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BIZ WORLD most recognizable brands, will be associated with cricket. The runners-up in last year's IPL will be looking to exploit the connect which the world's most famous mouse - created in 1928 - has with children under 14 by putting its image on merchandise ranging from school bags to cricket bats. Mukesh bought MI for $111.9 million in 2008, making it the most expensive franchise. Breaking even is still far away. "We are trying even this year, but as I said, I have always believed we need to be a sustainable brand in ourselves, not funded by RIL," said Nita Ambani. The Walt Disney Company, a worldwide entertainment group famous for operating Disneyland theme parks and for producing animation movies such as The Lion King, bought UTV last year for an enterprise value of $1.4 billion, including a debt of $300 million, in one of the largest foreign investments in the Indian media sector. Disney, which already owned half the company, paid $550 million for the 50% stake it did not own.

Johnson & Johnson, UNICEF roll out health program for girls Consumer goods firm Johnson & Johnson joined hands with UNICEF to support a health and hygiene program for adolescent girls in rural India. As per a MoU signed between the two parties, a pilot project will be soon launched in four districts in Bihar and Jharkhand to create awareness among girls. "If the pilot project, spread over a period of three years is successful, we would potentially replicate it in other parts of the country," Johnson & Johnson Consumer Asia Pacific Chairman Grace Castano said. In the first three years, through the project the company was hoping to benefit five lakh girls, she said. As part of the partnership, Johnson & Johnson will share a part of revenue from every Stayfree sanitary napkin sold, with UNICEF for a period of six months starting April 2012. The funds thus raised will be used to support the pilot program to be carried out at Vaishali

and Nalanda districts of Bihar, and East Singhbhum and Gumla in Jharkhand. The program will also focus on development of knowledge and skills of teachers, self help group members and Anganwadi workers. This is the first time that Johnson & Johnson has launched a project of this nature in partnership with UNICEF.

ITC launches common loyalty program Diversified business group ITC has launched a common loyalty program – Club ITC. This primarily marks the coming together of Wills Lifestyle and ITC hotels, said B. Hariharan, Vice-President (Sales & Marketing), ITC Hotels. The program will enable members to earn points on purchases at Wills Lifestyle stores or by staying at ITC Hotels across the country, with multiple avenues to redeem them. A member endorsing either of the two brands – ITC Hotels or Wills Lifestyle – automatically becomes entitled to get benefits of both brands. “For example, points earned at Wills Lifestyle stores can be redeemed against further purchases or your stay at our hotels, or even your dinner at our restaurants,” he explains. In addition to ITC hotels and Wills Lifestyle, redemption options include ITC's personal care, ITC food products and select services from International Travel House. Also, the members will get priority on room bookings, room upgrades and free Internet, besides a host of other facilities.

Potential for wind energy in India 30 times higher than thought The potential for onshore wind energy deployment in India is considerably higher than the official estimates— around 20 times and up to 30 times greater than the present government estimate of 102 gigawatts, according to a new study led by an Indian origin scientist. This landmark finding by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory may have significant impact on India’s renewable energy strategy as it attempts to cope with a massive and chronic shortage of electricity. “The main importance of this study, why it’s groundbreaking, is that wind is one of the most cost-effective and mature renewable energy


MAY 2012

sources commercially available in India, with an installed capacity of 15 GW and rising rapidly,” said Berkeley Lab scientist Amol Phadke, the lead author of the report. “The cost of wind power is now comparable to that from imported coal and natural gasbased plants, and wind can play a significant role in cost effectively addressing energy security and environmental concerns.” More than 95 percent of the wind potential is concentrated in five states in southern and western India. Even if the previously estimated potential of 102 GW is fully developed, wind would provide only about 8 percent of the projected electricity demand in 2022 and 5 percent in 2032. The new Berkeley Lab study has found the total techno-economic wind potential to range from 2,006 GW for 80-meter hub heights (an indication of how high the wind turbine stands above the ground) to 3,121 GW for 120-meter hub heights.

Hyundai plans to set up diesel engine plant in India Within days of FM Pranab Mukherjee deciding against imposition of additional tax on diesel vehicles, Hyundai has finalized plans to set up a diesel engine plant in India. The company, that currently imports diesel engines to strap on cars like i20 hatchback and the Verna sedan, is likely to invest around Rs 500 crore for the engine facility, and an announcement is expected soon. Hyundai's plans come months after the Korean company had put on hold a decision on the diesel plant as it awaited clarity from the government over the treatment of diesel vehicles. The company feared that a special additional tax on diesel vehicles could slow down the buoyancy in demand for them and would not justify new investments. "With the budget throwing clarity on the matter, the plans for diesel engine factory are on again and an announcement can be expected over the next month or so," sources said. The company is looking at having a minimum capacity of 1.5 lakh units for the plant and the engine configurations being considered are 1.1-litre, 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre. This would mean that not only will the requirement of the bigger cars be met, but possibly even a popular compact like i10 can see a diesel variant.



Potential for wind energy in India 30 times higher than thought NRI TODAY MAY 2012 19 and Nalanda districts of Bihar, and East Singhb- hum a...


Potential for wind energy in India 30 times higher than thought NRI TODAY MAY 2012 19 and Nalanda districts of Bihar, and East Singhb- hum a...