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Parent Consultant News Indianola K-8 November, 2011 Cass Freeland

Pat Merkle 784-8140 262-2013

Thanks… Principal’s Fundraiser Thanks to Holly Ruggerio and Gosia Grabiszewska Rehfus for their help with the Principal’s Fundraiser. Fall Fun Thanks to all the parents who helped make the Fall parade and parties so much fun for the kids. Whether you sent in party snacks or craft supplies, helped with a party game or craft, stuffed excited, wriggling children into costumes, or held a hand during the parade, your help was greatly appreciated. Didn’t have the opportunity to help this time around? It’ll be time for the Valentine’s Day parties before you know it! Artist-in-Residence Project Thanks to Helma Groot for sharing her creativity with our students during her Artist-inResidency visit.

Thanks also to the parents and middle grades students who assisted with sawing, oversee the project.




Announcements… PTO Membership Your PTO: Are You a Member? The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is asking everyone with a child at Indianola to become a member. In last week’s Friday folder you received a PTO membership form along with a volunteer interest survey. If you haven’t done so already, please fill out the form and return it to the PTO box in the school office or send it in with your child by

November 15. If you did not receive a form, you may download one from the Website at What does your PTO do for Indianola? It raises money for the purchase of math texts and other curriculum materials not provided by the district; for removal of snow from the playground; and for the Artist in Residence program, to name just a few things the PTO funds. It also organizes or supports such worthwhile events as the Mileage Club, Wienie Roast, Welcome Breakfast, Spring Carnival, and Parent Education Evenings, and the Food Matters program. Furthermore, the PTO provides a forum where you can join with others in the Indianola community to change our school for the better. Join today. Then get involved by attending PTO meetings and events, and volunteering a few hours of your time so that our children’s school is the best it can be. --Mark Klingler, parent

Refurbished Website! Cass Freeland, Mark Klingler, and Ray Arebalo have been hard at work getting our website up to date and making it easier to locate information. Check it out: We are forming a committee of volunteers to work on improving the website. We especially need people willing to draft and post items as needed. If you are interested in joining this effort, contact Cass Freeland at Dismissal Time Log Jam Our Orthopedically Handicapped (OH) students are finding it difficult to navigate the hallway traffic as they make their way out of their classrooms at the end of the day. They dismiss early to avoid the crowd but it is sometimes still tricky getting around parents and little ones waiting outside the K/1 classes. If you are waiting near the OH rooms at the end of the day, please be sensitive to the fact that our OH students need a bit more room as they make their way through the hallway. It is important that they get to their buses before the rest of the student body dismisses so they have ample time and room for loading. Thanks for your consideration.

PTO Treasury Update Since last reported, your PTO has.... ~Purchased math journals for 2nd and 3rd Grades - $1,586.00 ~Purchased spirit wear/Indy t-Shirts - for sale to the Indy community - $278.00 ~Transferred funds to establish account for future curriculum materials - $2,500.00 ~Helped with Local Matters start-up expenses for this year's program - $50.00 ~Purchased diversity DVDs (kept in library) $60.00 ~Purchased copy paper for PTO fliers - $83.00 ~Purchased hot dogs for Lynd's weiner roast $14.00 ~Paid for childcare at 2 PTO-sponsored meetings $60.00

Classroom News and Events… We are happy to have Helma Groot, as our Artist in Residence. Helma recently came to the school to work on a collaborative art project with students grades K-8. A welcome ceremony was held where Helma shared her work and ideas for the collaborative art installation.

CREDITS... ~New PTO memberships - $100.00 ~Student supply fees put another $400.00 in the classrooms! ~Indy T-shirt Sale @ Open House, and since $200.00 Parent Resources Did you know that the Parent Room has a lending library? There are books on a variety of topics— family math activities; literacy; parenting teenagers; mentoring African American boys; bullying; and more. Please feel free to use these materials. When borrowing a book, complete the check out sheet (in the yellow folder), then mark the book as returned when you bring it back. School Absence If your child is absent, please notify our attendance secretary, Denise Holland, by email at or by phone at 3655579. Email is preferred; your email will also serve as the excuse note. If you call, send an excuse note when your child returns to school. Newsletter Submission Dates If you have something you’d like included in the newsletter, email it to Pat Merkle by the corresponding date. Submission date (Mondays) Nov. 28 Jan. 9 Jan. 30 Feb. 27 Apr. 2 Apr. 30

Distribution date (Thursdays) Dec. 2 Jan. 12 Feb. 2 Mar. 1 Apr. 5 May 3

Approximately 50 middle grades students created 12 inch plywood cut-outs of children in various poses. One hundred and fifty K-5 students, assisted by many middle grades students, painted the cut-outs. Other children, not directly involved with the cutting and painting, were involved by taking pictures and documenting the work of each group. Classroom activities for students to create stand alone artwork or possibly another installation for inside the building was encouraged. The art figures support and reiterate the “Proud to Be Me” school theme. Helma will be creating a permanent installation from the student work to place in the two front flower beds on each side of the school entrance. The school will hold an installation and dedication ceremony on November 30 at 2:00 P.M. --Michelle Ballinger, Gifted Intervention Specialist Grades 6-8

The Green Book Miss Tiffany’s 3rd grade class spent their first unit focused on The Green Book by Jill Paton Walsh. We used the book to discuss and envision what characteristics make up the genre of Science Fiction. The class tried to predict what the future might look like and what technology/inventions there may be. More importantly, the class realized that if we don’t take care of the Earth now, it may not be inhabitable in the future! In this way, we were able to learn about conservation. Relatedly, we focused on mapping and drawing landscapes, as well as comparing and contrasting moths and butterflies.

Selected Poems from Ronda’s 4th graders: Weeping European Birch by Maya Anderson It's like sitting in the dark, shaded from the sun's hot rays Tall as a street light Leaning like an elephant charged at it Curvey like a rainbow right after a storm Leafy to shield us from the beaming sun Monsterous like a giant hand

We also discussed technology/inventions of present day AND in the past. We went to Slate Run Farm to see how different life was in the late 1800s. Additionally, we discussed how to “make do with what we have.” In the story, the humans discovered a new planet to live on. However, this planet did not come with grocery stores, cars, streets, or playground equipment. The inhabitants had to figure out how to survive and obtain the basic needs of living. They were the “Native Americans” of this land. The class created games for that planet, keeping in mind the resources available. Additionally, we touched upon economics, discussing goods and services; what natural and human capital resources these people had and could use; and how they could create products from them. Finally, we discussed creating a functional community by establishing rules and a government for the new land. We were able to apply our knowledge of the branches of government. It was a rich unit and the students enjoyed sharing with friends and family a performance emulating the lifecycle of a butterfly! --Maria Conroy, parent

Arts & Nature As part of a unit on trees, Ronda and Sylvia's 4th graders took a field trip to the Topiary Park downtown. They were accompanied by art teacher, Jim McMahon, and dance teacher, Marlene Robbins. To start off, each student received a leaf. They searched the park for the tree it came from after categorizing it. Every child completed a sketch of the leaf, plus six descriptive words with which they later wrote a poem. The field trip ended with an interpretive dance among the topiaries.

Untitled by Megan Sharp Sad as those before myself Birch tree from elsewhere Weeping branches, leaves like tears I am home to you! But now you gather 'neath me, Stories will be told, Of tall cranes and rolling plains, Of mucky swampland And cold winter's ice For I am different from other trees! Aquatic Lab Adventure Early in October, Trina and Andrew’s sixth grade classes went to the OSU Aquatic Ecology Lab for an amazing tour of aquatic organisms including fish, algae, mussels and plankton. Students discovered how ecologists find what is in lakes. Their favorite part was going into the lake in waders and using nets to capture aquatic specimens. They caught dragonfly larva, fish, algae, and lots of mud!

Isabel Erickson, Rylan Mortensen and Emily Yoder-Tiedt.

In the dry lab, the 6th graders looked in microscopes and saw creatures like zooplankton. They could also see fish inside their eggs. Did you know that you can tell how old a fish is by counting the rings its ears? They guessed the age of five fish based on their size. In the wet lab, students learned that noise and sudden movements stress fish out and may even kill them. Another thing the 6th graders learned was that mussels sit still like rocks to attract fish. When the fish gets close, the mussel clamps onto the fish’s mouth and shoots out its offspring into the fish’s lungs. This protects the baby mussels while they grow.

Many students are currently preparing for several academic options such as Writing Stars, Dr. Martin Luther King Oratorical and Reading March Madness. School wide options such as chess, geography bee and spelling bee are underway. Seventh and eighth grade students are encouraged to participate in debate at Capital University and the Power of the Pen state writing competition. Students interested should sign up in advance with me and meet with the team on a weekly basis to prepare. --Michele Ballinger, Gifted Intervention Specialist Grades 6-8

Room Reps… Our next meeting is Monday, Nov. 28 at 9:15 am in the Parent Room. Hope to see you there! Teacher Mrs. M Michelle Elizabeth Julie Amy H. Emilie Shannon Sue

The kids had a great time and when they returned to school they all discussed what they did and rated the activities. Most agreed that this field trip deserved a 10!


--By Jared Brown, Esther Amonor, & Anya Nelson

Amy P. Tiffany Ronda Sylvia Melissa Maree Andrew Trina Jennifer Lisa Stephanie Monica

Middle Grades Gifted/Talented News Congratulations to the seventh grade Math Scramble Team for doing an outstanding job at the recent district math event. Students were scrambled with students from fifteen other schools to participate in four rounds of math problem solving and critical thinking challenges. All four students were on teams that finished in the top four places. The students included Wyatt Crider,


Room Rep(s) Jennifer Schmied Holly Ruggerio Kate Wilkinson Lisa Pfeifer Elizabeth Douglass Mark Klingler Jennifer Nolte Catherine Bird Chrissy Gilbert Jessica Starr Cass Freeland Kelly Chellis Amanda Hullinger Karen Staley Maria Conroy Sarah/James Bartczak Tani Kushner Patti O’Toole Lyen Djakov Marty Biggs Mary Brown Susan Belair Elizabeth Days Denise Jacobs Emily Adesiji

Wellness… Free Flu Shots Free flu shots will be available on November 11th for Indianola K-8 students who have turned in signed consent forms. Consent forms went home October 14th. If you did not receive one, please contact Bonnie in the office or our school nurse, Katie McKeel. Signed consent forms must be turned in no later than November 8th. Mileage Club Effective November 8, Mileage Club will begin at 8:30. Please do not drop off children prior to that. As winter approaches, we'll take a break until the spring. If you would like to receive e-mail notifications about this, please e-mail Cass Freeland at Students have walked over 500 miles so far! If your child is participating in Mileage Club, please donate a couple of dollars for supplies if you are able. We have not received many donations so far.

Fundraising & Donations… Giant Eagle & Kroger cards Don’t forget to register your Giant Eagle card ( and Kroger card ( so Indianola K8 can earn money every time you shop! Indianola K-8’s ID # is 4403 for Giant Eagle’s Apples for Students and 90115 for the Kroger program. Coat Exchange If you have a coat your child has outgrown, or a child who has outgrown his or her coat, try our Coat Exchange! Bring coats or other cold weather attire you’d like to donate to the Parent Room and place in the “Coat Exchange” basket (or send it in to the office with your child). If your child needs some cold weather gear, check to see what's there. Contact Cass Freeland if you have questions (

Indianola Events… Parent-Teacher Conferences Parent-teacher conferences will be held Thursday, Nov. 10 & Tuesday, Nov. 15 from 4-7:00 pm. ! Please make sure that you contact the school office (365-5579) to schedule a conference with your child's teacher. Our goal is to have conferences with 100% of our families during the month of November. Since time slots are short, it’s a good idea to come prepared with a list of questions, concerns or

comments you’d like to share. Please make every effort to be on time and use your list to keep the conversation focused so you can use the time to best advantage. Book Fair is Right Around the Corner!! Our annual book fair is Friday, November 11 through Friday, November 18. Scholastic Book Fair will raise funds to purchase materials for the Indianola library—YAY!! Students will come with their classes early in the Book Fair to browse and make their wish lists. They will return later during the week for a buying time. Parents will have time to visit the Book Fair during school hours, before school from 8:45-9:00, after school from 3:30-4:00 and during the Parent-Teacher conference on Tuesday, November 15 until 8:00 p.m. Teachers will also be developing “Wish Lists” for their classrooms. See the board in the library during the Book Fair to choose books to enhance your child's classroom collection! Shop the Book Fair Online! If you're booked up during the Book Fair week (or just want to keep shopping), visit the Online Book Fair November 11 through November 27. You can browse an extended selection of books, send wish lists to friends & family and all orders ship free to school! Visit Indianola’s own online store at Don't miss this opportunity to support Indianola's library, to encourage your children to read and to get some holiday shopping out of the way! We still need more volunteers!! Please donate a couple of hours to come in and help students and parents browse and buy. It is a fun way to get to know the children and the entire Indianola community. Please contact Jennifer Nolte ( or 268-4210). --Jennifer Nolte (mom of Jane in Shannon's class), Book Fair Co-Chair

Middle Grades Drama Club Performance Join us in the Indianola auditorium Weds. Nov. 16 & Thurs. Nov. 17 at 7:00 pm for Into the Woods (Junior). This play is kid-friendly, at about one hour in length. Tickets are only $5 each and are available in Room 108. Funds raised will go toward the purchase of an Apple All-in-One computer for the middle grades program.

Let’s Move! Yoga, Conditioning & Dance Ms. Sarah is offering another round of Let’s Move! This time she will add a twist: Yoga & Conditioning. For those who have enjoyed her strengthening classes in the past but also enjoy a little movement, this class is for you!

$40/person includes one workshop, lunch, t-shirt, and COSI admission. Scholarships are available. Visit upcoming events.

Wednesdays 3:45-4:45, beginning November 9 $36 for the 6-class session.



Fri., 11/4

PTO-sponsored Wienie Roast Lynd’s Farm 6:00 pm

Weds., 11/9

PTO Business meeting 7 p.m. Indianola library

Thurs., 11/10

Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7 p.m.

Fri., 11/11Fri., 11/18

Book Fair

Tues., 11/15

Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-7 p.m.

Weds., 11/23Sun., 11/27

NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

Thurs., 12/1

High School Options meeting 7—8:30 p.m. Auditorium

Fri., 12/2

PTO Tree Sale Delivery

-Ms. Sarah

Events Around Town… Indianola Dancers ~Indianola students, Eva House, Anya Phillips and Isaac Orrante will be performing in the BalletMet Columbus production of The Nutcracker. Performances run from Dec. 9—24; tickets are available through the BalletMet ticket office at 614-229-4848.

~Sophia Starkie (Room 212), will perform in the Columbus Youth Ballet's presentation of The Nutcracker. Look for her in the Candy Cane lead, Arabian Corps, Tea Corps, and Sprites. Sophia's father, John Starkie, plays a father in the opening party scene. Performances are at the Thurber Theater at Drake Union OSU, Saturday, December 3 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, December 4 at 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $18 and $20, and can be ordered at 614.433.0146.

Girls Discover…Engineering! A day-long exploration of engineering careers exclusively for girls in grades 6-8. Sat. Nov. 12 from 9-3:15 pm at COSI. Advance registration is required; register online at


Important Dates

All are welcome! TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND OLDER KIDS--THAT MEANS YOU! Step up to the challenge and do something different!

COSI Events Holiday Lights Family Workshop Get a tour of holiday lighting from the simple candle to the electric lamp, with stops along the way for fiery explosions, super-cold liquid nitrogen fun and more. Then learn together during a 45minute hands-on workshop and take home an experiment. $5 for COSI members; $5 plus COSI general admission for non-members. Members may reserve a spot by calling 228-2674. Non-members, inquire about available spots upon arrival. • Fri. Nov. 25 & Dec. 23 at 2:00 pm • Sat. Nov. 26, Dec. 3, 10, 17 at 2:00 pm • Sun. Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 11, & 18 at 3:00 pm • Thurs. Dec. 22 at 2:00 pm




Get Involved…

Garden Volunteers Needed 30 to 40 volunteers are needed Sunday, November 6th at 2 pm to help prepare the garden and the school grounds for colder weather. It is time to take care of our soil so we can offer an ecology program this spring. Please bring wheelbarrows, garden tools, hammers, and water. Come and help: *Build a shed

*Finish compost bins *Haul mulch & dirt *Plant winter rye *Pull out plants from the edible garden *Mulch garden beds, bird feeders and trees *Drain and cover the pond

Email Cindy Gunn at if you have questions or need more information.

PTO Meeting Attend the PTO meeting Nov. 9 in the library (with the candlestick), 7:00 pm. (Just kidding about the candlestick.) Book Fair Nov. 11-18. To volunteer, contact Jennifer Nolte at 268-4210 or (See article earlier in newsletter for details.) Conferences Attend a conference with your child’s teacher Thursday, Nov. 10 or Tuesday Nov. 15. (See earlier article for details.) Art Installation Please join us for a short ceremony on Nov. 30 at 2:00 pm as we celebrate the installation of the art created in conjunction with Helma Groot’s Artistin-Residency visit. There will be dancing, song, and…drum roll please…the unveiling! (See article earlier in newsletter for details about the project.) Spring Carnival We had a great first Carnival Committee meeting October 5th. There are many creative ideas we hope to incorporate this year! One thing we're absolutely sure of is that there will be lots of opportunities to help around the time of the event: ! ! ! ! ! !

Booth staffing (1 hour shifts) Donating silent auction items Serving food Helping direct parking Loaning a tent Donating prizes, books, art supplies, and ??

Are you excited yet? We are planning our next meeting for mid-January. If you’d like to participate on the committee, send an email to Jorie Schwartz at If you have a great idea for a game or booth, please share! With your help, we hope to create a fun, welcoming event and make it a successful fundraiser for the Indianola K-8 PTO.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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:(;<2*0()1$ &'6%5+'*"02% '+"*'02@,-.'/01)2.% %

--Jorie Schwartz (Emma & Griffin’s mom) Carnival Committee Chair

Happy Thanksgiving!


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