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Six years into the new millennium we have almost a century of orthodontics behind us and the future of the orthodontic specialty has never been more brighter than it is today. There are advances in every aspect of the field leading to newer and innovative methods of diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment approach and procedures resulting in better treatment outcomes and better patient compliance and satisfaction.

Diagnostic Imaging and Treatment planning has probably undergone the most widest change in orthodontics 3 DIMENSIONAL CRANIOFACIAL IMAGING is rapidly replacing the traditional two dimensional cephalometry due to the accurate interpretation of both soft and hard tissue structures. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY has reduced the orthodontist’s workload and increased cost effectiveness and enables more efficient record maintenance.

3- DIMENSIONAL CRANIOFACIAL MAPPING 3- Dimensional Craniofacial Mapping using Laser Scanners make accurate images of the craniofacial skeleton and are of great advantage in the planning of orthognathic surgeries and in the simulation of treatment procedures and outcomes. This is done using the Den Optix imaging systems.



are actual-sized photographs of the occlusal surfaces of the dental casts. These actual-sized images of the occlusal views of the dental casts can be a valuable aid in determining arch form and widths. Occlusograms can also be used as an aid in archwire construction.


is a photographic technique for recording and reconstructing images in such a may that the 3 dimensional aspect of as object can be obtained.

Orthodontics has not only changed on the diagnostic front, changes have rapidly occurred in the field of materials and appliances also.



have advanced from a multiple stage procedure to single stage procedure. The advent of 6th generation bonding agents like Prompt L- Prop and 7th gen I Bond enables etching, priming and bonding to be done in a single step.


are now shortened with the availability of Plasma arc curing units which enable curing procedures to be completed in 2-5 seconds.

New advances in the field of metallurgy has enhanced the variety of archwire availability and increased the orthodontist’s options for archwire selection


– An alloy of Ni, Ti, Cu which allows for increased spacing of appointments due to its increased range of action.

•Marcenol - Teflon coated NiTi wire. • Bioforce- This wire shows different amounts of modulus of elasticity in the anterior and posterior segments.

•Timolium - Alpha and Beta Titanium alloy which shows increased stiffnes and is weldable. Loop forming in this wire is easier.

•Optiflex -These are tooth coloured wires which are highly aesthetic.

Bracket systems have greatly advanced and present a wide panorama to the orthodontists. Advances in the bracket systems have occurred both to the advantage of the orthodontist and the patient.

CERAMIC BRACKETS •Mono crystalline •Poly crystalline •Zirconia Alumina •Ceramic brackets with metal inserts


IMPLANTS IN ORTHODONTICS Implants will be a major part of everyday orthodontics in the near future, because of their wide application and increased operator friendly features. Implants show potential application in

•Molar Distalization •Intrusion and Extrusion •Retraction •Temporary anchorage devices •Protraction or retraction of one arch. •Stabilization of teeth with reduced bone support. •Orthopedic traction.

CAD CAM TECHNOLOGY Computer aided designing and machining has wide application in the designing of bracket systems that will produce brackets that will conform accurately to the lingual and palatal surfaces of teeth. INCOGNITO LINGUAL

DISTRACTION It is a process of bone regeneration by the intentional OSTEOGENESIS fracture of bone followed by mechanical traction

Potential application in growing patients with craniofacial syndromes abnormal mandibular anatomy


CELL RESEARCH is opening a wide horizon for orthodontics where the management skeletal abnormalities is concerned.

The use of BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEIN in the regeneration of bone has wide application in the management of craniofacial deformities because of its potential to effect rapid bone formation.


INVISALIGN is a state of the art computer aided orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear customized aligners for straightening teeth.


The use of ROBOTICS for archwire fabrication would probably enhance treatment procedures by reducing the margin of error in arch conformation.


As technology and its applications force their way into orthodontics, the future of orthodontics is bound to be as bright as ever. But as valuable as these new advances are, a strong cautionary note is in order. No one of these methods and indeed no combination of them will treat malocclusion by itself. The key element in orthodontic treatment remains a skilled orthodontic specialist with an understanding of the biological and biomechanical knowledge base that our specialty has painstakingly acquired in more than 100 years of collective experience in treatment and research.


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Future of orthodontics/ dental implant courses by Indian dental academy  

The Indian Dental Academy is the Leader in continuing dental education , training dentists in all aspects of dentistry and offering a wide r...

Future of orthodontics/ dental implant courses by Indian dental academy  

The Indian Dental Academy is the Leader in continuing dental education , training dentists in all aspects of dentistry and offering a wide r...