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Parent Consultant News Indianola K-8 May, 2011

Mim Halterman

Pat Merkle 268-1887 262-2013 Find us in the Parent Room, located in the back of the auditorium! The Columbus City School District does not discriminate because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or handicap with regard to admission, access, treatment or employment. This policy is applicable in all district programs and activities.

Libby Marshall, Pat & Mim looking forward to some summer downtime! Libby won the privilege of appearing in the May news by having her name drawn at the PC booth during the PTO carnival. Whoo-hoo!  This is Libby’s last year as an Indianola parent as her daughter, Ellie Davis, will be moving on to high school next year. We are happy to give Libby a good send-off!

From The Principal’s Desk… Dear Indianola Families, It is hard to believe we are already entering the last few weeks of the school year. May is a busy and tradition-filled month for all of us with fieldtrips, sharings, the 8th grade trip and completion ceremony and our clap-out on the last day of school. I want to say a special thanks to Marie Boozer and all of the staff, students and volunteers who made the first Indianola K-8 Carnival such a successful event! Even short bursts of rain did not dampen the fun. I also want to thank Mim Halterman for the wonderful work that she has done to support our program during her years as a parent and parent consultant at Indianola. Hopefully, Mim will return to volunteer for special projects as both of her children will now be students at CAHS. Cass Freeland will join Pat Merkle as our new parent consultant next school year. Thanks to Beth Rapach and Rob Cohen who have

stepped up to take on PTO responsibilities for the upcoming year. They have many events planned to support and enrich our school community! Finally, plan now to join us on the last day of school as we say goodbye to our 8th graders moving on to high school! The clap out on June 2 will begin at 3:10 on the front lawn of the school. Look for additional details at the end of May. This is a special event for students of all ages. Mrs. Moser Principal

Thank You’s… From Mim to the Indianola Community Over the past 6 years I have had the opportunity to represent our school through the Parent Consultant Program. I have grown to appreciate our school in new ways through working with staff and parents. We have a dedicated and committed staff that I have enjoyed collaborating with for the Walkathon, Invention Convention, "Conversations", to list a few. I have found parents always willing to volunteer or start new initiatives in almost every way you can think of from gardening to construction work and painting to MOVING to aid and/or instruction in the classroom. Sharing this position with Pat was great as we complimented each other in almost every way, and best of all, I could come up w/ the ideas and she'd be the worker bee helping to make it happen. Not to mention that we had FUN while working, not a small feat! The expansion years pushed and stretched everyone but here we are through it all. I was always amazed at how quickly the teachers were able to get the classrooms together even in only a couple days’ time. I have been able to participate in the summer CCS seminars through the district, join on interview committees and lend a listening ear to both staff and parents. I have shared stories and ideas and tears and laughter within these Indy walls. This school has helped me raise my children in a nurturing and safe learning environment, for which I which I am grateful. My daughter Emma, graduating from Indianola this year, realized what a close community she was leaving as she visited and shadowed at a high school. Coming back to Indianola after this visit, one of the teachers confirmed the same and responded "yes, there is NO place like Indianola". I will miss being a part of this school (home away from home) in the way I have been over the past year, the community I have been involved with for 10 years. I am confident

that what is been built here will continue on to nurture and guide those that walk through these doors. Thank you all for giving of yourselves as you do! We have quite a special place here. --Mim Halterman, Parent Consultant

From Pat to the Best PC Ever! Yes, that would be Mim! I can’t begin to say how much I have enjoyed working with you these last 6 years. Your sense of humor and companionship has carried me through many a dull meeting, personal low point, and sleep-deprived day. Your knack for a good idea has given me lots of great to-do’s. And your baking has not gone unappreciated.  You have been a dedicated member of the Indianola community, and we all would have been the poorer for it if Logan had not joined us as a 1 st grader all those years ago. Now that Emma is moving on to high school, taking the whole family with her (sob!) you will all be missed. I value the friendship we have developed over the years and you will remain one of my closest friends, no matter where life takes us. --Pat Merkle, the other PC

An Open Letter of Gratitude to the Indianola Community With the 8th grade graduation of our youngest child, Lake, our family will be saying goodbye to Indianola after thirteen years. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the teachers, staff, and families who have helped to make these years so enriching and delightful for our two boys and our family. We would especially like to thank the following teachers, staff, and administrators who have helped to educate and mold our children: Emilie Pitzen, Sue Hatch, Shelly Reed, Laura Tabachnick, Sarah Matheny, Sylvia Jackson, Trina Marschall, Monica Linson-Filmore, Liz Core, Stephanie Baumgartner, April Repka, Sharon Sazdanoff, Bill Walker, Marlene Robbins, Jim McMahon, Rachael Rowan, Pat Merkle, Miriam Halterman, Mary Rykowski, Bonnie Metzger, and Katherine Moser. There are many more within the Indianola community, of course, who have contributed to the well being of our children. We are so grateful for everyone's tireless hours, intelligence, humor, patience, and enthusiasm. We believe our children learned not only content—facts and figures—but context, a positive view of who they are in the world that surrounds them. This Indianola community is a life-giving flame that requires careful stewardship. We see with

great satisfaction the families coming up behind us, volunteering, having fun, building community, delighting in the children. And so it has gone, for the last 40 or so years, since the visionary alternative programming began at Indianola. It is such a testament to the Indianola philosophy and spirit, and to the parents and teachers who champion and execute that philosophy, that the child-centered, thematically-integrated, arts-driven curriculum continues to thrive, in spite of facility challenges, budget cuts, No Child Left Behind, and growing pains. It is with great pride that I have told people all these years, we are an Indianola Family. And we will consider ourselves, henceforth, as proud alumni of the Indianola community. We will always be an Indianola Family. Keep the flame burning! With gratitude, Julie Shuptrine, Bernard Wilburn, Miles Wilburn, Lake Wilburn

Classroom News & Events… Food Matters Our Food Matters team is winding down the school year with a Hawaii lesson. The students will taste Hawaiian Pineapple Rice! Over the past few months we have been visiting cultures such as: Mexico, Somalia, France, Africa and the American South, Brazil, China, and Japan. With each cultural lesson, we have created and tasted a healthy recipe traditional to that culture. We currently serve over 1,000 young children a week… so that’s a lot of busy hands, busy minds, and busy eaters! This summer Food Matters will be teaching at several summer camps in the surrounding area. We are excited to continue this great work with the children and families we will serve! Check out a description and some photos from our France lesson at

Middle Grades News… Mock Trial Congratulations to the Mock Trial Team for receiving an outstanding rating by the judges for their trial performance based on the book The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. Congratulations to Emma Warner-Mesnard for winning the Best Witness Award for her performance of Mr. Grimes. Prosecution team included Huyn Anderson, Rebecca Amonor, Eden Hagen, Ayanna Marlowe and Emma Warner-Mesnard. Defense team included Sira Berete, Tyra Reynolds, Roneisha Anderson, Breiona Hairston and

Adam Mays. CCS Family Day at Museum of Art Congratulations and thank you to the following students for representing Indianola as art ambassadors at the CCS Family Day at the Art Museum on Sunday, May 1. Students included Emma Andrews, Juno Curtis-Odden, Kyra Gunn, Ally McKeel, Danon Clark and Emma Halterman. Superintendent Recognitions & Awards The following students were recognized at the May 10 Superintendent Recognitions and Awards at Wedgewood Middle School for their achievement in winning the district 6th Grade Math Challenge: Wyatt Crider, Isabel Erickson, Rylan Mortensen and Emily Yoder-Tiedt. Rendezvous with Reading Congratulations to the following 6th grade students for their hard work and effort at the District Rendezvous with Reading Event at The Ohio State University Main Library: Rebecca Amonor, Emma Andrews, Genevieve Belair, Isabel Erickson and Ally McKeel. The students read five books in which they had to develop a creative project and participate in Jeopardy and Millionaire question and answer games to demonstrate their knowledge of the books read. Chess Tournament Ian Eldridge-Allegra finished first at Indianola Middle Grades Chess Tournament. Amin Ebady placed second and Mason Pennington placed 3rd out of a field of twenty. The top two places will represent Indianola Middle Grades at the District Chess Invitational on May 26 to be held at Indianola K-8. I would like to continue to encourage all students to explore and enrich their various talents, interests and abilities this summer through camp participation, playing chess, developing geography and spelling skills and knowledge as well as independent reading and writing for all purposes. Have a wonderful, adventurous, and restful summer. --Michele Ballinger, Middle Grades Gifted Intervention Specialist

Art News As we come to the end of the year, we are reflecting on all the processes, projects, and experiences we have had together in the art room, and at Indianola this year. From the Talent Show to the Carnival, from Op Art to Puppets, we have had so much fun. The students have taught me so much about being

a middle program art educator, and the discussions and processes we have explored have been rich in creativity and critical thinking. I truly love this age group, and see the importance of art and expression in their lives more than ever. I am honored to actively participate in their education and lives. We are all working to finish up the last projects of the year. 6th grade is working on their SelfPortraits, using refined pencil drawing skills and shading. 7th grade is problem solving to the max! Coming up with their own puppets and exploring Artists as Teachers, with inspiration from Jim Henson. Look for a puppet show soon! And finally 8th grade, I am cherishing the last month with this group. They have completed their Inspired Self-Portraits, where they chose a piece of art that inspires them, analyzed that inspiration, and used it as a spring board to create their own portrait. These works will be honored during the 8th grade Completion Ceremony Art Show. They are now finishing out the year with a collaborative surrealist project, called Exquisite Corpse. A copy of this completed work will stay with us here at Indy, and one will go with each of them, celebrating their extensive time here and the group dynamics of their community. Thank you all for a wonderful first year teaching here at Indianola. I am ever grateful! "How important are the visual arts in our society? I feel strongly that the visual arts are of vast and incalculable importance. Of course I could be prejudiced. I am a visual art. "--Kermit the Frog --Rachel Rowen, Art Educator 6-8

Sports and Fitness‌ Indianola Track 5/17 Location: Marion

Franklin, Ridgeview, Starling, AIMS, Indianola K-8

Divisionals & Finals (5:30 pm at Africentric) 5/23 South Divisional 5/24 North Divisional 5/26 Finals Mileage Club Mileage Club was a big success this year. So far the kids have walked nearly 1,900 miles. This spring we set a goal to reach 2,150 miles for the year, the length of the Oregon Trail settlers used to move out west during the 1800s. We are on track to meet our goal - depending on weather, of course. We will continue walking for the rest of the year. If your child has been enjoying Mileage Club this year,

please consider donating a dollar or two to replenish supplies for next year. Many thanks to the volunteers who make Mileage Club possible, especially James Bartczak, Stacey Blasko, Maria Conroy and Mark Klingler. We hope to see you next year! --Cass Freeland

Health, Safety & Wellness… Gardening Update Hi Everyone! I will be putting out a more detailed newsletter at the beginning of the week but I wanted to share some upcoming garden planning dates and volunteer opportunities. Please let me know if you would like to help. * Mower needed this Sunday to help mow the grass on at the edible garden and butterfly garden. * Friday, May 20th: Unloading compost at the edible garden and working on garden design. We will begin at 4:00 pm. * The Happening: May 24th and 25th 9am-3:30pm. We will be building and planting the garden with all of the students who attend Indianola! We are looking for at least 6 volunteers per day. By the end of May the edible garden, the herb garden and Monarch stations will be planted and ready to go. Students this fall will be able to begin their learning experience outdoors! Thanks for your help! --Cindy Gunn

Fundraising & Donations…

organized the schedules and kids, to Helma Groot for designing the tshirts, to Mim Halterman who planned the event, to volunteers Pat Merkle, Emily Adesiji, Denise Jacobs, and Mary Brown as well as to our Principal, Mrs. Moser who wholeheartedly welcomed this event at school. We have purple walkathon t-shirts for sale at $15 each. Please contact Mim at to purchase them. Hunger Relief for Haiti Julian Kraska, Jaylon Jackson, Andrew Staley, and Griffin Hughes – students in Amy Pezzatta’s 2nd grade class – joined their families and over 200 other caring people at a Kids Against Hunger food-packaging event in Cincinnati, OH, on April 16, 2011. Volunteers filled, sealed, and boxed ready-to-prepare bags of dry ingredients in a series of assembly lines. When heated with water, each bag provides six vegetarian meals specially formulated to restore nutritional balance in malnourished children and adults. Of the 42,768 total meals created that day, the Indianola K-8 team produced 252 bags, or 1,512 individual meals. From late fall to early spring, the boys raised money individually and through craft & bake sales at school. They presented a collective donation of over $1,000 to Kids Against Hunger to help pay for their relief efforts in Haiti. Heartfelt thanks go to Amy Pezzatta for her generosity and enthusiasm, to Mrs. Moser for permitting the school sales, and to all the others who supported this worthy cause! --Julie Hughes, parent of Griffin Hughes

Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House Melissa's 4th grade class won an ice cream party for collecting the most pop tabs over spring break over 3 lbs worth. Maree's 4th grade class continues to keep their sights high as they aim for 80 lbs worth of pop tabs collected by the end of this year! Help them meet their goal by saving your pop tabs and bringing them to school for Maree's class. Go 4th GRADERS!! Listen for results at the yearend assembly! Walk-n-Roll-A-Thon The Walk n Rollathon was wild and wacky (and without rain)! We heard from both the 8th graders running the event and the students who participated in it how much fun they had - like "AWESOME" - silly string, bubbles, 8th graders dressing up crazy, water relays and the best purple t-shirts ever. Many thanks to Stephanie as she

Challenge MS Walk A family member of a child in room 14 has just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her family is

taking part in this year's annual Challenge MS Walk which is hoping to raise more than $4,000 to help cure MS. Room 14 is trying to help this effort by having a school wide Tee-shirt Design Contest. The cost to enter is $1.00 but students and families may donate more if they so wish. Entries should be turned in to the Office by Friday, May 20th. Two designs will be chosen - 1 from grades k-4 and 1 from grades 5-8. The winning designs will be proudly worn by the "NNT Team" during the Walk. The winners will receive a special award! Your child should bring home a flyer this week. Information about the Challenge MS Walk can be found at Thanks to all who participate. --Mrs. M, K/1 teacher

Scholastic Book Fair You are invited to our Scholastic Book Fair, a reading event packed with excitement for students and families. Our theme--Book Fair Carnival --will make reading as entertaining as a carnival midway. The entire school community will delight in an exciting atmosphere of great books, thrilling stories, and fun. Readers of all ages will walk away from the Book Fair with the grandest prize of all: a life-long love of reading! The more a child reads, the stronger reader he or she becomes. We all know that strong reading skills are essential to a child’s success in school and life. Our Book Fair encourages this success by offering students access to great books at affordable prices. Children are more likely to read books they personally choose. The wide variety of choices offered at our Book Fair ensures that there will be something for everyone (Pre-K through Teen)! At the very least, I hope this Fair will feed your student’s excitement about reading just as we move into the lazy days of summer. As I discuss the Book Fair with your children, I am personally asking that he or she read 20 minutes, every day! I am encouraging students to write down titles they like to check out of the public library over the summer. Students will also be given the chance to vote for titles they would like me to purchase, with Book Fair profit, for the library! If you’re all booked up during Book Fair week (or just want to keep shopping), visit the Book Fair online: The online Book Fair: • allows your child to send wish lists, inviting family and friends to participate in the

• •

Book Fair offers an expanded book selection – books for all ages, even adult titles is available for an extended time: May 13 th through May 23rd

Students will browse and buy during their regularly scheduled library times. Look for a flier coming home with a letter and library schedule attached. Most books are $5.00 or less (paperback) with specialty, gift, and hard-back books; $15.00 $25.00. Accepted forms of payment are: cash, check, and credit/debit cards. In-School Fair: Friday, May 13th – Friday, May 20th 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM On-Line Fair: Friday, May 13th – Monday May 23rd Extended Shopping Time! Thank you for your support! seeing you at the Fair!

I look forward to

--April Repka, Library

Upcoming Indianola Events… Coffee & Conversation Tuesday, May 17 will be our last parent coffee for this school year. Please join us for a last hurrah as we celebrate the end of another great year of learning and community building. We promise the treats will be extra yummy!  Art, Games & Nature Happening! Two parent volunteers per classroom are needed to help with our Arts, Games and Nature Happening May 24 and 25. Volunteers will travel with and help one of the groups (though not necessarily with their own children). The whole school, K-8, will be participating! If you are available to help, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. Drum Out! If you’re new to Indianola, a word about drum out: our drummers assemble at the front entrance and begin drumming just before school lets out. Students are dismissed, with 8 th graders marching out last as we all celebrate their rite of passage. It is a moving event, with lots of smiles as well as tears. Congrats to all our 8th graders--you will be missed, but there are great things ahead!

Room Rep News… Our final meeting of the year is Tuesday, May 17

at 7 pm. We will meet at Pat’s house. We’ll celebrate our accomplishments for the year with yummy treats, complete a brief survey concerning our Room Rep experiences this year, and discuss ideas for next year. We hope you can come! Please contact Pat to RSVP and for directions. Thank you to our Room Reps for all the time and effort you spent helping the Indianola community become even stronger. You’re the best! Teacher Mrs. M Michelle ElizaBeth Tracey Julie Amy H Emilie Tiffany Amy P Shannon Sue Danielle & Nicole Maree Melissa Ronda Sylvia Lisa Trina Jennifer Andrew Stephanie Monica

Room Rep(s) Patti O’Toole Sarah Davis Erika Crawford Tricia Brown Jessica Brown Skye Kennedy Jennifer Nolte Kelly Chellis Catherine Bird Lisa Pfeifer Ginger Rigsbee Mark Klingler Amy Cohen Maria Conroy Karen Staley Julie Hughes Amy Staz Jackie Wissman Cass Freeland Paulene Wilson Sharone Putter Mary Brown Heather Ziegler Elizabeth Freeman-Days Susan Belair Emily Adesiji Denise Jacobs Rachel McCloskey Cindy Eledath Cat Baumgartner

Upcoming Community Events… “Referendum Train” I will be opening my home as a " station on the Referendum train" every Sunday from 4:00 to 5:00 for people to come and sign petitions and facilitate discussions on these public policy issues facing education. 2595 Findley Ave. (Between Duncan and Hudson and 2 blocks up from High). --Marlene Robbins, K-5 Dance Teacher

Celtic Musicians Fighting Hunger Benefit This Saturday, May 14 is the 4th Annual Central Ohio Celtic Musicians Fighting Hunger benefit for Mid-Ohio FoodBank. Doors at 4:30, music starts at 5:00 and goes until the wee hours, with THE PRODIGALS headlining! Dancers perform at 7 pm. Tickets are $20 in advance or $30 at the door. Every $1 donated will purchase 8 meals through

MOFB; if you don't buy your ticket until the day of the event, you'll be purchasing 240 meals instead of 160. There will be fabulous raffle items, such as a table to the "Celtic Fire" concert with the Lancaster Festival, a table for Shadowbox Theatre, Museum tickets, baskets of all sorts, and more! Bring your dancing shoes, a big heart and an open wallet. More info and directions are at Come join the Kells, General Guinness Band, Columbus Celtic Dancers, Piper Larry Fortson, 9 Castle Close and the Prodigals as we celebrate the human spirit and Celtic music, as well as raise money for a critical issue facing many Ohioans today. --Terri Maloney Houston, former Indianola parent 614-205-0810

ADD/ADHD Support Group Please join us for Columbus City Schools ADD/ADHD Support Group Meeting May 19 at 10:00 am. CCS Northgate Center (6655 Sharonwoods Blvd). Topic: 2011-12 school year. Refreshments & door prizes! RSVP by calling 3658642. Provide parent & child’s names AND specify which school your child attends.

SUMMER FUN… Kindermusik Kindermusik is a music & movement class for children ages newborn—7 years and their parents/caregivers. While singing, dancing and playing instruments, children improve their literacy & motor skills, learn music concepts, bond with their grownups, and HAVE FUN! Family Time “Zoo Train” (parent & kids up to age 7) * Mondays 10-10:45 am * Weds. 6:30-7:15 pm June 6—27 ($60) June 8—July 6 ($75) “Zoo Train” (parent & kids 18 mths—3 yrs) * Thursdays 10-10:45 am June 9—July 7 ($75) Adventure Camps Kindermusik plus a craft Parents attend last 15 min. of each class “Tell Me a Tale” (ages 4-7 yrs) Monday—Friday 9:30—11:30 am July 11—15 ($150)

“On the Road” (ages 3-5yrs) Monday--Friday 9:30—11:00 am July 18-22 ($115)

Classes are taught by Pat Merkle and meet at Columbus Mennonite Church in Clintonville. Tuition includes quality instruments, cd’s, and books to enjoy at home. Indianola families receive

a 20% discount on tuition! Register now at and receive an early registration discount. For more information, check out the Kindermusik website or contact Pat Merkle. Lazy Days of Summer? Oh sure, you’re looking forward to all that downtime with the kids now, but in a few weeks you’ll be wondering what to DO! Here are a few ideas from Start a collection. Bugs, once properly dried, can be collected, marbles, coins, or… Record and catalog the things you find. Visit the zoo. Sit & draw the animals, figure out what they’re doing. Research a favorite animal & visit multiple times throughout the summer. Visit the art museum. and research the artist.

Choose a favorite piece

Go fishing. Learn about the different types of fish you could catch and what type of bait to use. Go hiking. Find a trail you haven’t hiked before. Go to the library. Participate in events, or just read in the air conditioning on a hot day! Write & perform a skit with neighborhood kids. Make props and costumes & invite the neighbors to be your audience.

Successful 1st Carnival! Hundreds of past, current, and future Indianola families joined us on the evening of May 6 to enjoy carnival games, bounce houses, music and dance performances, and most especially, one another's company. Families brought picnic dinners or purchased hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, or drinks from the middle grade booths. Monica's class sold incredibly beautiful tie-dyed Indianola shirts and our traditional cakewalk was once again a huge hit. Folks jammed with Throat Culture, The Shazbots, 8th graders Rain & Jasmine, moved and grooved during Kindermusik fun, and danced in the incredible costuming of OpenHeartArt. The hottest items at the silent auction were lunch with Mrs. Moser and dinner with Amy P., both raising over double their actual value! (Rumor has it that next year's silent auction will include an overnight pajama party at school!) The PTO donated over $100 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society in exchange for the tickets used at its booth. After expenses the carnival raised about $1900 which will help support an artist-in-residence at our school next year. A HUGE thanks to all who made the carnival a success, especially the Room Reps who organized their classroom booths (couldn't have done it without you!), Rachel Rowen who organized & MC'd the entertainment, Bill Walker for his help with the sound system, Cass Freeland for securing the bounce houses, Heather Jarvis & Jorie Schwartz for organizing the prizes, Nick Wolak for organizing the book sale, Rob Cohen for his behind the scenes help as fundraising chair, and last but certainly not least, our custodians for all their hard work in preparing for and cleaning up after the carnival.

Go to the farmers’ market. Buy something new to try. Or jot down prices per unit and do a math activity at home.

Looking forward to the fun of next year's carnival,

Do some community service. Pick up litter, volunteer at a shelter, or help an elderly neighbor with your family.

Thank You… … to our 2010-2011 PTO officers for all their hard work and dedication to Indianola:

Keep a journal. Write about your summer activities, thoughts and feelings.

Marie Boozer & Beth Rapach, co-presidents Jorie Schwartz, vice president Heather Jarvis, secretary April Repka & Amy Staz, co-treasurers Rob Cohen & DiAnne Richardson, fundraising chairs Ray Arabelo, website administrator Arin Blair & Tommy Good, volunteer coordinators

Don’t forget to do some math! Some websites where you can find online math games are:


--Marie Boozer PTO Co-President

…and a Plea for Help!

PTO board members are needed for the 2011-2012 school year. The following positions are open: *Vice President *Secretary *Volunteer Coordinator *Fundraising Coodinator Please contact Rob Cohen ( or Beth Rapach ( for information. Your help and skills will be greatly appreciated! Important Dates

& More Important Dates MAY 24

5:30 at Aftricentric K-12 26

Track Finals 5:30 at Africentric K-12


Chess Invitational 9:30 am—2 pm Indianola K-8

26 27

5th Graders to Freedom Center Grades 2-8 to Mershon Dance Performance


NO SCHOOL Memorial Day


Safe House & Fire Engine Grades 2--5


8th Grade Celebration for 8th graders & their parents

MAY 9-13

Latchkey registration for current students


8th Grade Trip to Colonial Williamsburg

12 16

PTO Meeting 7:00 pm Latchkey registration for new students


Last Parent Coffee of the year 9:00 in Parent Room


K/1’s to Zoo


6th Graders to OSU Baseball Game


Track meet at Marion HS 4:00


Room Rep Meeting 7-8:00 at Pat’s house


8th Grade Completion Ceremony 2:00 pm, Auditorium




Grades 4-8 Assembly 10:00 am


Grades K-3 Assembly 1:00 pm


Drum Out! 3:10 at front entrance



7 Grade Trip to Stone Lab


NO SCHOOL Professional Development Day


Jump Rope for Heart


Regional Invention Convention


K-8 Arts, Nature & Games Day

North Divisional Track Meet

Have a relaxing & rejuvenating summer!

Parent Teacher Consultant Newsletter - May 2011  

Parent Teacher Consultant Newsletter - May 2011