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Located in Silicon city - Bangalore, our campus provide an environment that is conducive to learning. The campuses are self-contained sea in which the students will find that all their needs are met and surpassed by the world class technology and facilities. Credited as one of the Top College in Bangalore by many Universities, we have great responsibilities to fulfil the requirements of our students to all the extinct. Our faculty members are known for their exemplary teaching skills. We conduct Faculty Development programs on regular basis by organizing seminars and guest lectures by experts from Industry and Academia. We do also conduct Bachelors Program in Bangalore in our own institution. This helps students to build their career strong and Dynamic. Which gives them confidence to take up in Business and Industries. Student Discipline is a way of life at the Indian Academy Educational Institutions. Indian Academy believe in the aim of Discipline is to prepare our students to be useful and important citizens of their countries.

Available Resources with sample presentation of Laboratories/Lecturehalls

Lecture halls

Lecture Halls and Seminar Halls at Indian Academy Group of Institutions are spacious and well lit with good ventilation. All lecture halls have functionally designed modern furniture. Lecture halls have been provided with educational aids like slide projectors, overhead/LCD projectors, computers, televisions, VCRs and CD players. Indian Academy provides a full array of scientific and professional laboratories with student access to latest technologies. Our Computer Science lab is equipped with computers having latest hardware configuration. All the systems are in a networked environment whose hardware and software is continuously upgraded in tune with our requirements and changes in computer technology.


Our Laboratories for Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biology, Physics and Chemistry are well designed and adequately equipped. Laboratory batches are small and the individual attention is the rule not the exception.

Top Colleges in Bangalore | Indiaacademy