bank levy to continue, executive accountability regime to start on July 1 and stronger penalties and enforcement against misconduct in the sector. Multi-nationals ? tax changes to remove loopholes that gives foreign companies a tax break over Australian companies and allow them to fiddle with debt to reduce their tax liabilities. Digital giants ? Discussion paper to come that will explore options for taxing digital business in Australia. Terrorists and pedophiles ? $160 million to help agencies fight crime and prevent terrorism, including $68.6 million to prevent child exploitation and abuse. Visa overstayers ? $122 million to increase border force capability at nine domestic and international airports. Tax cheats ? Black Economy Taskforce recommendations to bring in $5.3 billion over the next four years by targeting sectors that under report income.


Tau r u s

Gem in i

Vir go

Your Zodiac Lord Mars is strong in 9th house so this month is going to be a great month for you Aries people regarding carrier and new business deals. Earnings/Income will come to you. The amount of return and savings is another point of view. This is the best time to plane about kids. Due to Mars always think a hundred times before talking with bosses or MD?s etc. Investments in shares and bonds will be beneficial for you after 17th. Personal life will be great for most of the people. Couples will have greater understanding and bonding developing in them. Be careful of your health.

Your Zodiac Lord Venues is strong in 1st house so this month is going to be a great month for lovers and romantic people. Keep a check on your spending, especially this month. Strong sun and Jupiter will give you new business proposals from abroad. Skin, mouth, face, teeth etc. related problem will disturb you. Personal issues are taking up your mind space, leading to discomfort to relax your mind start meditation and relaxing exercises. Try to control on spending because this is going to be a luxury month for you. Retrograde Saturn will solve your carrier problems.

Your zodiac lord Mercury is weak in 10th house so it means this month is bad related health like skin, stomach food pipe etc also take care of mother ?s health. At work, Gemini people will be too aggressive to handle and be controlled. Aggression is good, but it needs to be positive one. Stepping up the ladder by intentionally keeping your foot on someone else is a wrong strategy. Things might not be as rosy as the last month on personal front. You have been in a cold war since last few days because of some miniscule issue and it is becoming bigger with each passing day. Saturn is retrograde so please take care of your mother and your pet.

Your Zodiac lord Mercury is weak in 6th house so beware of your health and take ample rest in between your work. Loads of work and responsibilities will literally take away your peace of mind. No doubt you are familiar of such work pressure, but this time is a bit different. On personal front, the life will be moving on a rough path. Instead of trying unsuccessfully to control things, it would be better to let things go and await the right time when things would get back to normal path. Your money crunch is about to end soon now. This financial hiccup has however given some very good lessons to you on financial management and savings.

Can cer


Libr a

Sagit t ar iu s

Your Zodiac lord moon is in 4th house and Rahu is sitting on his sign so this month you will be upset. This month shall see an emotional turn for most of the Cancer people. At work, Cancer people will feel very exhausted owing to the increased responsibilities being bestowed on you. Please take up one thing at a time instead of thinking about the gamut as a whole. On the personal front, Cancer people will be spending good amount of time with their family and friends. Time after 12th May is good for social gatherings and meetings. Later half of the month might also see you on a short trip with friends. Money and finance will be an issue.

Zodiac lord Sun is strong in 9th house future / carrier wise 11st half is good you will get new job or business options. Due to strong venues you will get a partner for love romance so be social. If planning to investing money on shares or bonds so please avoid it. Singes time to join social party to get a life partner. Avoid long traveling would be good for you this month. This is the right to think about family planning. Strong Mars gives good argument and debating power so try to use it in right circumstances. Personal front life will be ok then last time things are going better and relations are building again so control on your aggressiveness. Avoid extra marital affair with the elder one.

Your Zodiac Lord Venues is strong in 8th house this month is going to be great month for you people. Strong Mars in 11th house so you will be appreciated for your attitude towards work and organizing abilities. At home, the environment will be a bit different this month because of Rahu. You have become habitual of experiencing calmness at home, and It shall cause problem this month. Your partner will be in an altogether different state of mind and communication will turn into tussles. Libra horoscope for May 2018 advises you to think a thousand times before arguing with him/her. Give your partner the respect and freedom that he wants. No issues with money and finance. Your expenses will match your income this month. Don?t worry and keep sailing with

Your Zodiac lord is normal in 11th house so you people have spent a lot of time introspecting in the last month. You now feel ready to face to world head on. Your star says that you have not felt so much motivated and full of energy since long. You have come out more focused and dedicated towards your career and work. Time after 18th is significant in getting new projects. On the personal aspect, your open mind and heart will cause some issues with your partner. You don?t think before speaking your mind and will act too bluntly leading to communication problems. This month will be no different. Increased spending is foreseen owing to the visit of some relatives and friends.

Capr icor n

Aqu ar iu s

Scor pio


Your zodiac Lord Saturn is bad in 12th house Health and family wise this month is bad. There is a great time at work ahead for most of the Capricorn people. You shall yourself be amazed by the level of satisfaction that you have earned in so little time. Express what you have in mind to your seniors may be you can impress them. Capricorn people are adored for their care and respect that they give to their family and friends. Those awaiting marriage have a great chance of getting hooked in this month. Singles might have to wait a bit more for getting their love of life. Be careful while stepping out in the sun and avoid sudden change in temperature. Be very careful while driving during the last week of the month.

Your zodiac Lord Saturn is strong in 11th house so relations with elder siblings will be bad. Mother can fly out side. You might witness turbulent times in both your personal and professional lives. At work, your colleagues who had once been admirers of yours have surprisingly got against you, playing politics and blame game. You have to be very careful of the plotting going on behind your back! Similar situation might arise in your personal front too! Aquarius people will have to face tough days ahead with your relatives, where differences of opinion might reach to the top level. You need to give enough freedom to your partner to trust you.

Zodiac lord is strong so this month of May 2018 seems to be very positive for most of the Scorpio people. You are sure to get some very positive surprises at work. This might be sudden support of some people who have been against you since long, an increment/promotion or even a change in your career. Due to strong venues this month is full of romance, love and fun. You will be bit upset due to children health.. Success will run behind you in terms of money too. An unexpected bonus/incentive will be welcome for you. Those who have invested in Stocks and shares should take out the profits before 23rd of the month. Any new investments made in this month will yield good money

Your Zodiac lord is normal in 8th house so this month health wise very bad please take care of your health. Professional traveling is foreseen in your chart. This is the opportune time to develop your skills and knowledge. Bad mercury is in 1st house gives bad health to spouse. Social gathering can provide you a good partner for love, romance and marriage. Beware of attractions as the same can be infectious too! Most of the month of May shall revolve around the material aspects of life. Most of the entrepreneurs will be busy working on their long cherished projects. It is advisable for you people to bring out their artistic self this month and try doing what you love the most! There will be a lot of family gatherings going on around you.


Release Date: 11th May 2018 Starring: Rajkumar Rao

Synopsis: ?Omerta?will witness Rajkummar play British terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh as it traces his journey from his early days in London to executing journalist Daniel Pearl.

7 DIN MOHABBAT IN Release Date: 15 June 2018 Starring: Mahira Khan, Shehryar Munawar Synopsis: It is a hilarious romantic tale about a young man's quest to find his true love in a crowded Karachi neighbourhood, and the obstacles, both spiritual and physical, that he must overcome in order to achieve his goals.

Release Date: 29 June 2018 Starring: Ranbir Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Manisha Koirala, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Vicky Kaushal, Jim Sarbh and Boman Irani. Synopsis: Few lives in our times are as dramatic and enigmatic as the saga of Sanjay Dutt. Coming from a family of cinema legends, he himself became a film star, and then saw dizzying heights and darkest depths: adulation of diehard fans, unending battles with various addictions, brushes with the underworld, prison terms, loss of loved ones, and the haunting speculation that he might or might not be a terrorist. Sanju is in turns a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of one man?s battle against his own wild self and the formidable external forces trying to crush him. It depicts the journey of a man through everything that life can throw at him. Some true stories leave you thinking ?did this really happen?? This is one such unbelievable story that happens to be true.

Th e Essen ce of M ot h er h ood It is said that God could not be physically present everywhere, so God created mothers to take care of everything. The basic nature of women is nurturing irrespective of age. The essence of motherhood can be found in all women. All women are mothers because all women bring life to the world in some way. I have seen little girls taking care of their younger brother and sister like mothers. If you analyse all your family relationships you will find that all the relationships around you are kind of barter system of give and take. There is nothing like 'unconditional love ' in relationships no matter how much we use this word to express our love. The only example of unconditional love in family is mother. Other than family you will find true friends are unconditional in relationships. I have seen their is gap between all relationships when we grow up. Even a father will disown a child if his actions are not up to the mark. A father will be more conscious of his social status rather than giving moral support to the child. I have seen mothers doing small jobs to feed their children while father is spending all his money in drinking liquor. I have seen mothers taking extra responsibility for children. In India their are more women working for their families. If you go to the hills you will see less men working in comparison to women. You will find women doing the farming and other tasks. When I was in Uttarkashi, I usually saw men playing cards sitting idle under trees or drinking liquor or smoking. I saw women working more outside or inside houses while taking care of their in laws and other family members.Not to go too far, the maid working in my own house is live example. She is the one who do cleaning jobs to feed her in laws and children while her husband spend all his daily wage's earning in drinking and then beating her. Sometimes I get angry that why she is bearing all the responsibility of kids and even her husband's old parents and husband? That is the moment when I am thinking like a feminist. I forget that she is a mother inside.Nature has made her like this. To be more sensitive and caring is her innate nature. Even if a mother tends to be harsh to teach her children, she will be always worried and caring towards them. If the children are far from home for studies or work,the mother will be concerned if they are well or not; they ate on time or not? No matter her daughter or son is grown up or even married, her concern will be same.She may sometimes tell her expectations from you but her love remain the same even if you never fulfill her hopes. I have seen my mother remembering my brother who is staying far from home for his studies. She will keep reminding me to call him to know about his whereabouts. Whenever she will cook something that is my brother 's favourite, she will miss him. She will be worried if there are winters that he is wearing enough clothes or not.While she will feel emotionally low, missing my brother 's presence at home still she will make sure that I am not being ignored by her. She will put extra efforts to cook my favourite food so that I may not feel I am ignored because of my brother. I have seen my mother giving her favourite sweet dish to us even if we all had our share already, even if after giving us she will not have left for her own. I have seen my mother streching herself more than her capacity just for the sake of making us more comfortable. Being a mother is twenty four hours unpaid job. I realised the importance of my mother when I had to cook thrice in a day without any help. I realised how tough is to be an housewife and a mother who spend major part of her life in the kitchen cooking food for her family. And if she is working her role gets even more tough.I know it's so simple to say that cleaning, cooking and feeding her children is moral duty of a mother and there is nothing new in this unless you are grown up and into the role of parents yourself. Those are really blessed who still cherish the love, care and pampering of their mothers. I am grateful to my mother for still taking care of me in many ways though she is getting old day by day. I thank God for giving me not the best but one of the most compassionate mother of the world. Happy Mother ?s Day to you, to me, to all of us, because we are all mothers in some way. And we are all part of the great story of motherhood God is writing from generation to generation.

Can n es 2018: Aish w ar ya Rai Bach ch an look s glor iou s in an ivor y cou t u r e gow n at t h e r ed car pet

Sr i dev i t o be h on ou r ed at Can n es Fi l m Fest i val

The TITAN Reginald F. Lew is Film Aw ar ds held at Cannes, w ill celebr ate w om en of the film Industr y all over the w or ld and also salute the m ulticultur al im pact on the Film Industr y. Fr om India, the countr y?s biggest fem ale super star , Sr idevi w ill be honour ed w ith the TITAN RFL Icon Aw ar d, w ith a special evening of r em iniscences, anecdotes, m em or ies and visual footage of her best per for m ances in the pr esence of film m aker s fr om acr oss the w or ld.

Sonam Kapoor & Anand Ahuja Ties Knot

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has tied the knot with businessman and entrepreneur Anand Ahuja, and are now heading off to a star-studded grand reception. The 32-year-old?s sister Rhea, and chief bridesmaid, revealed snaps from their big day on her Instagram account where she posted an adorable picture of herself the bride. She captioned the piece: ?Forever and ever. Sister love is the truest love I know. Me and Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja.?Sonam looked stunning dressed head to toe in red with her bridal chooda on display. She was wearing an embellished lehenga by Anuradha Vakil and was decked out in golden jewels that draped around her forehead and neck. The couple wed in Mumbai at Sonam?s aunt?s bungalow, with a traditional Sikh ceremony, where she was carried by her brothers to the mandap to start the proceedings. Family members attended the event along with a huge list of famous Bollywood faces, including Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, and Sonam?s colleagues Swara Bhasker and Kareena Kapoor. Her cousins Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor made an appearance with their father Boney. The sisters wore matching outfits, with Janhvi opting for a pink ensemble, while Khushi chose a yellow look, both by Manish Malhotra. To start off tonight?s celebrations brother Arjun Kapoor took to the microphone with his close pal Ranveer Singh, and sang a duet of Masakali from Delhi-6.

M em or y In You n g Kids: Helpin g w it h Lear n in g an d At t en t ion in Lear n in g

Being able to focus and pay attention is important for learning and holding one?s attention. This is important in three ways. First, your child has to pay attention to take the information in. Secondly, the information has to move to the part of the brain that retains the information and add to long-term memory. Lastly, the information has to be recalled, so that it can be remembered at the right time. Many children struggle with these processes and it can be difficult to know where the difficulties lie for each child. A few tips can help in improving children?s school grades and in learning new tasks. Reducing distractions when we are trying to learn a new task is important. We are surrounded by distractions in our everyday world and who knows this better than your school going child. There is television, social media, and phone technology can make it difficult to pay attention while watching you-tube clips at the same time. Have movement breaks when studying. In order to help consolidate learning it is important to take breaks between topics. Instead of getting on to social media, encourage your child to have a movement break. This stimulates learning and parts of the brain light up that help children retain information better. Moving your body helps to stay focused and is a good tool for learning new tasks. The vestibular nerve is stimulated with movement and it helps the brain to be focused. Don?t be upset when your child is fidgeting and squirming when you are tyring to do homework with them. They are trying to focus by using movement and are doing this unconsciously. Have lots of fun breaks in between learning tasks that could involve your child moving around and this will help their focus. In order for children to be engaged on one topic, it needs to be presented in a fun way and this helps to engage them fully. Children have a short attention span. Helping them learn in new ways and with lots of movement breaks helps them in all the stages of learning. Helping children have time to repeat the tasks helps them to recall things that they have learnt. It is important to children understand when their attention is decreasing. This will help them to let you know when they need to do something for themselves in order to improve their focus and concentration. With the right tools, a child can learn faster and with more focus than increasing time on tasks that tires them out and may decrease their interest in learning and having fun with new tasks. Some of the most productive schooling systems in the world advocate less learning time and use lots of tools to make the time used for learning as effective as possible. If you have concerns about why your child may not be able to concentrate or learn at the pace expected of their age level, talk to a psychologist trained in educational psychology to help and build your child?s self-confidence and skills to be a happy learner.

Wr it t en by Dr Raj Kh illan , Dir ect or West er n Specialist Cen t r e w w w.w est er n specialist cen t r .au an d, Dr M alin i Sin gh , Psych ologist , Ch an ge f or Lif e

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