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Co-Authors: Dr.M.Madhusudana Dr.Balaram.D.Naik Dr.K.Balakoti Reddy Dr.CH.Sunil Sibar Institute of dental sciences Dr.K.Sharat Raj Takkellapadu Dr.CH.Sujana Guntur Dr.K.Krishna Rao Andhra Pradesh Dr.N.Mayuri ABSTRACT

Spaces between the anterior teeth are most often found which are challenging to the practicing dental surgeons, their closure. These spaces resulted due to hereditary and personal habits etc. pose the patient putting up a compromising smile .This paper deals with some of the common interdental spaces which are found to be challenging by the practitioners to improve esthetics. The recent advances in bonding techniques and materials are being used traditionally to closing these spaces, thereby improving patient confidence, appearance and smile. These techniques are discussed in helping the clinicians about the know how to overcome the difficulties to close the spaces in day to day practice.

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