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2014 ANNUAL REPORT Sharing the Transformative Power of Music

DEAR FRIENDS of Indian Hill Music, What a year it’s been! You may have noticed that Indian Hill has been especially energized and we have you to thank for that. It is your enthusiasm for your lessons, for your concert experience, and for your Indian Hill community that shows us that you deeply value our attention to quality and service … and that we truly transform lives. With that confidence, Indian Hill recognizes the enormous potential for growth. When we speak of growth, we are working toward Indian Hill becoming the first place in this region that people choose for music performance, education, and outreach. As we pivot outward, we are developing creative partnerships with a wide diversity of organizations in the community. We will seek input from you and others to expand our educational offerings in the Music School. The Orchestra of Indian Hill will offer more and varied opportunities for people to experience this treasured community resource. Indian Hill is celebrating its 30th Anniversary year. We are moving forward and we ask that you share your thoughts and ideas with us—and tell others about your Indian Hill experiences. That is the absolute best way for us to successfully grow. We are proud to note that FY2014 marks the fifth consecutive year in which Indian Hill has met or exceeded its financial goals. We are a debt-free organization and have shown a positive change in net assets from operating activities for the past four years. This financial discipline has led to even greater investments in our work. Here’s to 30 years—and to a tremendous future ahead! Best wishes,

Jonathan Panek Susan Randazzo Chairman, Board of Directors Executive Director

”How would I have known that Gus has this in him? How would he know? It is only with opportunity that we can know these things. Indian Hill Music has given this in abundance—in its financial support and in its outreach and its highest regard for creativity.”

— Emilie Faucher, Shirley, whose son started saxophone through IHM’s Ayer Shirley Music Partnership and now takes private lessons at Indian Hill

EDUCATION Indian Hill’s community music school offers lessons in 30+ instruments and voice. We teach people of all ages, abilities and musical interests. Our faculty of 70 musicians, with degrees from the world’s top conservatories, provides a supportive environment in which students are able to explore and grow through music. What sets Indian Hill Music School apart are the many opportunities for collaboration among students and among faculty members. It is a community in the truest sense of the word. Our Blackman Hall is an outstanding venue for student recitals, chamber concerts and summer musical theater, as well as a rotating art gallery.

To share the transformative power of music,

“Still in the air after the wonderful music of last evening. Great music is truly food for the soul. That was a powerful feast.”

— Bill Plante, Amesbury

“Listening to chamber music in the Kalliroscope Gallery spoils you for listening anywhere else because it’s so acoustically satisfying. The space is so intimate, you can almost hear the music through your feet!” — Camilla Blackman, Groton

PERFORMANCE Indian Hill transforms how people interact with the world and with each other. From the expansive, versatile Orchestra of Indian Hill to the intimate chamber concerts at the Kalliroscope Gallery in Groton, Indian Hill presents music that spans a range of moods, genres, and styles. Our Besas Concert Series features a variety of professional, eclectic Indian Hill ensembles on Sunday afternoons. And the Indian Hill Big Band plays to enthusiastic crowds across the region. Every concert is played by passionate musicians with the utmost attention to providing a quality experience.


“I was one of those kids who slipped through the cracks in school and hardly learned to read. When I heard about IHM’s Threshold Singers it resonated deeply, but I was fearful about reading both the words and the music. The welcoming, generous men and women of the choir gently put my fears to rest. I would leave rehearsal in tears of joy. When I go to bedside to offer calming, peaceful music at a time when many people are fearful or troubled, I feel like I’ve come full circle.” — Member, Indian Hill Threshold Singers

OUTREACH Indian Hill’s focus on “giving music generously” runs through everything we do, every single day. A nursing home caregiver relates how the residents with dementia respond to Indian Hill’s free monthly Bach’s Lunch concerts, saying, “Music reaches beyond eyes and ears.” Joy lights up the face of a child who tries out an instrument for the first time. Students in the Ayer Shirley schools play their hearts out during their Indian Hill lessons and concerts. A family expresses their gratitude for the presence of the Indian Hill Threshold Singers at the bedside of their dying mother. A single parent asserts, “I can’t imagine the impact this organization will have on my son over the course of his life; I feel it will be profound on so many levels.”


Indian Hill Music Financial Information for FY14 OPERATING ACTIVITIES




1,538,767 131,368 939,064 88,725 66,096

1,558,908 116,182 959,862 94,000 79,728

1,498,876 119,297 1,902,573 98,200 61,084




2,082,604 289,847 341,681

2,073,112 357,179 341,371

1,947,476 239,328 285,064








Tuition Revenue Ticket Revenue Contributed Revenue Appropriation of Endowment Assets Other Revenue

Total Revenue EXPENSES

Program Expenses Fundraising Expenses General Expenses

Total Expenses

Changes in Net Assets from Operating Activities

(Excludes non-operating activities related to investments and annuities)

2014 Operating Expenses Fundraising Expenses 10.7% Program Expenses 76.7% General Expenses 12.6%

2014 Operating Support & Revenue Endowment Assets 3% Other Revenue Ticket Revenue 2% 5% Contributed Revenue 34%

Tuition Revenue 56%

Annual Impact

Businesses, Foundations, Government Agencies

Indian Hill serves more than 70 communities in the region north and west of Boston

Indian Hill Music is pleased to acknowledge the following Businesses, Foundations and Government agencies for their generous contributions received from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.

MUSIC SCHOOL Students in Music School: 1,500 Student Performances: 164 Scholarships Awarded: $55,000

COMPOSER’S CIRCLE $10,000+ Massachusetts Cultural Council Sterilite Corporation

PROFESSIONAL CONCERTS Performance Venues: Littleton High School; Camilla Blackman Hall

(at IHM facility); Kalliroscope Gallery (Groton)

Orchestra of Indian Hill Concerts: 6 Orchestra Subscribers: 420 Chamber & Jazz Concerts: 5 at Kalliroscope Gallery; 4 in Camilla

Blackman Hall

Concert Attendees: 5,000

COMMUNITY OUTREACH Services to Community: Bach’s Lunch Concerts; Threshold Singers;

Ayer-Shirley School Music Partnership; Music Therapy; communitybased performances; senior outreach; Pajama Jams and sing-a-longs for young families People Served Through Outreach: 6,600 Free Concerts: 20 Bach’s Lunch; 14 concerts in the community

FINANCES (FY2014) Budget: $2.7 million Donors: 700 Contributed Revenue: $940,000 Earned Revenue: $1.7 million Appropriation of Endowed Assets: $90,000 Investments: $3.1 million LEADERSHIP, ADMINISTRATION, MUSICIANS Board Members: 19 Council Members: 39 Staff and Musicians: 17 (14 full-time, 3 part-time);

70 School faculty; 70 Orchestra musicians Volunteers: 50

LEADER $5,000+ Circle Health Deluxe Corporation Foundation Enterprise Bank GateHouse Media New England * Middlesex Savings Bank North Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation John M. Vetere & Associates * BENEFACTOR $2,500+ Bruce J Anderson Foundation at the Boston Foundation Bamboo Fine Asian Cuisine Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts Curry Printing * DCU for Kids Greater Lowell Community Foundation Groton Ayer Realty Trust Haartz Corporation Keena Keel, Master Piano Tuner * Attorney Ray Lyons Helen and William Mazer Foundation Red Hat Scheier Katin & Epstein, P.C. TD Bank PATRON $1,250+ Benchmark Senior Living at Robbins Brook Colonial Spirits* Henry Vincent Couper Charitable Foundation Epic Enterprises, Inc. Richard Mandel, Esq., Perry, Krumsiek & Dolan, LLP

MBIA Foundation Nashoba Real Estate New England Stageworks * Rollstone Bank and Trust Sechrest & Bloom LLC Shepherd’s Target Volunteer Insurance Agency of Littleton PARTNER $750+ Bemis Associates, Inc. Workers’ Credit Union COMMUNITY SUPPORTER $250-$749 A.M. Transportation Services, Inc. Acton-Boxborough Cultural Council Ayer Cultural Council Bisousweet Confections* Bolton Cultural Council Century 21 Nashoba Associates Donelan’s Supermarkets, Inc. Groton Cultural Council JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kitchen Outfitters, LLC Littleton Cultural Council Townsend Cultural Council CONTRIBUTOR $150+ Acton Medical Associates, P.C. Concord Cultural Council FeastTivities Juniper Networks Massachusetts Medical Society Westford Cultural Council * in-kind gift BOLD=have supported Indian Hill for 10 or more years

Partners in Excellence Annual Fund Indian Hill Music gratefully recognizes Annual Fund gifts received or pledged from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE $25,000+ Anonymous (3)¯ Camilla and Arthur Blackman¯ Priscilla Endicott¯ Samuel C. Endicott Fund¯ Peter Endicott, Priscilla Endicott, Cricket Potter, Trustees

VIRTUOSO CIRCLE $15,000+ Sheila LaFarge¯ Jonathan and Jessie Panek¯ COMPOSER’S CIRCLE $10,000+ Bradford Endicott Endicott Family Charitable Fund Jeff and Mary Fuhrer¯ Pamela Smith¯ LEADER $5,000+ Harrill Family Foundation E James and Donna Harrill, Trustees Ted and Connie Lapres¯ Bob and Sue Lotz¯ David Moulton¯ BENEFACTOR $2,500+ George and Annette Allison E Bruce and Sue Bonner E Sue Murray and Ralph Brown¯ John and Barbara Chickosky¯ Bernice Goldman and David Gaynor¯ Michael and Christine KnuppE Randy Steere and Paul Landry Carole and Art Prest Pam and Griff Resor¯ Dorothy and Phil Robbins¯ David and Pam Stone¯ John Cunney and Jared Wollaston

PATRON $1,250+ Bob and Judy Anderson¯ Jean-Pierre and Cheryl Boissy Tom Mullen and Catherine Coleman Francie Nolde and Hugh Fortmiller¯ Charles and Connie Gagnebin¯ Steve Levitsky E Russ and Wanfang Murray¯ Jean and Ned Notis-McConarty E Dave and Karen Riggert¯ Mark and Rebecca Scheier¯ Susan Randazzo and Stuart Schulman¯ Cindy and Steve Sechrest Art and Martha Shane E Laura Rogers and Michael Shear¯ Steven and Jennifer Stone¯ Ed and Liz Strachan¯ Abbott and Barbara Weiss E INVESTOR $750+ Kenneth Ansin Emilie and Frank Coolidge¯ Geoffrey and Harriet Schwartz Crew¯ Faith Cross¯ Linda Merwin and Sky Lance June Johnson and Steve Lieman¯ Don and Marilyn Malpass Vic and Jackie Normand Bob and Jane Puffer¯ Ted and Mary Shasta¯ John Sheehan E Mary Jennings and Jim Simko Bobbie and David Spiegelman¯ John Spinello William O’Donnell and Dr. Jessica Wieselquist William Wilkinson¯

PARTNER $500+ Jack and Ann Clancy Ginny Koslow and Louis DiMola E Frederick Fortmiller, Jr. Bruce Hangen¯ Pamela Ikauniks Carl Witthoft and Julie Jankelson¯ Mary Lejeune¯ Susan Litowitz The Maranda-Gosselin Family Stephanie Opalka E Tom and Katherine Rosa E Steven Sussman¯ Ara Tyler E Elizabeth Wilson SUPPORTER $300+ Bill Grundmann and Barbara Altman¯ Terri Ragot and Tom Crow¯ Armand and Mayra Diarbekirian Ryan and Michelle Dunn Paul and Donnie Funch E Edward Gardiner David Grubbs E Michael and Claire King Warren and Maredith Kundert¯ Martha Locke Richard and Jane Lyons¯ Bill and Carol Ann Marshall Carolyn and Edward Perkins¯ Bob and Becky Pine¯ Wanda and Paul Royte E Steve and Sue Ruscak E Patricia Saisi Carol Meier and Haywood Schmidt Kim and Janet Sheffield¯ Marjorie Short¯ Evelyn Thorpe

ASSOCIATE $100+ Anonymous (5) Alchemy Foundation Robert and Marjorie Anderson E Bill and Kim Arndt E Gary and Virginia Babin Lily Baddour Wendy Baker Tim and Paula Bingham¯ Deb and Steve Boczenowski Donna Lewiss Brock E John Mitchell and Jill Brown E Stephen and Gail Burne¯ Dr. and Mrs. John Burns Lee Burton¯ Ruth Cavanagh Alice Gebura and Harry Chalmiers Jane Chrisfield¯ Tom and Sara Clay E Stephen and Christel Conlin E Carolyn and Barry CoppE Harry and Maxine Crowther¯ Ken and Martha Culver Marge and Steve Darby E Laura and Kent Dickey George Downey¯ Paul and Betty Drouhilet Jamie and Kara Dunphy Janis Dyer Edgar and Carol East Blaise and Daria Petrilli-Eckert¯ Patti Thompson and John Ellenberger¯ Peter and Carola Endicott Robert and Marian Evans Helen Ford Ben Fortmiller James and Jody Fox E Glen and Pam Frederick E

Annual Fund continued Teresa and Mark Garti William Knuff and Kris Geils Janet Graeber Jeri Gray E Laurence and Rita Gibes Grossman E Michael and Alice Hallstrom Kimberly and Joshua Harriman McLaren and Susan Harris¯ Paul and Geraldine Harter¯ Warren and Barbara Henderson E Nancy L. Hilsinger E Bernard and Betty Hochheiser Ian and Pamela Holland¯ John and Melinda Holland David and Susan Hopkins¯ Wei Hua Drs. Jeanne and Mark Hubelbank¯ Fran Hunt E Gregory Hutchins¯ Jeffrey Hutchins Robert and Betty Jack¯ Irene Jahnle Jennifer Fenton Jones¯ Jack and Betty Keddy¯ Robert Kennedy E Alan Kent Anne Kingan Daniel S. and Shelley Kassman Klein Phyllis Konop E J. David and Lynda Kramer E Charles and Eileen Kronauer E Carol D. Lake E Kenneth and Susan Latronico E Esther Lawrence Fund Mary Leahy¯ Susan N. Lee E Donald and Joann Leitch E Ricardo and Marla Lewitus Christopher and Laura Lindop¯

Mary Livingston E George and Ilse Lohrer Debbie and Scott MacDonald Rheta Roeber and Paul Malchodi¯ Jeanne Mason Marguerite Mazzone¯ Constance McClellan Colleen Meller E Paul and Bobbie Mielke E Pascal and Abbe Miller Lorraine Misner¯ Ned and Mary Mitchell¯ Renee Moe Frances Moretti¯ Paul and Pat Motyka E Judith Munson¯ Bernard and Mary Murphy E C. David Gordon and Barbara T. Murray¯ Peter and Elizabeth Norton¯ Lynne Osborn Subrat and Geeta Pani E Thomas and Nancy Penney Ernie Petrides Richard and Anita Pollak Robert Price Ron and Karen Riggert E Victor Rosenbaum Mathias Rosenfeld Margaret Rothrauff Paul and Natalie Rothwell¯ Bard and Cindy Salmon Jim and Bridget Saltonstall E Edythe Salzman¯ Takato and Eiko Sato E George Schaffer Nancy and Len Schiavone E Catherine and George Schwenk Frances Guerard and Patrick Scollin E Glen and Rosheen Secor

Carolyn and Fred Sellars E David and Mary Sherrill E Andrew Silinsh John and Ann Sorvari Robert and Eleanor Stetson¯ Janet E. Stevens E Jean and Roger Temple¯ Philip and Diane Temple¯ John and Christine Ting¯ Cynthia Tonrey Elizabeth Tyson-Smith Patricia Webber¯ Patricia White¯ Robert and Zelda Williams E Katrina Wollenberg E Miriam Zarchan E Mark and Carol Zarrow¯ FRIEND $50+ Anonymous (1) E Debbie Sheetz and Jim Adelson¯ Thomas and Jo Allen E William Auffinger¯ Barbara Barrett Douglas Barrus Becky Barth Linda and James Bentley Edwin J. Bloom Roberta Braverman Sharon Briggs E Anne Brophy Bill and Pam Brown¯ Elinor DeF Crane¯ William and Martha Dean Vicky and Peter Deng Louise Derbyshire Kelly Dias Elaine Doherty E Margaret and Stewart Douglas Kristen and Peter Ersland E

Richard and Marilyn Fedele E Patricia Foster James and Claire Frassica E Roberta Benson and John Friedrich E John and Susan Gavriel E Meera Gill Mark and Anna Goldin Vladimir and Katya Gurin Dorothy Hall Bob and Ellen Hargraves¯ Janet and Alan Hart E Marion Hauck E Chris and Patti Hegarty¯ Carmel and Kurt Heim E Ann Himmelberger E Leonard Irvine Penelope Kathiwala George and Hulen Kornfeld Paul Koval Jerry and Judy Krantweiss E Paul and Rosemarie Krenitsky E Galina Kumykova E Curtis and Jo Lanciani E Judy Larter E Thelma Laste Charles Learoyd¯ Littleton Country Gardeners John and Eileen Lucey E Peter and Jill Lukesh¯ Peter and Claire Macy Amaresh and Sadhana Mahapatra Ann and Stephen Mankiewicz Debbie George and Bill Marinelli E Wayne and Jane Matson¯ Clifford Maxwell¯ Alan and Jane McKersie E Sally McKittrick E Judy and Gerry Miller E Ann Corbey and Stephen Painter E

Annual Fund continued

Individual Gifts to Scholarship Fund

FRIEND (cont.) $50+ Ernest and Rena Perelmuter E Lois and Brown Pulliam Rob Rand ¯ Ralph and Marcia Regner¯ Mary Alice and Robert Roemer Gail Rosengard Tom and Sherry Ryder Robert and Barbara Schneider¯ Dorrit Schuchter E Elizabeth Shaw Pauline and Arthur Sparages Martin and Diana Spiller¯ Vera Spohr E Scot Stewart Hugh and Marion Stoddart¯ Jessica Sussman Richard and Nancy Tavernier E Paul Taylor Lois Underwood E Evanthea Vlahakis¯ Richard Wellman E Monika Whipple¯ John Harris Willson E Keith and Kareen Wortman Gregory and Catherine Yates¯ Nadine Yates¯ John and Janet Zimmer Nancy Zuelke

$2500+ Sheila LaFarge Bill Wilkinson

E contributors

who have made a gift to the Annual Fund for the last five or more consecutive years

¯contributors who have made a gift to the Annual Fund for the last ten or more consecutive years

$500+ Martha Warren and Peter Clark, in memory of Michael Clark Acton Real Estate, Jackie and Vic Normand $200+ Valerie Chisom Michele and Remy Evard Charles and Connie Gagnebin Gail Hatfield $50+ Anonymous Taline Badrikian Toby and Maureen Baird Sanjay Basu Sebika Basu Cyndi Bliss Bruce and Sue Bonner Greta Bretz Brookside Company, Inc. Brian and Loretta Callahan Devashish and Nirupama Chintamani Robert Cooke Carolyn Copp Blaine and Kimberly DeFreitas Marcia DeKock Carol Buysse and Stan Deschepper Priscilla Endicott Baoxing Chen and Shirley Xu Fan Richard and Anne Fornicola

Jonathan Fortmiller Sergine Francoeur Maureen Frescott Glenda Godshall Richard and Constance Grabowy Dennis Gu Howard and Iris Helis Wei Hua Sheryl Ishii Rose Ishii Athena Kim Anne Kingan Michael Knupp Tatiana Kolossova Vincent Lai Peter and Patty Lee Lei Li Brian and Sue McClain John Mitton Russell Murray Oracle Mhairi Paget Varsha Kanguri and Mahesh Pai Subrat and Geeta Pani Frances and Richard Passler Carole and Art Prest Glenna Protami Karen Quist Noorulhuda Rahman Susan Randazzo RGM Metals Judith Rossman

Amy Beth and Zbynek Ryzi Lerma Sayers Mark Scheier Christof and Eliza Schulz Kristen Strand-Tibbitts Brian Vargus Peter Dabos and Linda Vieira Francesca von Broembsen Patricia White Elizabeth Wilson Xiaojing Wu Yanhe Fan and Yi Zheng

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jonathan Panek Chair & Interim Treasurer Harvard, MA Carole Prest Vice-Chair Groton, MA Mary Livingston Clerk Groton, MA George Allison Westford, MA Faith Cross Harvard, MA Armand Diarbekirian Maynard, MA Ryan Dunn Brookline, NH

Arthur Shane Acton, MA Troy Siebels Marlborough, MA John Spinello Chelmsford, MA Camilla Blackman Director Emerita Groton, MA Priscilla Endicott Director Emerita Bedford, MA Robert Anderson Honorary Director Groton, MA Ralph Brown Honorary Director Stow, MA

Jamie Dunphy Lowell, MA


Michael Hallstrom Brookline, MA

Bob Anderson Ken Ansin Camilla Blackman Christopher Borg Ralph Brown Peter Burk Ruth Cavanagh John Chickosky Emilie Coolidge Cheryl DaSilva Priscilla Endicott Ursula Flury Hugh Fortmiller Jeff Fuhrer Pamela Ikauniks June Johnson Mary Kaye

Kimberly Harriman Littleton, MA Melissa Spash Larco Acton, MA Melissa Maranda Fitchburg, MA Jacqueline A. Normand Harvard, MA Jean Notis-McConarty West Newton, MA Pamela Resor Acton, MA Mark Scheier Acton, MA

Mike Knupp Erika Boardman Kraft Mary Lejeune Steve Levitsky Steve Lieman Sue Lotz Ray Lyons Gail Lyons Paul Malchodi David Moulton Russ Murray Jane Puffer Karen Riggert Phil Robbins Dorothy Robbins Charlotte Russell Edythe Salzman Cindy Sechrest Steve Sechrest Mary Shasta Ed Strachan Bill Wilkinson

Evanthea Vlahakis Director of Marketing & Public Relations Suzanne Cabot Music School Manager Glen Carbutt Security & Maintenance Lisa Cleveland Assistant Director of Education Debra Gorfine Senior Accounting Analyst Sue Greenleaf Business & Facilities Manager Donna Hargreaves Patron Services Associate Meghann Kelly Customer Service Administrator Mary Leahy Development Manager Julie Pampinella Marketing & PR Manager


Natalie Pozzetti Customer Service Administrator

Susan Randazzo Executive Director

Kate Weiss-Gordon Manager of Artistic Operations

Lisa Fiorentino Chief Operating Officer Catherine Coleman Director of Development Bruce Hangen Artistic Director & Conductor, Orchestra of Indian Hill Michael Havay Director of Education

“I take piano lessons and participate in a piano salon with other Indian Hill adult students. Both of my grandchildren are enrolled in Kindermusik, my grandson studied piano here, and my daughter is in the Threshold Singers. We all attend recitals, concerts, and the summer musicals, not to mention the art openings and other social events. Indian Hill is very important to my family, and I feel a part of the family created by Indian Hill.” — Judith Schutzman, Harvard

Music School student

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Indian Hill Music Annual Report