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An expedited technique for remaking a single complete denture for an edentulous patient. INDIAN DENTAL ACADEMY Leader in continuing dental education

INTRODUCTION  Complete dentures continue to have an important role in the treatment of edentulous patients.  Traditional techniques for fabricating single complete dentures commonly requires 5 visits.  This article describes fabricating a new denture for a patient with an existing single complete denture . The procedure can be completed in 3 to 4 visits

For this procedure to be successful.    

the existing denture must be reasonably acceptable. The denture base must be completely extended. occlusal vertical dimension (OVD), and maximal intercuspal position (MIP)

Problems cannot be corrected with a reline or rebase,  Chipped or discolored teeth,  Poor shade or mold selection  Abraded teeth,  Error in the midline or interpupillary line.

ďƒ˜ The advantage of this technique is the reduced number of visits. ďƒ˜ A disadvantage is applicability and long laboratory procedure. ďƒ˜ Best results are achieved when only 1 arch is to be restored, and the opposing arch presents teeth in good position with a physiologic plane of ocdusion


Conclusion With this technique a single complete denture can be fabricated in 3 or 4 visits . This technique is suitable when a reasonably acceptable complete denture must be remade.

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