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DR VIJAY D’SILVA MEDICAL RESEARCH OFFICER, ASIAN HEART INSTITUTE available to all clinicians. When it comes to patient relation, we are using SurveyMonkey for keeping in touch with them. It is used for relationship management. Our other major initiative is patient health monitoring. When patients are moved out of critical care units, they are put on health monitoring. Even when they are in the ward, their ECG, blood pressure, oxigenation, blood sugar, weight can be monitored from home. Patients are given this digital device with bluetooth and data is streamed on a continuous basis or weekly basis. More apps are being designed and tried out. These apps are being developed in collaboration with other companies. We also have a digital library. We have made all medical books available digitally. Gradually, there will be no need for a library as such, as more and more systems are getting shifted to the cloud. Data security is a challenge due to lot of confidential patient data.

The importance of wearables


n terms of patient engagement, from the time the patient enters, the demographic data of the patient and the clinical history is entirely digtized. We have PAC system and we already have an existing HR system which has digitized lot of processes here like billing, patient engagement etc. We are currently using SRAP system of Religare., which is under upgradation. Due to data migration issues, it was delayed but we are going to shift to a new HR system. On this platform, the whole EXPRESS COMPUTER

medical record is digitized. The old records are also getting digitized. When it comes to clinical data, the whole prescription and disbursement of medicine is electronic. The doctor writes it digitally and it automatically goes to the chemist, who disburses the medicine accordingly. As far as integration is concerned, we have PAC system of GE for imaging of ultra-sound, MRI etc. Now the clinician can give it anywhere in the hospital. The images are available on the network of PAC system which is easily

There is huge scope in wearable technologies. For example, Google glass can be used in operating room or students can use it to learn by direct visualization of what is happening in the operating room instead of seeing it in a gallery. Doctors can also view patient records on it. Healthcare is now very open to using AI, although cost of it can be a roadblock. Platform revolution is an upcoming trend which can revolutionize healthcare. It is integrating different data from different platforms. This way doctors can get multiple data from multiple sources on one platform and accordingly give diagnoses and treatment. 3D printing is being used to print heart tissues and blood vessels, skin,bones, cartilege. Printing of cancer cells can be also done to study them. Micro-chips can also be a platform for researchers to investigate, as they can use these chips for clinical trials instead of using animals or humans. SEPTEMBER, 2016


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Express Computer (Vol.27, No.9) September, 2016  

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