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How to cook: Butter Chicken

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Hi, I'm Harjoyt Kang and today we're going to be making a really simple and delicious butter chicken dish using India Base. Now this one base creates hundreds of Indian dishes and if you want to follow along in our how-to video guide you can visit

So the first ingredient is of course chicken, here we have two chicken breasts. Cut into medium-sized pieces.

One jar of India base. One teaspoon of paprika. Now butter chicken has to be the most popular and well-known dish out there. And it originated from New Delhi and a lot of Indian cooks didn't know what to do with the leftover chicken. So they created a butter sauce. And that's how we get butter chicken today. So here are the ingredients for this delicious and super simple butter chicken recipe.

Or you can use something called Kashmiri red mirch which you can find at most ethnic food stores. Two tablespoons of lemon juice. Four large ripe tomatoes that you’ve diced. And the reason why you diced these tomatoes and not curated them. Because once you curate the tomatoes,

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they lose that really nice natural red color. So in order to preserve that you just dice them. Now unfortunately a lot of restaurants have to use food coloring to get that very natural red color that you find in butter chicken. So, to avoid that just dice up your tomatoes and throw them into the sauce.

something that will infuse the sauce, we’re not going to just leave it in there, we are going to want to take it out of there once we have infused the sauce with a bit of heat.

Marinating Now in order to marinate your chicken, we are going to be using, the paprika. Two tablespoons of India Base. And we’ll leave the remainder of the jar for the sauce. And our two table spoons of lemon juice. So when we are marinating this, we do recommend marinating it for a good two to three hours. Or preferably over night, but if you’re in a real pinch, half an hour will do.

One cup of whipping cream. If you don’t have whipping cream, you can use half and half. If you want to use yogurt you can, but if you want to make butter chicken, go big or go home. One tablespoon of cumin seeds. One tablespoon of honey which will be added to the sauce which will give you that really nice sweetness. And salt to taste. And also, if you want to kick it up a notch with some heat, I would recommend using a whole chili that you just cut down the middle. Now again, this is just

Typically butter chicken is actually made from tandoori mix or tandoori base for the chicken. This makes an excellent substitute for that if you don’t have it.

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India base is loaded with everything that you need when you are cooking any kind of Indian dish. So again, it’s made from onions, roasted garlic, ginger, all of the spices little bit of tomato and again no preservatives. We actually preserve the actual base itself from fresh lemon juice. So this is a great addition to marinating it with the lemon juice and the paprika. So once you’ve mixed it through, like we said we’re going to marinate it and leave it in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. Again, you can leave it overnight or for a half an hour, it’s not a problem.

Chicken in the Oven

baking sheet that we’ve lined with foiling paper. And so at this point what you want to do is foil it and boil it. So we’ve used olive oil on the bottom so the chicken breasts don’t stick. But of course you can use any non-stick cooking spray. Now I would recommend cooking these at 350 degrees for a total cooking time of about 12-15 minutes. We want to make sure that the chicken breast are really moist but that they don’t brown. So I would check them at about 5 minutes of cooking, be sure to set a timer, and once you’ve checked them at about five minutes, flip them over and cook them for the remainder of the time. So another 7-10 minutes. So while I pop this in the oven, let’s work on the butter chicken sauce.

Butter Chicken Sauce So now that the chicken breasts are cooking in the oven. What I’ve done is on medium heat, I’ve taken a non-stick pan. I’ve added about two tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of cumin seeds, and I’m just going to let them cook for about 30 seconds or so. Just so you can hear the cumin’s seeds kind of pop.

So our chicken breast has been marinating in the fridge for about three hours. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken them out of the bowl. And I’ve placed them on a

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So that’s when you know that they are nice and warm and ready to go. So once that’s done. I’m going to add, the remainder of our India Base from the jar, so just put the whole jar just right in there. You hear that sizzle so you know that’s it nice and hot. So add everything in there. And again, India Base has all the spices you need to make your Indian food from scratch. I’m just going to turn it down, to a medium heat and stir it around. Now once that’s mixed through, I’m going to add in, our four large diced tomatoes.

Again we diced them, not curated them because we want to keep that really nice rich red color. And we are going to cook this now on medium heat, we’re going to cover it for about 10-15 minutes. Until the tomatoes are nice and soft, almost dissolved into the sauce. And once that’s done we’re actually going to puree it. So I’m not

too worried about the big chunks of tomatoes, we are going to puree it into a blender so that it gets nice and smooth for our sauce. So I’m going to check on our chicken and we’ll come back to our sauce in a bit. At this point, I’m going to add a pinch of salt. You don’t have to be precise here, just one or two pinches will do. And I’m going to put in the whole jalapeno that we split in half, now again I’m going to leave it whole and let it cook for the remainder of the time and take it out before we actually blend this sauce. This is going to infuse the sauce, give it a little bit of heat, if you don’t want to add it in, you don’t have to. That’s perfectly fine.

Our chicken breasts are now done, and what I’ve done is, I’ve turned off the oven but I’ve left the chicken breast in there to stay warm. Let’s get back to our sauce, it’s been bubbling away for a good 15 minutes now. So this is the kind of consistency this sauce should be at this point. So the tomatoes are almost all dissolved, we’ve got our jalapeno’s in there. All those flavors are coming together.

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While you’re mixing it, press down on a couple tomatoes, just to get the mix into the sauce. But again at this point, the tomatoes should be super soft. So I’m going to take out our jalapenos, because we are going to blend it now in our blender. So let’s take them out. I’m going to turn this off, and we’re going to move over to our blender, pop it in there and we are going to blend it until it is super smooth.

So once you’ve done that, you put it back into the sauce pan, you want to turn the heat up to a medium heat. Just to warm it through again. Now at this point, I want to add in, one tablespoon of honey, so this is what will give it a real nice sweetness to it. So one tablespoon is plenty for this amount. And again this recipe will serve at least four people. Four to six I would say. And you could serve it with rice, with naan and baratha. Tastes absolutely delicious.

Chicken out the Oven

Mix Sauce with Chicken

So our chicken breasts, we have taken out of the oven and put them into a bowl.

So I’m going to stir that, see how the honey just melts right in there. Once I’ve added the honey, now I’m going to add in the chicken.

Meanwhile, we have taken the remainder of the sauce that we had and we blended it up in the blender for about one minute. So make sure you keep the original sauce pan because you will be putting in the mixture once you have put it back into the pan which is what we have done here. We’ve blended the sauce, like I said for about a minute. Until it’s nice and smooth. So there’s no more lumps, no more big chunks of tomatoes in there. That’s the consistency that you want.

The chicken is nice and moist, and again marinating it makes a really big difference. It’s not brown, but it’s really moist. And even keeping it in the

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fridge for a half an hour, if you only have that much time, it will make a big difference. And how moist your chicken is.

So we’re going to mix that all in there, until we get that really nice, rich color of the sauce.

So I’m going to mix that altogether. And just keep it on medium. Medium-low at this point because we are going to be adding in our cream. We just want all those flavors to get incorporated together.

Adding Richness

I’m going to add in my one cup of whipping cream. And you can add half and half. But real butter chicken you need whipping cream. Now once you’ve mixed it all through, you can add salt and pepper to taste and the spice should be perfect.

So our sauce has been simmering for about five minutes now on medium heat. And so at this point and this is completely optional. I’m actually going to add in a teaspoon of butter to it. Now again, this is something you don’t have to do, but it adds a certain richness to it. It is after all called butter chicken. This will add a little extra creaminess, a little extra richness to that sauce. So we’re going to stir it around, make sure that butter gets melted in there. You want to make sure there’s nothing missing before you serve this.

If you are ever concerned about how spicy it’s going to be, because sometimes you never know what type of chili you’re going to get and so I would recommend just taking a little bit of a bite out of it. Just to see how spicy it really is before you throw the whole thing in there. Just in case some people don’t like as much spice in there.

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Thank You and Enjoy! Well thank you so much for following my butter chicken recipe, I’ve made plenty more, easy to make and healthy Indian recipes at my website If you enjoyed my recipe, I encourage you to share this with friends and family.

Please send me a quick email at and I will be more than happy to send you a special coupon discount when purchasing my India Base simmer sauce from my website. Sincerely,

Harjoyt Kang

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Butter Chicken Recipe - Indian Food  

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