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2012 Nissan Sunny

2012 Nissan Sunny In India

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The Nissan Sunny is a small car from Nissan. It was launched in 1966 as the Datsun 1000 and although production in Japan ended in 2004, it remains in production today for the African, American and Sri Lankan markets

2012 Nissan Sunny Interior

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The instrument panel has four dials; out of these two central dials are bigger and the smaller ones are placed at each side

2012 Nissan Sunny Exterior

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Nissan Sunny exteriors reveal that it is sporty and aggressive; new design and bold lines dominate the outer appearance.

2012 Nissan Sunny Engine

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This engine is also mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.

2012 Nissan Sunny Safety

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This car also contains all the necessary safety & comfort features. For safety reasons it has airbags, ABS means Antilock braking system.

2012 Nissan Sunny in India