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TO, Principal Secretary MS Building, Bangalore. Respected Sir, Subject:

Request for consideration of P.G. applications of Dental (MDS) course for the year 2002 – 03

References: 1) No. JRO(M) 17/2002 – 03 Dated 20-08-02 2) No. HFW 29 MPS 88 Bangalore Dated 29 –06- 1988 3) No. LRO / 145/87-88 Directorate of Health and Family Welfare service Bangalore Dated 17-07-1988 With reference to the above notification dated No. JRO (M) 17/2002–03 Dated 20-08-02, we have applied for the P.G (MDS) course, we request you to please consider our applications, copies of which have been enclosed. We have completed our probationary period and we are in 3rd year of Govt. Health service. In reference with the above reference No. 2 and 3.(for which copies have been enclosed) in the past where seats being unfilled with lack of eligible candidates in relaxation of Rule 3(a) of Appendix – II – A of KCSRs as a special case, Govt. order was given for those unfilled P.G. seats to join P.G under in service quota by relaxing relaxation of Rule 3(a) of Appendix – II – A of KCSRs. We request the esteemed office to please consider these details which have favoured many cases like this in the past and to approve our applications and give us a chance to do PG (MDS) under in service quota. Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Dr. Basvana Gouda C. Patil Dental health officer, General Hospital,YADAGIRI Dr. Mohan R.Sakri Dental health officer, General Hospital, ILKAL. Dr. Abhijit. V Dental health officer, General Hospital, PUTTUR. Copies Enclosed: 1) Reference letters 1, 2 and 3. 2) Attested copies of P.G applications submitted to Directorate office Bangalore. 3) Probationary declaration copy.

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